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Apps: Weeboot Conference


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Apps: Weeboot Conference

  1. 1. Technology in the Classroom: APPS! November 23, 2012
  2. 2. + Carolina N ugent A little bit about me... Director of Education for KinderTown @CarolinaNugent @KinderTownApp
  3. 3. + Overview What are we going to talk about? Apps 1. Getting Started 2. Evaluating Apps for the Classroom 3. App Recommendation
  4. 4. + Getting Started: What do you want from your apps Qualities Look for essential characteristics and features to put the best technology in front of your students
  5. 5. + Getting Started Know your Objective! 1. Your pedagogy leads your app choice 2. Apps are one of many effective tools 3. Technology is not a reward – it is a critical part of your students lives
  6. 6. + Content and design are both developmentally appropriate Just because a child  Fine Motor can use the app does  Vocabulary not mean they should use the app!  Multiple Step Activities  Graphics  Interactivity
  7. 7. + Apps that use “best practice” strategies for instruction  Research based – to show  Depth of content + choice effectiveness to empower learners Motion Math Apps Toontastic
  8. 8. + App creates an authentic experience Toca Store  relevant to a child’s world  simulate real experiences  play  exploration  discovery Ansel & Clair Adventures in Africa
  9. 9. + App uses scaffolding Reading Raven  Multiple Levels  Analytics  Can easily add extra support  Supports off app learning App gives effective feedback  Praises the effort Montessori Letter Sounds  Feedback is connected to the learning  Feedback teaches and motivates
  10. 10. + App creates a child safe environment  Is there any marketing in the app?  Does the marketing get in the way of the learning?  Are there links to email, share, save to photos, tweet or link to Facebook? GazziliScience • Social Media in the app – Can turn it off. Is that okay with you? • Links to other apps right in the app.
  11. 11. + EvaluatingApps for the Classroom Strategies Choose the right app at the right time to enhance learning
  12. 12. Does this app add to My First ClassicalBob Books Music App my lesson? + • Add apps to what you are already doing in the classroom • Add apps to reinforce concepts in a different way Little Digits
  13. 13. Does this app add meaningfulStarTracker & There’s No Place Like learning? Space • Use apps that give + your students an experience you can not replicate in the classroom • Use apps that reflect real life uses of technology
  14. 14. Does the app encourage interactionSid’s Science Fair & exploration? + • Use apps that express content in an interactive and exploratory way • Apps need to be more than question and response!
  15. 15. Does the appiWriteWords (Handwriting Game) engage the kids? + • Use apps to add fun to mundane, but necessary tasks • Use apps to pique your students interests
  16. 16. + Let’s Look at some Apps! Apps for the Classroom A list of apps broken down by subject, age to suit your classroom needs.
  17. 17. Top 4 general use apps touse across grade levels Show Me My Story – Book Maker for Kids Interactive Futaba DoodleCast for Kids & Pro
  18. 18. Top 4 Language apps to useacross grade levels Children’s Picture Dictionary – SpellingCity A to Z Flash Cards Toontastic My A - Z
  19. 19. Top 4 Math apps to useacross grade levels Awesome Eats Bugs and Bubbles Montessori Numbers Didakto Classic
  20. 20. Top 4 Science apps to useacross grade levels Science360 Monster Physics Wonderopolis Brain Pop
  21. 21. Top 4 Social Studies apps touse across grade levels Barefoot World Atlas Being Global Feel Electric!
  22. 22. Apps for Kindergarten Little Digits  Sid’s Science Fair Reading Raven  Building with Blocks Montessori Letters  Art Maker by ABC’s Sounds Play School Savannah Adventures  Toca Tea Party
  23. 23. Apps for 1st Grade Starfall Learn to Read  Mosaic HD Scribble Press  Puppet Pals Word Wizard  – Thematic Books Motion Math (series of apps)  ABC series (Peapod Labs)
  24. 24. Apps for 2nd Grade Simplex Spelling  Bobo Explores Light Electric Company  This is my body – WordBall! Anatomy for kids Sushi Monster  StarTracker HD Math Doodles  Math Lands
  25. 25. Need more suggestions? KinderTown is an easy to search tool – both online and as a FREE app If not KinderTown – find a review site that you like to find app recommendations. Team up with your colleagues to search and test apps together. Don’t do this alone!