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How Canal & River Trust made one TV advert into a multi-channel brand awareness campaign

This is a summary of a session from Raw London's Relay event, 'How charity campaigns are more integrated than ever' which took place on Thursday 12 September 2019.

Speaker: Georgina Garland, Social Media Manager at Canal & River Trust

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How Canal & River Trust made one TV advert into a multi-channel brand awareness campaign

  1. 1. How Canal & River Trust made one TV advert into a multi-channel brand awareness campaign Georgina Garland, Social Media Manager Thursday 12 September 2019
  2. 2. Brand Awareness Campaign Summer 2019
  3. 3. Comic relief Compare the Market Visit England – Wallace & Gromit Children in Need Direct Line – Winston Wolf M&Ms Characters (or fluent devices) are proven to deliver stickier & have more emotional connections which are an effective and efficient way to build brand recognition
  4. 4. We explored ten ideas, characters & creative design concepts & chose one…
  5. 5. Say hello to ‘Well-B’ Well-B is our extraordinary little friend, who has recently discovered our canals and rivers are a great place to spend time and recharge.   We don’t know how, but Well-B gets energy from people and places. Look carefully at the wellbeing monitor on Well-B’s chest and you’ll know just how Well-B feels.   Well-B doesn’t like the hustle, bustle and noise of busy streets in towns and cities. In fact, Well-B becomes tired and sad after spending too much time there - they drain Well-B’s energy and the wellbeing monitor dips to a little red flicker.   Feeling this way makes Well-B go in search of nearby places to recharge, places where people enjoy spending time. v=3iRFOwFo22I
  6. 6. Campaign channels TV Primetime ITV, C4 and Sky channels, but only in regions where our waterways are* Digital website banners Again targeting by location, demographics and search terms Social media advertising Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Owned channels Social media (organic), website, and newsletter *Excluding London. Provisional slots on programmes such as: The Voice, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Sat morning with James M, ITV early evening news
  7. 7. Before launch • FAQs • Guidance for sharing • Sharing plan — When? — Where? — How? • Internal comms — Who? — When? — How?
  8. 8. Digital adverts • Website banners • Social media — Facebook — Twitter — Instagram — YouTube
  9. 9. Website • Homepage • Landing page • Articles • Quiz • Onward journey
  10. 10. Social media • Header images • Video – full & short • GIFs • Images — Facebook & Twitter — Instagram — Instagram Stories
  11. 11. @canalrivertrust /canalrivertrust /canalrivertrust Thank you! Georgina Garland Social Media Manager
  12. 12. We’re on a mission to transform the way charities and brands communicate. By joining up our thinking, we can help shape the campaigns of tomorrow. Get involved.