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Fibbers page


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Published in: Education
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Fibbers page

  1. 1. for task 5 we had to create a poster for fibbers having a gig for Broken Arrow, we had to decide which information was more important and make this stand out by changing the fonts, colours and size of the text as we were not allowed to use any images. As we were not allowed to use images, the overall look of the poster is very plain with so much white space which I do not think looks good as it does not look interesting and would not catch peoples eyes if they are walking past. For this poster I decided to change the colours so made Fibbers and Broken Arrow stand out as well as making the text bigger than the rest
  2. 2. This was the second poster I created and I think there it too much white space around the page, especially without and images to fill up the spaces. I think by looking at the poster you can tell which is the most important details, Fibbers and Broken Arrow, you can see this because they are the largest text on the page which makes you aware that it is there and makes you read it. Although this task seemed easy it was hard to make it look good with all the white space. For this layout I used a 3x3 grid with 5mm gutters.