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WordPress SEO Beginner to Advanced

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WordPress SEO Beginner to Advanced

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Alex Miranda the Editor-in-Chief of PR Underground WordPress SEO presentation covering: SEO Basics, WordPress SEO Plugins, Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, The hidden WordPress SEO Features Most People Miss, Exposure on bookmarking sites and social media, How to optimize for competitive search terms

Alex Miranda the Editor-in-Chief of PR Underground WordPress SEO presentation covering: SEO Basics, WordPress SEO Plugins, Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, The hidden WordPress SEO Features Most People Miss, Exposure on bookmarking sites and social media, How to optimize for competitive search terms


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WordPress SEO Beginner to Advanced

  1. 1. Basics 22Advanced Basics Advanced January 2012 January 2012 Hudson Valley Wordpress Meetup Presented By: Alex Miranda
  2. 2. Who Am I? o SEO Marketing since 1998 o Editor-in–Chief at PRUnderground o SEO Manager at Marknet Group Inc o Asst Organizer of Hudson Valley Wordpress Meetup Group o Executive Chef Twitter: @prunderground Facebook: Google+: Email:
  3. 3. SEO Topics Basic • Plugins • Site Structure • Keywords & Meta Tags
  4. 4. SEO Topics Advanced • Optimizing Targeted Keywords • Social Bookmarks • Google SEO Tools • Social Media Press Releases • Google Updates • Resources
  5. 5. Plug-ins All In One SEO Pack • Optimizes your website for search engines
  6. 6. Plug-ins Redirection • Manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors • All URLs can be redirected, not just ones that don't exist.
  7. 7. Plug-ins SEO Rank Reporter • Track your Google rankings every 3 days and see reports of your progress in a graph. • View a historical graph of your rankings • Email notifications when any one of your rankings changes • See how many visits come to your website from selected keywords
  8. 8. Plug-ins SEO Rank Reporter
  9. 9. Plug-ins SEO Content Control • Helps to identify and clean up various sorts of weak content, in order to improve a site's quality and to rank better.
  10. 10. Plug-ins Onlywire • Manage your social & professional networks • Automatically submit to 50+ sites at the click of a button • Automatically adds tags from your post • Instantly fills out captcha for you.
  11. 11. Plug-ins Additional Plug-ins • Google Analytics for WordPress • Google XML Sitemaps • Meta Robots • WP Super Cache • Headspace2 • SEO Friendly Images • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator • FeedBurner FeedSmith • Disqus • CommentLuv
  12. 12. Site Structure Content is King • Clear and Simple. Is your homepage digestible in 5 seconds? • Engage your reader. Write for visitors first. Do not write for search engines.
  13. 13. Site Structure URL & Permalinks • Do not use strange characters or numbers • Make sure they are not case sensitive • Use keywords
  14. 14. Site Structure Internal Links • Point Links back to content within your site • Use Keywords that describe the page. • Do not use irrelevant words in your anchor text
  15. 15. Site Structure Sitemaps • Prepare two sitemaps: one for users, one for search engines • XML Sitemaps now matter
  16. 16. Site Structure HTML Sitemap important • HTML Sitemap contains links to all pages within a website.
  17. 17. Site Structure XML Sitemap • Find duplicate content and discover pages on your website. Designed for search engines. • Caffeine Engine uses it as a way to determine freshness.
  18. 18. Keywords & Meta Tags • Meta keywords have no SEO value • Research Keywords • Place keywords throughout your site • Keyword Research Tools
  19. 19. Title Tags • Do not use the same title for every page • Create unique title tags for each page • Should contain keywords from content
  20. 20. Meta Description • A snippet of information that describes your web page. • Create unique meta tag descriptions for each page • Make sure you add keywords relevant to the page.
  21. 21. Optimizing Optimize your blog title or release title to rank on first page of Google for targeted keywords.
  22. 22. Optimizing Research a targeted keyword for which you wish to rank. Use Google trends, keyword tools and Google insights for research.
  23. 23. Optimizing Use the targeted keyword phrase in your title. • Do not use one word keywords.
  24. 24. Optimizing Make sure your summary and description contain the exact targeted keyword phrase you used in the title.
  25. 25. Optimizing Make sure the title is eye-catching
  26. 26. Optimizing Link it to an existing related article on your site.
  27. 27. Optimizing Always add tags. • Tags help users find content. • Social Bookmarking sites and RSS feeds use tags to identify content specific information. • Make sure you use tags that are related to your article.
  28. 28. Optimizing Add title tag and meta description • Make sure your meta description is engaging and contains the keyword phrase. • Remember people will read the meta description snippet. It must get their attention.
  29. 29. Optimizing This is what happens!!
