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Speak Sooner Client Presentation / Pitch


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Speak Sooner Dot Org is a courageous Non-Profit helping both Doctors and Patients to encourage humanity, caring and resources for Cancer Patients in the US.

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Speak Sooner Client Presentation / Pitch

  1. 1. Speak Sooner Social Media Campaign and Strategy March, 6, 2014
  2. 2. All Marketers tell you to start your pitch with the client first. 'The client's needs, Challenges they face, Proving you know them, Then ... Provide Solutions.' ! We at Galahad Productions Want The Client To know about us... what we stand for, And why. Anyone can identify your business' or organization's issues ... Almost all can even come up with Solutions. But how do you know to trust them? !
  3. 3. dia is l Me ia Soc ising dvert A David Mackenzie Ogilvy, CBE, (23 June 1911 – 21 July 1999), was an advertising executive. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! He is widely hailed as "The Father of Advertising." A Baby Boomer Hero Along with P.T. Barnum, Joel Bauer, Jay Levinson and Howard Bloom, David Ogilvy have all served directly and posthumously as mentors to Galahad Productions.
  4. 4. That's great info, Chris. But, what does it have to do with Speak Sooner? Excellent question, Celia! Representing a Brand Means embodying that Brand, Truthfully. It may be Old Fashioned, but Galahad Productions only works with those brands we can truly embody, those we believe in and understand. ! All Social Media Strategies come from knowing the Client as well as that Client's Mission, how else can we represent that Mission online, Honestly?
  5. 5. "The idea is that when we portray something through social media, it should be a person trying to communicate to another. Even when it is a planned reach, such as on Facebook, it is usually at a community level. At that point, the person brings his unique personality to the post... This humanizes the brand." ! ! ! ! - Karthik Srinivasan, social media national head, Ogilvy
  6. 6. Okay, Chris, we know you and we know your own integrity matches ours ... how do we get started? Social Media is growing and its value base, user trends, websites and demographics change so quickly - you need help. We know just where to start ... Of Challenges...
  7. 7. PROBLEM: How well do you know ... "Customer" & "Target Demo" are just people who need your help. Your Customer? ! "Advertising should be designed to help people, to serve people - to make people's lives better." - Jay Levinson
  8. 8. PROBLEM: ! All of a sudden it's ! ! ! ! ! ! In America ... ! ! Do you know where your Baby Boomers spend their time online? When? How long?
  9. 9. SOLUTION: Most Social Media "Pro's" use algorithms or third party Systems Analysis ... At Galahad Productions we do our own math and systems analysis to retrieve accurate, relevant, up date, invaluable data about your audience.
  10. 10. This is what those Information Systems end up looking like...
  11. 11. This is how Information Systems Analysis ends up, presented Visually and Simply Its a long process...
  12. 12. Process: ! Data Collection Collation / Systems Analysis Extrapolation to relevant Social Media Deployment Strategy Creation Deployment Strategy Presented to Client Deployment
  13. 13. Thank you both. Here then, is Galahad Production's Social Media Strategy For Speak Sooner Dot Org...
  14. 14. 1: What sites should be used to target Baby Boomers?
  15. 15. This is where we are going to stop for now. Twitter and Facebook require their own presentations in order to learn how best to use, how Galahad's Deployment needs to be followed and most especially how one can very easily damage their Brand in the blink of an eye without the proper instruction ...
  16. 16. Professional set up ourselves/assisted set up of all Social Media Sites for set up fee. (Along with added valuable tips and best use plans.) Daily Maintenance of all Social Media Sites should be left to us as well, fees can be discussed. Really, this is a Ton of daily work. Far more than 1 or 2 could manage alone. Daily Maintenance of all Social Media Sites could be done in-house, to keep costs down, but would require a one time investment in order to fund development of a Strategy Guide.
  17. 17. Chris, if we do decide to have you run all the sites, how long are you proposing?
  18. 18. For a brand like Speak Sooner, I would recommend a
 3-6 month Campaign. Any amount of time shorter than that you're really not going to be getting the statistical feedback you need to decide what works best, or how best to adapt. ! "Adaptation is the result of time, creative problem solving and understanding collected data. In real time." - Chris Z.
  19. 19. Galahad Productions would handle this by working with you to discuss image-personality.
  20. 20. I wrote down what she said-in her own words-and filed the note in her medical record. Reading it, her Oncologist was prompted to ask in the next visit: "Tell me what you don't understand, and what you hope for." –Celia Engel Bandman
  21. 21. "What Speak Sooner accomplishes is the real reason Galahad Production's wants to be involved. Please do keep all discounts between us, the work you are doing is too important, too needed, too courageous to be overlooked-or worseunable to benefit from what We can offer you ... simply because of cost. I'm willing to provide options, to work with you, and to generate more traffic than possible alone. Together we can help many." -Galahad Productions
  22. 22. For example, a recent post from Galahad Productions, a post disguised as pure content. ! This SMM / Advertising created a surge in followers, traffic and recognition from the Professional Social Media Marketing Community, on FB, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. All with 1 post.
  23. 23. Galahad Productions • 12 days ago Chris Zubryd - 23 hours ago via Pinterest Realistic Beautiful SMO/Marketing Stock Photos is a pretty ok start. If that was the paradigm of concern. Galahad Productions is grateful to the image makers, the models', crews, collectors and distribution teams. But what we really want as Online Marketers what we NEED - is to hire more young Women. Let's test the Female Millennial work force WITHOUT ANY online marketing experience and give them a ton of responsibility, expectations support management and finally - a brand new experience. Then, let's make sure once and for all these young Women are shoulder to shoulder when we, the changers of trends, the designers of mass cultural emergence - all who read FEAR in marketing website advice now and see misunderstood terminology in columns written by pro's, zero connectivity to young consumers that we are ready for true change. Trending Site's have a Trojan Horse of REAL danger, facing SMO/SEO/B2B in 2014: Outmoded patterns of thinking. Our rational view of the world in stable, solid structures is at best limited; instead we seek clarification through the concept of liquidity, in which the liquid structures, constantly on the verge of chaos, have the greatest potential for creation. Snap Chat used by advertisers in 2014? What about creation? Vine deployed to extend Video Snap Chats as Contests with Social purpose? A liquid universal gain for humanity AND commerce? A last image of life carried across vast country and great distance - one mobile device at a time, till the the last light of a singular human incandescence now become multiplicity - can gift the eyes of grateful parents last. The newest and youngest set reject viewing the world through a solely anthropocentric perspective and instead gains insight through an insistence on viewing nature from a non-anthropocentrically hierarchized environment. In this liquidity, we see the power to self-organize and further, the ability to form an ethics of sorts, one untouched by human static control, and which allows an existence at the edge of creative, flowing chaos. Welcome, to the new SMO. It's the path of the new culture, the new human.