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Who needs social media cilips


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Who needs social media cilips

  1. 1. Who needs social media? Pauline Randall
  2. 2. A tale of two social media…
  3. 3. Saturday morning, Notting Hill daylesfordorga nic
  4. 4. Mike hasnearly17,000followers
  5. 5. Meanwhile the day before in Glasgow…How not to handle negative sentiment on social media – a case study
  6. 6. Plus countless blog posts, Facebook
  7. 7. Now that we’ve got that out of the way here are21 social tools to play with
  8. 8. 1. Animoto• Make videos from still images, text and video• Free videos if they are 30 seconds or less• Subscription model for longer, higher resolution video• Different formats• Can be downloaded, used locally, put into YouTube etc• Licenced music available
  9. 9. 2. Dropbox• Free (up to 2 gb) service for – Uploading documents – Sharing documents – Back-ups – Files accessible anywhere including via mobile• Good for – Collaborative work – When travelling• Watch out for – Not all apps on iPhone/iPad work with dropbox
  10. 10. 3. Eventbrite• Online service for organising events – Handles payments and ticketing – Free events are free to list – Events can be public and listed on Eventbrite – Or they can be private – invitation only events• Good for – Promoting events – Managing responses – Looking professional – Integrating into websites etc• Analytics – get data about your event• iPhone app to check attendees in – smarter than paper!• Don’t forget to check out the site for events to attend!
  11. 11. 4. Facebook• Very large social network (800+ million users)• Use Pages for marketing – New students – Potential students – Alumni• Groups (open or closed) – Collaboration – Discussion – Feedback• Adverts – Promoting courses, events etc
  12. 12. 5. Flickr• Photo and video sharing site – Repository of course, school, establishment pictures • For students • For staff – Useable image bank – many are uploaded under Creative Commons licence – Locate images using the map function
  13. 13. 6. Foursquare• Location-based mobile platform• Allows users to ‘check-in’• But what’s it good for? – Can be used as part of a marketing strategy • Special offers • Contests • Engagement • The Foursquare api can be used to build other apps – for example this one from Harvard University
  14. 14. 7. Google docs• Word processing, slideshows, spreadsheets etc• Online• Shareable• Free• Accessible anywhere
  15. 15. 8. Google +• Google’s 3rd attempt at social media• Attempting to take on Facebook• Allows you to arrange contacts in circles depending on what you want to share – Facebook’s response is Lists• They are adding functionality in stages• Huddle – web video conferencing• Organisational pages not available yet• The jury is still out on this one!
  16. 16. 9. Jing• Screen capture – stills or video – Free (with a premium version) – Made by Techsmith who make Camtasia – Very simple• Downside: – You’ll need to convert it from .swf if you want to upload into YouTube – Alternatively upgrade for $14.95 per year• Also check out Screenr
  17. 17. 10. Lanyrd• A social conference directory• See who’s attending• Track the conversation whether you are there or not• Add conferences, workshops etc• Keep in touch with a conference or find conferences to attend
  18. 18. 11 LinkedIn• Professional profiles – Organisation profiles – Groups – Q&A• Why use it? – Encourage students to get promote themselves professionally – Start their network of contacts now – Job hunt – Get applicants to apply for jobs via LinkedIn – Promote the organisation properly – Research other people and other organisations
  19. 19. 12. More Google products
  20. 20. 13. Posterous• A very flexible blogging site – You can email your posts in or add them on the web – You can notify out via a range of other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook – You can be public – Or you can create private groups
  21. 21. 14. Prezi• Non-linear presentation tool• Looks way cooler than PowerPoint ;)• Can make you feel sea-sick!• Also take a look at the PowerPoint plug-in pptPlex which does a similar thing• Take a look at an example of Prezi here
  22. 22. 15. Quora• Questions, questions and yet more questions – Relatively new social Q&A site – You ask a question and other people provide answers and also rate them up – Theory is that the best ride to the top – You can also edit other people’s questions… – The site monitors can be somewhat pedantic• Big question – will be it be more reliable than Yahoo Answers?
  23. 23. 16. Scribd• Social publishing• From single sheet docs to books• As well as being a good place to publish to it is also an excellent resource• A lot of free content however…• There is an increasing amount of paid for content these days
  24. 24. 17. Slideshare• Upload and share – Slide presentations – Documents – Video• Share publicly or privately• Huge resource although the search function isn’t the best
  25. 25. 18. Storify• Turn tweets, video, news, images into a story• Pull together via drag and drop• An example• You can add text and commentary and rearrange the content
  26. 26. 19. Twitter• Microblogging service• More than just about breakfast!• Use it for – Gathering information – Disseminating information – Sharing conversation – Tracking particular subject areas/keywords – Promoting events – Answering questions
  27. 27. 20. Xtranormal• Text to speech• Create cartoon videos with a script• Can be incredibly simple• Or very complex• Free version online plus subscription service• They have an education safe version (via cookie)
  28. 28. 21. Youtube• Video uploading and sharing• Use channels to keep things together• Great resource - someone, somewhere will have made a video of whatever you want to do!
  29. 29. Helping you make sense of the digital world Website: Twitter: @florizelmedia Facebook: Email: