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Mobilising thousands with MS Society’s biggest ever campaign: #ScrapPIP20m

This is a summary of a session from Raw London's Relay event, 'How charity campaigns are more integrated then ever', which took place on Thursday 12 September 2019.

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Mobilising thousands with MS Society’s biggest ever campaign: #ScrapPIP20m

  1. 1. Mobilising thousands with MS Society’s biggest ever campaign: #ScrapPIP20m Katherine Dickinson, Campaign Manager, and Babs Guthrie, Senior Editor, MS Society Thursday 12 September 2019
  2. 2. !2 Katherine Dickinson - Campaigns Manager @katd100 Babs Guthrie - Senior Editor @Babalynne MS Society @mssocietyuk Mobilising thousands to #ScrapPIP20m
  3. 3. MS:Enough !3
  4. 4. What’s the PIP 20 metre rule? !4
  5. 5. Our evidence “We’ve had to cut back on everything – food, heating, general maintenance... To move 20 metres is no distance at all. And it’s such an arbitrary figure. All I know is that the bus stop is further than that and I can’t walk there.” “You were observed to walk aided for 20 metres as a slow pace. That’s the key thing, that’s why I did not get it.” !5
  6. 6. Our call to action !6
  7. 7. Showing people how awful the PIP 20m rule is We worked with RAW to explain something quite complicated in a simple way !7
  8. 8. Working with our community !8 ● Campaign co-production group ● Campaigns Advisory Group ● We cast people from our MS Community in the film itself ● Message testing
  9. 9. Watch the video !9
  10. 10. Channel takeovers !10 Pics of info graphics
  11. 11. Launching the campaign together !11
  12. 12. We asked people to share what 20 metres means for them ● walk 25 - 30 steps from your house or work ● upload a picture or video of where you get to twitter or instagram ● use #ScrapPIP20m 
 User generated content !12
  13. 13. PIcs of posts Making a splash online !13
  14. 14. Best video of 2018 !14
  15. 15. Email engagement and journeys !15
  16. 16. Growing our community !16
  17. 17. Cumulative petition signatures !17
  18. 18. Bringing it back to Westminster, together !18
  19. 19. Thank you for listening! Any questions? !19
  20. 20. We’re on a mission to transform the way charities and brands communicate. By joining up our thinking, we can help shape the campaigns of tomorrow. Get involved.