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Jan. 2009 Smoke Signals Issue 3

  1. 1. Smoke Signals January 2009 • volume 40• issue 03 • Peters Township High School Change in Parking Policy: Junior Permits Available Briget Stasenko Features Co-Editor This year, parking has been an ongoing issue that the administration has been trying to resolve and satisfy student drivers. At the beginning of the 20082009 school year, the school board decided that only seniors would be allowed to have parking privileges. In the fall, an honors lot was created outside of the gate. The spaces were offered to captains of sports teams, class and student council officers. In order to fill the thirty vacant spaces in the student lot, superintendent Dr. Nina Zetty established a student parking committee. Zetty wanted to receive input from the student body before declining on how to distribute additional parking permits. In order to participate at the parking meeting, the students had to e-mail Dr. Zetty in advance and receive an invitation. As a result of that meeting, junior parking spots became available. All juniors had the opportunity to apply for a parking pass. However, they would have to meet a rigorous list of requirements. “I thought it was unfair that only seniors were allowed to park at the beginning of the year. But now the criterion is ridiculous for juniors to get the chance to park,” said junior Dara Hoelle. To get parking pass, a student must earn points, which can be obtained by having a GPA of 3.8 or higher, a job directly after school, being active in Peters Township Ranks Silver in Academics clubs, fall and winter sports, or holding a position as club/class officer. The main problem with the point system is students who have jobs, clubs, and sports need a pass, but if they don’t have a 3.8 GPA, then they will be down a point and most likely not get a pass. “This doesn’t make sense, because they are the ones that truly need the pass because of the amount of after school activities,” said junior Rachel Sunday. Overall, the administration is experimenting to come up with the best and most effective solution possible. Additional changes will be implemented during the second semester. AP German Students Bake “Buttergebaek” Monica Paterra Staff Writer Peters Township High School has earned the silver ranking for academics, according to U.S. News and World Report. Only one Pennsylvania school, located in Philadelphia, received a gold designation. Regionally, some of the other silver award winners included Upper Saint Clair and Mount Lebanon. Local schools receiving bronze awards were Charleroi and Monessen. “The teachers are always trying new things, sharing ideas and working with each other to improve their own classes and departments; we all support each other,” said English teacher Mrs. Kuhn. “The combination of hard-working students and well-educated teachers is what makes our school special.” The researchers utilized current standardized test scores as well as how students were prepared for college-level work. School Evaluation Services, a division of Standard and Poors, developed the method to rate the schools. Over 21,000 public high schools were analyzed using a 3-step process. This process included analyzing reading and math scores taken from each state’s standardized testing (for Peters, the PSSA). Advanced Placement courses that were offered and subsequent test success along with the performance of disadvantaged students (minorities and low income) rounded out the other two benchmarks. First place went to an Alexandria, VA high school. Thomas Jefferson High School, located in a suburb of Washington D.C., offers unusual high-tech classes, which many other schools do not offer, such as DNA Science II and Advanced Optics with Research Applications. Currently, the United States ranks 25th in math and 21st in science among thirty industrialized countries. Raising our rank will be a challenge to educators if we are to compete with our global competitors. Renée Wunderlich Editor-In-Chief AP German Students stayed after school on December 12 to translate German cookie recipies into English. Their grades were to be based on the quality and taste of their baking. “It was really fun,” said senior Brian Hayes (pictured), “and the German cookie turned out great.” – page 11 Photo By: Rachel Sunday – page 3 FLU SHOT MYTHS AND FACTS – page 4 opinion tHESPIAN TROUPE PRESENTS “COME BLOW YOUR HORN” features Sports iS THERE A TERRIBLE CURSE? news Inside IS gREEEN THE NEW BLACK? – page 8 Photo By: Matt Sikora
  2. 2. reference January 2009 Sunday 18 Monday 19 Tuesday 20 Wednesday Thursday 21 22 Friday Saturday 23 24 30 31 6 7 January 2009 Inauguration Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day No School 25 Smoke Signals 26 Chinese New Year No School 27 Nat ional Hugging Day 28 Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day 29 Febru ary 2009 1 2 4 Groundhog Day Super Bowl Sunday 8 3 9 5 1913 Rosa Parks Born 10 Arbor Day 11 1895 Babe Ruth Born 12 13 Umbrella Day 14 Valentine’s Day No School 15 16 Singles Awareness Day 22 17 18 19 20 21 24 25 26 27 28 President’s Day No School 23 World Thinking Day Mardi Gras Smoke Signals Smoke Signals is produced eight times during a school year by the students of Media II, III, IV Journalism and extracurricular staff at Peters Towship High School, 264 E. McMurray Road, McMurray PA 15317. Telephone: 724-941-6250 x.5379. E-mail: sitlern@pt-sd.org. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor or the Peters Township School District. Member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Renée Wunderlich ASSISTANT EDITOR Andrea Briggs LAYOUT EDITOR Emily Correal MANAGING EDITOR Katie Ellis 1968 Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Debuted Ash Wednesday International Polar Bear Day Public Sleeping Day New Year’s Word Search Directions NEWS EDITOR Stephanie Cotugno FEATURES EDITORS Dana Hoelle Bridget Stasenko Find the number “2009” as many times as you can in this puzzle. The numbers can go across, backwards, up, and down. OPINION EDITOR Emily Estep SPORTS EDITOR Taylor Relich MARKETING EDITORS Shelby Miller Paige Burris STAFF WRITERS Gabrielle Brinsky, Amy Burzotta, Averi Clements, Conor Jackson, Ian Jackson, Colleen Lugar, Monica Paterra, Kaitlyn Richert, Matt Schilling, Matt Sikora, Bethany Suchy LAYOUT TEAM Shelby Miller, Paige Burris, Taylor Miller ADVISOR Mrs. Sitler Puzzle courtesy of: www.ActivityVillage.co.uk
