Using APIs to Create an Omni-Channel Retail Experience


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Today, tech-savvy consumers are always connected, using their mobile devices to compare prices, read user-generated reviews and pay for products - and many leading e-tailers already connect their customers to this information. The any time, any place connectivity enabled by mobile devices empowers all retailers to offer the kinds of enhanced shopping experiences modern consumers are becoming accustomed to.

To truly satisfy the needs of these well-informed, mobile consumers, retail organizations will need ways to create unified shopping experiences across all channels – from brick-and-mortar stores to the Web to mobile. Increasingly, offering a compelling mobile experience will become the cornerstone upon which these omni-channel shopping experiences are built.

In this webinar, you will learn how APIs can:

• Help deliver a consistent retail experience across multiple channels
• Connect retailers with social data
• Extend legacy systems to mobile apps
• Enable organizations to make real-time use of contextual data and buying patterns

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Using APIs to Create an Omni-Channel Retail Experience

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