Task 1 analysing exiting products and adverts


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Task 1 analysing exiting products and adverts

  1. 1. Task 1- analysing exiting products and adverts.
  2. 2. Irn Bru adverts Both of these adverts I found on the irn bru webpage under favourite ads, although when you are looking at the ads even before you read the name on the can, you can tell from the colour scheme that is related to irn bru, although the colours are not bright, I think if they had bright colours it would make the posters look tacky and not professional as by having the black and white photographs next to the colours work well and don’t clash but the orange and blue and that shade were they are still eye catching and the blue stands out more against the dull shade of orange which makes people want to read it. By having the writing all in capitals showing that the text is important and almost shouted with the quotation marks around the text. The design of the image is very simple, half image and half text, by having a simple advert means that people are more focused of the text and image and not too focused on how its laid out, also by having a picture of the can at the bottom shows people what to look out for if they want to buy the product. You can tell these adverts are aimed at older people, not only because they have adults as the models but also because they have innuendos that mainly adults would understand however I do not think these are aimed to like people in their 60s as they may not appreciate the sexual innuendos that have been used. As the text is the first thing you look at it seems like they are meaning the sexual meaning in the innuendos however when you see the image it makes you believe Irn Bru do not mean the sexual meaning at all.
  3. 3. Irn Bru adverts For this advertisement irn bru have decided to use Goths as the stereotype for Goths are sad, depressed and they are rarely happy, however they have pictured them jumping and looking really happy while holding a can of irn bru, so they are giving off the Impression that irn bru makes you happy and leaves you feeling ‘phenomenal’ . Although the overall advert does not look like all the rest they are still similar, for example they have still used the colours that are associated with Irn Bru, so they have a blue sky in the background, the colour blue also has the meaning of a good day and people feel more happy when the sky is blue and clear than if It was raining, they have then used the orange as a boarder which contrasts with the blue well and also catches your eye and also fits in with their whole colour scheme and house style. The target audience for this specific advert I think would be the younger audience from ages around 16 to about 25, I believe this would be aimed at them as most fizzy energy drinks are consumed by this age group rather than old people. Also when looking at the Goths used in this advert that do not look that old so it would not be right advertising to older people if the people they have used in their advert are much younger. As the style of this advert is very simple and only states too words ‘feel phenomenal’ it sends out a message of feeling good and phenomenal by the colours and actions in this advert. From this advert they have added the can next to the image so you can tell what you are looking for, as it is a diet irn bru they have used a new design for both the advert and the can, but as you can tell they have used the same colour scheme of orange and blue so that people taking a quick glance at the drinks know just from the colours that the can is one of Irn Bru’s. The message Irn Bru are sending out from this advert is that although the Irn Bru is sugar free there is no different in the taste just that without the sugar it is also better for you. The images used in this advert is a funny image that no one would expect, like why would a eskimo drink Irn Bru so because the image they have used is intriguing and entertaining people are more likely to stop and look at the advert. Also by having the same image on both sides, however the right one with a teddy bear saying ‘sugar free’ defiantly tells people there is no difference at all. As they have produced a diet irn bru you can tell they are aiming this product as body conscious people and also people who are dieting or have been told they are not allowed too much sugar, more people in their late teens and late 30s will be more interested in this version of irn bru rather than the original as they are more bothered about what they look like and want their bodies to be as healthy as possible so they are more aware of what they put in their body.
  4. 4. With the irn bru 32 packaging they have used the same colour scheme they have done throughout the whole packages and adverts, using the blue and orange colours, this is to make irn bru stand out with the other competitor drinks like Lucozade or monster. They have the irn bru logo going vertically up the can like they always do on their cans with the orange 32 at the bottom with a light shining from behind, this symbolises the energy the can will give you when you drink it. The font they have used for the irn bru 32 is very bold and easy to read, by making it take up most of the can means you see the brand name before anything else on the can. They also have a tagline at the bottom of their can as they normally do on all their adverts and cans, the writing look informal like all the irn bru adverts as the writing is in lower case. As the can is new they have decided to make the can all blue with some orange and silver, they have done this because the can is new and different and they wanted to make people aware that they have a new can however they didn’t want to change the whole colour scheme and logo so by making the can mainly one it was different from the other irn bru cans but not completely different. Also the blue and silver colour make the can seems cold which is a positive thing as most people prefer cold drinks to warm drinks. Just like all the irn bru adverts, they have kept this can simple with as much limited text as possible. Irn Bru have most likely chose the name ‘Irn Bru 32’ as it rhymes and is catchy also because Irn Bru has 32 ingredients in it so its not just some random number it actually has a resemblance to Irn Bru. The main audience for this drink I think would been teens to late 20s as this is the age most people will stay up late, go out all night and also take part in sport related activates so may need to boost of energy Irn Bru 32 states it gives.
