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Hibo conventions of opening sequence


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Hibo conventions of opening sequence

  1. 1. Conventions of Title Sequences
  2. 2. Conventions of a Title Sequence The conventions of a Title sequence is a method of introducing the audience to the characters, establishes the kind of scene and tone the film wants to propose and engages the audience from an early stage. It provides a simple, basic insight of what’s inevitable when watching the film or what you must anticipate as the viewer.
  3. 3. The title of the opening sequence is immediately put into perspective. The colours used i.e. red and black establishes the genre of the film which is horror. The integration of the black and red only yet achieves to associate itself with negative connotations of ‘death’ and ‘blood’. Considering the overall genre is horror, it’s quite inevitable to use those specific colours and shades.
  4. 4. The background itself associates well with the genre of the film. The idea of the title sequence indicating that it’s a horror film, the dark background only helps to reinforce the message of ‘death’.
  5. 5. After the title has been demonstrated to the audience, the second feature of a title sequence which has been revealed is the director. As the director has provided the foundation for the creativity of the film to grow, it’s vital that the title sequence has given the name of the director.
  6. 6. The producers have also been included in the title sequence. Due to the fact that the producers are the financial element of the entire film, those who provide a great structure to the film’s entire development, it’s rather essential to introduce them to the viewers too.
  7. 7. The executive producers have also been portrayed. It gives a brief outline of who else has contributed to the production sector of the film.
  8. 8. The title sequence has demonstrated to the audience who has provided an input in terms of sound effects and music. The music aspect of the film is vital as it arouses tension and develops a certain level of intensity; knowing the fact that the genre of this specific film is horror.
  9. 9. Those who have participated in the element of visual effects have also been demonstrated to portray what specific people have actually contributed to the graphics.
  10. 10. After illustrating to the audience the key figures that have contributed to the development of the film, the actors have now been put into perspective. Bearing in mind that ‘starring’ has not been included as it’s regarded rather old-fashion.