  3. 3. news January 14, 2009 Smoke Signals Hysterical Comedy Brings Winter Laughs Mr. Barry N. Wood Guest Writer Looking for something to chase away the “winter blahs”? Then purchase an inexpensive ticket to the famous Broadway comedy “Come Blow Your Horn”, by Neil Simon which will open soon on our stage under the direction of Mr. Barry N. Wood. This hysterical comedy tells the story of the comic mayhem which occurs when a “younger kid brother” moves into the apartment of his “swinging bachelor” older brother and tries to adjust to his lifestyle. This funny play delivers comic performances from Ben West as Alan, John McGovern as Buddy, Melissa Jarrett Gabrielle Brinsky From left to right: Melissa Jarrett, John McGovern, Annemarie Hall, Ben West, Chelsea Sweeney, and Hardy Kern Test Results Show Students Lack Science Skills Staff Writer International tests, including TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), tested 425,000 students across 59 countries. Pennsylvania participated in the international tests by testing fourth, eighth, and eleventh graders with the PSSAs (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). Of the total grades, 56.2 percent students qualified on grade level. 81.5 percent of fourth graders, and 52.7 percent of eighth graders scored proficient or advanced. However only, 35.7 percent of juniors scored proficient or advanced. Stephanie Cotugno as Peggy, Annemarie Hall as Connie, Hardy Kern as Mr. Baker and Chelsea Sweeney as Mrs. Baker. Assisting Mr. Wood will be Assistant Director, Evan McIntyre, Stage Manager, Sarah Leech, Technical Director, Mr. Dave Walsh and Thespian Troupe Sponsor Mrs. Caryn Kuhn. The comedy will be staged “in-theround” on Thursday, January 15th at 7:00 P.M. and again on Friday and Saturday, January 16th and 17th at 7:30 P.M. Due to limited seating, it is suggested that you purchase your tickets as early as possible or plan on arriving at the theatre!! State Education Secretary Gerald Zachorchak said, “The state needs new high school graduation requirements and qualifications because students are being sent out without the science skills needed to survive the science-rich world.” The test showed that 77 school districts 88 percent of seniors scored C or better in biology, a change from 2007, which was 41 percent. Students in higher grades are encouraged to memorize information, whereas younger children participate in hands on activities. Therefore, more than 95 percent of fourth graders scored at their grade level. Also, a racial achievement gap has been noticed. 29.2 percent of black students scored along their grade level, this including the 8.2 percent of juniors. These tests showed the differences throughout the state, everywhere has different teaching styles and techniques. The United States has very high expectations for students. U.S education Secretary Margaret Spellings even stated, “Today’s TIMSS results reconfirm what we have long known—if we set high expectations, our children will rise to the challenge.” illicit use of pharmaceuticals jumped 20%. Senior Steph Bozic expressed her opinion on Ritalin by stating, “I believe the drug should only be used for people who have ADD. For the people who do not have ADD, the drug is dangerous and can lead to many severe consequences.” When twenty-six students were asked the poll question, ‘Would you take the illegal drug, Ritalin, if the drug would help you concentrate on schoolwork?, ten students answered yes and sixteen students answered no. Out of twenty-six students, 38.46% of the students would take the drug. The majority of the students that were asked the question justified their reasoning by explaining that they would only use the drug in cases like taking standardized tests like the SATs and ACTs. College students do not understand the relationship between the effect of Ritalin and its dosage. They are risking their health. Common side effects of Ritalin include difficulty sleeping, irritability, nervousness, headaches, nausea, cardiac arrhythmia, hair loss, anemia, heart palpitations, anorexia, and hypersensitivity. Rare Ritalin side effects include abnormal liver functions, cerebral arthritis, leucopenia, and death. College Students Illegally Use Drug Ritalin News Editor The Illegal drug Ritalin has become the latest drug of choice among sleep-deprived students struggling through term papers, homework, and final exams. Ritalin, an amphetamine drug prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), treats patients by controlling their hyperactivity, stimulating the central nervous system to help them focus. However, for users who do not have ADD, Ritalin can have the opposite affect. In those without ADD, lower doses of Ritalin can create feelings of alertness that fall somewhere between those produced by caffeine and cocaine. Using Ritalin at higher dosages can lead to not only depression, but psychosis as well. Along with Ritalin, college students also take Adderall to improve performance and boost concentration. Students think of these substances as steroids that help one study better, harder, and longer. According to a 2005 study by the University of Michigan Substance Abuse Research Center, 10% of college students use stimulants illegally during their years of college. Between 2004 and 2005, the number of emergency room visits from What In The World...? Would you take an illegal drug such as Ritalin, if the drug would help you concentrate on schoolwork? Compiled by Katie Ellis A woman in New York has been accused of biting a man at a high school basketball game. Shaquana Beamon, 20, claimed that a teacher pushed her to the ground and began to kick her as she tried to approach her brother on the court. Reports show that the teacher was bitten in the arms and legs, and that someone else punched him in the head. The district’s physical education director says that the teacher was working as security at the game, and he was trying to break up a fight. The teacher’s name has not been released Qinling Wildlife Park in Xi’an, China is looking for three human volunteers to share a pen with 36 wild wolves. The volunteers, aged 22 to 45, are to spend three full days in a tree house equipped with a walkietalkie and will be monitored around-the-clock. They’ll each be required to “write three 300-word articles, take eight pictures and film two video clips per day, as well as answer questions from the public online.” Over 600 men and women have volunteered for the experiment, which will be broadcast live on local TV. Vascular surgeon David Nott helped to save the life of a 16-year-old African boy whose left arm had been ripped off by a hippopotamus and was badly infected by gangrene. However, Mr. Nott had never performed that kind of surgery before, so he contacted a colleague at Charing Cross Hospital in London, who gave him step-by-step instructions… via text message. A married couple in Cambodia has gone their separate ways… literally. The unidentified couple split their house down the middle and the husband picked up his half of the house and moved to the other side of the village to start again. The chief of the Cheach village, Vorng Morn, tried to convince the couple to stay together because they had been married for 40 years, but they did not listen – they claimed it was easier to split the home than to hire costly divorce lawyers.
