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E245 autonomow week6


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E245 autonomow week6

  1. defining our channel<br />Team Autonomow<br />ENGR-245 – Week 6 Presentation<br />
  2. The Week in Review<br />
  3. Key Channel Insights<br />From The Dealer/Distributer Interviews<br />Demonstration is necessary – “build it and they will come”<br />Farmers expect personal and timely service/support. Relationships and trust are important<br />Dealers have exclusive non-competes with manufacturers – but not a problem for Autonomow<br />THEREFORE … use Dealers and Distributers<br />From Our Mentors<br />The Autonomow channel is inextricably linked with equipment/technological maturity<br />
  4. Another pivot … This time the Channel<br />Initial product will be complex<br />Beyond traditional tractor operator experience<br />Need feedback for algorithm training and product refinement<br />High-touch service to ensure good customer experience, gain credibility and market share<br />Direct Service<br />Dealers<br />
  5. Growth for Organic Farms<br />Technology Matures<br />
  6. Cost of the Channel – Phase I<br />Yearly Revenue per unit $180K <br />Rental: $1,500/day ASP (List $1,600) <br />Productivity assumed 10 ac/day @ $200 saving/ac <br />Expected utilization: 120 days per year (46% of weekdays)<br />30 weeks per year, 4 days per week <br />Yearly Costs per unit ($57K) <br />Equipment Expense: $15K (5-year amortized)<br />1/4 trainer/operator: $20K <br />1/4 Transport/Maintenance: $10K <br />1/4 Overhead: $12K <br />ListPrice<br />Revenue<br />Cost of Goods(32%)<br />Profit + SG&A + R&D<br />(68%)<br />EU Discounts<br />End Consumer<br /> Source: Mark Leslie, Stanford GSB / Jon Feiber<br />
  7. The Business Plan Canvas Updated<br /><ul><li>Technology Design
  8. Marketing
  9. Demo and customer feedback
  10. Farming conventions.
  11. Demo, demo, and demo!!
  12. Proximity is paramount
  13. Organic Farmers
  14. Weeding Service Providers
  15. Conventional Farmers
  16. Cost Reduction
  17. Remove labor force pains
  18. Eliminate bio-waste hazards
  19. Research Labs
  20. Equipment Manufacturers
  21. Distribution Network
  22. Service Providers
  23. IP – Patents
  24. Video Classifier Files
  25. Robust Technology
  26. Dealers
  27. Direct Service
  28. Indirect Service
  29. … then Dealers
  30. Asset Sale
  31. Direct Service with equipment rental
  32. … then Asset Sale</li></ul>Value-Driven<br />
  33. Growth Path For Autonomow<br />
  34. What’s Next?<br />Technological Proof of Concept<br />Focus on weed identification – harder than elimination<br />?<br />
  35. Backup Slides<br />