Work smarter not harder with your model classroom


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This presentation was used to familiarize teachers with Google Chrome and social bookmarking.

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Work smarter not harder with your model classroom

  1. 1. Work SmarterNot Harder withYour ModelClassroomby: Carla Sensing
  2. 2. How Far Have We Come?
  3. 3. Browsers
  4. 4. Browsers• Internet Explorer (IE)• Safari• Firefox• Google Chrome
  5. 5. DCBE computers• Your DCBE computer already has Internet Explorer (IE) most popular because its familiar!• Google Chrome is already on your desk top and interfaces easier and faster than many other browsers.
  6. 6. What is Google Chrome?
  7. 7. Browser TabsOpen a tab!!Look!Chrome Web Store?
  8. 8. Chrome Web Store• The Chrome Web Store is just like iTunes apps, but for your browser. I have a few I like: Google Amazon Diigo Voice Evernote Google Mail Read Clearly
  9. 9. Here they are:
  10. 10. Bookmarking on Chrome
  11. 11. Thinkfinity is great for teachers• Thinkfinity helps find great lessons, videos, and ideas for Common Core. Everything that appears is state approved. Check it out often.
  12. 12. Dropbox will save your life
  13. 13. How does it work?One is in "My Documents" One stays on your menu bar.
  14. 14. Lets Talk Social NetworkBookmarks
  15. 15. Several to pick from• Delicious(Not available through DCBE network)
  16. 16. Other Bookmarking sites• Diigo• Symbaloo• Stumbleupon• Many others
  17. 17. Online "books" and "manuals"• LiveBinder(also a bookmarking site)• FlipSnack• Simplebooklet• How can I find others?• Go2Web20
  18. 18. Share Websites with Students• 19 pencils• Pinterest• Symbaloo
  19. 19. Brainstorming and MindMap• Mindomo• MindMeister• Mind42• XMind
  20. 20. New ways to present• Spicynodes• Prezi• Sliderocket• My Favorite Google!!
  21. 21. Great Math Sites• Math Chimp for 1st - 8th grades• Free Math Worksheets(look along the top)• Brightstorm has 2,000 math videos• Carrotsticks is great for younger students• Cool Math Games• Mangahigh Math game
  22. 22. Great Literature/Writing Sites• Sparknotes videos for common literature read in high school• Storybird lets students use their beautiful pictures to write stories.• Kideos is a site with videos for K-9th graders• ToonDoo is a great way to get kids writing.
  23. 23. More Literature/Writing Sites• SAT/ACT Vocabulary building• Gamequarium has videos for K-8• Character Scrapbook• Compare and Contrast Essay• Scholastic has videos for K-12
  24. 24. Great Science Sites• Spongelab is great for high school• StudyJams• Wicked• Planet Super Powers• Science Toymaker• Science Kids• Animaps (social studies too)