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Know why good quality of education is required

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  1. 1. The Value of a good educational Background
  2. 2. The Modern World• The World is Developing every second.• The demand for skilled professionals in every field is on the rise.• On an average 10-15% of the global population is unemployed.• Competition has also increased in the past 10 years.
  3. 3. Graphical Representation of GlobalUnemployment
  4. 4. The Solution The modern world not only demands creativity and skills, but also the backing of a good educational institution. A degree from a prestigious institution is proven to make the individual stand above the rest during an interview. Also, a good institution not only provides education, but it polishes the individual completely thus making him/her ready for the modern world. The extra curricular activities held by the institute also plays an important role in the development of the individual.
  5. 5. ESSEC Business School
  6. 6. Discover ESSEC ESSEC came into existence in 1913. Affiliated with Versailles Val d’Oise-Yvelines (CCIV) Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Managed by a Board of Directors and a Board of Overseers, which bring together members of the ESSEC community. ESSEC has a long-standing commitment to building sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses. One of the top Business Schools in Europe.
  7. 7. Key Figures 3 campuses in Cergy, Paris-La Défense and Singapore. 4,400 students 1,520 international students (35%) 90 nationalities represented 5,000 managers in Executive Education 2,000 graduates a year, including 1,600 Masters graduates 145 Partner universities in 40 countries 16 double-degree partnerships 42,000 Alumni around the world, with 55 representatives in major capitals 100 student associations
  8. 8. Services Provided Course and Career Counseling services International student clubs and associations On campus medical facilities On-campus accommodation Overseas Graduations Social Activities Special enrolment and orientation Sporting facilities Sporting facilities - Team sports Sporting facilities - variety of clubs
  9. 9. Masters of Science in Management Bachelor inExecutive BusinessEducation Administration Programs Advanced PH.D Master’s Program MBA Programs
  10. 10. Programs Master of Science in Management- The Master of Science in Management (Grande Ecole program) provides the perfect education for tomorrow’s managers. Bachelor in Business Administration- The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program at ESSEC is designed for high-achieving undergraduates who plan to pursue an international career. Advanced Masters Programs- The Advanced Master’s program is an excellent way to complement your initial training with business expertise that is fully recognized in the market.
  11. 11. Programs MBA Programs- ESSEC offers general and specialized MBA which are designed to develop your management skills in a critical and creative way, and in a truly international context. Ph.D.- ESSEC is deeply committed to research and boasts a top-level and highly international Faculty. Executive Education- A variety of supreme educational programs are offer by ESSEC under Executive Education.
  12. 12. Faculty 141 permanent faculty, 14 professors emeritus 44% international professors 30 nationalities represented 18 teaching and research chairs 7 institutes 9 departments 700 articles and publications in the last five years
  13. 13. Ashok Som Professor, Management Department Associate Dean of Global MBA Marie Kratz Professor, Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS) DepartmentFlorin AftalionDistinguished, Emeritus, Professor,Finance Department Franck Vallerugo Teaching Professor, Public and Private Policy Department Chair in Urban Economics, Chair Holder
  14. 14. Advantages of ESSEC ESSEC Provides a base for total development. It provides exposure to Global culture. The educational programs are framed to impart values into the individual which are essential in the real world. Good faculty members provide essential support to the students throughout the course. Extra curricular activities add to the learning experience of the students.
  15. 15. Closing NoteIn todays demanding world, just education isn’t enough. Education from a good institute that covers all the aspects of an individuals development process, holds the mightier sword. The quality of education combined with the hard work & dedication of the individual determines where the individual stands in the society.