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Northern Voice 2013 Presentation


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@rebeccacoleman and @kaziamullin 's presentation entitled "Power Sleuthing Your Audience" which they presented June 14, 2013 at the Northern Voice Blogging Conference.

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Northern Voice 2013 Presentation

  1. 1. Power Sleuthing YourAudienceWithRebecca Coleman & Kazia Mullin@rebeccacoleman @kaziamullin
  2. 2. You Have ABlogWho’sYour Audience?
  3. 3. Become A Data Sleuth(and a bit of a data nerd too)(and a bit of a data nerd too)
  4. 4. WordPress• Write what you love• Write what makes you excited• Write your blog• Write to grow your audience
  5. 5. WordPress Jet Pack• WordPress Plugin with alot of features• Stats• Concise, easy tounderstand site stats• Get to know who’svisiting your blog*Special Note: Jetpack is auto installed on You have to downloadthe plugin on
  6. 6. Pay Attention To• Search Engine Terms• Top Posts• Referrers
  7. 7. Google Analytics• HUGE• Like drinking out of afire hose• Get what you need andget out
  8. 8. What It All Means• Where are your strengths?• Where are your weaknesses?• And what the heck does your audiencewant?
  9. 9. WhatYou Want To Know• How are people finding you?• What catches their attention?• What device are they using to find you?• What do you plan to do with thisinformation?*Special Note: The WordPress Plugin to help ease the pain of a GoogleAnalytics install is called... ‘Google Analytics’
  10. 10. Facebook• Insights help you figure out which of yourposts are more successful
  11. 11. For MaxViewing• Post your blog posts to your FB page, butdon’t use WP’s automatic sharing feature.• Instead, upload an image from your post or
  12. 12. Facebook Insights• Page-level (overall likes)• Post-level (overall engagement)
  13. 13. Pay Attention To• Lifetime PostViral Reach• Lifetime Organic Reach• Lifetime Engaged Users• Lifetime Talking About This• Lifetime Post Reach By People Who LikeYour Page
  14. 14. Twitter• Tweet each blog post at least twice,different times of the day (ie morning oneday, evening the next)• Write a slightly different teaser to each• Make sure your blog is equipped withTweet Meme or Sharing buttons• Pro tip: change your site title to includeyour twitter handle.
  15. 15. Twitter Analytics• Hootsuite• Twitonomy• Crowdbooster• SocialBro
  16. 16. Pay Attention To:• # of RTs• Which posts get the most organic sharesviaTwitter
  17. 17. Pinterest• Each blog post MUST havea graphic element in orderto make it “pinnable”• Include “Pin It” button oneach post• Pin your own (applicable)blog posts
  18. 18. Analytics• Verify your site through Pinterest to accessanalytics• Pingraphy (awesome, and now not free)• Reachli (okay, and free)
  19. 19. Pay Attention To• Most popular posts from your site that are beingpinned?• Re-Pins of your content (can you integrate those into ablog post?)
  20. 20. Instagram• Install “Follow Me on Instagram” button inthe sidebar of your blog• Install Instagram widget in sidebar of blogto stream your photos
  21. 21. Analytics• web.stagram• stat.igram
  22. 22. Pay Attention To:• Number of “likes,” especially in the firsthour (could push you onto main page)
  23. 23. SleuthYour Audience AndYou’ll FeelLIkeYou Won The Internet