  30. 30. Social Bookmarks Bookmarking Sites: Use tags so users can find your content. • Digg • StumbleUpon • Reddit • BuzzFeed • • Friendfeed • Diigo • Technoroti • Squidoo (Lens) Lenses are much like blog posts, except they're on a single subject.
  31. 31. Hot Tips Writing Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you a list of all the current update services available.
  32. 32. Hot Tips Robot.txt If you write a post and add it in two different categories you are creating duplicate content. Use This: (You can also use a plugin called Meta Robots) User-agent: Googlebot Disallow: /wp-content/ Disallow: /trackback/ Disallow: /wp-admin/ Disallow: /archives/ Disallow: /*? Disallow: /*.js$ Disallow: /*.inc$ Disallow: /*.css$ Disallow: */trackback/ Disallow: /link.php User-agent: Googlebot-Image Disallow: /wp-includes/ User-agent: Mediapartners-Google* Disallow:
  33. 33. Google Updates • Google Freshness • Query Deserve Fresh (QDF) • Search, plus Your World • Authorship Program
  34. 34. Google Updates Google Freshness Places greater emphasis on returning fresher web content for certain queries. What are the Factors?
  35. 35. Google Updates Google Freshness • Age of webpage • How much content you change • How often do you change your content • Adding new pages • Changes to important content above the fold. (navigation & ads less importance) • Link Growth • FreshRank • User behavior
  36. 36. Google Updates Query Deserve Freshness • The Query Deserves Freshness algorithm favors fresh content over old content. • QDF will rank hot trending queries ahead of all other search queries. It is a great way to publish content and beat your competition. • Monitor trending keywords and topics using Google Trends. • News sites and blogs benefit most from this algorithm. • Regularly submitting releases for target specific keywords is now huge…
  37. 37. Google Updates Search, plus Your World • It finds relevant personal results just for you based on people you follow ,your shares and likes. • Must be signed into Google Plus • SEO game changer. Now more than ever it’s important to blog, submit social media press releases, share, sign up for social bookmark sites and create hub pages. You can read more about it here
  38. 38. Google Updates Google Authorship Program • Distinguish and validate your content in search results. • Get more followers on Google+. • Help readers discover your other content on the web.
  39. 39. Google Updates How do I know if I have it? • Go to the Google Rich Snippet testing tool & enter your URL.
  40. 40. Google Updates Rel=Author • Gives Google Authorship to your content • Must have a Google+ account
  41. 41. Google Updates Rel=Author Use this code for Google+: <a href="" rel="author">Your Name</a> Use this code for your author code: <a href="" rel="author">Your Name</a>
  42. 42. Google Updates Rel=Author • You can also add this plugin: Allow REL and HTML in Author Bios • Go to users and under bio add the REL=author code.
  43. 43. Google Updates How do I get it? • Create a Google+ Profile • Verify your email and link your content. • Click on Edit Profile. • On the right-hand side, click the Contributor to box, and add all the sites you write for. • Next, click the Work box. • Click the New contact info box (the last in the list) and type the email you want to add. • In the list to the left of the email address you just added, click Email. • Click Save, and then click Done editing. • On your profile, click Verify next to the email address you just added. • Google will send a verification message to that email address. Once you receive it, open it and follow the instructions to verify your email address.
  44. 44. Google Updates Search, plus Your World • When you submit a release, the more sites that link to it, the more people will see it in their personalized results. • This is the NEW SEO.
  45. 45. SMPR Why Use Them? • Rank higher in search engines within minutes • Appear in Google News fast • SEO & social media all in one • Target hard to find keywords • Immediately generate inbound links • Google Freshness update • Instantly share on social networks, bookmarking sites, hub pages and more
  46. 46. Google Tools • Google Analytics • Google Webmaster Tools • Google Keyword Tool • Google Trends • Google Rich Snippet
  47. 47. Google Tools Google Analytics • Real Time Beta • Widgets • In-Page Analytics • Events • Advanced Segments
  48. 48. Google Tools Google Webmaster Tools • See information about how Google crawls, indexes and ranks your site Widgets • Analyze search data • See who links to you • Submit & Update Sitemaps
  49. 49. Google Tools Google Webmaster Tools
  50. 50. Google Tools Google Keyword Tools • Perform Google research for keyword ideas using any combination of Keywords, a URL and category • Estimate traffic on keywords • Compare stats for your keywords
  51. 51. Google Tools Google Keyword Tools
  52. 52. Google Tools Google Trends
  53. 53. Google Tools Google Rich Snippets
  54. 54. Resources • • • • • • starter-guide.pdf • • • •
  55. 55. Lets Talk  Feel free to email me if: • If you want free bonus SEO material • SEO recommendations for you website. Attendees, receive a 25% discount on a social media press release when you email and follow me. Email: Twitter: @prunderground Facebook: Google+: Web: