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E245 autonomow week8

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E245 autonomow week7
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E245 autonomow week8

  1. Key PARTNERSHIPS<br />Team Autonomow<br />ENGR-245 – Week 8 Presentation<br />Organic Carrot Field, Avenal, CA<br />
  2. The Business Plan Canvas Updated<br /><ul><li>Technology Design
  3. Marketing
  4. Demo and customer feedback
  5. Farming conventions.
  6. Demo, demo, and demo!!
  7. Proximity is paramount
  8. Mid/Large Organic Farmers
  9. Agricultural corporations
  10. Weeding Service Providers
  11. Mid/Large Conventional Farmers
  12. Research Labs
  13. Equipment Manufacturer
  14. Distribution Network
  15. Service Providers
  16. 2 or 3 Key Farms
  17. Cost Reduction
  18. Remove labor force pains
  19. Eliminate bio-waste hazards
  20. IP – Patents
  21. Video Classifier Files
  22. Robust Technology
  23. Direct Service
  24. Indirect Service
  25. … then Dealers
  26. Direct Service with equipment rental
  27. Low density: $1,500/d
  28. High density: $6,000/d</li></ul>Value-Driven<br /><ul><li> R&D
  29. Bill of Materials
  30. Training & Service
  31. Sales</li></li></ul><li>CarrotBot<br />Machine Vision data collection platform<br />Monochrome & Color Cameras<br />Laser-line sweep (depth measurement)<br />Encoders (position/velocity)<br />Onboard data acquisition & power<br />CarrotBot 1.0<br />
  32. Carrotbot – key findings<br />Light control is critical<br />Adjust for lens focal length<br />More robust drive train<br />Next steps: <br />Hyper-spectral imaging (IR)<br />Develop process for creating training sets<br />
  33. Partnership evolution<br />
  34. R&D Partner: UC davis<br />Over 10 years of weed recognition and elimination research<br />Hyper-spectral imaging<br />Precision spray of hot organic oil<br />No plans to start own company<br />Open to joint proposal<br />Dr. David Slaughter, UC Davis<br />Source: “Autonomous robotic weed control systems”, D.C. Slaughter, et. al. Computers & Electronics in Agriculture, 2008<br />
  35. R&D Partner: LZH (GER)<br />Laser Zentrum Hannover<br />German laser research lab<br />Currently studying using lasers for weed control<br />Findings:<br />Effective and efficient<br />Maximal dose of 5 J mm2<br />CO2 laser better absorbed than Diode laser<br />Christian Marx, PhD student<br />Source: “Laser Light Beams for Weed Control in Horticulture” C. Woltjen, et. al., LZH<br />
  36. Early Adoption partner: bolthouse<br />2nd largest organic carrot grower in CA<br />Technology-driven company<br />Key decision makers are excited by this project<br />
  37. Bridge Partners: Service Industry <br />Service Providers:<br />Hines Pest and Weed Control (Watsonville, CA)<br />Jack R Weed Control Service (Rocklin, CA)<br />Western Farm Service Inc. (West Coast)<br />Integrated Crop Pest Management & Control (Salinas, CA)<br />Weed/Pest Management Consultants:<br />Organic Ag Advisors (North San Juan, CA)<br />The Organic Consulting Firm (Temecula, CA)<br />Crop Production Services, Inc. (California)<br />
  38. Supply Chain Partners<br />Imaging Hardware<br />Lasers<br />nLight<br />Implement Chassis<br />Gonzales Machinery & Forge<br />Northern Valley Fab<br />
  39. 2011 World Ag Expo<br />Found a few companies for potential partnership … maybe OEM arrangement<br />Solex Corp, Gonzales Machinery, Trimble<br />Checking out the competition – RoboCrop. Only technology of its type, very rudimentary.<br />
  40. Q&A<br />Q&A:<br />
  41. Income Statement <br />(backup)<br />Key Assumptions:<br />Revenue:<br /><ul><li># Machines goes from
  42. Billable Days per machine from
  43. Average Price goes from $ per rental day (Tech I to Tech II)</li></ul>Costs – COGS:<br /><ul><li>Equipment expenses are $xx (Tech I) and $xx(Tech II). Useful life:xyrs
  44. Long-term: one trainer/operator perxmach.
  45. Fixed maint. cost are xx% of equip. exp.
  46. Variable maint. cost are $x/billable day</li></ul>Costs – OPEX:<br /><ul><li>X CS/MS engineers in R&D
  47. Sales force goes up fromx to xreps
  48. General Managers go up fromx to xVPs
  49. Staff goes up fromx to x clerks
  50. No debt in the firstx years</li>