  4. 4. features January 14, 2009 Speak OUT what WAS YOUR NEW YEAR”S RESOLUTION? “To not get a concussion.” - Eric Zalewski Senior Kaitlyn Richert Smoke Signals The Trauma of Tabloids Staff Writer Magazines are definitely an essential form of printed media for many teenagers. For consistent readers, there is just something so enthralling about reading your horoscope for the month, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip (Are Brad and Angelina adopting another kid?) or even taking a glimpse at some pointers to make your crush notice you. While I subscribe to at least three magazines per year, I often flip through the colorful pages of Seventeen and wonder how many teens read it like the Bible, absorbing every ounce of information as if their lives depended on it. These magazines are not only sending the wrong message to readers, but also successfully dragging them into the expensive world of glamour and luxury. Readers are multiplying for the wrong reasons, so put down this month’s issue of Teen Vogue and digest the reasoning behind the industry’s captivation and success. Have you ever witnessed an older child skimming an issue of a magazine she was too young to read? This is the colossal reason for the sudden increase in the reading of teen Averi Clements magazines. Girls around the ages of eleven and twelve will see their seventeen-yearold sisters drenched in thought reading Cosmopolitan. When she sets it aside, the younger girl grabs the issue and reads it cover to cover. These girls are too young to understand the concepts in these addictive magazines. The magazine is called Seventeen for a reason. Also, younger girls that get a hold of the magazine are learning information not only too early for their development, but they could be considering false information to be accurate. When I typed in the keywords, “Star Magazine” in the CNN search engine, I was a little surprised to notice the second part of its tagline: “Users can post rumors about their favorite celebrities on the message boards.” As it turns out, Star is among many magazines to use this controversial tagline for their website. This evidence makes me wonder about the amount of truth included in magazines focusing on celebrities. Of course, you can’t always believe what you read – especially when it comes to the media. In the summer of 2006, Star Magazine produced a tabloid claiming Reese Witherspoon was pregnant. Defending herself and her integrity, she sued the magazine for the false allegations, claiming that the article was a “series attack on her credibility and reputation as an actress.” The false accusation from this popular magazine is just one example of the lack of credibility the magazine industry is demonstrating to the public. It’s common to witness the media embarrass themselves behind these almost intended rumors, but it’s not acknowledged that the writers have to deal with the consequences. So why do teenagers pick up their weekly copy of Star and indulge in the fake “truths”? To me, I see the writers to be back in high school again, demonstrated in their stereotypical tabloids. Not only are readers of teen magazines multiplying, but hope to become part of the Hollywood world is evolving into a vision that readers believe they can easily attain. Reading about celebrities and their luxurious lives in People represents the shortcut to fame, which is absolutely the worst message the industry could possibly send. The writers uncover the message that being famous requires no work ethic or motivation, just the rewards of glamour and money. Sure, we all want a little bit of luxury. However, you must understand that reading about glamour is essentially different from living it – that is what readers need to comprehend. Because It’s Right Staff Writer “To get better grades.” - Ryan Tingle Junior “To eat healthier.” Particularly during the holiday season, the importance of giving to others is heavily emphasized. Undoubtedly, there is a unique sort of thrill that overcomes the giver when their meticulously wrapped gift is finally discovered and enjoyed by its recipient. But why is it that we voluntarily spend so much money and time for people who really aren’t in need of anything else, yet we hardly lift a finger for those that are truly in need of our generosity? Forget the latest Coach purse – for countless numbers of people in the world, a warm winter coat is placed much higher on their wish list. We all know it’s cold outside, and we are able to bundle up accordingly (sometimes excessively) to keep our external body temperature at a comfortable level. The very idea of stepping into this winter wonderland without a coat is absolutely unthinkable. But when it came to helping those who do not have protection from the elements, we at PTHS had to be bribed with a muffin breakfast to bring in coats for the less-fortunate. The idea of helping those that are unable to help themselves was obviously not enough incentive. Granted, the enticement was effective, and Colleen Lugar hundreds of coats were collected, but the same number should have been achieved with pure generosity. Even outside of the school, extra encouragement is often needed for nonprofit organizations to receive voluntary funds. Many charities offer a small gift, such as a free t-shirt, in exchange for monetary donations. Even the government gives tax deductions to those who donate to most charitable causes. Again, the bribery does draw in more donations, but the fact still remains that the greatest reward of all should be that of helping fellow human beings who cannot necessarily help themselves. Donations don’t always have to involve giving away your last paycheck, either. In many cases, they can merely entail offering something that wouldn’t normally be used anyway: Giving away unused cans of cat food to a local animal shelter, getting rid of a few toys from your childhood, or simply raising awareness for the cause of your choice can be of great help to others. It really doesn’t take much. Even though the “official” season of giving may be over, it is always a good time to give to those in need… even if you don’t receive a muffin in return. Is the Flu Shot Worth It? Staff Writer - Hayden Edmunds Sophomore “To be nicer to my brother.” - Reed Elleshrosh Freshman As the weather gets colder, it is no wonder we find ourselves catching colds and feeling a little less than comfortable trapped inside. The flu is expected to be on the rise from December to March, but not everyone is excited about getting the shot. Few are aware of how productive it is. Any doctor or physician would not think twice in trying to convince you to take the shot, but are they really being honest with you about how necessary it is? Don’t bet on it. Each year, the flu virus mutates. Therefore, new vaccines have to be made and administered, we can only hope that the doctors provide us with an appropriate mixture. Plus, ensuring that the shot gives you the appropriate dosage has been a problem in the past. Among your typical flu shots, ninety percent has a small chance of mercury in it used as a preservative. Mercury is the second most toxic element after plutonium, and is 500-1000 times more toxic than lead. Although you can ask to receive the flu shot mercury free. The health field simply does not make enough to go around for everyone. If you were already sick, the flu shot would not be an appropriate option. The dead virus just might push your already weak immune system to its limits. Whether you are afraid of shots or just don’t think they are necessary, no one wants to get sick, so here are a few tips that will help you stay on top of your game: 1. Always wash your hands before eating and after you go to the restroom because nothing else works as well to kill the germs. 2. Vitamin C is a great defense for our immune systems. 100% Orange juice is a great idea for providing yourself with the recommended daily value. If your feeling like you might be on the break of a cold, chug one-cup of juice down. You will be amazed at the difference. 3. Blueberries have an enormous amount of antioxidants that will have a similar effect. 4. Dark green vegetables like spinach or peppers have all the iron that your body needs in order to fight off fatigue. 5. Drinking a warm coke or ginger ale soda is said to be a great remedy for an upset stomach. 6. Gatorade provides electrolytes and sodium that helps keep our bodies hydrated as well when water just isn’t enough. It is important, even in the winter to drink plenty of fluids. Your body still needs to keep hydrated with all the cold dry air around us. So if you’re thinking twice about the flu shot or your still confused on if it is necessary, try to keep healthy by using these natural alternatives.
  5. 5. features Jaunuary 14, 2009 Smoke Signals A Tale of Two Cities: Pittsburgh and San Diego The Bold and Extreme: Hairstyles of 2009 Taylor Relich Sports Editor rather ritzy historic hotel that has hosted many a president or celebrity, the Hotel del Coronado, a US Marine base, many small shops, and two spectacular golf courses. Although Pittsburgh is considered a city of neighborhoods, San Diego has Pittsburgh beat hands down here. Culture should also be taken into consideration when comparing urban areas. San Diego has a vibrant culture, with Spanish, Mexican, and American influences. San Diego is a very multicultural city that draws diversity to itself through its tourism industry. Pittsburgh also has a unique culture with many Irish, Polish, Italian, and African- American influences. Pittsburgh’s culture has always been based upon its blue-collar attitude derived from its steel industry of the past. San Diego has more of a stereotypical California attitude, where being on time is something people are not too worried about and most of the people have no idea their city has a baseball team. Sports in Pittsburgh are clearly more important than they are in San Diego. Although the Chargers have a strong following, it is nothing compared to Steeler Nation. Pittsburgh’s culture has more of a clear identity than San Diego’s does, which gives Pittsburgh the nod in culture. Both of these great cities present their own unique features. Two places so far removed from each other don’t seem so different when compared so closely. For Help, Just Say “Hello” Andrea Briggs Assistant Editor As the after-school specials will tell you, high school is an emotional roller coaster, whether it’s stress over grades, family troubles, or relationship issues. However, sometimes the most overlooked factor is the realization that while you have friends, you don’t have a single person to go to talk to about your problems. Telephone helplines have been around since the 1970s, but many people don’t realize they can offer you that person to talk to. While they were initially created to provide help to those contemplating suicide, today there are helplines that cover a variety of issues, from youth-specific problems to domestic violence. Not only do they offer a listening ear, they can also refer you to other ways to get help, such as local shelters, relevant websites, or free counseling services in your area. But what do you do if you’re not on the extreme end of the spectrum? The hotlines are there if you need to ask a question anonymously, get something off your mind, or talk to someone about an issue you might not feel comfortable discussing with your parents. If you need a sounding board to straighten out your thoughts, helplines can offer that sort of support as well. At the end of the article is a list of hotlines that are available 24/7. Someone will pick up no matter if it’s three in the morning or two in the afternoon. On the other end of the line are trained counselor volunteers, who have gone through an extensive training program to prepare themselves to handle any sort of situation. Sometimes, just talking to someone can make life easier. All it takes is for you to pick up the phone, and help will be there when you need it from people who care about you. Bethany Suchy Staff Writer FAshion At first glance, Pittsburgh and San Diego have about as much in common as a rusted-out Lumina and a brand new Mustang, but in my travels to both cities, I have learned they are more comparable than they appear. One is the sun-drenched California metropolis, while the other is the blue-collar “big little city” of western Pennsylvania. One of the best ways to compare two cities is by their physical attributes. San Diego is a city that sits right beside a bay sharing its name. It is the second largest city in its state with over a million people. Pittsburgh on the other hand, the city with the three rivers, is also the second largest city in its state, but is much smaller than San Diego, having about three hundred and twelve thousand people. Both cities have similarly brilliant skylines, but by a partial vote, Pittsburgh’s is more magnificent. Specific areas or neighborhoods of cities ultimately are what make them whole, and therefore they are worthy of examination. In Pittsburgh, these areas of interest include the South Side, the North Shore, and the Strip District. In San Diego, such hot spots include the Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and Coronado Island. The Gaslamp Quarter is San Diego’s primary shopping and entertainment hotspot, and is much like an upscale version of Pittsburgh’s South Side Works. Little Italy is obviously an Italian area, but it comes woefully short of the Burgh’s Strip District when it comes to that ethnic feel. Coronado Island is a place completely different from anything Pittsburgh has to offer. It is complete with a There is no point in trying out all of the new fashion trends and clothing of 2009 without having the most important fashion statement you wear everyday- your hair. The hairstyles of 2009 will be all about the extremes, whether it’s extremely girly, extremely angled, or extremely sleek. Attention-grabbing, the cropped bob is a simple cut that is just above the chin with a heavily shortened blunt cut fringe. Those who have a lot of confidence can wear this cut easily. Fashion icon and model Agyness Deyn is currently sporting the cropped bob. The pixie crop is similar to the cropped bob, only much shorter. According to www.fashionising.com, “This cut offers a young and funky look when done right.” Stylish celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, and Elisha Cuthbert are all wearing this cut. For those who are not ready to chop their hair off, don’t worry. With the right angles and correct cut, long hair is in style for 2009. Long hair can give you the advantage of trying out many different hair trends for this year. Some of the most popular trends of this New Year are 1940’s mermaid waves, milkmaid braids, and straight and sleek hair. Whether you choose to curl, straighten, or add a braid to your hair, don’t be afraid to take a risk. The extreme is in, and creating a bold look will set you apart from the crowd. Beyond the Bubble: Washington City Misson Renée Wunderlich Editor-In-Chief While the holidays have gone with the last of the mall sales and dollar store candy canes, the spirit of “peace on earth” and “goodwill to all” is still in high gear. The Washington City Mission is known for bringing food, shelter, medical attention/treatment, educational resources, and loving guidance to numerous families and individuals in the Washington County area all year long. Recently, the National Honor Society collected 624 winter coats from the generous students and teachers for the Washington City Mission. Mrs. Wentzel’s homeroom gathered 114 jackets, parkas, and windbreakers, earning them the top spot among the coat-collecting classrooms and free muffins for a first period-breakfast. In December, the Mission held a Christmas Dinner for those homeless and struggling to make ends meet, complete with baked ham, potatoes, salad, cranberry sauce, and a slice of cake or pie. The meal only cost generous mail donators $2.41 per person. Beyond soup kitchens and church dinners, the Mission provides shelter for the homeless men, women, and children of the Washington county area, as well as educational resources, life-skills training classes, and relief for the victims of natural disasters. The Mission is currently planning for the Student and Young Adult Hotline – CONTACT Pittsburgh construction of a Women and Children’s housing center to provide shelter and 412-820-4353 For teenagers dealing with issues such as suicide and depression, child abuse, peer guidance to the hundreds of hurting young mothers and their families. One of the City Mission’s most influential programs is the Arbuckle relationships, dating violence, self-injury and eating disorders, as well as those in Medical Clinic, which provides preventive, primary, and emergency health need of reassurance during times of crisis. care for free to the many homeless and uninsured citizens of the area. The The Trevor Project Helpline Clinic also works with addiction treatment centers and assisted-living nursing 1-866-4-U-TREVOR homes of the surrounding community. A nationwide crisis and suicide prevention helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, Though relief for those suffering around the globe is crucial, there transgender and questioning youth. are individuals still in need not just within the United States, but also within the immediate area. With the state of the American economy declining into a National Runaway Switchboard recession, it is now more important than ever to support those organizations 1-800-621-4000 that have given relief and hope to the less fortunate of this country. To donate Provides support for youths who are considering or have run away and their families. to or get involved with the Washington City Mission, log onto http://www. citymission.org/
