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Mentoring, coaching & buddying


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I am uploading this amazing ppt on mentoring, coaching and buddy system. I hope it will be informative to you all.


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Mentoring, coaching & buddying

  1. 1. UnderstandingUnderstanding Mentoring & CoachingMentoring & Coaching
  2. 2. career success satisfaction
  3. 3. The mentoring partnership is an agreement between two people sharing experiences and expertise to help with personal and professional growth.
  4. 4. PHASE DEFINITION TURNINGPOINT INITIATIONINITIATION Six month to a year Fantasies become concrete expectation CULTIVATIONCULTIVATION Period of two to five years Opportunities and relationship becomes more meaningful . SEPERATIONSEPERATION - Significant change in the relationship - Emotional experience in the relationship Wants to put learning into practice RE-RE- DEFINITIONDEFINITION In definite period after the separation Stresses of separation diminish and new relationships are formed
  5. 5. • full opportunity to access the exciting and fulfilling career spectrum available • more informed decisions • more confidence in decisions made • fewer catastrophic mistakes
  6. 6. An approach to management - how one carries out the role of being a manager. Is a set of skills for managing employee performance to deliver results Is a person to person technique – takes place informally
  7. 7. To develop individual knowledge, skills & attitudes Is a skill of facilitating the learning, the development & performance of another person
  8. 8. MENTORMENTOR COACHCOACH BUDDYBUDDY Private, Individual Private or Public Individual or Group Partly Private but some aspects can be Public. E.g. paper work
  9. 9. MENTORMENTOR COACHCOACH BUDDYBUDDY Line Manager cannot be the mentor The line manager can be the coach Line manager normally appoints B. from amongst his / her own team
  10. 10. MENTORMENTOR COACHCOACH BUDDYBUDDY Intermittent, medium to long term. Can be very short term as well as medium to long term Short term & frequent during induction period. May take considerable time.
  11. 11. MENTORMENTOR COACHCOACH BUDDYBUDDY Context within which Learner’s work is done i.e. help person plan & decide the future Content of work to improve job performance Build confidence of learner, e.g. know their way around, who does what
  12. 12. MENTORMENTOR COACHCOACH BUDDYBUDDY Need not always involve face to face contact Difficult to achieve without face to face contact. Must be face to face, the two people should ideally work in close proximity
  13. 13. MENTORMENTOR COACHCOACH BUDDYBUDDY Persons better prepared to progress their own Development & Career Improved job performance Person has completed induction successfully
  14. 14. Choose two very different approaches that a manager could use for the following scenarios. Indicate which approach you would use: