Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.01 • •
Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.01 • •
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How smart USA and Razorfish Fueled Brand Awareness and Optimized Marketing


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Learn how a major automobile company ran a social promotion that garnered a 60% opt-in rate for their customer database.

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How smart USA and Razorfish Fueled Brand Awareness and Optimized Marketing

  1. 1. Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.01 • • HOW SMART CAR USA AND RAZORFISH FUELED BRAND AWARENESS AND GATHERED CUSTOMER DATA WITH UNIQUE CAMPAIGN ARTIST-INSPIRED INTERACTIVE PROMOTION RESONATES WITH TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC AND GATHERS CUSTOMER DATA TO OPTIMIZE FUTURE COMMUNICATION GOAL DRIVE BRAND FAVORABILITY AND AWARENESS WITH TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC smart USA, an automobile company born from a collaboration with Swatch Watches and Mercedes-Benz, aimed to drive brand awareness and favorability of a recent collaboration with BoConcept, a furniture designer. As smart cars are highly customizable, the automobile company and their agency, Razorfish, looked to tap into the young, creative demographic to increase brand awareness. They also hoped to gather customer data to understand their target further to optimize future marketing initiatives. CAMPAIGN COLLABORATION FORTWO Smart highlighted their newly customized special edition car with BoConcept, a furniture designer, by hosting a unique promotion where fans voted for two of four artists to collaborate on a piece of art. By aligning smart with well-known artists, they ensured their brand perception was positive in the art community and with their target demographic, the creative, young artist. After voting concluded, smart connected the two artists in a room for three days, and then hosted a viewing party showcasing the collaborative piece of art. In addition to promotion of the campaign on social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the artists were also empowered to use their social networks to encourage voting.
  2. 2. Shoutlet, Inc. 2014 • v14.01 • • HOW SHOUTLET HELPED The Razorfish team had many creative requirements for this promotion, and with the help of Shoutlet’s support team, delivered a unique solution for their client, smart USA. Using Shoutlet, the team created the interactive and engaging app in Social Canvas™ and promoted it using the Shoutlet publishing features. Easily creating a mobile version allowed the team to include all customers on all devices. By including an opt-in for their newsletter on the form, Razorfish gathered data on each smart customer, adding it to their Shoutlet Profiles™ for future marketing and insights. Shoutlet empowered us to deliver a truly great promotion and experience to our fans without any additional cost to the client. These promotions allow us to use Shoutlet’s key features with significant creative flexibility, and help us optimize future promotions and marketing initiatives based on the results. Optimization allows us to make a greater connection with a customer, increasing their chances of purchasing a smart car one day. Ali Fard Producer Razorfish The high engagement on this promotion from smart’s targeted audience surprised the team. The page averaged 4.7 clicks per visit. And out of all of the fans who voted, more than 60% signed up for smart’s newsletter. Through the innovative promotion and aligning with the art world, smart communicated their alignment with the design world, which is important given the ability to customize their cars and express yourself through the vehicle. They also increased their fan base, increasing the touch- points they can have with customer everyday to influence a possible purchase of a smart car. HIGH ENGAGEMENT 4.7 CLICKS PER VISIT 60% OPT-IN FOR NEWSLETTER RESULTS ABOUT SHOUTLET, INC. Shoutlet is a leading independent enterprise-class cloud-based social marketing platform that enables marketers to publish, engage, and measure social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and YouTube. Its industry-leading, enterprise class functionality includes tools for social CRM, creative design, social listening, ads, workflow management, contest design and execution, and top-notch analytics for easy integration with the industry’s leading web analytics tools from Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Omniture, and Webtrends. Shoutlet’s SaaS-based model gives customers the control and flexibility they want and need, and is rooted in a strategic partnership that provides the necessary resources and counsel to execute successful social campaigns.