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My workshop presentation at the Global Innovators Conference in Doha

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Mobile TVET

  1. 1. Learning on the Go - Mobile TVET! Mervi Jansson – Aalto! Director, Education Partnerships!
  2. 2. FINNISH EDUCATION SYSTEM ! Universities ! Polytechnics ! Doctoral and licentiate degrees Polytechnic master’s degrees Master’s degrees ! Polytechnic bachelor’s degrees! Bachelor’s degrees ! Specialist vocational WORK EXPERIENCE! qualifications! Vocational! Adult Matriculation examination! Vocational Further vocational Education! qualifications! qualifications! General upper secondary schools! Vocational institutions and apprenticeship training! 7-16-year olds! Basic education! 6-year olds! Pre-primary education!
  3. 3. TVET IN FINLAND !Both initial and continuing vocational education and training programs.At present, 150 TVET providers and 371 qualifications.52 vocational qualifications divided into 113 study programmes, EQF 4188 further vocational qualifications, EQF 4131 specialist vocational qualifications, EQF 5Over 130 000 studentsTVET is the first choice for over 50 % of 9th graders!
  4. 4. VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS !Qualification Requirement document, based on competenciesrequired in working life.90 credits vocational modules (min 20 on-the-job)10 credits of electives20 credits of core subjects Students who complete basic vocational qualifications are eligible for futher studies. !
  5. 5. ASSESSMENT !Upper secondary TVET qualification" Competence is assessed by means ofvocational skills demonstrations, whichentail performing work assignments relevant tothe vocational skills requirements in the mostauthentic settings possible."Competence-based TVET qualifications"Assessment makes diverse use of differentand primarily qualitative methods, such asobservation, interviews, surveys, as well asgroup and self-assessment. Candidates’competence is assessed in competencetests."!
  7. 7. Omnia, The Joint Authority ofEducation in the Espoo Region !Multisector initial and continuing upper secondaryvocational education and training for nearly 10000students, employing over 700 staff.! Omnia! Omnia Omnia! Adult! Apprenticeship! Vocational! Omnia InnoOmnia! Education! Training! College! Youth! Centre ! Centre! Workshops Administration, Economic and Financial Services, Management Services,! Facility Services, Information Management Services
  8. 8. InnoOmnia – Connectingstudents, teachers andentrepreneurs! Contextual learning! Mobile learning!Piloting and scalability ! Cloud-based solutions! Professional development to support school leaders and teachers!
  10. 10. PADLET (WALLWISHER)!Add an X to the wall to mark your present status.Double tap for a comment box to appear.Tap on the box to write.Tap on the wall to post.Do the same to add an O for your three-year estimate. !
  11. 11. MOBILE LEARNING !Pilot projects started in 2010.!iPads and BYOD + social media.!Short- and longterm projects.!Focus on pedagogy, but device management has alsobeen a key issue.!Professional development for teachers, trainersand school leaders.!
  12. 12. MOBILE LEARNING?Activity that allows individuals tobe more productive whenconsuming, interacting with, orcreating information, mediatedthrough a compact digital portabledevice that the individual carrieson a regular basis, has reliableconnectivity, and fits in a pocketor purse. (eLearning guild)Key concepts:Facilitate, support, enhance,extend, augment(MoLeNet)
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGY LEARNING CYCLE, MOBILE LEARNING!TLC, The Technology Learning Cycle, University of MissouriReference: Clark, C. 2012, NspireD2 Blog 2.5.2012, Kaneb Center, University of Notre Dame! PAULIINA VENHO!
  14. 14. CHANGING ROLES! Learner !Participant ! Teacher ! Co-creater ! Consumer !
  15. 15. Based on Clark Quinn (2011), Designing mLearning, !
  16. 16. BARRIERS TO MOBILE TVET? !! Type max 20 character answer and hit submit. Feel free to submit more than one.!
  18. 18. Change one -!change all!!!
  19. 19. From theoretical to practical approach. From classroom learning to project- based real life learning with entrepreneurs. From essays and written exams to visually documented knowledge, skills and competences.!BUSINESS ANDADMINISTRATIONSTUDENTS!Real world skills valuedon the job market.No drop-outs :D
  20. 20. Choice!!! Blogs, wikis, videos, streaming on-the-job situations, sharing and creating.LEARNING ON THE GO.!
  21. 21. The extended learning environment - anytime, anywhere. Learner centered documenting of work processes. Creative and fun.LANDSCAPE & DESIGN!A hands-on and visual trade,so why not use visual, hands-onmethods for teaching andlearning.!
  22. 22. CuSe - CUSTOMER SERVICE THROUGHROLEPLAY AND SOCIAL MEDIA! A ten-week learning journey using social media and mobile devices to create a gamified customer service learning program.!
  23. 23. APPS + CLOUD BASED SERVICES!List of words! Translation! Taking Photo! Adding text! Adding Voice! CREATIVITY! Blog! COLLABORATION!Videos behindQR-codes! ENGAGEMENT! Cloud storage! SUPPORTING DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES!Comic strip!
  24. 24. NATIONAL COLLABORATION ! Working group coordinated by Omnia. ! Pedagogical and technical questions addressed.! Professional development offered.!
  25. 25. WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED?!•  Focus on the learning goals!•  Be critical. What is the added value to the students, teachers, working life?•  Plan! How will the tools and technology be used in the learning process?•  Access, ease of use, technical requirements?•  Code of conduct, copyright and licensing issues.•  What will be assessed, how and by whom?! Expect the unexpected!!
  26. 26. NOW ITS YOUR TURN!How might you use a mobile approach to enrichcustomer service training?!1. Brainstorming - write down as many ideas as you can.2. Share with your neighbour.3. Pick an approch you want to work on together.4. Fill out the mRichment plan !
  27. 27. Thank you! !LinkedIn: ! Twitter: @Mervijan ! !!