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Is Pinterest Just for Girls?


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Continuing our FTQs (Frequently Tweeted Questions) series by addressing the question "I hear a lot about Pinterest these days -- but is it just 'a girl thing?'"

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Is Pinterest Just for Girls?

  1. 1. Is Pinterest Justfor Girls?A Resonance FTQ(Frequently TweetedQuestion)
  2. 2. “I hear a lot aboutPinterest these days—but is it just ‘a girlthing?’”
  3. 3. About Pinterest  •  Allows you to pin images you find on the Weband organize them into Boards.•  Clicking on the image takes you to the pageit was pinned from.•  You can also pin videos, including selectionsfrom
  4. 4. To Sum Up …  •  Pinterest is a vehicle for sharing images and videoson the social Web.•  While the majority of Pinterest users are female, itcan still be an effective marketing tool regardless ofyour demographic.•  The key is to reach out to your existing audience anddrive them to your
  5. 5. Got a questionfor our nextFTQ?Hit me up at@resonancecont