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Media Revo Social Media Packages

  1. 1. HYPERLINK ""<br />SOCIAL MEDIA<br />Base Social Media<br />Base Social Media<br />(3 Month Minimum)<br />Social media is a collaboration of people, places & events through web-based interactions. Promote your business as part of the “Social conversation” by branding through consumer interaction, transforming your broadcast media into a dialogue among peers. We position your business in these social communities by using your customers as brand ambassadors. Although social media is always evolving, Facebook & Twitter have emerged as the two most relevant outlets, which we actively lever for your business.<br />Facebook Management   <br />We Create a page describing your Business, Staffing & Facilities<br />Daily updates (videos, press releases, special offers, etc)<br />Facebook RSS feed integrated into your website<br />Twitter   <br />Why Twitter?<br />50 million users strong and growing at an incredible rate, Twitter is the most influential community in the world. Amazingly, 1 in 5 tweets (20%) are brand related* and the greatest brands in media are reinventing the way they communicate because of Twitter.<br />(*September 2009 Twitter Study by Penn State University)<br />Custom Twitter backgrounds designed to keep users interested<br />Twitter & Facebook Synchronization<br />YouTube<br />When people think of Social Media, few sites have the reach or impact of YouTube. With over 300 million worldwide visitors and one billion videos streaming daily, YouTube is the largest video site on the web and the 4th largest site on the Internet. MediaRevo specializes in leveraging YouTube as a highly effective tool for your business. We do this by highlighting your business expertise, shared knowledge, and market products enabling you to connect directly with customers. We promote your business using YouTube in the following ways:<br />We choose a user name that reflects your brand for your channel URL<br />We set up a channel to reflect your brand and engage with others<br />We add your channel URL to marketing collateral and social network profiles<br />We help you introduce your staff to add authenticity<br />We post links to your videos on various social networks<br /> <br />SOCIAL MEDIA<br />Advanced Social Media<br />Advanced Social Media<br />(6 Month Minimum)<br />Our Advanced Social Media Packages offer more intensive services which are complementary to our base package:<br />Facebook & MySpace Management<br />Proactive Facebook community development using your opt-in email database<br />Facebook Marketplace Product Listings<br />Ebay auctions listed within your Facebook page<br />Increase Fans/Buzz with Giveaways & Promotional Specials<br />Generate product demand with Image & Video Coupon Tagging<br />Generate feedback with incentivized Surveys & Polls<br />Continual Facebook Apps Integration (e.g. Flickr, Twitter, etc)<br />Reputation Management<br />Google CGI (Consumer Generated Interest)<br />Yelp, Edmunds, CitySearch, InsiderPages, YellowBook, Yahoo<br /> & other Industry Specific Review Sites<br />Manage negative Forum Postings<br />Twitter   <br />In-Stream Advertising Solutions<br />In-Stream Advertising or “ISA” platforms match top-tier Twitter publishers with top-tier brands. ISA enables advertisers to reach the highly sought after Twitter audience by connecting brands with the most influential people in the community.<br />3 Things ISA Gives You:<br />Twitter Advertising<br />Reach<br />Influence<br />Benefits of In-Stream Advertising<br />In-Stream Advertising Solutions<br />In-Stream Advertising Solutions<br />3 Things ISA Gives You:<br />Attention<br />Simply put, Twitter is THE medium where people are paying attention. They follow the brands, topics and people they love<br />Emotional Targeting<br />People are following their favorite celebrities on Twitter. They are following their heroes’ everyday lives. This leads to a deep, emotional connection. In-stream advertising lets brands become a part of this context<br /> Real-Time and Permanent Advertising<br />Unlike search or display advertising, in-stream advertising can happen in real-time and serve messages that will live in search forever<br />How Does MediaRevo’s ISA Work?<br />Brand X wants to promote a new product. They’re targeting “Millennial’s” (aka, the MTV Generation) who are male, so they want to associate themselves with popular everyday influencers. We select relevant twitter publishers/influencers and create copy for your brand or product. The message gets tweeted—clearly labeled as advertising—during the flight of the campaign and delivered to the exact demographic you wanted your product or service in front of.<br />The tweet will look something like this:<br />Tracking and Reporting<br />MediaRevo provides a complete tracking and reporting system that displays real-time performance of the campaign.<br />YouTube<br />In our advanced YouTube services package we further broaden the appeal of your products and services by:<br /> We guide you in the posting of customer video testimonials which add to your businesses credibility<br />We help you put together a creative video explaining your products or services<br />We create a movie trailer-style: fast, creative and catchy video of your products or services in action<br />Show the results of someone using your services<br />Promote your events using recordings of previous events<br />Take viewers on a tour of your offices or facilities to help them feel connected with you<br />Add Call-to-Action overlays to your videos to drive traffic to your web site as well as display company information in every video including name, URL, phone number and email address<br />Study your channel’s performance with the integrated Google Analytics and YouTube Insight to make the most of your videos<br />MediaRevo is a boutique digital marketing and social media firm founded in 2002 shortly after the dot com bubble burst. We knew then that the web was not down and out, but rather just evolving. This revolution in the web eclipsed traditional media as the everyday source for information among the masses, from blogging, news, and video to the instant gratification of finding anything, at anytime with just a few simple strokes of a keyboard or touch screen.