Pining For Pinterest: Where Pinterest Fits in Social Media and Why It's Important


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Presented at SMW in NY on February 16, 2012

Pinterest is THE emerging platform that’s going to steal the show for 2012. It’s simple, visually compelling…and best of all: it has clear business benefits that are tangible. Well, almost tangible. Brands already taking advantage of Pinterest are seeing increased traffic to their websites as one of the many benefits from this platform. Best practices and case studies are being created now, but YOU can stay ahead of the curve by attending this event that will explore what Pinterest is, current case studies and why you should be using it if you aren’t already.

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Pining For Pinterest: Where Pinterest Fits in Social Media and Why It's Important

  1. “A picture is worth tenthousand words.” –Fred Barnard
  2. Pining for#SMWNYC 2012Check-in to Definition 6 on Foursquare@helenstravels @definition6#SMWPINTEREST
  3. • Helen Todd – Co-founder & CEO – Sociality Squared – Social Media Agency – Founded 2010
  4. Presentation is Everything!
  5. Shout-Out
  6. Some things have changed…
  7. Some things haven’t…
  8. Internet Evolved: The Social Web Photo source: Facebook
  9. AOL is of the Past…Photo source: Facebook
  10. It’s BIG 1.2 billion users worldwide -- 82% of the world’s internet population over the age of 15 -- now log on to a social networking site.Source:
  11. It can be Powerful…
  12. Visual Communication isImportantSource: 1000memories
  13. A picture communicates more immediately across language barriers than any other formPhoto: of communication. -Adam Marelli
  14. Photos: Key To FacebookEngagement
  15. Interestingly… • Photos on Facebook are a success because of the social factor; users tag themselves and their friends • Photos on Pinterest are also a success, but for a much different reason…
  16. Pinterest: Where It Fits • Pinterest doesn’t compete with Facebook and Twitter, it compliments them.
  17. Pinterest is a virtualpinboard.
  18. Similar to… • Bookmarking • Scrapbooking • To-do lists
  19. You May Have Heard of Pinterest… • Pinterest is the fastest stand alone site ever to surpass 10 million monthly uniques.Source:
  20. • The average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site• Coming in third to: – 2.5 hours on Tumblr – 7 hours on Facebook.Source: comScore
  21. Pinterest Users • 10.4 million registered users • 18-34 year old upper income women from the American heartland.
  22. Why Is It Popular? • Easy to use – Pin vs Upload • Easy to share • Mobile device compatible
  23. Pinterest is More…• Pinterest is an online representation of how we want to be perceived based on the tangible and intangible objects and desires that we possess or aspire to possess.
  24. Identity
  25. Future: Intent
  26. Extended Relationship:Beyond “Like” • Aspirations- – Have vs Want
  27. Discovery + Search • Pinterest Stream • Actively Bookmarking
  28. Reward System • Comments • Likes • Repins • Recognition
  29. Brands can Enter theConversation
  30. Brand are seeing the benefits… • “ attributes a 446% increase in web traffic over the last six months to Pinterest, according to Entrepreneur.”
  31. Referral Traffic • Pinterest beat YouTube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace for percentage of total referral traffic inShareaholic January, according to a Shareaholic study.
  32. Distribution • Activity within site • Twitter • Facebook
  33. Distribution: Facebook
  34. Think Stream and Long-term
  35. Beyond Brand Pages
  36. Optimize for Website
  37. Think Searchable AND Re-Pinnable
  38. Keep in Mind…• Beyond Pinterest account users, people can search and consume content without having an account• As important as intent is, don’t forget about maximizing post- consumption to further propel word of mouth marketing• There’s different types of intent: seasonal vs. evergreen
  39. Tip of Iceberg…
  40. Should Your Brand be onPinterest?• Is your audience on Pinterest?• Do you think your audience will get onto Pinterest?• Can you visually convey your branding?• Do you have a clear goal and reason to be on Pinterest?• Do you have the bandwidth to manage Pinterest?
  41. What You Can Do• Get to know the Pin Etiquette• Pin from various sources• Pin YouTube videos• Thoughtfully and strategically pin – Remember people can repin items without following you – don’t get caught up in followers – People can follow individual boards and not all – curate them all• Cross-promote pins on Facebook and Twitter• Distribute content to Pinterest (e.g. blog photos)• Categorize and add a clear description for SEO on pins• Participate in the community – don’t just publish, repin!• Create multiple boards• Reach out to your current customers first!• Use striking images
  42. Pinterest Opportunities • Improve search • Insights • Brand pages • Recommended pins based on activity • Algorithm • Activity – updates to descriptions • Video and images: Not Facebook; only YouTube • Open up API
  43. Other Resources• pinterest• with-pinterest-2012-02• pinterest-works-and-4-weaknesses-that- may-kill-it/#axzz1mMnpR4kb• erest-uk-users/• hat-you-need-to-know-about-pinterest/
  44. Questions?
  45. Thank you!•••• @sociality2