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Task 6


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Task 6

  1. 1. Add For the word ‘add’ I decided to make an add sign with the words. Once I copied the word I rotated it and placed it across the other I then changed the colour of the writing as when it was black is clashed too much and looked messy. Jump With the word jump I decided to take the ‘u’ in the word and make it higher than the rest to make it appear like its jumping
  2. 2. Curve For the word ‘curve’ I made all the letters separate and than placed them so they appear to be curved, I think the font helped with this one as, for example of the ‘E’ the tail at the beginning is slightly curved round as well. Bounce For the word bounce, I thought of a ball bouncing up and down along the path, so therefore I decided to take word and make is appear like it was bouncing by taking each separate letter and placing it either higher or lower than the one before. I also made the font rounded so it is symbolic to the ball being round as well.
  3. 3. Question For the ‘question’ word I thought about copying and pasting the word a few times and positioning them in the form of a question mark. For the full stop at the bottom I though about getting each letter from the word and placing them on top of each other, I think out of all the words I do not like this one as much because I think it looks too messy and doesn’t really look like a question mark. I think if I did this one again I would take each letter and try and get them to create the image of a question mark because after creating this I think it would look neater and overall just better.