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Chase and status presentation

  1. 1. Chase and status
  2. 2. • Chase and status began in Manchester University through their mutual love of drum and bass in the mid nineties and have DJd ever since, waiting until 2004 for their first production, a remix for Future Cut (better known these days for their production work with Lily Allen). It was followed by a series of drum and bass anthems for the biggest underground labels including Duppy Man for Breakbeat Kaos (home of Pendulums platinum selling debut album) in 2005 and The Druids EP for DJ Zincs trendsetting Bingo label a year later. Their production work for Jenna Gs In Love the same year earned them their first award, Best Single, as voted by over 40,000 listeners for the BBC 1Xtra Drum & Bass Awards. As the years went on and their popularity continued, they began to colaberate with famous big bands or artists. This lead on to their them signing a major publishing deal with Universal Publishing in May 2009 and working closely with Roc Nation, the duo have been involved in some fantastic productions, most significantly with Rihanna who has been quoted as calling the pair the backbone of her new record Rated R.
  3. 3. Chase and status Record label• Chase and status is currently signed by mercury records which is part of The island Def jam music group. Both of these are subsidiaries to Universal music group.• Mercury Records is also also has a separate company based in Australia. Which is a local artist and repertoire division of Universal Music Australia. In the United States, Universal Music Group Nashville administers the Mercury Records Nashville label. They later created their own record label called MTA.
  4. 4. Chase and status and who they have worked with• Chase and status is a world known two manned band which have collaborated with many famous artists. Some of these are listed below.• Plan B, Rihanna, Kano, Mali, Takura, Digga, Dizzee Rascal, Tempa T, Nero, Cloud9, Sub Focus, Example, Tinie Tempah, Cee-Lo Green, Clare Maguire, Delilah, Liam Bailey, Maverick Sabre, White Lies, Takura Tendayi, Modestep, Vicious Circle
  5. 5. How did chase and status get promoted?• Chase and status have been promoted through a number of ways since signing with universial music group.• This ranges from facebook to twitter to youtube to live gigs.
  6. 6. Chase and status Facebook and Twitter • One major way of finding out about chase and status is through social networking, this s because you can see all their recent achievements and activity instantly and is regularly updated. Twitter can become more personnel though, this is because of their contact between fans. Twitter is known for the celebrity relationship between fans and chase and status are one of those celebrities.
  7. 7. Live tours
  8. 8. • Chase and status tour quite a lot through their career.• Since 2009 signing with sub owner mercury records, they have had hit after hit with a world wide audience loving their music and wanting them t tour their country. This isn’t the case as they chose to tour the UK both in 2009 and 2010. This was mainly down to their new debut album “no more idols”. They continued touring with this album as but began to expand on their world domination. In 2011 they began their tour of Europe and North America which resulted in success. They continued to tour America and Europe through the beginning of 2012 but are continuing throughout the year.
  9. 9. What record deal? What merchandise, other sales on tour? What target audience?• Website