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A quick guide to signing up Glogster EDU and making your first Glog.

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  1. 1. It’s All in the Cloud – Glogster EDU It’s All in the Cloud – Glogster EDU Glogster in simple terms is an online poster. A Glog includes anything you would traditionally put on a poster – images, words, phrases, drawings – plus audio clips, video clips and links. You can create an online poster in minutes sans the magazines, glue, scissors and posterboard! The Glogster EDU tagline says it all: A revolution in the creative expression of knowledge and skills. What can you use Glogster for in your classroom? A homepage for a website or wiki, chapter summaries for a novel or in history class, an information page on a science topic – Glogster works for any culminating project in a class. While there are two versions of Glogster, Glogster EDU has been designed for secure use in the classroom. Educators can register a virtual class and have accounts for up to 200 students. Use this information to get signed-up and create your first Glog! 1) Get Registered  Go to in your preferred browser.  On the homepage, click Register Virtual Class (1). Courtney Rodgers 1
  2. 2. It’s All in the Cloud – Glogster EDU  On the register page, fill out the required information: nickname (1), password entered twice (2 and 2b), email (3*), check that you would like student accounts and enter how many accounts you need (4) . * You may want to use a personal email or create an account with gmail, yahoo, etc; FirstClass may block the email from Glogster EDU. ex: Courtney Rodgers 2
  3. 3. It’s All in the Cloud – Glogster EDU 2) Your account  You will be taken to your dashboard or work area of Glogster. Your dashboard will look like this: 1. The authorization reminder will be there until you confirm your account through your registered email. 2. You can edit or view your profile and adjust account settings as necessary. 3. Messages – You should have a welcome from Glogster EDU. It will include important information about Glogster as well as your newly generated student account usernames and passwords.* (These will also be sent to the email you registered with your account!) 4. Classmates – This section will show the student accounts connected to your account. 5. Create a New Glog – You click this button start a new Glog. *TIP - Glogster creates some unusual usernames and passwords. ( ex. Nickname: s001.msrodgers02 Password: u9dz3sesuo) At the moment, you are stuck with the usernames (this is slated to change in a future release). The passwords can be changed through a little work on your side. You would have to log-in with the current password and go into account settings to create a new password. (This is what I did so my students could use their regular district assigned passwords.) Courtney Rodgers 3
  4. 4. It’s All in the Cloud – Glogster EDU 3) Create a Glog  Log into your account and click CREATE A NEW GLOG.  A Glog opens with page elements already in place. This is your canvas. 1. Magnet Tool – add the elements you want in your Glog; it will move up and down the page 2. Page elements (you can/will change these!) 3. Glog Name – change the number to a name for your Glog 4. Save and Publish (save often! You can always “continue editing” after you save and publish) Courtney Rodgers 4
  5. 5. It’s All in the Cloud – Glogster EDU  When you click on the different elements on the page, the toolbar will appear. Click on each individual element and the pink trash can to remove each element until you have an actual blank canvas. 1. Wall – choose your wall or background before you add any other elements. 2. Graphics – add decoration (different categories); some are animated 3. Text – add either text boxes, bubbles, buttons, stickers, titles 4. Image – upload, link or grab images (w/ a webcam); choose a frame for your selected image 5. Video – upload, link, grab or search SchoolTube for videos; choose a player for your selected video 6. Sound – upload, link or grab a sound; choose a player for your selected sound 7. Edit toolbar – visible when you click on a page element you’ve added to your Glog 8. Selected Edit toolbar – click OK after you’ve made your changes 9. Color - change the graphics color 10. Link – add a link 11. Font – edit text/font/color 12. Fx – change effects Courtney Rodgers 5