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E245 autonomow-week5


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E245 autonomow-week5

  1. Team Autonomow<br />Autonomous Agricultural Weeding<br />Presentation # 4<br />Demand Creation<br />Confidential<br />
  2. Weekly Update<br />New Dealer Interviews<br />Burks Tractor, CNH dealer in Yuma Valley, AZ<br />Gonzales Machine and Forge Inc, manufacture implements in Gonzales, CA<br />Trimble Navigation Regional Sales Manager, Western US<br />Ag West Supply, Willamette Valley – Portland to Eugene Oregon<br />Integrated Crop Pest Management, Utah<br />New Farmer Interviews<br />Martin Kleinschmit, Organic Farmer in Nebraska<br />New Technical Feasibility Vector<br />Mick Kritayakirana – Autonomous control of drifting cars, Chris Gerdes Lab<br />Jia Li – Computer Vision and Machine Learning Ph.D. Student with Fei-Fei Li<br />Mike Sokolsky – Computer Vision Ph.D. Student with Sebastian Thurn<br />Gonzales Machine and Forge Inc, manufacture implements <br />Ph.D. thesis by Tijmen Bakker<br />Posted $500 offer flier in CS buildings<br />
  3. Interview Highlights<br />Customer Needs<br />Local support from local dealer is critical<br />Local Dealers become key partner in Marketing<br />All Ag companies sell through dealers (even John Deere, Monsanto, etc)<br />Every customer wants something slightly different<br />Need to design for bolt on to adapt for 95% of users<br />Farmers design for their own needs! (Hardware designed for easy adaptation) <br />
  4. Who needs to hear about you?<br />Channels<br />Word of mouth (celebrity farmers)<br />Trade shows (egWold Ag Expo)<br />Magazines<br />Vegetable Grower<br />Ag Source<br />Farm Equipment<br />Tractor House<br />Field Days (show your equipment)<br />Suppliers<br />End User<br />Channels<br />Influencer / Recommender<br />Government<br />Economic Buyer<br />Partners<br />Decision Maker<br />
  5. Demand generation plan and budget<br />Word of mouth generation <br />2 systems for “Demo day events”<br />2 systems for customer demos<br />4 x 30K each = $120,000<br />World Ag Expo Booth <br />1 x 40x40 corner booth with demo <br />Hold press event breakfast <br />$ 15 K (booth, banners, hotels) <br />Magazine campaign <br />3 ads in 2 magazines <br />Goal – get 2 articles on us<br />2 x $ 10K + Ad agency = 30K <br />Total $165 K<br />“You prove that it works and everything else is easy. Distribution is not that complicated in farming.” – Wyatt Duncan, Integrated Crop Pest Control<br />
  6. Two Technical problems<br />How do you identify weeds?<br />Computer Vision<br />Machine Learning<br />Hyper spectral camera – Visible + Near IR camera (asked for quotes)<br />Collect images/videos during Feb 9th field trip to WAE <br />PC class process should be able to do it<br />Significant information on planting pattern<br />How do you kill weeds?<br />¼ inch accuracy needed<br />High Pressure Water Jet<br />Superheated water vapor<br />Clove Oil (heated?)<br />15,000 volts<br />Fliers are a proven method!<br />
  7. What the system would look like<br />Images Courtesy Slaughter et. all<br />
  8. Backup slides<br />
  9. The Delta Dusters<br />Delta Airlines started as crop dusters<br />
  10. Market Differentiation<br />Market Research (2008 Ag Census data)<br />Initially targeting high-density, organic crops<br />carrots, baby lettuce (spring mix), spinach<br />Not limited to organic crop – conventional crops do require manual weeding<br />Lower savings per acre (1/5-1/2) but many more acres (x20).<br />High-density crops are most difficult <br />Highest need<br />Successful technology can be expanded to mostly any other row crop<br />Researching use in grains – acres nearly double all other crops combined.<br />