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E245 autonomow week7

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E245 autonomow week8
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E245 autonomow week7

  1. Revenue Model<br />Team Autonomow<br />ENGR-245 – Week 7 Presentation<br />
  2. The Business Plan Canvas Updated<br /><ul><li>Technology Design
  3. Marketing
  4. Demo and customer feedback
  5. Farming conventions.
  6. Demo, demo, and demo!!
  7. Proximity is paramount
  8. Mid/Large Organic Farmers
  9. Agricultural corporations
  10. Weeding Service Providers
  11. Mid/Large Conventional Farmers
  12. Cost Reduction
  13. Remove labor force pains
  14. Eliminate bio-waste hazards
  15. Research Labs
  16. Equipment Manufacturers
  17. Distribution Network
  18. Service Providers
  19. IP – Patents
  20. Video Classifier Files
  21. Robust Technology
  22. Direct Service
  23. Indirect Service
  24. … then Dealers
  25. Direct Service with equipment rental
  26. ($1,500/d; 120d/yr )
  27. Low density: $1,500/d
  28. High density: $6,000/d</li></ul>Value-Driven<br />
  29. Customer Archetypes<br />
  30. Product Offering<br />Daily rental: All Inclusive Weeding Kit <br />Equipment<br />Trainer/Operator<br />Logistics<br />Maintenance<br />“I like it, because I need to pay for the equipment only <br />when needed. Plus, you guys make sure the technology works“.<br />“I like it, but once the technology is robust, I want to buy.”<br />“I like it, because it allows us to test a new service in different <br />small-acreage environments. Eventually, I want to buy.“<br />Competition does asset sale with mixed success: one of <br />the “Vincents” bought a Robocrop, but cannot operate it.<br />competitor<br />
  31. Pricing<br />Price customers are willing to pay depends on weed density <br />Low-density field: $150 per acre High-density field: $600 per acre<br />With a machine capacity of 10acre/day<br /> Price range of $1,500/day to $6,000/day<br />Low density field and high-density field require different resolutions for the weed killing mechanism  differently equipped systems justify price differences<br />Price table:<br />Low-density: List price: $1,500/day<br />High-density: List price: $6,000/day<br />with up to 33% leeway for discounts<br />(volume, price sensitivity)<br />Robocrop : $171k (Four 40 inch beds)<br />competitor<br />
  32. Revenue Milestones<br />Tech II (High density)<br />Tech I (Low density)<br />$200k<br />$400k<br />$800k<br />$1.0m<br />$1.5m<br />$100k<br />Yr1: $1.0m<br />Yr2: $7.0m<br />Yr3: $15m<br />Annual Revenue:<br /><ul><li>Revenue Drivers: # Machines, Billable Days, Rental Price (Low/high dens)
  33. Gross margin: from 30%to 70% as we move from Tech I to Tech II
  34. Break-Even after one year</li></li></ul><li>Growth Path For Autonomow<br />
  35. CarrotBot<br />
  36. CarrotBot meets the Carrot Field<br />
  37. Q&A<br />Q&A:<br />
  38. Weeding Costs > Pricing<br />Backup<br />$600/acre<br />$150/acre<br />List prices:<br />High-Dens<br />$600/acre<br />Low-Dens<br />$150/acre<br />Up to 33% discount<br />High<br />Crop density<br />Low<br />$500/acre<br />$100/acre<br />Low<br />High<br />Weed density<br />Crop<br />Weed<br />