  6. 6. Mr. Wilkinson 1987 11th Grade Mrs. Lane y was w “My fondest memor rear o quadrangle in the after lu ol Central High Schoudents to st mandatory for what the quad” no matter wed to sto you weren’t allo e becau hated it at the timter and i freeze in the win en’t ab your coat, you wer retrieve to your locker and all it to once and that’s torturo forget again. As y frien sounds, I met man had so have today and tions greatest conversak.” wal Mr. Perotte ires “Bonfuth at So .” Park an Mr. Sussm “I remember Mr. Jennings blowing stuff up for our Chemistry Class.” ories are our “My fondesttmemmber parties’ lu Friday nigh t‘sfriend Susie. We with my bes s of pizza and had n always ate tofamous homemade mom’s le cookies.” her Jubilee Jumb Mrs. Lane Mr. Wilkinson What do YOU Rememb 1973 “I can rememberas what a shock it w the day the [Berlin Wall] came down. in We were sittingrecan class and I sing member discusass. Ger man cl it in Literally, the day beit lieved fore, we be e would NEVER com , n. The next day dow the footage with ed hammers dominat news.” the Mrs. Gunther 1970 Mr. Bastos l get parenta e had to see the original “W o permission t n of Romeo and io rs movie veand we wore bell . ts uliet, J -hugger pan om and hipatles broke up, bott Be [Later,] the anson was found Charles M lockwork Orange guilty, A C ased, and the was rele ate scandal Waterg rred.” occu r Mrs. Gunthe 1994 Mrs. Vollmer dad in aving myeat!! If I “H as gr class weeded a ride ever n nexpectedl home ugot money or for down to th just ran see my da gym tonever had Plus, I bus beca ride the with him I went orning! the m e Mrs. Vollm
  7. 7. “I remember acting the role of Peppermint Patty of in [PTHS’s] productionarCh You’re a Good Man, e first lie Brown. It was th been time the play had high done in any U.S. school.” Ms. Hamilton walking the of Catholic unch. It was o “walk the weather and op walking. I use we would if you forgot ble to go back e it. I forgot it ook to never ous as this nds that I still ome of the s during that “My sophomore rs year, the seniouse ot beca had a ri their senior trip e .W was cancelleddown to lock went in t we and after thauards had security gol.” in the scho Mrs. Morriston 1969 1993 Mrs. Boni “I loved sweaters w it der pads, Sixteen C h shoulGhostbusters, Break andles, Breakin’ 2: Electric in’, and and big curly hair! Boogaloo, I had a pick that hadactually spray dispenser on a hair the other end of it!” Mrs. Boni Mrs. Sekely ber from High School? n I e ly I he ad! d to ause m in !” er Mrs. Deliere “My favorite memories include doing all of the plays. I was an actress for WBMS TV where we did ‘reality shows’ like The Judge and Traffic Court.” 1994 Mrs. Deliere 1992 “Right around my graduation date, OJ Simpson made a ru in his white Broncon for it , will never forget wat and I as the cops chased ching do his car at [my] friendwn graduation party! At ’s he has finally been least foun guilty for something d !” Mrs. Bockstoce Mrs. Sitler Mrs. Bockstoce
  8. 8. opinion January 14 2009 Smoke Signals Someday Syndrome: How to Overcome It Amy Burzotta Staff Writer Does this phrase sound familiar? “Oh, I’ll do my English paper tomorrow, I’m going to watch the Steeler’s game instead.” Procrastination is a word almost all high school students are extremely familiar with. In fact, I’m writing this article just now, and it’s due at the end of the period. This is called “someday syndrome.” Nearly all high school students suffer from this horrible sickness. So what is the cure? How do we overcome this deadly disease? Follow these four tricks, and you’ll be good to go. 1. Get Motivated. You may find that lately you have felt lazy and unmotivated to get off the couch and stop watching reruns of your favorite show. First, clear your head by taking a short walk or exercising for fifteen to twenty minutes. According to psychologymatters.org, exercising can help wake you up and do the work you need to accomplish. 2. Get Organized. Figure out what it is you want to complete and decide how you are going to accomplish it. Be sure you give yourself enough time to finish your project. Imagine you are writing an English paper. First, pick the topic you are going to write about, then brainstorm ideas for each para- Junior Steve Magreni rewards himself with a break from his english papers. Green is the New Black: Britney: For the Record Bethany Suchy Matthew Sikora Staff Writer With a talented voice and dance moves to match, Britney Spears has been an idol for many of us since our early elementary school days. Born in southern Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, this pop sensation launched her first hit in 1998 with her debut single, “Baby One More Time.” A decade after its release, she is still on top of her game, as shown by the release of her sixth album, “Circus”, in December. Yes, Britney has had her struggles, but she is still a musical icon adored by millions. On December 10, an MTV special on the life of Britney was premiered; her first official biographical appearance on television. If you haven’t seen it already, Watch the hour and a half long documentary. It allows viewers to catch a glimpse of the stressful life of Britney and the challenges she must endure everyday; the paparazzi constantly graph and put the ideas into an outline. “I always make an outline before I start writing any paper because it helps me become focused and organized,” says junior Kelsey Boze. 3. Go to a Quiet Place. Your room, the library, or any other comfortable, quiet place in your house is a great place to get work done. It’s much easier to focus on your work if you are able to solely concentrate on the one thing you are trying to get done. 4. Take Breaks. Reward yourself. If you finished half of your paper and your brain feels like mush, take a break. Go get some Starbucks with a friend, or take a quick walk. Taking breaks will give your brain time to rest, but be sure they aren’t too long. You don’t want to forget about the project completely, so give yourself about twenty to thirty minutes to do what you please. It’s hard to stay motivated in the winter, but always remember your goals and the things you want to accomplish. Remember to always get plenty of exercise because it will help the creativity flow. Follow these four things, and the summer will be here before you know it. Realistic Look at Recycling Staff Writer following her wherever she goes, the conflicts with her past, and keeping her family life as normal as possible. The human side of Britney is shown, and you learn more about her troubled past. Although her actions in the past led many people to believe she was crazy, the woman has definitely mellowed out. In her interview, Britney states in the documentary, “I’m a smart person. What the hell was I even thinking?” “I would have to say that after watching this documentary, it is clear that Britney has definitely matured and grown up a lot in the past few years,” said Sophomore Alex Lavella. Britney’s success is still on the rise as she continues to shine in the spotlight. Make sure to see her March 27 when she comes to Pittsburgh in concert. He Said Think about all of the garbage you discard in a single day. In fact, the Grand Canyon would only take 300 years to fill up with garbage if the United States dumped into it. To put this in real terms, each citizen disposes of almost one ton of garbage per year. This really adds up over time. Some of this garbage decomposes quickly, but most of it takes years and years. A paper bag takes one month to decompose, but a plastic bag takes twenty to two thousand years. A plastic jug will not break down for at least one million years, which is at least thirteen thousand human lifetimes. Trash is a very big problem in the United States, and we need to start recycling. Small everyday