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Pinterest a quick guide for marketeers


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A quick guide for marketeers on the key trends Pinterest taps into, the benefits of using Pinterest and the brands who are on the platform.

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Pinterest a quick guide for marketeers

  1. 1. A Quick Guide for Marketeers from @sarachapman
  2. 2. What is Pinterest?A new social network that let‟s you „pin‟ images youlike from across the web onto a virtual board thatyou can share with the Pinterest community
  3. 3. What is Pinterest?Users can: Create boards around a theme or topic that interests them Follow other people‟s boards Like items pinned by other people Re-pin an item you like onto your board
  4. 4. Why is Pinterest hot now?
  5. 5. People want simplicity80% of activity on Facebook are simple likes50% of people feel overwhelmed by brand messaging on social media With one click Pinterest users can pin, images they love. As users only follow boards that interest them, they only receive relevant content that‟s
  6. 6. It allows people to curate rather than create contentNot everyone is a content creator, but trends such as the explosion in blogs and the growth of Twitter have relied on people‟s abilities to create or provide an opinion on content.Pinterest allows users to quickly and easily curate content about subjects that they are passionate about meaning that people quickly build up a reflection of their own personal brand.
  7. 7. Pinterest takes advantage of changing browsing behaviour“A big shift underway is that the act of discovery couldcome online, could impact how we search, and couldhelp drive transactions.... Learning about a newproduct from the right person at the right time withinthe right context, ...could bring the entire decision-making process online,.”Semil Shah, Techcrunch
  8. 8. Pinterest takes advantage ofchanging browsing behaviourTraditionally people areinfluenced to considerpurchase by offline factorssuch as word of mouth,advertising and tastesamong peers.They would then comeonline to search for itemsonce they have an intent topurchase.
  9. 9. Pinterest takes advantage ofchanging browsing behaviourPinterest allows people todiscover new content anditems from people withsimilar tastes, bringing theprocess of discoveryonline.
  10. 10. Who is on it?
  11. 11. Women in the US, but men in the UK USA UK Google DoubleClick and AdPlanner
  12. 12. USA UK 27.4% of pinners globally are 25 – 34 and 22.1% fall into the 35-44 YO group In UK, 42% of users are 24-34, while in the US pinners are older, with the largest group falling in 35- 44 YO group Google DoubleClick and AdPlanner
  13. 13. Earners of £16-30K in the US but£60K and up in the UK Google DoubleClick and AdPlanner
  14. 14. What’s theopportunity for brands?
  15. 15. Showcasing products Product images can be placed into boards to raise awareness amongst target audience Pinterest user experience allows you to add description and price tag Image text can be linked to your online retail store, driving traffic and purchase Pinning products in this way will get you targeted referrals who already know about your product and so are likely to have a higher intent to
  16. 16. Bring to life the brand values or a campaign feeling Mix product images content that relates to the product use, style or inspiration e.g. Gap mixed it‟s winter clothes with images of snowy hillsides This gives a more „real‟ or personal feel to the board allowing your brand to demonstrate a rounded persona users
  17. 17. Build relationships with influencers Follow people who encapsulate the lifestyle or values of your brand and comment and re-pin their content This will not only build relationships but will also enable your brand board to become owned by your customers rather than being a one way expression of the brand.
  18. 18. Drive Traffic“Pinterest users are very source hungry. They want to know where that picture’s from, they want to know where they can get that workout, or where they can get that recipe.” Tahndi Cambell, Digital and content Manager Lionsgate
  19. 19. Drive TrafficAs a result of this behaviour Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Google plus and LinkedIn combined; harnessing that targeted traffic source is a massive opportunity for marketeerscomScore data via Shareaholic
  20. 20. Launch content series Within five days of introducing video content to its Pinterest profile, Lionsgate BeFit‟s YouTube activity doubled, from 200,000 to 400,000 views. “If we post a video on Facebook and it gets a certain amount of shares, then chances are if we post it on Pinterest, its going to get the same amount of pins. We‟ve
  21. 21. SEO• As Pinterest is such a big referrer, there is a large SEO opportunity• Pinterest recently made all image links no follow so as not to overwhelm search results with pinned images• But if a text link is added as part of the image description then this will count as a link google follow• Content that is highly pinned in this way will rank more highly as a result
  22. 22. So is Pinterest• Inspirational mums for your right –Always on brand?• Unusual kids activitiesand PWP films – Alwayson• Top musicians board –promote unleashingpotential through music• Dirt is Good - ???
  23. 23. So is it right for you?• Marketeers need to assess whether the audience for their product is currently on Pinterest – whilst the US audience is very female dominated there are different trends emerging in different markets• If you do go ahead, define your goal before you start – is it a learning exercise, reach or promoting a your brand values that is motivating you? (If it‟s learning only and you may abandon this later, consider using a personal Pinterest account to learn more)• How will Pinterest fit into your strategy for digital as a whole? What content will users get here that they don‟t get anywhere else?• What content do you have that you can feed your Pinterest fans in order to build a loyal and engaged following – there needs to be a hook for them to go to Pinterest rather than
  24. 24. Happy Pinning!• Inspirational mums –Always on you have questions come If• Unusual kids activities chat to me @sarachapmanand PWP films – Alwayson Or take a look at my blog for• Top musicians board –digital and more on otherpromote unleashing trends: social through music• Dirt is Good - ???