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Communicating with impact


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Graeme Lipschitz
Co Founder
Wonderland Collective

Published in: Marketing
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Communicating with impact

  1. 1. Communicating with Impact Graeme Lipschitz Co Founder Wonderland Collective 7 March 2019
  2. 2. 
 Communicating with Impact Graeme Lipschitz, Co Founder Wham!
  3. 3. About us Communicating the Impact of World Changers
  4. 4. Forecasts & the future – Anne Morrow Lindbergh “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”
  5. 5. Forecasts & the future An effective strategy is a success story told backwards - Drake
  6. 6. Communicating with Impact Positive Outcome = why, how, what + whom, their why, & how to do it.
  7. 7. Goals and Values Graeme wants to… End Poaching Stop Ocean Plastic Stop Racism Graeme is committed to… An equitable society Managing Waste Sources of Information Books: Thinking Fast and Slow Magazines: Wired / Fast Company Blogs/Websites: Medium / Buzzfeed Conferences: SXSW Challenges & Pain Points Graeme is challenged with… Who to actually support Looking after the environment Knowing he’s making a difference Graeme’s pain points are… How to support His carbon footprint His consumerism Objections & Role in Purchasing Process There are so many companies out there, how do I know you’re making a difference? Communicating with Impact
  8. 8. This is how Charity:Water does responsive design well and achieves greatness across all of their digital platforms. Communicating with Impact
  9. 9. The results speak for themselves: Commitment from the Russian Government to the world’s largest Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea; 2018 Ocean Awards: Campaign of the Year; 528 km swim along the length of the English Channel prompted the creation of a Sky TV documentary and calls from the UK government for the world to protect 30% of the oceans by 2030. Communicating with Impact
  10. 10. Thank You Second Home, 68-80 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JL