steps can make a big impact on the welfare of the environment. If you want to start recycling, aluminum cans are a great first step. Recycling one 12-ounce aluminum can saves the amount of energy equal to six ounces of gasoline. To manufacture an aluminum can from recycled materials, it will take twenty six percent of the energy used to produce a can from scratch. If every house in the United States installed water-efficient products, it would save three trillion gallons of water and about 18 billion dollars per year. If you follow these steps, you could help save your wallet as well as the environment. Recycling is not the only way to stay green. When you are not using your MP3 player, phone, or camera chargers, keep them unplugged. Try to develop a shopping list that focuses on a healthy meal using organic, local produce. Use your car only when you need to. If you are driving, keep car tires inflated and do not idle the car for more than thirty seconds. Turn off the shower while soaping up; a four-minute shower uses about twenty to forty gallons of water. “Everybody is going green these days, and that’s never a bad thing,” said senior Taylor Relich. She Said Ian Jackson Amy burzotta What do you do when its snowing? Go sledding What do you do when its snowing? Sit by the fire What’s your favorite winter drink? Wha t’s your fa vorite winter drink? Pumpkin Spice Latte Vanilla Coffee What’s your favorite winter activity? Wha t’s your fa vorite winter activity? Ice Skating Going to a Pen’s game! What’s your favorite winter movie? A Christmas Story Wha t’s your fa vorite winter movie? The Holiday
  9. 9. opinion January 14 2009 Smoke Signals Academy Antics: Oscars ‘08 Emily Estep Opinion Editor Another one you may It’s the most wonderful best leading actor race. If both time of the year. No, not the holi- are nominated this year, which have seen that’s getting serious days: Oscar Season. From No- is likely, there is no way they will attention is Wall-E. I personally vember to January, dramatic, criti- give the award to Hoffman over didn’t like it. I found parts of it to cally-acclaimed films are cranked Ledger for a second time, espe- be cute, but overall, I thought it out by movie studios anticipating cially since Ledger’s death last was somewhat boring. I guess I’m just spoiled by other Disney/ the Oscar season. This year is no January. So with these factors in Pixar movies like Finding Nemo, different, whether it be an under- the-radar film like The Reader or a mind, one must realize the com- which are more fun and are less big-budget wide release like The mercial films that he or she has underlying-political-messagesCurious Case of Benjamin Button. been seeing all year are unlikely about-the-environment-y. Don’t It must be noted that the favorite to win awards. But don’t take this get me wrong; I’m all for brainfilms of the average movie goer as a reason not to pay attention, washing America’s youth and tend to differ dramatically from because there are a surpris- drowning people in messages ing amount of exceptions. One about how they’re destroying what critics choose. This occurs for a multi- such exception is a film that will Mother Earth, but it just wasn’t tude of reasons. Number one: no doubt go down as one of the what I was expecting from the limited release movies. A consid- greatest movies of our genera- studio that brought me Monsters, erable amount of movies that tend tion, The Dark Knight. Not only Inc. and Ratatouille. But going back to what I said before, to win awards do not go wide critics love these kinds of release, and thus would not themes. Consequently, be playing anywhere near Pe“Not only does The Dark Wall-E will certainly win ters Township. For example, animated feature, The Wrestler, one of the CritKnight have a decent shot best even be nominatedand may for ics Choice best films of the at best picture and best best picture of the year. year, is playing nowhere near Although the Oscars here. There are occasionally director, it is almost a doesn’t actually premiere exceptions to this rule, with until February 22, there is a blockbusters like The Dark shoo-in for best supporting slew of awards ceremonies Knight, which was seen by actor, Heath Ledger.” prior to it that give some more people in theaters than insight to the year’s best almost any movie ever made films. Besides the more in the United States, but this well-known Golden Globes, is extremely rare. Another reason is subject matter. Movies that does The Dark Knight have a de- Screen Actors Guild Awards, and deal with serious subjects, like cent shot at best picture and best Critics Choice Awards, there are politics or war, are more likely to director, it is almost a shoo-in also many top 10 lists compiled receive nods than those surround- for best supporting actor, Heath by critics. My best of 2008 list ing trivial ideas. (I guess my hopes Ledger. This category has a his- (alphabetically, not in order of for Pineapple Express are shot). A tory of being the most commer- best to worst), currently stands final, and probably the most im- cial at the Oscars. It is one of the as follows: Burn After Reading, portant reason, is “awards poli- few categories that ever grants Changeling, The Dark Knight, tics”, which has an enormous in- awards to comedies, a lá Alan Ar- Doubt, Frost/Nixon, In Bruges, fluence on nominations and wins. kin winning for his performance Milk, Pineapple Express, Rachel For example, Meryl Streep wins in Little Miss Sunshine. Following Getting Married, and Slumdog an Oscar roughly every five years. suit, in addition to the very widely Milionarie.. Keep in mind there This year, she is in a respected seen Heath Ledger role, there is are still movies I have yet to drama, Doubt. Therefore, she is a serious possibility that Robert see, my dreams of best picture almost guaranteed a nomination. Downey, Jr. will be nominated going to Pineapple Express are Another example: In the 2005 for his controversial role in Tropic uncalled for, and Bill Maher’s ReOscars, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Thunder. This comedy, directed ligulous would be in my list if it for Capote, beat Heath Ledger, by none Ben Stiller, is in no way a had made the cut for best documentary. for Brokeback Mountain, in the typical Oscar-movie. Movie Reviews By: Emily Estep, Opinion Editor The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Rated PG-13 Benjamin Button is based on the 1922 short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is about a man, played by Brad Pitt, who is born around the age of 80 and ages backwards. Despite the obvious gap in time since 1922, the story translates well in the modern world; the themes of age and time will always be relevant to audiences. Benjamin Button explores the topics through a tragic love story between Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Flawless in costume, acting, and storyline, what is the movie’s downfall? It’s runtime. The movie is two hours and 47 minutes long, but one can’t help thinking, that the length of the movie may be a character itself, further making a point about time. Valkyrie Rated PG-13 Tom Cruise stars in this thriller based on true events about a group of high ranking Nazis who tried to take down Hitler. It offers some amazing insight into the minds of many Germans during World War II. The film’s outstanding feature is its supporting cast, who give riveting performances, making sure you are completely absorbed in what is happening. Cruise also acts excellently, although his American accent among British actors is kind of jarring, as the film is set in the middle of Germany. Valkyrie does surprisingly well at holding your attention beginning, middle, and end, even though you know the outcome from the start. Fishtank: The Aftermath Gran Torino Renée Wunderlich Editor-in-Chief Rated R Gran Torino is about a lonely WWII vet, played by Clint Eastwood, who befriends his foreign neighbors, and gets mixed up in a local gang. In other words, this film has one of the most unique storylines, not based on a book, perhaps all year. Upon viewing Gran Torino, fans of Clint Eastwood will rejoice, and non-fans of Clint Eastwood will become fans. Despite poor acting from the supporting cast, his character keeps the audience laughing and interested. Gran Torino includes a learning experience, a really cool car, Clint Eastwood being awesome, and in all seriousness, a message about tolerance.
