Evaluate It: Session A


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Evaluate It: Session A

  1. 1. Evaluate It! Session A
  2. 2. Teacher Survey• bit.ly/ projectconnectsurvey
  3. 3. Our Apps• Socrative • Diigo (Student) • Access My Library• Socrative - School Edition (Teacher) • Pinterest• Chrome Browser • Livebinders• Popplet Lite • Symbaloo• iBooks • Lino
  4. 4. Our Links• google.com• 4me.sweetsearch.com
  5. 5. Big 6
  6. 6. SAMR
  7. 7. Lesson Workflow• Pre-Search• Pre-Assessment• Writing Research Questions• Search - Personal• Search - Academic• Bookmarking/Saving• Sharing Resources
  8. 8. Five Questions• Does shark cartilage have an effect on cancer?• Did William Shakespeare actually author his plays?• What is the most important issue in the 2012 Presidential election?• Why is the United States falling behind in math performance?• How does society and culture affect body image?
  9. 9. Just Google It• Go to google.com and do your best! Find at least one website, article, resource, etc. that will help you answer your research question!• Keep this open in a tab in Safari!
  10. 10. Socrative• Socrative Student App• Room number: 108141• Question: What struggles have you (or your students encountered) when just “Googling” to do research?
  11. 11. Writing Better Questions• Popplet Lite App• Use this diagramming/mindmapping tool to write related research questions, map keywords, find synonyms, and improve your search.• Then, Google your improved questions and keywords (in a new tab)!
  12. 12. THINK PAIR SHARE• One person from each group• Project to Apple TV to show your original website and your second website. Did re- working your search lead to better results?
  13. 13. Just Google It . . . Better• Google Advanced Search• Google Scholar• Google Books• Google for Educators Posters at google.com/educators/posters.html
  14. 14. Bookmarking and Saving• Settings -> Safari -> Bookmarks Bar• Safari Bookmarks• dotEPUB Bookmarklet• iBooks
  15. 15. Bookmarking and Saving• Sign up for Diigo account at secure.diigo.com/sign-up• Diigo Bookmarklet (via Diigo app)• Highlight text, add Sticky Notes• See your library in Diigo app• Create groups for sharing resources
  16. 16. THINK PAIR SHARE• What bookmarking method would work best with your students?• What are the benefits/drawbacks of using Safari bookmarks vs. Diigo bookmarks?
  17. 17. Gale Databases• Access My Library - School Edition App• Direct links to trials: • Elementary databases at bit.ly/elementarydbs • Secondary databases at bit.ly/secondarydbs • Reference ebooks at bit.ly/refebooks
  18. 18. THINK PAIR SHARE• What difference do you see between the resources you found using the databases vs the resources you found using Google?• Share your resources to Apple TV!
  19. 19. Making It Share-Able• Cycle between stations to use each of the following: • Pinterest App • Livebinders App • Symbaloo App • LinoIt App• Create a product that collects your best links and resources!
  20. 20. Socrative Exit Ticket• Socrative Student App• Room number: 108141• Please solve the problem on the board:• In what areas do you still need help?
  21. 21. Give Us Feedback!• Take our survey at bit.ly/itsteampd• Let us know in the final comment box if you’d like further instruction or assistance. If so, please include your name!