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Task 2 powerpoint

  1. 1. Experimental Photography Shannon 1
  2. 2. Reflection
  3. 3. After looking through the reflection photographs I took, I believe this is the best one, as the photograph is not posed for and is natural, so its more of a candid photograph and I think the candid type are the best ones. While Chloe chose to look through her own photographs and I took the opportunity to take the photograph through the reflection from the door glass, I think it looks better than the rest as its more focused and you can still see through the glass and also what's behind keeping what near the lens of the camera a tad blurry means you focus more of the reflection. I also think this photograph is better as I was just messing around with the settings and what would be good reflection.
  4. 4. I think the problem with the rest of the photographs I took of reflection is the lighting and the movement of some, for example, the first photograph on the second row is very dark, however the reflection looks pretty good, as you can see into a classroom with the light on so is shows the reflection of a person, however I think the photograph would look better if the lighting was adjusted to be brighter and also if it was more focused on the writing on the board and to have the reflection on the man more blurry, however I think this photo could be edited more so I could play around more with the lighting and colours on Photoshop. Also the photograph with the door and fire extinguisher is pretty bad quality, I think its too blurry and the ‘push’ materials didn’t give much of a reflection as I thought it would, I think if I did think photograph again I would put the camera in auto focus and get closer or zoom more to the surface to get a better photograph. As these photographs are more about reflections, I kept the exposure the same on all the photographs and kept the shutter speed short to capture the photograph quick as if the shutter speed was long the photograph would end up blurry as I did not have a tripod to keep the camera still and it would capture any movement which could make the photograph look bad. Although most of the photographs came out bad I thought the first and last photograph were the good ones because unlike the locker and board, the lightening was really good so you could see every detail and the photograph was clear and also because its not blurry like more of the photographs as I think if they were any more blurry they would not look as good. 4
  5. 5. Movement
  6. 6. Movement
  7. 7. I have chosen 3 images that I like the most, I like the more because these ones were not expected as I was just playing around with the camera settings. Although I'm not quite sure what the top two are pictures of I think they show movement well, as the images are blurry, I especially like the top right one, I had the camera on a low shutter speed and moved the camera around fast, you can see the background of the photography however its not very clear which makes the lines of lights stand out more which gives it a better effect, I think I could edit this brightness and colours more on Photoshop to make it more colourful. The one on the bottom right, I took also having the camera on a low shutter speed and made Chloe walk in front while the camera went off, I also had the camera out of focus as I think it added to the movement of Chloe. However I don’t like the lighting on this photograph as I think its not clear and looks a bit orange, however playing around on Photoshop with all these photographs would be best as I think they would end up looking better and more colourful.
  8. 8. I think the movement photographs were quite easy because they did not take much thought, you either moved the camera while taking a picture of leave the camera still while taking a photograph with a low shutter speed. I think the photographs of the fire extinguisher, green sign and the carpet were the worst ones because they were the first ones I took and they just don’t look as good as others. I think they ones of Chloe moving worked well because on some you can faintly see where she moved from before also I think the lighting of the corridor made it look better as it helped you see the faint figure from before. I think if I were to do this photography again, I would use the low shutter speed more as all the photographs I took were done from moving the camera so I think using a low shutter speed would be more professional and look better overall. I think if I had to take these type of photographs again I would either take one in the day light outside down a busy street and have the camera on a low shutter speed, this would capture the movement of the people and cars down the street. I could also take one at night down a street or on a bridge looking down onto a road with the camera on a low shutter speed which would capture the light movement from the cars lights. 8
  9. 9. Out Of Focus
  10. 10. Out Of Focus
  11. 11. I like this out of focus photograph more than the rest because the whole photograph is out of focus yet you are still able to figure out what everything is. I also this the raindrops are a good effect to the photograph as I think without them it would be too boring and wouldn’t look as good. I still think the photograph could be better as I could add more colour to it however I also think it would look good in black and white.
  12. 12. I think this type of photography is harder than it looks because although the photographs just needs to be out of focus it also needs to look professional, which is something my photographs lack as I don’t think they look as good as they could. I think if I redid this type of photography I would think more of what I could take the photograph of and something more different and more interesting rather than a car park. However I do like the photograph of the bar with the raindrops on because although they are not in focus you can tell what they are and its more interesting rather than just a window, I'm quite glad it rained that day because I think the raindrops made the photographs better and without them they would be quite boring. I also think next time I would look for more interesting things to take photographs off instead of cars because they did not really make the photograph more interesting. 12
  13. 13. Hockney Photomontages
  14. 14. Hockney Photomontages
  15. 15. Hockney Photomontages
  16. 16. Hockney Photomontages
  17. 17. Hockney Photomontages
  18. 18. Hockney Photomontages
  19. 19. Hockney Photomontages
  20. 20. Hockney Photomontages
  21. 21. For the hockney photographs I chose to do two, one I did over the balcony of college and the other in the little art gallery in college. I think they way that Photoshop have put the photographs together look really good especially the one in the gallery on the left because I think it looks kind of like, the photo montage by David hockney, the one in the city, as it looks more layered and looks like all the photographs are stuck on top unlike the balcony one, as this one does not look layered, it looks flat, I just think the one on the left looks more professional, however I think this type of work would look much better if we took the photographs and printed them on then actually cut them up and stuck them on paper more like a collage, I think this would work better as I would prefer it more if I generated it more than the computer as I could make it look more than how I want it to look. I think I could of improved this technique by taking pictures of something more interesting like outside as then there will be more objects in the photograph.
  22. 22. I think this type of photography went well however I think I would take more photographs next time because with more photographs I think it would look more layered and also look more interesting overall. The first set of photographs I took came out blurry because I did not realise that I still had the camera in manual focus, I thought about making a montage with the blurry photographs but I did not think they would look that good, as you can tell from the bottom of the page where the blurry montage is. I think the photomontage in the gallery worked the best because it looks m ore like the other photomontages you see online as it has a more layered effect. I like the gallery one more because I think the way the photographs have been put together looks much more professional and more interesting overall. If I had to do this type of photography again, next time I would pick more of an interesting place to take the photographs, maybe outside, as I think there are a lot more objects and more happening outside than the inside of the college. I would also take much more photographs as I think then it would layer the photographs on top of each other more, I would also print of the photographs and hand make a montage, to see how well it would work and then scan the photomontage in to the computer. 22