  10. 10. 10 sports January 14, 2009 Smoke Signals Pitt is Finally It Ian Jackson Staff Writer The University of Pittsburgh has had some great basketball teams over the years. They had the stellar teams in the Eastern Eight Conference during the seventies and eighties, Jerome Lane and Charles Smith were leading the way in the late eighties and early nineties, and the Brandin Knight led teams in the 2000s, and the Big East Championship team in 2008. They have been crowned National Champions twice, though haven’t achieved such success since the 1930 season. These teams were all great, but in the national polls, which weren’t created until 1948, the team had never achieved a number one ranking. That all changed in a single weekend Pitt opened the 2009 season in a familiar fashion. Beginning as the sixth ranked team in the country Conor Jackson and starting the season with a 13-0 record. On Saturday, January 3rd, they prepared for what promised to be one of their toughest tests of the season when they arrived in Washington DC to play the eighthranked University of Georgetown Hoyas. Pitt, then ranked third in the country, came out early and maintained a three-point lead at the half. The second half was all Pitt. Guard Levance Fields, center Dejuan Blair, and forward Sam Young took over the game, and Georgetown looked like they were playing on their heels. The Hoyas were completely overmatched by the Panthers, and Pitt cruised to a 70-54 win. The win over Georgetown was special, but little did the team know what else the weekend would hold. The following day, the top- ranked University of North Carolina Tar Heels were set to play the unranked Boston College Eagles. Everyone expected the Tar Heels to dominate another inferior opponent, but Boston College held a six-point lead in the first half and never looked back. They had upset the “best” team in the country, with a final score of 85-78. Add that to the fact that the second ranked Connecticut Huskies had already lost to Georgetown earlier in the week. Luckily for the Panthers this meant one thing. Pitt men’s basketball was set to become the first Pitt squad to be number one since the 1982 football team. The NCAA polls are released every Monday around noon, and the Panthers waited anxiously to see themselves at the top of the rankings. When the Associated Press released the rankings, it was official: The Pitt Breaking the Record A “Terrible” Curse Averi Clements Staff Writer This year has been the revival of PT boy’s basketball team. The team is full of talented and hard- working players. “We are a very athletic team, and as a senior, I am ready to be a WPIAL contender,” said senior Nick Wilcox. The team has many key starters, such as senior Steve Radke and “ Staff Writer loss to Franklin Regional. A big game for the Indians last year was their win against Canon Mac, which knocked them out of the playoffs. This is a game that showed that things have changed with now three-year coach Gary Goga. There has been a change in directions when it comes to rivalries. Now the rivalries are against backyard opponents, such as Upper St. Clair, whom they play January 30th, and Canon Mac, whom they play January 13th and February 6th. So far the Indians are 9-1, riding the success of a seven game win streak and hoping to keep improving their winning record. This year’s team hopes to build on the success to go far in playoffs. “ No matter who we play we just have to play our hardest and come out on top,” said sophomore Brian Legowik. This year’s team hopes to build on the success to go far in playoffs. three-year starter Craig Wolcott. The team works hard everyday at practice to match the hype and to accomplish their goals of being a winning team. “This year our goals are higher, and we know we have to work hard in practice and in games to accomplish them,” said Steve Radke. In hindsight, their goal is definitely attainable. The team has come a long way from last year. Their record last year was 18-8, which concluded in a WPIAL playoff Panthers are the best team in the country! Whether you agree with it or not, the Panthers will be the ones playing with that beautiful one next to their name, but the road doesn’t end here. “We have the ranking, but now we want to hold on to the ranking. We still have the same goals and want to achieve the same things,” senior forward Sam Young said. “Nothing has changed at all. We just have more people believing in us now. We feel like in the past we haven’t made history. Now we’re feeling like we’re continuing to make history. This is only the beginning for us. It’s a long road, a long season. We still have a long way to go. I think we’ll continue to make history down the stretch.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) UnderReview ” Since its invention in 1975, the Terrible Towel has been a symbol for the Steeler nation. Indeed, one can hardly call himself a fan of the Black-and-Gold if he does not hold one of these iconic pieces of fabric in his possession. So when LenDale White and Keith Bulluck of the Tennessee Titans were caught on camera stomping on one of Myron Cope’s creations after their 31-14 win against Pittsburgh, it is only fitting that Steeler fans everywhere were furious. This anger only intensified when Titans defensive end Jevon Kearse used one of the towels to blow his nose during the same game. When the Titans lost to Baltimore in the Divisional round of the playoffs, many Pittsburgh fans laughed, crediting Tennessee’s elimination to bad karma resulting from their desecration of the Terrible Towel. They justified their reasoning by referencing the 2006 game against Cincinnati, in which Bengals wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh used a Towel to shine his shoes as he walked into the locker room. The Bengals went on to finish the next season with an unimpressive 7-9 record. Does insulting the Terrible Towel really bring bad luck? Or is it just a superstition? So far, it appears that more evidence is needed before the idea can be confirmed (after all, the 0-16 Detroit Lions didn’t seem to have anything against Pittsburgh). While some Steeler fans may warn other teams of the consequences of their towel-insulting habits, it is unlikely that they will listen; Unless the ghost of Myron Cope is hard at work, it is hard to see an age in which square pieces of cloth will determine the outcome of NFL seasons. What is “icing”? “The delicious coating on a cake that everyone has to try.” Jim Rotella ‘09 “The threat of passing over two blue lines in hockey.” “The best stuff on top of cakes. The only good part.” Steve Magrini ‘10 Ryan Schafer ‘09