  5. 5. This is the advert for relentless energy drinks. They have all the cans the same style, font and font size however the colour of the can changes depending on the flavour, for example the lemon flavour is a yellow coloured can because lemons are yellow. For their advert on TV they have taken a celebrity, Professor Green and got him to perform a song and at the end drink a can of relentless at the end, they have done this because they know many people admire and look up to Pro Green so if people see him drinking relentless then they may start drinking it too which will increase their sales, they have also used professor green as he started from the bottom and ended up getting famous through his own hard work which will relate to many others as there are quite a lot of people who are trying to get recognized in the industry so having professor green shows anyone can get somewhere in life. From the advert video you can tell the most used colour is black and dark colours which shows the struggle that professor green went through in order to get to the top also because the colours also are a brand recognition of relentless. The aimed target audience from the advert is easy to guess, with the dark colours and the celebrity used you can tell it is more aimed at males in their mid to late 20s Both of these drinks are energy drinks so they are obviously in competition with each other all the time to see who's drink sells the most. Although they both claim to give you energy the advertisement techniques they use are totally different. Both companies have a main, distinctive house style they use so even without the name on the can you would know which one is which, they also have the same idea to change the colours used depending on the flavour, so monster would change the ‘M’ whereas relentless would change the whole colour of the can. To promote their product they have different ideas of doing this relentless decided to get a celebrity singer to promote theirs with a TV advert whereas monster use competitions and sporting event like bmx’ing to promote themselves. The advertisement for monster drinks. The can has its own house style which is kept the same throughout with the black can and neon coloured claw marks from a monster which is shaped as an ‘M’, white writing for the ‘monster’ however they have changed the colour of the claw shaped ‘M’ depending on the flavour you buy, like the flavour tea and lemonade is a yellow can because of the lemonade. To make their drinks sell more they have competitions, for example the one that is on their website at the moment is for a chance to win 1 of 21 harry main bmx bikes with a can of monster so doing this it will make people who are interested in bmx bikes to buy a can because they might with a bike. Although it doesn’t really alert you to who the target audience is you can tell from the colours used, as they are quite dark that it is more aimed towards males in their 20s because this is the age group that males normally go out all night and have work or have something planned the next day so it shows that this will give them the energy they are lacking and also because older men normally go for trusted brand unlike younger adults who chose the most eyecatching so using the bright green will draw in the attention.
  6. 6. Web designs
  7. 7. Both of these web designs are from energy drinks companies, the one on the left is monster and the one on the right is rock star. Monster drinks have a colour scheme of green and black on their cans which shows on their website, their main colours on the website are black and green which looks professional as they have kept the same two colours and not changed all the colours. They have also kept the same font for the cans and the website, the logo and writing at the top left is the same as it is on the cans, this shows they have kept to their house style. Rock star on the left is also the same, they have kept the same colour scheme on the website as they have on the can, they have also have kept the logo the same. Both of these websites have near enough the same layout, they both have their logo on the top left, the photograph across the centre of the page and the drop down menu bars across the top centre of the page. Monster drinks have the photograph of COD of the website, this is because they sponsor them, monster will promote COD and COD also promote monster on their games. Rock star also get attention through monster trucks, and they promote each other just like COD and Monster. As the colours mostly used on both of these websites are quite dark with just one bright colour you can tell they are mostly aimed at late teens mid 20s male, as they are most likely into COD and monster trucks than females are. You can tell the age group is young as well because most older man do not drink fizzy energy drinks and also do not get drawn in by bright colours and many older people have one brand they trust and stick to it, also because there are competitions on the webpage that only young lads are likely to enjoy more than a 60 year old man.