<br />As the internet evolves so do its advertising venues. From search marketing and social networks to user recommended sales, changes in the digital landscape are happening at breakneck speed. The rate of change in the digital landscape has made it difficult for even the saviest of large companys to keep from falling behind, let alone the average small business. This is where the expertise of Media Revo has proven its value to companies both large and small.<br />Our clients range in size from Audi and Mercedes to small local business like yours just trying to get your business represented on the web.<br />From whats hot today like Facebook, Twitter and Google to the advancement of peer-to-peer advertising networks of tomorrow we know our business and our expertise will benefit yours.<br />Jeff TognettiCEO<br />Mustafa Matari<br />Rory Sutherland<br />Brandon Lee<br />James Hallik<br />Jack Hallik<br />Our office<br />We are located in the very heart of NY Metropolitan area in Edgewater NJ.<br />View Larger Map<br />Auto Dealer Internet Advertising Budgets Swell<br />15 Feb 2010<br />Car dealerships to rev up web spend over next few yearsConsumers are carrying out much of their car purchase research online which is why many car dealers are putting more of their marketing budgets into digital activity, according to recent research. However, not all car dealers are maximizing their listings.<br /> surveyed over 200 car dealerships to ascertain how they planned to spend their marketing dollars in the next few years. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority (96%) plan to up their Internet spending over the next five years.<br />Why aren’t I surprised? Well, from 2004 to 2009, 93% of car dealers increased their online marketing budgets, with 80% claiming the Internet has been their best performing ROI channel during those five years.<br />More than half (56%) boosted their Internet budgets by 50% or more and a third (31%) by 100% or more.<br />Not bad, eh?<br />If you need more proof,’s survey revealed 70% intend to spend more online in the coming year, with just 21% intending to spend more on traditional media.<br />Another study, this time from, analyzed the impact of car descriptions and imagery on consumer interest and response.<br />It is clear that, apart from a competitive price tag, a large selection of images and well written copy is paramount to enable prospective car buyers to make an informed decision online.<br />- A competitive price received 191% more vehicle details page views and 263% more contacts.<br />- Vehicles priced competitively receive 79% more vehicle details page views and 136% more contacts than vehicles priced 10% or higher than market average.<br />- 11 or more pictures received 175% more vehicle details page views and 127% more contacts than listings without pictures.<br />- Inventory- and dealership-level sell copy received 17% more contacts.<br />- The manufacturer’s certified used logo received 18% more vehicle detail page views and 34% more contacts.<br />While online car dealerships are enjoying the benefits of selling online and embracing the Internet, they still need to up their game with merchandising.<br />Why? Because, according to, of the 230,000 new and used vehicles listed on their website between June 2008 and June 2009 that were analyzed for the study 7% had no price, 13% didn’t have sell copy and, incredibly, 13% had no images.<br />“Online success begins with making the car the star and offering greater transparency for the consumer,” said Michael Page, vice president of advertising products. “As shoppers evaluate their options, they’re drawn to listings and dealerships that allow them to take a virtual test drive, validate the vehicle’s condition and help them make an informed decision.”<br />Credit to Helen Leggatt<br /> <br />5 Social Media Facebook Advertising Must Knows<br />7 Jan 2010<br />I recently read a post on Erik Qualman’s blog  HYPERLINK "" o " Facebook CPC Chaos" " _blank" Socialnomics that detailed how the CPC (cost per click)  to market his book using Facebook had skyrocketed on Christmas Eve. <br />I’ve excerpted the image to the right to give some brief context to this post. The graphic depicts an average CPC (Cost per Click) as low as $0.47 days before Christmas eve which later rocketed to over $18.38 per click!<br />This strange anomaly got me thinking, why aren’t people using the Google Content network to manage ads on Facebook and other Social Media Networks? <br />Our company manages Search and Socail Marketing for many different clients leveraging Google, Bing, Facebook and various otherSearch & Social Networks. In doing so, we have learned a few things along the way.<br />What Did We Learn?<br />Using the Google Content Network can save you Big $ over buying directly from many of these Social Networks. On December 24th we paid $1.63 Per Click<br />Facebook December 24th CPC for Our Client<br />When opting to buy clicks you get an Additional bonus… you get impressions! In the example detailed below we got 19,675 Impressions of our ad. In plain English we had 19,675 people see our ads AT NO ADDITIONAL COST<br />The ad size when buying from Facebook is 110 x 80 however….The ad sizes using the content network vary from 300 x 250, to 728 x 90 and so on….ALL SUBSTANTIALLY LARGER then the ad sizes offered by Facebook.<br />Using the Google content network you can specify where your ads are placed on Facebook, above the fold, below the fold, in front of pet lovers, age specified users,  in all 35 Different variations of Facebook users! Something you can’t currently manage to the same extent using the existing Facebook platform<br />We mentioned above in item #3 that you can build different banner ad sizes for use with the Google content network on Facebook, we suggest you do.  In doing so you fill a void where others have not created similar size ads.  And typically where there are less ads/advertisers you pay less per click.  This little rarely utilized tidbit will drop the floor out of your overall cost to advertise on Facebook.<br /> <br />In addition to Facebook there are many…many other Social Networks your business can advertise on using the Google Content Network.  In our next post we will outline a few more of them, and how your business…any business can leverage them.<br />Introduction<br />Case Studies<br />Our Channel<br />Become a Fan<br />