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Task 7


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Published in: Education
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Task 7

  1. 1. Task 7
  2. 2. Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Body copy Body copy Body copy Masthead Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy FREE CD inside every paper FREE CD inside every paper FREE CD inside every paper FREE CD inside every paper FREE CD inside every paper FREE CD inside every paper FREE CD inside every paper FREE CD inside every paper Masthead Body copy Body copy
  3. 3. Picture advert Copy Pull quote This is my first flat plan I did before actually look at any flat plans. I think the layout is very simple and just by looking at it, I don’t think it looks much like a broadsheet newspaper. As broadsheets do not really have much white space, I decided to add a column sized advert however because it’s a broadsheet it can not be just any advert you see in newspapers like The Sun, like the holidays from £9.99. I also did not realise we were making a front page cover so forgot about doing the masthead and headline.
  4. 4. Masthead Picture Headlines advert Copy Copy Copy Copy After looking at some broadsheets online, I decided to make another flat plan that looks more like a broadsheet. The masthead is the size of four columns. I also put the advert just above the headline because I think it will get more attention there, for example, The Times sometimes have a row underneath the masthead where they have their adverts or samples of what is in their newspaper. I made the advert and the headline equal to two columns as well as the picture. I then have four columns at the bottom where the copy will go. I think this layout looks more professional than my first one because it just looks more how newspapers would be set out.
  5. 5. Broadsheet Adverts
  6. 6. I took my flat plan and made a copy of it on InDesign, I made a 3x3 grid to help with the layout and had the gutters 5mm to break everything up but not too much. I then found a photograph of Tupac from Google images and placed the photograph where I made space for the image.
  7. 7. When I was researching adverts that some broadsheets include, I noticed a lot of them gave free CDs or DVDs away of things their target audience would be interested in, therefore getting them to buy the newspaper and the newspaper increasing sales, keeping this in mind I decided to give away a free CD in mine and I also found an image of a album cover so people know what the CD is and what to expect when purchasing the paper. I made the ‘free CD’ blue because people will be drawn to the colour as it stands out against the rest of the black writing and when people see the word free it makes them buy it anyway because everyone likes free things.
  8. 8. I then decided the add my copy, iv made four columns for the text however then I decided to just put a little bit of the text in the columns and make the other two columns have snippets of other stories the newspaper had written inside. I made it clear that the copy of the front page was not all of it by writing ‘continues on page 4’ in red at the bottom of the copy so it stands out more.
  9. 9. I then added the masthead to the page. I got the font from dafont and it was called ‘What fish died’ I chose this font because it was simple and I just liked it. I then made the spacing between the letters bigger to make to spread across the page more. I also decided to a black design in the middle of the masthead because I thought I looked better and I positioned the writing just over the design a little.
  10. 10. Here, I then added the title to the page, I could not think of a good one even after looking through over headlines that were about tupacs death, after a while I just chose a simple one using his name and what happened, I thought this would be more affected as people will see the headline and then want to read the story because they want to know why and when he was shot. I think if I was more creative thinking wise, I could of probably thought of a better headline. I kept the font for the headline simple by keeping it as minion pro I just made the text bigger so it will draw peoples attention in more.
  11. 11. After thinking about the advert a bit more I thought about what type of people would be reading this broadsheet and thought more about putting a image of tupac’s album so it looks like that is free because the big story is more about him so I thought it would make more sense. I also added more copy to the front page and filled all the four columns with the story and still said it continued on another page. I also used a drop capital to make it a bit clearer as to where the writing starts but also to draw more attention to the story and I used a pull quote as well and I chose the quote ‘they are just going to know the other side’ because I think it makes you wonder about that side more and also draws you into read who's side they are talking about and what is wrong with that side. I then thought the gap between the masthead and headline looked too blank so I decided the add a date line and also the price just to fill up the gap and also because I needed to put a price on the front page.