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Using APIs to Get Focus on Big Data


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Layer 7 Overview – Richard Pulliam, VP Channels, Layer 7 from Data 2.0 Summit

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Using APIs to Get Focus on Big Data

  1. 1. Using APIs to Get Focus on Big DataRichard Pulliam
  2. 2. Layer 7 Confidential 2Layer 7 Confidential 2APIs, Data and Electricity
  3. 3. Layer 7 Confidential 3Layer 7 Confidential 3Where the Value Lives Move “Inside Out”  Talk ecosystem  Create value ANDinnovation
  4. 4. Layer 7 Confidential 4Layer 7 Confidential 4Vertical API Ecosystem
  5. 5. Layer 7 Confidential 5Layer 7 Confidential 5There Are Increasing Drivers for SharingEnterprise Data ExternallyMobile AppsInternet of ThingsExternalDevelopersOutside Partners / Divisions Cloud Services
  6. 6. Layer 7 Confidential 6Layer 7 Confidential 6But How To Provide Focus Across DistributedData SilosEnterpriseData Silos Applications &Data…Outside Partners / DivisionsExternalDevelopersMobile AppsCloud ServicesInternet of Things
  7. 7. Layer 7 Confidential 7Layer 7 Confidential 7While Also Providing a Simplified Way to ProvideWays of Sharing & Monetizing Data Slices…Mobile UsersInternet of ThingsCustomerDataSensorDataM2M Data OwnersExternal App BuildersInternalDevelopers
  8. 8. Layer 7 Confidential 8Layer 7 Confidential 8APIs Hold the Key To Opening Data ToMultiple ConsumersOutside Partners / DivisionsExternalDevelopersMobile AppsCloud ServicesInternet of ThingsApplications &Data
  9. 9. Layer 7 Confidential 9Layer 7 Confidential 9Talk to Multiple Data Back-ends and CreateCustom API ViewsOutside Partners / DivisionsExternalDevelopersMobile AppsCloud ServicesInternet of Things
  10. 10. Layer 7 Confidential 10Layer 7 Confidential 10At The Same Time Control How Data is Shared WhichCreates Monetization OpportunitiesWhoWhenHow WhatWhereWhy
  11. 11. Layer 7 Confidential 11Layer 7 Confidential 11And Using an API Portal Provide a Central Place forDevelopers to Consume Data APIs in their AppsEnterprise APIs1. Publish & Secure APIs 2. Onboard Developers3. Monetize your APIs DeveloperTechnical/ Security ArchitectWeb AdministratorBusiness Manager4. Close the Loop
  12. 12. Layer 7 Confidential 12Layer 7 Confidential 12Layer 7