  11. 11. sports January 14, 2009 Smoke Signals Sports Briefs Reflections of the Regular Season Matt Schilling What do you expect from this season? Staff Writer The 2008-2009 NFL season was a season where historic records were set and Hollywood story lines took place. Surprising teams surfaced, allowing seven new teams to make the playoffs. From the curse of the loser of the Super Bowl not going to the playoffs to new divisional champions, the 2008-2009 NFL season was an exciting year. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees held a 96.2 quarterback rating throughout the season because of his amazing offensive weapons including Marcus Colston and Lance Moore. Brees threw for 5,069 yards and 34 touchdowns. He was on pace to break Dan Marino’s record of 5,084 passing yards in a season, but fell short. Brees became only the second quarterback to throw for over 5,000 yards in a regular season. His amazing statistics earned him the Offensive Player of the Year award. An equally impressive historic event was Peyton Manning’s three-time MVP Award. Becoming only the second player to ever win three MVP Awards, Brett Favre was the first. Manning threw for 4,002 yards and 27 touchdowns and Manning had a 95.0 quarterback rating which leads many to believe that he didn’t deserve this award by comparison to Drew Brees’ stats. Yet again, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson ran his way to Hawaii, with 1,760 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns. He’s on his way to becoming the best running back to ever play the game, gaining over 3,000 yards in his first two seasons. Overcoming a sophomore slump, Peterson averaged 4.8 yards per carry and proved that he can be the most dynamic running back in the NFL. After being voted to the Pro Bowl and named the Defensive Player of the Year, James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers led the team with a team record 16 sacks. With 101 tackles, seven forced fumbles, and an interception, Harrison terrified quarterbacks and offensive coordinators. Noticeable rookies of this year include quarterback Rookie of the Year Matt Ryan and running back Chris Johnson. NFL analysts believe that Ryan has the qualities to be an elite quarterback in the NFL; qualities like a rocket arm, accuracy, and the ability to sense the pressure in the pocket. Ryan threw for 3,440 Ian Jackson Boys Basketball (11-1-0) “We definitely hope to win the Section and reach our potential in the playoffs.” - Stephen Radke ‘09 Girls Basketball (6-6-0) “I expect us to beat tough teams and get a good seed in the playoffs.” - Emily Correal ‘09 Hockey James Harrison voted AP Defensive Player of the Year streatches beforte a game. Photo by: Rachel Sunday yards and 16 touchdowns. He led the Falcons from a 4-12 record to an 11-5 record. Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson rushed for 1,228 yards and scored 9 touchdowns. He is the only rookie going to the Pro Bowl. With teammate LenDale White, the Tennessee Titans had a fearsome running attack. Finally, the Super Bowl Champions went under the radar when Brett Favre decided to return to the league. Favre was traded to the Jets, and Miami signed Chad Pennington. Tom Brady went down in week 1 with a season-ending knee injury, which made the AFC East very competitive. The Dolphins ended up winning the division at 11-5, beating the Jets for a fairy-tale ending for Chad Pennington. Sinking the Competition Staff Writer The Peters Township Girls teams in the state. The team didn’t just Basketball team has experienced improve on the court. They also bonded a great amount of success the past couple years. They began the season with the number one ranking in the WPIAL Conference. Pete Serio is the new head coach of the Lady Indians, and he brings a cornucopia of experience and leadership to the young team. Over Christmas break, the girls were invited to play in the prestigious Kroger Classic Tournament. Emily Correal was named to the AllTournament team. She, along with Emily Matthis, led them to a 1-2 record Emily Correal, Maddie Miller, Sam Higgins, and Ellie Hanlon against some of the toughest off the court. “The Kroger Classic was a chance for us to bond as a team, and we certainly did,” senior Center Emily Correal stated. “We shared a ton of laughs on the bus rides and during our down time in the hotel.” The girls own a 6-5 record overall and are currently 3-2 in section play. They are currently tied for second in the section and plan on climbing back up the rankings to compete for another shot at the WPIAL Championship. (9-4-0) “We expect great things from our season. A State Championship or maybe a Penguin Cup is a possibility.” - Riley Moore ‘10 Swimming (17 WPIAL qualifiers) “I expect a successful season with a perfect or close to perfect record.” - Casey Dunleavy ‘09 Indoor Track (0-0) “ I want to get in shape.” - Chris Malencia ‘12 11
  12. 12. Voices Hall in the What was the best part of 2008? Freshman Clayton Evans “The Steelers’ fantastic season” Sophomore Kari Hartbauer “The summer” Junior Rachel Martin “The parties” Senior Sarah Cichowicz “Turning eighteen” What are you most looking forward to in 2009? Freshman Matt John “New baseball season” Sophomore Luke Cellini “Helping save the environment” Junior Max Conroy “School being over” Senior Jake Nowe “Going to college” What do the Teachers think? Mr. Luxbacher “Boys soccer winning WPIALs” Mrs. Fecher “My vacation to Disney” Ms. McKenna “Getting engaged!p” The PT Minute Sophomore Justin Gregg What do you enjoy doing when it snows? Snowboarding What sporting events are you most excited for? Steelers What do you want for Valentines Day? Any presents What do you plan on doing over Spring Break? Hanging out with friends Are you going on any trips soon? No Sophomore Natalie Hauck What is your New Year’s resolution? Be nicer and gossip less What sporting events are you most excited for? Steeler games What are your plans for Valentines Day? Hanging out with my boyfriend What movie are you looking forward to seeing? Yes Man What sporting event are you looking forward to? Volleyball What are you plans for Spring Break? Hanging out with my friends Mr. Bastos “Going to Disney World with my wife and kids” Teac her With TEACHER Min ute What will you do over Spring Break? Go golfing Are you going on a trip? Yes, to Florida What do you enjoy doing when it snows? Watching football Any New Year’s resolutions? To have a better attitude What sporting event are you most excited for? Steelers!