The Gamut of Google (AFPL)


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  • Jill Cirasella is a computational sciences specialist at brooklyn college library with a great interest in libraries and research and has published and presented extensively on using google for reference work in libraries.
  • Wildcard, missing words not truncation OR Google automatically ANDS ~library miami –dolphins “she walks in beauty like the night” nancy and the * boys “google search” || “yahoo search” “:”
  • Related: jack russell filetype: pdf coca cola annual report define:irony stocks:aapl phonebook:dennis palmer 678 all in title:theres no place like home
  • What time is it in barcelona -- us airways 3771 --us dollar to euro
  • Nantechnology cancer treatment
  • Lanting cremated bone
  • The Gamut of Google (AFPL)

    1. 1. The Gamut of
    2. 2. Agenda• Google—searching and “collections”• Google tools• Applying Google tools day to day• Collaborating with Google• Resources
    3. 3. Google like a Librarian“Google well. Google Knowledgably. Google creatively. Google like a Librarian.” --Jill Cirasella, 2008
    4. 4. Googling like a librarian involves:• Knowing when to use Google• Choosing the appropriate Google tool• Using that tool effectively and efficiently
    5. 5. Searching & Collections• Little things• For ready reference• Google Advanced Search• Google Scholar• Books• Magazines
    6. 6. Sometimes, it’s the little things•~ Synonyms•- NOT (omit a word from results)• “” Exact Phrase•* Wildcard (missing words)• II OR• .. Numeric range
    7. 7. “key”words• related: Find similar sites• site: Search within a site• filetype: Search for a file type• define: Find the definition of a word• stocks: Find a stock quote• phonebook: Find a phone number• allintitle: Find words only in the title
    8. 8. Ready Reference• What time is it in Barcelona?• Is US Airways flight 3771 on time?• US Dollars to Euros?• Lots more—from sports scores to patents:•
    9. 9. Google Advanced Search• “My biology teacher wants me to find out more about the government’s nanotechnology research initiatives”• Limit to government information
    10. 10. Google Books• For that last minute reading need-• “I really need to read Dante’s Inferno by 3 PM tomorrow. All your copies are out, and it isn’t at the bookstore anymore!”
    11. 11. Google Magazines• Searchable in Google Books• Hundreds of titles available• Some favorites include: Baseball Digest, Life, and The Weekly World News
    12. 12. Google Scholar• “My book manuscript is due to the publisher today! Can you please help me find this citation—the article is by Lanting and its something to do with dating cremated bone!”• Sound familiar?• Google Scholar•
    13. 13. Google News & Genealogy• Google News Search•• Has a news archive functionality• “My dear Great, Great Grandmother Alice sadly met her death in a fire in Chicago in the 1890’s. Can you help me find information about that fire?”
    14. 14. Searching news archives Relative! 14
    15. 15. Testimonials• Let’s share some “Google saved the day” searching stories!
    16. 16. Some Google tools•• What are you using already?• What haven’t you seen before? Take 15 minutes and explore this url. Look at 3 Google tools that are new to you. Place your comments in the chat.
    17. 17. Google tools• Books • Trends• Calendar • News• Chat • Reader• Chrome • Plus• Docs • Scholar• Earth • Magazines• Finance • Drive• Gmail • igoogle
    18. 18. Google tools for collaboration• Back office operations• Collaborating at a distance• Sharing or surveying patrons• With other librarians, teachers, professors, faculty, community
    19. 19. Google Drive• Store files in multiple formats – 5GB free, 25 GB, $2.50/mo.• Download Google Drive software to manage files between PC and Drive• Manage and share files and documents “in the cloud”• Collaborate
    20. 20. Google Documents• Create, edit and store:• Forms• Spreadsheets• Documents• Presentations
    21. 21. Communicating with Google• Google Chat• Google Voice• Google +• Google Meet Up
    22. 22. Google Forms for surveys and assessments• Quick and easy to create• Multiple question/response formats• Aggregates data in both visual and spreadsheet formats
    23. 23. Questions? Comments?
    24. 24. The bigger picture-Google for Non-Profits• Non profits must apply• Benefits:• Free or discounted version of Google Apps for your organization• Free Adwords advertising• Premium branding and increased uploads on YouTube• Free licensing for Google Earth and Maps API•
    25. 25. Keeping up with Google• The Official Google Blog•• Lifehacker• – A general technology blog, with good articles on Google
    26. 26. Keeping up with Google• Wired –• Often has Google related columns and features• Google InsideSearch –
    27. 27. Thank You for Attending! • Questions? • Educational Services • 1.800.999.8558 • e-mail: • Web: