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Mar. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 4

  1. 1. Smoke Signals March 2013 PTDT Brings Home the Gold Pages 4-5 Teacher Madness Results are in! Pages 12-13
  2. 2. Smoke Signals Volume 4 Issue 3 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 724-941-6250
  3. 3. Meet the Staff Josh Glicksman Managing Editor-In-Chief Alexa Kennedy Layout Editor-In-Chief Shane Dazen Business & Sports Editor Lexi Miller Life & Style Editor Andrea Salizzoni Special Features Editor Laura Purkey Online Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Perryman PT Focus & News Editor Lydia McCall Opinion Editor Jesse Eby Voices and Student Work Editor Staff Writers & Layout Staff Julie Grifith Nicole Folino Christine Gaab Maria Hoge Kelsey Hunter Nathalie Leng Nina Leven Jessica McElroy Nicole Naulty Raelynn Noonan Jeff Berry JC Brush Kristina Carbonara Hannah Carpenter Jenn Coffey Julie Dachille Cassi DeLuca Jesse Eby Madi Start Casey Kirwan Kassianna Politis Nicole Torchio Chris Watschak Jenna Taimuty Print Editor-In-Chief Natalie Rihmland Kristin Slomiany Nicole Spindler Luke Stokan Alana Lomis Madeliene Maggs Mandy Magnotti Matt Mullan Vanessa Scoulos Andrew Stroud Luke Stokan Julia Gauthier People Features Editor Elise Jozwiak Entertainment Editor Mission Statement: Smoke Signals is produced six times a school year by the students of Media II, III, and IV Journalism staff at Peters Township High School. The staff adviser is Mrs. N. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor, or the Peters Township School District.
  4. 4. nts nte o of C able T Also in this Issue.... PT Focus 4-5 Opinion: 8-9 Life & Style: 10-11 Entertainment: 18-19 Student Work: 22-23 Faculty Face-Off: 12-13 Entertainment: 20-21 People Features: 14-15 Mrs. Ranade and three students compete on CBS’s Hometown High Q
  5. 5. 4 PT Focus March POWER RANKINGS: Most Bizarre Occurrences at PTHS JoshGlicksman|Editor-in-Chief Since the high school hasn’t been renovated since the Civil War, there’s been some crazy things happening over the years. Here’s just some of the best of from the 2000s. 4.Snowmageddon, 2010 - Don’t ever complain about shoveling again. The school missed almost a week’s worth of classes thanks to this nonstop blizzard. For three or four days consecutively, snow came on down onto the lovely streets of PT, accumulating up to a few feet. The students received an early spring break, spending much of their time outside. No, not sledding. No, not having snowball fights. No, not building snowmen. Yes, shoveling. The pattern was as follows: wake up, shovel, salt the driveway, drink hot chocolate, warm up for fifteen minutes, repeat (without waking up again). Needless to say, many students were ready for school to resume by the end of it. 3. The Blackout of 2013 Photo from AP Images - Alvin! What’s a chipmunk struggling to find acorns to do in a cold winter? Gnaw on the wires of PTHS’s reserve generator, of course! Usually when the power system fails, the school relies on the backup generator. However, the cable chomping chipmunks knocked it out, leaving the school in complete darkness. Madness ensued. Teachers were forced to play a game of flashlight tag with students in the hallways. Many kids were locked in the same classroom for about four hours, WITHOUT FOOD. School dismissed 45 minutes early; however, students couldn’t access their locker upon exit, for fear of students running nuts. The power returned the next day. 2. Graduation Day, 2002 Photo from AP Images - Ah, commencement. Throughout high school, students wait anxiously for this day. One can only hope for a sunny day, a few decent speeches, no beach balls, and the hats to be tossed up in a timely fashion. Sorry, Class of 2002. In the middle of the ceremony, rain started coming down. Not just a slight drizzle. An absolute downpour. There was difficulty even seeing the stage. The red on the guys’ gowns bled into their shirts. Diplomas became wet naps. The ceremony was forced to be halted and then resumed indoors. Girls graduated without any shoes on. And to top it off, the speech from the superintendent dragged on. Surprise, surprise. At least they’ll remember it forever. 1. The Sewage Flood of 2005 - If you haven’t heard of this, just ask the teachers in the basement. Basically, there was something of a “plumbing malfunction” in the downstairs boys’ bathroom. As a result, the entire basement was covered in a thin layer of “murky” water, not to be mistaken for drinking water. Students lucky enough to have a basement locker couldn’t reach it all day. Many ended up throwing away all clothes/food/belongings that soaked up the pleasant aroma. Teachers were forced to conduct classes in the auditorium. After a day passed, the mess was cleaned up. Yet the smell still lingered for weeks. Even today, eating off the basement floor isn’t recommended. Bringing Music to Virginia Beach Julia Gauthier|SectionEditor Photo By Julia Gauthier Once every other year, the school gathers together its largest organization, packs them all onto buses, and drives them to some far off location to compete. The groups within this organization include the marching band, various school bands (concert, wind symphony, jazz), and the choir department. Usually functioning as separate entities, these groups join during trip years to form the Peters Township Music Department. Each group will compete once and bask in the applause from the entire Peters Music Department, along with that of neighboring schools. The judges will then gather the results and announce the group’s score in the closing ceremony. This year the department will be turning their backs on the cold, grey weather of Pittsburgh, PA and heading for Virginia Beach. While there, each group will be competing separately. However, even with all the competitions there is a lot of free time. That brings our teachers and chaperones to a huge dilemma: what do you do with 300 plus students who have nothing to do? The faculty doesn’t view this question as a stress but rather as an exciting task. They research activities, make calls, and plan schedules so that by the time the students make it back to the hotel at night they will be too tired to cause a ruckus. In years past, the organization’s groups have paraded through the competition at Chicago, Disney World, and Washington D.C, and left flying blue ribbons high. Individual students have also been recognized for their exceptional talent. This year, the group expects nothing less. “I cannot wait for this final trip,” says senior Drum Major, Melanie Roberts, “It will be a great ending to the entire music season.” With the help of the band’s percussion and the choir’s baritone sections, there is no doubt that the music department’s season will end with a bang.
  6. 6. March 2013 Jobs Galore Madi Many students often find themselves doing the same routine over the summer: sleep in until noon and then go hang out with friends at the pool or the mall. These daily trips can get expensive and leave you broke. Why not get a summer job? It will make your schedule more productive and will award you some extra cash. If you’re an outdoors person, consider lifeguarding. There are many pools in the Peters Township area such as Rose Garden (724) 941-9944, Rolling Hills (724) 941-6123, Valley Brook (724) 746-9000, and Southpointe (724) 7462950. Although you have to be certified to be hired as a lifeguard, the tests are fairly easy. Also, the job does not require hard work. All you do is make sure no one drowns, enforce rules, such as no running by the pool, and occasionally check the pH level of the water. Another plus to this job is that you are guaranteed to have a nice tan by the end of the summer. If you don’t mind yard Woo! Spring Break ’13 MattMullan|StaffWriter Students always say that there is nothing to do around Peters. Well, have no fear, here is a list of fun and (relatively) local places to go during the warm spring weather, and most of these activities don’t cost any money. DISCLAIMER: MOST OF THESE ACTIVITES REQUIRE YOU TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Peterswood Lake This local hotspot is a surefire hit for you and all your friends. This is a spectacular spot to go to have a picnic or just take a walk. The best part about this place is that there’s a lake. Lakes are a great place to go fishing or if possible, go canoeing. Pack a lunch, bring your friends, and get ready for a good time. Mingo Creek Park This is the most underrated, underused park in the area. This park is beautiful and goes on for miles. There is so much to do there, with its countless trails and babbling creek, it is the perfect pace for a picnic for you and your friends, even if your best friend is a horse there are plenty of trails for horseback riding. Mingo is also a great place to go exploring, it has so many hidden gems that are too numerous to name. You’ll just have to go and discover them yourself. Outdoor Eating There are many places in and around PT that offer outside eating. There are many dessert places that have benches or tables for you to sit at while enjoying your frozen dairy treats, such as Bruster’s, Rita’s, or Sarris. Other places that offer actual food include Chipotle, McDonalds, Sonic, Farmhouse Coffee, and My Big Fat Greek Gyro. Peterswood Park There are many different activities to do at this particular park. There are two different playgrounds available for your jungle gym-ing pleasure. This park is also right next to the recreation center which is a fun place to go for pickup basketball games, or running on the indoor track. This park also connected to the beautiful Montour Trail which is perfect for running, riding your bike, or walking your dog. work, maybe consider mowing people’s lawns. In the summer most people go on vacation and do not have time to tend to their lawns and need to hire someone. This job is easy as long as you know how to use a lawnmower and fortunately, you can even negotiate how much you want to be paid. During the summer, parents that work day jobs are often left with the struggle of figuring out who is going to take care of their children while they are at work. As long as you are responsible and know how to play hide-andgo-seek, this could be a job for you. Most people pay around ten dollars an hour for a babysitter. If you babysit four times a week, for six hours a day, for three months, by the end of the summer you will have earned roughly $2,880. That is nothing to complain about. These are just a few of the many job ideas the summer has to offer. Another option could be working at Rita’s (724) 941-5004, or running a good oldfashioned lemonade stand. Don’t work to hard though; save a little down time to enjoy with your friends. Photos from AP Images Out-Dancing the Competition MariaHoge|StaffWriter PTHS Varsity Team led by senior captains Jess Joseph, Alyssa Townsend, and Carla Buzzato won the 2013 Universal Dance Association Championship in Orlando, FL clinching the team’s first national title in the hip hop category.. “We were so focused and determined this entire year. We wanted to do our absolute best during every performance,” said senior Jess Joseph. The winning dance routine was choreographed to Rihanna’s song “Story” It begins with lyrical dancing then builds to a powerful upbeat ending. “We get real tight in formation and just get ‘raw and grimy’ as we like to call it.,” said senior co-assistant caption Carla Buzzato, “It just pumps me up so I perform the ending strong and with a lot of energy.” The unique and award-winning choreography gave the crowd and judges something they had never seen before. Like most successful endeavors, the routines required an intense time commitment and lots of effort to perfect. “The team worked harder than ever this year and it just proved that the hard work paid off,” said Buzzato. Leading up to nationals, the team had multiple all-day practices. Not only did the dance team work hard, but they also were in the right mindset when competing. “We made sure before we performed that we were doing it for ourselves and for our team,” said sophomore Samantha Abraham. To focus before they performed, they warmed up while listening to music. Experience is another advantage that the varsity team had with seven of the fourteen team members being returning seniors. Sumbitted Photo
  7. 7. 6 Sports Raechelle Dietsch: Athlete of the Month Chris Wastchak|Staffwriter Senior Raechelle Dietsch has overcome many hurdles to become the athlete that she is today. Becoming one of the top senior track participants doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes hard work and dedication. Dietsch is coming off one of her best winters of indoor track and is now in a cool down period before the outdoor season starts. Competing in hurdles in both indoor and outdoor track is a difficult task. Dietsch was pleased Submitted Photo with her indoor season and cannot wait to carry that over to the outdoor campaign. “It was by far my best indoor season I’ve had in high school,” she said. Indoor track is a great way to prepare for the grueling outdoor season that follows. She uses the indoors to her advantage by perfecting the little things so when the outdoor year rolls around she’s more than prepared for what it has to throw at her. “The indoor season helps me to get into shape before the challenging outdoor season begins,” Dietsch said. Though it was her best indoor track year yet, she believes that the real accomplishments and personal feats will come during the outdoor season. Constantly stretching and running are some personal responsibilities to keep on top of her game. “It’s a demanding sport and you never know what it’s going to throw at you, so you have to stay at your peak performance,” Dietsch said. With the outdoor campaign coming right around the corner, she has high expectations for herself, and her recent accomplishments gave her the motivation to do even better. “It’s going to be a tough season this year, but I’m striving to come out on top,” said Dietsch. Nick Tost: Athlete of the Month Nicole Torchio|Staff Writer Since fourth grade, senior Nick Tost has had a passion for playing lacrosse. He hopes that his senior season will be a memorable one as he leads the Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse team as captain. He uses this position to practice his leadership skills. “My method of leadership is encouraging players to simply do the little things right and to go full speed at practice,” said Tost. The Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse team practices Monday through Friday, for about two hours each day. Tost stated, “Practicing on my own allowed my stick skills to develop greatly.” Aside from the time and hard work the team puts in at practice, varsity also has games one to three times a week, starting in the last week of March. Tost hinted to the Rowdy Red as he said a big crowd would be awesome to play in front of! Tost’s ultimate goal for his senior year is to lead his team to the WPIAL championships. “We definitely have the potential, we have shown it in the off-season against defending champions Seneca Valley (7-2 victory), we just have to execute it,” said Tost. The team is also going back to the “Wild Cat Classic”, which they won last year. “The Wild Cat Classic tournament in Ohio was a great time. We are hoping for a 2-peat,” stated Tost. Additionally, Tost has also been named first team all-section for defense and was a part of the “Low and Away Lacrosse team,” a club team. After graduation, Tost is going to the University of Pittsburgh to study biological sciences/pre-medicine. He was recruited by Furman University, but decided that Pitt was his best all-around fit, but is not forgetting about lacrosse completely. Tost said, “Pitt has a pretty good club team I might check out.” With this option open to him, it’s a great possibility Photo by Nicole Torchio his lacrosse days aren’t over just yet. Season Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates ShaneDazen|SportsEditor Hope and expectation are two very different words. The Pittsburgh Pirates gave fans both in 2012, going into the all-star break at 48-37, owning a slim one game lead in the National League Central Division. Unfortunately, the team underwent its second consecutive second half collapse and was eliminated from playoff contention for a 20th straight season. Despite last season’s collapse, and the one before it, the Bucs, known for being loveable losers, will finally crack the .500 mark in 2013. Heck, they will even make the playoffs. Here’s why. Catcher- Russell Martin takes over as the starting catcher after a two year, $17 million contract lured him to Pittsburgh. His veteran leadership and ability to handle the pitching staff are paramount, and the added pop behind the plate (21 homeruns last year) will be a welcome additon. Michael McKenry will serve as the primary backup. First Base- Garrett Jones and Gabby Sanchez will platoon at the position, although I expect Jones to see more atbats. The lefty slugger will look to build off a strong 2012 in which he hit .274 and cranked 27 homeruns, and Sanchez will provide relief against left handed pitch- ers. Infield- Neil Walker is entrenched at second base. His .280 average, 14 homers and 69 RBI’S in an injury-filled 2012 will compliment Andrew McCutchen, Pedro Alvarez, and Jones in the middle of the lineup. Clint Barmes, who was a disappointment in 2012 after coming over from the Astro’s, is back as the team’s starting shortstop. Alvarez mans third base for the club. He is looking to build off an up and down year which saw him hit 30 homeruns but also fan 180 times in 525 at bats. His stick will go a long way in determining just how far the Pirates can extend their success this summer. McCutchen put up MVP-like numbers in 2012 (.327/31/96/.400) and the MLB13: The Show cover winner is expected to do the same this season. McCutchen, 26, is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the club and his leadership both on and off the field is not seen often in a player his age. He is flanked in the outfield by Starling Marte and Travis Snider, but it would not be wise to count out Alex Presley, Jose Tabata, or Jerry Sands from getting some at-bats as well. The starting rotation is flanked by A.J. Burnett, a savvy 36 year old who posted solid numbers for the team in 2012. His 16-10 record, 181 K’s, and 3.51 ERA were tops on the squad. The Opening Day starter is going to be counted on to lead the staff. Behind Burnett is lefty Wandy Rodriquez. A deadline deal with the Astros brought his arm to the ‘Burgh, and although he struggled to gain ground with fans after he came over, he quietly had a successful tenure, going 5-4 with a 3.80 ERA. James McDonald may be the biggest question for the rotation as it heads into the new season. He was arguably the best pitcher in baseball in the first half of 2012, going 9-3 with a 2.37 ERA; he did a face plant in the second half and found himself in the bullpen by season’s end. If he can find success with his curveball and maintain it, the rotation will be a very complete one. Fighting for the final two spots are Francisco Liriano, Jeff Karstens, Jonathan Sanchez, Kyle McPherson, Jeff Locke, and the teams top prospect, Gerrit Cole, among others. Liriano was inked to a two year, $12.75 million contract, but he broke his non-throwing arm in a domestic incident the day before he was to arrive in Pittsburgh for his physical. After a month-long standoff, the two sides agreed to a restructured contract at a lower value of one million dollars. He is not expected to join the rotation until May, so until then expect Karstens and McPherson to win jobs out of Spring Training.
  8. 8. March 2013 7 Under Review: March Madness All Tournament Jeff Berry and JC Brush| Staffwriters Most people associate March with the start of spring and warm weather. If you are a sports fan, all you can think about is the madness and excitement of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The tournament provides fans with thrilling games, buzzer beaters, upsets, and heartbreak. It is the best time of the year for sports and fans all across the country. The tournament can make or break players, some rise to the occasion and some shrink on the big stage. The players that step up and play the best this time of year are the ones who will be remembered and go down in history. Being on our all-tournament team is a special honor because only five players make it out of 68 teams. These are players we believe can make a difference and lead their team through the ups and downs of the “big dance.” JC Jeff PG- Michael Carter-Williams- Syracuse PG- Trey Burke- Michigan The Michigan point guard is the heart and soul of his basketball Carter-Williams is incredibly valuable to the Orange’s success in the tourteam. He is leading his team in points per game, averaging just ney due to his ability to pass the ball. The point guard is second in the over eighteen and is eighth in the nation in assists per game. While nation averaging 8.2 assists a game. He is also a tough matchup for other his size isn’t over powering, his quickness and agility makes up for teams because of his size and length. Carter-Williams can do it all. it. SG- Tim Hardaway Jr.- Michigan Hardaway Jr. may be the second best player on his team next to Trey SG- Ben McLemore- Kansas Ben McLemore is having a career year at Kansas as a freshman. Burke, but he is the key to them making a Final Four run. He has undeNot only is he leading his team in scoring, he is also shooting niable athletic ability partnered with a smooth 3 point shot. During the 43.5% from long range; many players don’t shoot that highly from regular season, he has shown that he can make the big shot in big games. any range. Expect McLemore to take his team deep into tourna- This kid is fearless when the game is on the line. ment this year, possibly making a Final Four appearance. SF- Deshaun Thomas- Ohio State Without Thomas carrying the load offensively for Ohio State, the BuckSF- Solomon Hill- Arizona Solomon Hill is a senior forward at Arizona and has been a leader eyes could have an early exit. Thomas is averaging twenty points a game his team for the past two years. He is a big, physical player who this season, and when all breaks down, he can create his own shot. Thomalways uses his strength to his advantage. He may not be having as has tremendous ability to get to the rim. his best year statistically, but what he does for this team is virtually PF- Jack Cooley- Notre Dame irreplaceable. You can’t coach his determination and will. They are by no means an elite team, but they can go as far as senior Cooley takes them. Cooley averages a double-double with points and rebounds. PF- Ryan Kelly- Duke Duke’s big man hasn’t played in a game since mid January due to a He has good touch around the rim and is relentless on the boards; he is foot injury but is expected to come back for the tournament. At the just a tough kid with a high motor. time of his injury, he was averaging 13.4 PPG and 5.4 rebounds, while logging just over 28 minutes each game. When he does come C- Mason Plumlee- Duke Duke is a team loaded with talent but without Plumlee, I don’t think they back, expect him to light it up. are a top team. Plumlee is averaging a double-double on the year with eighteen points and ten rebounds per game. His length and athleticism C- Cody Zeller- Indiana The Indiana star is a player of the year candidate and without a have always been there, but this season being a huge threat in the post has doubt the best center in the game. Aside from his versatility, he taken his game to new heights. puts up 18.5 points a game with an average of 8.2 rebounds per game. If it weren’t for Zeller, Indiana would be on the bubble and not even a contender in the talented Big Ten. PT Baseball Preview LukeStokan|StaffWriter The Indians finished with a 9-11 record last year, which was a major disappointment. Last season was the first in twenty years the Indians missed the playoffs, so expectations are high for the 2013 campaign. “We’re not going to dwell on the highs and lows of last season. Our main goal focus is to concentrate and prepare for this season,” said senior catcher Brett DiCello. However with eleven seniors this year, the team has a lot of leadership and hopes to return to the playoffs. To prepare for their tough section competition, offseason workouts started in January. “Our seniors aren’t just great players, but great leaders. Younger players can learn and develop with help from them,” said senior outfielder David Ghilani. However the underclassmen are going to need to play a pivotal role, including sophomore Ryan Tassone, who already has some varsity experience from last year. “Last year gave younger players experience that we will need to help us in the future. Younger players are going to play a big role this season,” said Tassone. Peters Township is in one of the toughest sections in WPIALS. They need to play every team strong if they expect to win. The team aims to defeat conference opponents such as Mt. Lebanon, especially since they lost twice last year. “Our section is filled with talented teams. I am anxious for all section games and hopefully we will play well enough to win,” stated DiCello. With a new coaching staff this year Peters Township, including Coach Bair and Coach DeLuca, the team gains even more leadership. The players and coaches are determined to get back to the playoffs. “We have many coaches with a baseball background, who can relate and help our players,” said Ghilani. The team is taking it one step at a time from the off-season workouts to real games. Making the playoffs is the first step, but winning the WPIAL championship is the main goal. “This is my last season to try to make the playoffs, so I will work even harder to do that. We want to do this for our seniors and for our coaches,” said senior Chris Wastchak. Photo by Julie Griffith
  9. 9. 8 Opinion IMATS LexiMiller|LifeandStyleEditor If you’ve ever been on YouTube before, you have probably seen (or skipped over) one of the thousands of videos created by YouTube beauty gurus featurPhoto from AP Images ing everything from what they bought on their latest shopping trip to how to create the perfect smoky eye. For many, these videos are fun to watch and provide helpful insight. These gurus have one thing in common: they all go to IMATS. IMATS, or the International Makeup Artist Trade Show, made its debut in Los Angeles in 1997 by Make-Up Artist magazine’s Michael Key in order to provide a place for the industry’s best and brightest professionals to display their talents. In 2013, the show features anything and everything related to makeup, including several drugstore, luxury, and professional cosmetic companies. Make-Up Artist magazine still sponsors the event, which is now held six times each year in six different places: Los Angeles, New York, London, Vancouver, Sydney, and Toronto. When choosing your roommate for college, you could go about it two different ways: random, or picky. It’s your personal preference, but don’t be surprised who you may end up with. Even when getting down to the nitty gritty when seeking out the perfect roommate you may not get what you thought. Here are some helpful tips, just in case you’re not sure what to look You might be wondering: “Why should I care? I’m not a makeup artist.” This is a completely valid thought. However, the great thing about IMATS is that it is open to the public. What’s even better is that, at the event, the public is allowed the purchase products at the same amazingly discounted price that professionals do. Featured well-known luxury brands at IMATS include Bobbi Brown, Dermalogica, Inglot, Laura Mercier, MAC Pro, Stila, Sigma, and Smashbox. However, each event varies in the brands that attend, and the majority of the event is comprised of professional brands. At IMATS, you can shop to your heart’s content, but you can also take part in many of the classes, makeovers, and demonstrations they put on for the duration of the two day event. While the Los Angeles event already occurred in January of this year, tickets are still available for New York IMATS event, which will take place on April 6 and 7. For more information on the event, you can visit the website at Roommate Rules MadelieneMaggs|StaffWriter You will be sharing a very tight, confined area with this person. Just simply ask them. You want someone to respect your space and keep it the way you both like it. The second factor to be concerned about is whether or not they are a partier or someone who never leaves the room. Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone in the middle? When scouting out your perfect roommate you can do it through your school’s Facebook page. Creeping on students’ personal Facebook pages is great way to see who they are, and maybe even who their friends are. This can help you find out a little bit more about their social life. AP Images Another important for. factor when choosing your First, are they neat roommate should be their and tidy or a complete mess? sleep schedule. If they like to go to bed early and you like to stay out, it may cause some conflict when you’re waking them up every night. And if they like to get up at the crack of dawn with an annoying alarm every morning and you like to sleep through the day, it may not work out. Maybe also find out if they prefer the room cold or warm just so you don’t find yourself freezing or sweating in your own room. Something else to look at may be their major. It is one way you can see what their interests are. You can find out if they are artsy, or if they are science or business oriented. Then compare it to your major and your interests. It may be a good thing if you and your roommate are in the same major, that way you can relate and help each other. However, I don’t think this is a deal-breaker. Ask them how and when they prefer to do their homework. If they like the room completely silent and you like music when you work, one of you may need to find a study room. They might even prefer to go to a study room, which would be a good thing; you’d get the room to yourself for a few hours. The reason I say ask when is because if they’re a night owl and need the bright light on to do their homework, it may bother you when you’re trying to get some sleep before a big exam. Meet a few times before making a definite decision to room together, or choose random and hope for the best. Good luck!
  10. 10. March 2013 It is coming down to final decisions. After spending what feels like an eternity visiting, investigating, preparing for, applying to, and waiting on colleges, the high school class of 2013 must now choose the path that will determine for the rest of their lives. No pressure. Decision letters have been pouring in since November (and some, since August) for many high school seniors from safety schools to dream schools. Now, many students ponder where they’ll be spending the four couple years of their life. Some of us have known since day one that they would be attending a certain school, allowing them to focus towards grades and scholarships. For the majority of us, however, we have so many factors that have clouded our decisions, making it a little overwhelming. A good place to be- Decisions, Decisions HannahCarpenter|StaffWriter gin when deciding is to start with yourself and your interests. Take a second to think about whether you’d like to be in a city, the suburbs, or even out in the country. Consider whether you want to be a part of a massive class, a small, tightly-knit one, or somewhere in between. Before any other factors for college are considered, students should establish their comfort zone in order to make college a more enjoyable experience. For many, the primary obstacle is money. Education is exorbitantly expensive, so the lack of funding may stop a student from going where they want to go. Hundreds upon hundreds of scholarship opportunities exist for every person, it’s just a matter of taking ad- vantage of these opportunities. Websites like CollegeBoard and Fastweb Scholarships feature lists of scholarships for high school students to take advantage of. Keep this in mind though, especially if you’re looking at a prestigious institute: sometimes you do not need to go to extremes to get the job of your dream. Many students believe they have to go to the school that is the best for their major, even if their major doesn’t require anything extreme. Don’t try to go to NYU if you would like to be a middle school teacher. Some schools may cost more than you need to pay. And don’t think that just because you’re not going to a big name school, you’re not going to succeed in life. Your education is what you make of it. In the end, it all comes down to your motivation and work ethic. When you finally find your dream school, you may find that you’re a little farther from the nest than you’d like to be. Being away from home is a new experience for many high school grads, and might be even harder on parents. With the expansive list of communication tools made available via the internet, it’s easy to feel nearby even if you are geographically far apart. The stress of making such a monumental decision can really weigh on a person. Be sure to sit down with your family to truly consider every factor before you make your final decision. College is an incredible step on the path to becoming the successful adult you know you are capable of becoming. All photos from AP Images Fake Opinions: All In Under 10 Characters AndreaSalizzoni|SpecialFeaturesEditor In the wake of recent tragedies, a lot of young people have forgotten what it’s like to be truly empathetic; you can thank Twitter for that. When we hear about school shootings, deaths, and other horrific tragedies on the news, most people would keep the victimized in their thoughts and prayers. This sense of empathy and love is what’s been socially acceptable for as long as history can tell. Although using social networking sites to spread news is innovative and thoughtful, Twitter users may have taken it too far this time. Once a user gets addicted to the rave and rant of the Twitter world, their tweets become unimportant and fairly narcissistic. For example, on December 14 when the horrific school shooting occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, Twitter blew up. Out of the 200 million current Twitter users, a large sum of them probably found out about this event via their feed, rather than the news. While it is a positive occurence to spread the news and keep the victims and their families in their thoughts and prayers, some users were using this opportunity to benefit themselves, or their own personal causes. Some users may want to change public perception, and given the circumstances, most likely tweeted #PrayersforNewton, not because they cared, but because they want to give people the impression that they are a good-hearted person. Many people did care and pray for those in need, but these truly sympathetic people didn’t need to advertise it on the internet. If those who claimed to “care” about these issues actually did care, they would act upon it. Typing on your iPhone or laptop will do nothing to prevent this from happening again. If you want to show people that you truly do care, keep it off the internet and broadcast it to your peers; organize fundraisers for the cause, brainstorm ideas to help the victimized, and put yourself out there, not your opinion. Photo by Andi Salizzoni
  11. 11. 10 Life & Style The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring NicoleFolino|StaffWriter With the weather warming up, teenagers are excitedly pulling out their cute springtime outfits. However, they may not always be appropriate for school. While looking stylish for school is important, it is just as important to avoid ending up in the principal’s office because your “cute” outfit violates the dress code. We’re here to help define what school stylish is in the fashion world. We’ll focus on the three looks that are most common for springtime attire. Dress for school, not for a modeling photo shoot or a summertime party. Nope, sorry, just plain old school. No one to impress here, sorry to shatter your dreams. Sophomore Jill Ciaffoni demonstrates the do’s and don’ts of the sporty chic style. Do wear shorts with a two inch inseam; don’t wear short shorts that may give people the wrong impression of you. Do wear a jacket on top of your spaghetti straps; do not allow your bare shoulders to show, it is an unevenly distributed air-conditioned school, you’re not under the warm sun in the summertime quite yet. Sophisticated dressy is exhibited by senior Rachel Crane. Do wear a nice blouse that makes your tan pop out, don’t wear a skimpy, short cocktail dress to school. It’s school, not a party. Do wear an appropriate length skirt, don’t wear a dress or skirt that could make your legs look like those of a giraffes. Freshman Courtney Ecker shows off her cute, casual look. Do wear jean shorts with a two inch inseam; don’t wear such short jean shorts that will land you an after-school. No one wants to see your bare skin. Do wear a cute T-shirt that shows you are ready to have fun; don’t wear a low tank top. Again, it is not summertime just yet. Poses in PT LexiMiller Life and Style Editor | You’ve never tried yoga like this before. heated classes, the temperature is kept at 79 degrees. SHPY, or South Hills Power Yoga, has finally arrived in Peters Township. The Peters Township studio is located in the same plaza as Panera Bread and is the second studio of the business, the first being in Dormont. There are a variety of classes at SHPY. The most common classes are the “Basics” and “All Levels”, which are heated and are both perfect for anyone from beginners to experts. There are two nonheated classes as well: “Gentle/ Restorative” and “Seated Meditation”. The “Seated Meditation” classes are free to the public and are a half hour long. SHPY offers a “Pay-What-YouCan” class once a week, which is non-heated and is at a level in between the “Basics” and “All Levels”. It is the most costeffective class that they offer, because it runs solely on donations from the participants. Power Yoga is an intense workout-based form of yoga that is designed to increase flexibility, strength, and focus. It combines the synchronized breathing, or Vinyasa, a series of poses, and a heated studio room. All classes at the Peters studio are held in the same room, but the temperature varies as some classes are heated and some are not. In the heated classes, the room is kept at a temperature between 90 and 95 degrees, with 60% humidity. In the non- For new students to SHPY, they created a “10 for $10” deal in which first-timers are allowed to attend as many practices as they want for ten days, for just ten dollars. The studio also offers a great student discount with a high school or college student ID. Once the offer expires, you are welcome to pay the drop-in rate for $13 a class, or $9 for students. You can also purchase multiple class passes, or an unlimited class pass for one or three months. All class passes can be redeemed at either studio location, and can be purchased both in-studio or online. All teachers at SHPY have completed the 200-hour training program and are highly knowledgeable. If you want to grow stronger in both mind and body, yoga is a perfect opportunity for you. South Hills Power Yoga is a great way to take advantage of it! Photo by Lexi Miller
  12. 12. March 2013 My Journey to the Grammys LydiaMcCall|OpinionEditor This year I had the amazing opportunity to attend music’s biggest night, the Grammys. When I think of award shows, I think of a glamorous, magical night. But for the celebrities that attend, it is just another night out. For us average Joes though, the night was surreal on every aspect. Watching it on TV and then actually being there are two completely different experiences. On the day of the Grammys, my friends and I were so nervous. We were afraid of tripping or making a fool out of ourselves in front of the celebrities. We arrived at the red carpet at 2:30 and were atomically shocked at the rush of people, the flashing of the lights, and the overall noise. As we were walking to the actual carpet, we came face-to -face with Kelly Osborne. The funny thing about seeing celebrities is that you will not recognize them when you see them. We were so used to seeing celebrities in pictures or on the TV that when we saw them in person, we didn’t know who they were. Every celebrity that I saw or met, I didn’t realize it was actually them until much later. I know it’s an antique cliché to say that celebrities are just like you and me, but that is really the truth. Some of us see celebrities as D Dazen: e oin’ It Lik Shoes und ming aro spring co With ut away time to p corner, it’s nd goulashes and the ok boots a esh new lo the snow em for a fr outside. th exchange e weather matches th out a pair of black that lking ab I’m not ta else is wearing. I’m , and ody of brands at everyb s, a variety our towne Nike’s th r and whit ty of colo ut a varie , at least in the-line lking abo common ta -ofes. It is pric earing top variety of are not w a ou el that if y ing ship, to fe are not go you ic hoes then g s row that lo to fit in. Th shoes based on for out! Look ther than price, ity ra amiabil color ttention to well. and pay a as nd design nd; scheme a fading tre ow a Don’t foll nd. be the tre these super humans that are perfect, but everyone I saw was just a person who has a super talent. Taylor Swift was a tall, skinny girl and Ryan Secreast was a very short man with blonde hair. Of course celebrities are beautiful, but with a “glam squad,” who wouldn’t be? As we entered the Staples Center, all around us people were eating McDonalds in ball gowns. Pretty ironic, right? Everywhere you went, people stared. Not because you looked terrible or too terribly good but because they were curious as to whom you were. When we walked into the Staples Center, people were filing in left and right. We took our seats early to watch the celebrities come in. When you are watching the show, it appears to be well put together and magical, but when you are actually there, it was a production. When you see maybe four people on the stage on your screen, there were actually 50 people on the stage. There were people constantly on the stage, setting up the next set and cleaning up from the last performance. Nothing was as it seemed. When the presenters were on stage, people dressed in black guided them down the stairs. When there were commercials, everyone got up and walked around while past performances were playing on the projections around the room. 30 seconds before the show was about to air, the announcer would say “Sit down, take your seats!” When everyone was sitting down the announcer would ask for applause and everyone would applaud and scream. After the show, we were lead to the after party. The after party was Bollywood theme. The party was everything you would imagine it would be. There were belly dancers performing with snakes and the room was filled with colors of purple and blue. There was a buffet of Indian food all along the sides of the room. On the other side of the room, Estelle was performing on the dance floor. The room was loud and there were celebrities everywhere. The night was unreal, and to be honest, it hasn’t really hit me that I was at the Grammys. My friends and I kept saying, “What are we even doing here?” “What is this?!” “I don’t know what’s happening!” It’s safe to say that this was a once in a lifetime experience. Photos sumbitted by Alex Alavi
  13. 13. Round of 64: Round of 32: Who would be the best SNL host? Who would survive a 72-hour Honey Boo Boo Marathon? Mr. Pinto Stefan Sweet Sixteen: Who would survive a zombie apocalypse? Redilla Kuharcik Mrs. Pinto Gearhart Hruby Milchovich LGI Livingston Elite Eight: Who would win a “Just Dance” contest? Final Four: Who could run the fastest in sixinch heels? Facu Face 201 Final: Who could e most cafeter ies in five m Betschart Farrell Deliere Powell Champ Demascal Ripepi Vavala Maize Vollmer Price Bonanno Kuhn Polard Baker Cifelli-McDonald Hickle Lamb Berger Walsh Sussman Plack Keller Lesnett Cafeteria
  14. 14. culty e-Off 013 Final: ould eat the feteria cookve minutes? Final Four: Who could run the fastest in sixinch heels? Elite Eight: Who would win a “Just Dance” contest? Sweet Sixteen: Who would survive a zombie apocalypse? Round of 32: Who would be the best SNL host? Round of 64: Who would survive a 72-hour Honey Boo Boo Marathon? Blackhurst Miller Kazalas Zippay Perrotte Beckjord Gym Gunther Bastos Hodgin-Frick Degnan Wentzel Kendrick Hanley ampion Seckar Corbin Good Antonelli Chastel Clagett Lacey Ingham Wilkinson Barney Library Kocan Ring Ansell Lane Myers Christopher Compeggie Cervenak Burns
  15. 15. 14 People Features Fiddlers in the Pit CaseyKirwan|StaffEditor The school musical, Fiddler on the Roof, is finally here and all of the cast and crew are hard at work with last-minute preparations for opening night. Everyone is fired up and ready to perform. However, the people on the stage are not the only ones who are busy practicing to get this show on the road. Down below in front of the stage, in the area that gets no spotlight, is the pit. This large group of young musicians is sweating it out just as much as the stars onstage. Under the direction of Mrs. Fox, instrumentalists of all kinds come together to create and supply a symphony of brilliance every year for the spring musical. After last year’s performance of Legally Blonde the Musical, the pit is eager to be playing some music that’s a little more “traditional.” Since January, they have been busy prepping for the play. Let’s face it; sitting in uncomfortable, plastic chairs in the band room playing for hours and hours is exhausting and can sometimes even be frustrating. The musical is one of the biggest high school events of the year, so the students try their hardest to sound the best that they can. “The music is fun to play and the music isn’t that hard,” says sophomore saxophonist Andrea Bryan. “Each song contributes to the whole musical.” Senior clarinetist Chrissy McNeal enthuses, “It’s fun. We have jokes and [being in pit] really improves my playing.” Junior trumpeter, Adam Shope, states, “[My favorite song from the musical would be] Sunrise Sunset”. One of the other popular pieces to play among the pit is Entr’acte. The students cannot get the tune out of their heads. “For me, the thrill of any theatre production with an orchestra is very exciting,” Mrs. Fox, states, “I grew up listening to both opera and musical theatre. During production, I enjoy watching the project evolve and seeing the individual efforts of every member of the company from the tech crew to the actors, singers and dancers, and the musicians, come together with a synergy that defies explanation. Every performance has a kind of ‘electrical current’ that builds throughout all of the rehearsals and brings it all to life in front of the audience. As for favorite songs, I really like them all, some for their energy, some for their charm and some because they deliver the plot far better than mere dialogue could.” The students highly encourage other young instrumentalists to join them in the pit. Not only is pit a way of improving music skills, but it’s also a way of meeting people who all share a same interestmusic. It’s evident that the life in the pit can be stressful, but also a load of fun. As the musical’s full performance rolls in, the pit is warming up their scales and trills. All of the young musicians are really excited for the play where all their hard work will finally pay off. Photos by Casey Kirwan Dancing On the Roof NathalieLeng|Staffwriter On March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, the Thespian Troupe proudly presents their spring musical, Fiddler on the Roof. The cast and crew worked for months to prepare, practicing their singing, acting, and dancing. While every cast member is required to dance in a few numbers, some students were cast as “specialty dancers” and will perform the more strenuous routines. Although several of these girls take lessons or are on the dance team, just as many of these “specialty” dancers have little to no previous experience. Senior Carla Hoge is the perfect example; she has not taken a dance class since third grade, when she took a jazz class for a few weeks. Almost every girl, like Hoge, took dance lessons at some point in her young life, but that does not guarantee she knows how to do a pirouette or step-ball-change. “I literally laughed out loud when I saw the cast list, but I also thought it would be a fun challenge” said junior Emma Gray. Still, the girls have accepted this challenge and have worked for countless hours with choreographer Lisa Elliott. “Lisa is super helpful and very nice,” said freshman Jenna Jacobs. Hoge added, “Lisa is absolutely the most patient and helpful choreographer I could ask for!” The main number the girls dance in is “L’Chaim,” or “To Life.” In this scene they play Russian men, a proud, cocky, talented group of dancers. This requires the girls to act confident and masculine, all while completing Russian-style jumps, kicks, squats, and knee walks. “The hardest part is definitely the knee walks and the jumps,” said Gray. All in all, the specialty dancers feel even more special now than when they were initially cast. Additionally, the girls learned a few life lessons. “I learned that I can meet so many more people by trying something new,” Jacobs said. Gray learned a different lesson, “I learned to not be afraid to take on challenges, even if they may involve dancing… in front of people…”
  16. 16. March 2013 Hometown HiQ on Queue JesseEby|NewsEditor Photo sumbitted by Mrs. Ranade The Peters Township Hometown Hi Q team is having undeniable success this season. Jack Hussey, Josh Bowman, and Sean Yang, the masters of general knowledge, are the main reasons for the team’s dominance. The team won in the playoffs against Bethel Park and Carlynton High Schools on February 16 at KDKA-TV studio and is now in the semifinals. The team coach, Mrs. Ranade, gives much of the credit to the weekly practices, which help the team significantly. “We do lots of sample questions, we practice using buzzers and go over answers in each of the 4 main categoriesmath, science, literature, and social studies,” she said. This upcoming competition isn’t just a competition, it’s the most important in their team’s history, and she is aware extra preparations need to be made. “Focus on harder questions, study material in-depth, encourage kids to watch Jeopardy and Hi Q shows regularly, more math, anatomy, and chemistry related questions, team building strategies to help us win,” Ranade stated. This is the most successful Hometown Hi Q squad PTHS has ever had. Not only did they make school history by becoming the first PTHS Hi Q team to make the semifinals, but they have also been invited to the National Academic Championship in May in the nation’s capital. The semifinal will be aired on March 23 at 11:00 AM on KDKA. Tune in to watch the team advance to the finals for the first time ever. PTHS Hometown HiQ team consists of seniors Josh Bowman and Sean Yang and junior Jack Hussey. Congratulations on an outstanding season. Ten Seniors Sign Athletic Scholarships EliseJozwiak|EntertainmentEditor Spring means one thing for the seniors: their high school career is coming to an end. The class of 2013 will leave their legacy here and will always be remembered for what they’ve accomplished academically, as well as in their extracurricular activities. In the class of 2013, seventeen seniors were talented enough to sign into their dream colleges on a sports scholarship. This issue focuses on the ten senior that signed in February. These students are looking forward to meeting new people and living on their own, as well as exploring new options outside of “the bubble.” “The thing I’m most excited about is playing on a new team and getting to meet the new coaches,” stated senior Olivia Robertson. However, the end of their high school careers only means the beginning of a new one; moving on to bigger and better things in their lives. “One of the things I’m looking forward to have got to be the Point Park University meal plan,” senior Shiloh Simonson said. Senior Shiloh Simonson signs to her dream college of Point Park Uiversity on a Volleyball scholarship. After taking one of the biggest steps in their lives, all ten seniors line up to document this moment after signing to their colleges. Congratulations Alex Alavi- Haverford College, Soccer Adam Becker- Bethany College, Baseball Kelly Johnson- University of Mount Union, Volleyball Cole Kochman- Youngstown State University, Football Abbie Lavigna- Kent State University, Soccer Bill McLuckie- Bethany College, Baseball Olivia Robertson- Duquesne University, Soccer Harmony Shepardson- University of Charleston, Golf Shiloh Simonson- Point Park University, Volleyball Mike Woltz- Robert Morris, Football Senior Adam Becker signs to Bethany College on a well earned baseball scholarship. Photos by Alexa Kennedy
  17. 17. Matt Mullan Staff Writer Alright fellas, this is something you’re going to want to pay attention to. Everyone knows that prom is all about looking good and having a good time dancing until you can’t dance no more. Something that you have to think about before getting ready to look dapper in your suit and tie, is how are you going to get there? You’re going to need to clean up the inside and outside of your ride. What’s that? You don’t have a ‘whip’ and you’re stuck in something like a 2002 minivan? Sweet talk your parents and see if you can drive their car. They”ll get a free carwash and you get a nice ride. Win, win. Another option you have is to rent a limo. Since prom is downtown this year, it isn’t a bad idea. No one has to worry about getting lost in the city and missing the whole night, or finding parking, because someone else can do all that for you. If you have a decently sized group, you can all split the cost and it will be relatively inexpensive. If you are driving yourself, especially your parents’ car, be careful driving, stay above the influence, and make sure you know where you’re going and allow yourself to have enough time to get there so you’re not rushing. Kristina Carbonara Staff Writer Do’s • Dress to impress, this isn’t just a casual get together. • Coordinate the dress with the tie and the vest, matching colors is a must • Get matching flowers for the corsage and boutonniere. • Go all out with hair, makeup, nails, dress, etc. You only go to prom once or twice. • Take lots of pictures, Prom is something you want to remember and look back on with good memories. • Have a great time, have fun with friends, your date, and yourself. Design by Julie Griffith Don’ts • Wear tennis shoes with your dress. It is okay to bring them along as something to change into, but it is a major don’t if you wear them for pictures or just in general • Wear any funky colored tuxes such as pastel colors or animal print, but if you do want to wear white make sure you discuss it with your date first. • Pick any random flower because you like it or think it is pretty, pay attention to colors and types of flowers. • Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, or bowlows. We live in Peters, not the wild wild West. • Forget a camera or you cell phone, you will regret not having any photos of your own • Cause drama about groups! Go with your friends and you will see the rest at the dance and get pictures there.
  18. 18. Alana Lomis Staff Writer Jeanie Lambert, the owner of Sorrelle Bridal, is an expert when it comes to finding the perfect prom gown. Mrs. Lambert came up with a list to help you get that perfect prom dress. Read it, memorize it, live by it. These tips will make your prom dress shopping stress free. Prom Dress Professional Tips • Above all else, be you. • Only bring your best friend. Your entire group of friends don’t have to go. • Sherri Hill and Jovani are Jeanie’s favorite designers, but they can be a bit expensive. “If you want dynamite, you are going to pay for dynamite.” • Dresses range from $250 to over $1,000. Have a budget in mind. • This year it is all about the lace, glitz, and glam. • When going for a ball gown, make sure you can actually move in it. • Make sure you can move around in any dress. Too tight is never right. • If you find a dress you love, buy it! It may be gone the next day. Do not wait. • Start looking now. If you need a different size or want a different color, it may be too late to order the dress. • If it’s your senior year, go out with a bang; don’t be afraid to be original. • You are the one wearing the dress, so make sure you like it. This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised. • Leave the boyfriend at home. Hannah Carpenter Staff Writer The all-coveted high school prom is upon us. It is an evening promoted from a young age as being the most glamorous night of our lives. Now, prom is a lovely evening and can be a lot of fun, but (like everything else in high school) it comes with its own drama. Even if prama (drama + prom. Get it?) is inevitable, if you go in to the evening knowing that it’s not going to be a sparkly spread from a Seventeen magazine, you can enjoy yourself. Even if the list of problems seems to go on and on, you may find that you can handle these situations and have a lovely evening. Remember: This is advice, not a firm set of ground rules. Do what you want to do at prom. Try not to over think this evening and have a great time. That is what ultimately matters. THE LOOK: Girls- please don’t panic about your look. I know that you may think everything has to be perfect, from the hair to the make-up to the jewelry to the shoes. Quick rundown: If you don’t like your hair when the hairdresser is done, SAY SOMETHING. They will definitely help you fix it. Doing your hair yourself is also more than acceptable. You may find that girls spend way too much on a style they could have done themselves at home. Do not go overboard on the make-up. You will just end up sweating it at the dance. Same idea with the shoes-they’re only relevant during the pictures. Try not to spend a ton on six-inch pumps that you will never wear again because they hurt your feet. Think practical; you will probably take them off when you dance anyway. As for jewelry, as fun as it may be, no one spends too much time nit-picking jewelry. Thinking simple is fine. THE OUTFIT: Girls spend anywhere from the day before prom, to the day after prom last year picking out the perfect dress for that special night. They seem to go through a whole lot of trouble making sure their dress is a reflection of themselves, and glamorous enough to make them stand out, but not too much. Before you drop a fortune on a dress you’ll wear for only one evening, know that there are plenty of dress shops online where you can find a perfectly suitable dress without forfeiting your college tuition. Check out or for great options. As for you, guys, it is simple. Go with your date to your tuxedo shop of choice to make sure you both match. If you’re going stag, get a black and white tuxedo, that way you will look great with everyone. THE GROUP: This planning step can be the stickiest. Try to never let your group get too big. If your group has forty people-- you’ve gone too far. As difficult as it may be, aim for a smaller group. Arranging tables and pictures will be much easier as a result. THE DATE: The panic of finding a date to prom seems to trouble almost everyone for months. Keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend. Prom does not need to be romanticized. Don’t feel pressured to make a big event out of “the asking” either. Finding a date in general is exciting enough, not that a little showmanship ever hurt anybody. When it ultimately comes down to it, going single with a group of friends is perfectly acceptable. THE DANCING: Have no fear. In the long run, almost no one knows how to dance too well in high school. Be adventurous and enjoy yourself, just try not to hurt yourself or anyone around you.
  19. 19. 18 Entertainment The Entertainment Must List LauraPurkey|OnlineEditorInChief Spring is the best time of year—it’s the end of the awful cold, and everything outside grows and becomes and full of life. While staying in school during these beautiful months can be such a drag, you can make it better by checking out some of these pop culture greats. You-EP At the end of 2012, Mac Miller released a jazz EP with The Velvet Revival under the name Larry Lovestein. Mac shows his versatility, switching from hip-hop to jazz. Whether you like the Pittsburgh rapper or not, You shows he’s underrated. Consistently Mac is remembered as the kid rapping on “Donald Trump,” but it’s Larry that should be getting the attention. The EP features five songs, each with him crooning over love. It’s not the best of jazz, but I’m more than willing to believe Larry can only go up from here. Life of Pi This spectacular film was recently nominated for 12 Oscars, four of which it won (more than any other film). The plot centers on a young boy, Pi, and his fight for survival in the ocean on a small boat with no one but a Bengal tiger. Ang Lee, the film’s director (who took home a welldeserved Oscar for his work) captured the spiritual dilemma of the film perfectly. Life of Pi presents the question of whether people overcome hardships through self-determination or with the help of a higher being. The additions of an amazing soundtrack, breathtaking shots, and mindblowing special effects make this film a must-see. Season 3 of Workaholics In January the Comedy Central show came back from its hiatus. Workaholics follows the everyday experiences of Blake, Anders, and Adam; three college dropouts and TelAmeriCorp workers. The show is written by its stars and Kyle Newacheck. Their random everyday lives combined with the pop culture references and memorable quotes (“Substance abuse problem? If anything, we have a Subway abuse problem. We destroy $5 footlongs!” and many more I unfortunately cannot put in here) make the show hilarious. Let’s. Get. Weird. Inherent Vice Thomas Pynchon wrote this novel (set in L.A. in the late 60’s) a few years ago. Pynchon’s imagery and descriptions of the setting reminisce on an easy-going time. The plot follows Doc Sportello, whose exgirlfriend comes looking for his help in her tangled relationship with an important real-estate agent. Inherent Vice ’s descriptions of sunny L.A. make it easy to escape the seemingly never-ending cold we have now. Skeme Like many rappers coming from California recently (along with Kendrick Lamar, OF, Dom Kennedy, and OverDoz) Skeme is doing great things. A few months ago, he released a full album titled Alive Living. On many tracks, his flow and metaphors really hit, such as “Alive,” “Kidz With Gunz (feat. Schoolboy Q),” and “All the Time.” However, he still has work to do to meet the talents of his Cali neighbors. Catching a Killer from Your Couch KassiannaPolitis|StaffWriter Crime shows can be entertaining and appealing to everyone. People watch crime shows for the ultimate thrill of catching the killer and finding his/her motive. “I enjoy watching crime shows because they are interesting and full of suspense. I am always on the edge on my seat while watching them,” said sophomore Raashmi Krishnasamy. There are numerous crime shows on TV today. Two popular ones include NCIS and Psych. NCIS which stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service is an extremely popular drama crime show, and is currently on its’ tenth season. This show is about a team of special agents who solve murders, catch serial killers and terrorists, and track down kidnappers relating to the Navy or Marines. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a former Marine is the caring, intuitive, but intimidating team leader. Gibb’s team consists of five close, but very different members. The comedian, Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo, references a movie every episode while flirting with almost every woman he encounters. Special Agent Timothy McGee, referred to as “McGeek “or “Probie” by DiNozzo, is the computer geek of the squad. The hardcore and former Mussad officer, Special Agent Ziva David, has an unspoken chemistry between DiNozzo, bringing romance into the show. Supporting the team is a Gothic forensic scientist, Abby Sciuto, who can process any evidence thrown at her and is like a daughter to Gibbs. The last component of team is a British Medical Examiner, Donald “Ducky” Mallard, who always has a unique story to tell. “My favorite crime show is by far NCIS because it is able to combine comedy and chemistry between the characters with a serious topic about investigating murders,” said sophomore Sarah Magyan. Psych which returned for its’ seventh season on February 27, is a crime show about a fake psychic, Shawn Spencer. He conned the police into hiring him, thinking that he is a real psychic, due to his remarkable talent for noticing the tiniest details. Shawn is assisted by his childhood best friend, Burton ‘Gus’ Guster, a pharmaceutical salesman. Together, they go on hilarious adventures while solving every murder case thrown at them. “Psych is my favorite crime show because in every episode Shawn and Gus are able to spin who murdered who into something completely unsuspected while keeping you laughing every minute,” stated freshman Emily Fornof Shawn and Gus work for the Santa Barbra Police Department under Chief Karen Vick. The head detective for the SBPD is Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter, whose tolerance for Shawn’s juvenile ways often pushes him over the limits. Lassiter’s partner, Detective Juliet O’Hara is Shawn’s girlfriend in the current season. Students who enjoy watching crime shows should definitely watch NCIS and Psych. Together; these shows offer something for everyone such as comedy, suspense, thrill, romance, and much more! NCIS stars Mark Harmon, Rocky Carol, and Cote de Pablo discuss their TV Show, NCIS.
  20. 20. March 2013 Queen B Makes a Comeback JennaTaimuty|PrintEditorInChief Beyoncé: Every guy loves her and every girl wants to blue, and from the Roman numeral IV, hence Ivy. The number four be her. She is the oh-so talented music artist and actress that has plays an important role in the duo’s lives. Beyoncé’s birthday is Sepsingle-handedly created an empire that is all her own. She has ev- tember 4, Jay-Z’s is December 4, and they were married on April erything: immense fame, platinum albums, a loving family, and a 4. The couple also has tattoos of the Roman numeral on their ring strong head on her shoulders. After fading into the shadows for a fingers. short period of time, Ms. Knowles has made a major comeback in Beyoncé has also come out with her own documentary, the past few months, and that has people talking. which is available on HBO or on demand. The documentary is After parting ways in 2005, Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, unique in the sense that Beyoncé, who has never been one to share and Kelly Rowland reunited for the first time in eight years to personal information, opens up about every aspect of her life. It bring Destiny’s Child back together. Yes people, the triple threat is goes through her decision to become independent and break free back. They released an album on January 29 titled “Love Songs.” from her manager, whom is also her father, and how that has af Beyoncé also took the opportunity to perform the half- fected their relationship. It describes the hardships she has endured time show during the Super Bowl. She rocked it, performing many losing her first baby in a miscarriage, and it also displays home of her popular songs, such as “Crazy in Love” and “Halo.” Her per- videos of Beyoncé as a child. And, of course, formance was powerful and one to never, ever forget. Rowland there is never-before-seen footage of Beyonand Williams accompanied Beyoncé, singing a number from their cé’s breathtaking voice and performances, as new album. The show brought down the house, and needless to well as extremely personal interviews. Beyonsay, left everyone speechless. The Twitter timelines had much to cé gives new meaning to the creatively titled say about Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé’s performance, and her legs. documentary “Life is but a Dream.” Adding to Beyonce’s crazy life, she and her husband Jay- Beyoncé has achieved these acZ welcomed their beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, (unique, we complishments all on her own in the past know) into the world just over a year ago. This was a tremendous few months, as she is her own manager now. milestone for the couple, and for fans everywhere. This child will Knowles is making her way back up the sure be more than talented, and needless to say one of the lucki- charts, and we will continue to watch as she est in the world. Who wouldn’t love having Beyoncé and Jay-Z as continues her success, and takes over the AP Images their parents? Blue’s unique name comes from Jay’s favorite color, world. Is Pitch Perfect the new Mean Girls? JesseMcElroy|Staffwriter It’s been nearly begins to approach you to say “shalom.” If a decade since you replied “that’s not a real word, but keep Mean Girls first trying you will get there,” the rest of the hit the big screen, cast wouldn’t be very surprised since most impressing all of them have seen Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect who saw it. If a screaming that at some kid in a yarmulke. movie like this Although as audience members we can be so successful for this long, what made love our quotes, we may love those special it so special and can any other movie top characters just a bit more. Mean Girls has it? Let’s be honest, fans like Mean Girls so Coach Carr. He’s blunt, he’s awkward, and much because it is so quotable in everyday his small role plays a large part in the film. life. But this past October, Mean Girls may He provides the very apparently loved “or have met its match…Pitch Perfect. you will get pregnant and die” quote that Let’s say you are sitting in Mr. so many people use in “Real Talk” when Milchovich’s math class learning about it’s time to anonymously write a phrase on limits. You and your friend are not quite their sticky note. But Pitch Perfect has its sure of the answer, so naturally, the “limit shining star, Fat Amy. Fat Amy is an “open does not exist,” according to Mean Girls. Or book,” according to her own description. perhaps you are running the mile in gym She says whatever she is thinking about at class…eh, well, kind of… and Mr. Farrell the given moment. She is highlight of the begins to ask you what you are doing. Your movie, no questions asked. Plus most of the first response should be, “I’m horizontal laughs at the show come from one of her running,” from Pitch Perfect. Let’s be lines, which she improvised most of them. honest, you are still running aren’t you? Now that is true talent, my friends. Maybe you are participating in a tolerance Half of these references will assembly in the auditorium, and you are not make sense if you haven’t seen these not quite sure who is on the stage speaking movies, but trust me; it is worthwhile to from your class. Someone will inevitably be able to quote them in your everyday life scream “she doesn’t even go here,” while and experience characters Hollywood has odds are, she does, or at least that’s what not seen up until now. Pitch Perfect is the Mean Girls would say. And while being on up-and-coming Mean Girls of this decade, the subject of the stage, maybe you are a but it’s not for me to decide. “I hate myself cast member in the spring musical, Fiddler everyday because of it.” So I cannot really on the Roof and you are playing a daughter be the judge. in the wedding. Another cast member Playlist of the Month Design by Christine Gaab
  21. 21. 20 News Ready, Aim, Law? NicoleSpindler|StaffWriter After the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and other schools across the nation, gun control groups, law enforcement officials, and others are asking for Congress to address gun violence. President Obama did not press any gun control measures in his first term, but now with the help of his democratic leaders in the House, he has rolled out a large number of proposals and made this issue a top priority. Congress will have to face the uphill battle, however, in order for a gun restriction law to be established. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi presented fifteen principles that focus on limiting gun rights. Some of the central and most controversial pieces include reinstating the assault weapons ban and requiring universal background checks for anyone purchasing firearms. Members of Congress, however, think that reinstating the assault weapons ban will not get enough support from both parties. When it comes to reducing gun violence, President Obama believes it is best to look at criminal records and check mental stability before purchasing. Once his ideas are approved, the next step is to vote on it. Other recommendations include strengthening the current background check database, restoring federal funding to research ways to reduce gun violence, improving mental health resources, and improving school safety. Pelosi told Congress that she wanted “the boldest possible package” and argued that “the American people are way ahead of Congress on this issue” ( The American public has an interest in the issue and public opinion polls show more people are willing to approve stricter controls and new laws. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is ramping up a campaign against the proposed gun control measures. They do not believe that the five key states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine, North Carolina and West Photo by AP Images Virginia) are going to be able to get enough votes. Several Democratic senators are expected to face tough re-election fights in their respective states because of supporting stricter gun control measures. It’s March, and the SATs are rapidly approaching. Whether you’ve prepared for them or not, it can be a treacherous experience. Getting up early on a Saturday morning and taking a four hour long test is definitely not a student’s cup of tea. And nothing is more frustrating than when the scores come back lower than expected. Many high school students have their own theories about the best ways to study, but the question is, what is the best way to succeed? There is always the option of signing up for an SAT prep course if you’re willing to spend some cash. According to studies, SAT classes can potentially raise your score by Yousufzai: A Voice for Pakistan Kelsey Hunter|Staff Writer Inspiration is everywhere. For millions of women throughout the world, theirs now stems from a fourteen-year-old Pakistani girl named Malala Yousufzai. She is one of the greatest activists the world has ever seen and is not even old enough to drive. In Pakistan, it is a rare occurrence for a woman to voice her opinion, and unheard of to speak out against the Taliban. This brave Photo by AP Images girl spoke up for all Middle Eastern women wanting an education. But, she was punished. Yousufzai was shot in the head and neck on her way home from school on October 9, 2012. The shooters fled from the scene but were known to be Taliban gunmen. Yousufzai’s life was in critical condition and she was airlifted to a hospital in the United Kingdom. Even with the critical injuries she received, she survived the near-fatal accident and left the hospital able to walk and speak again, improving each day with physical therapy and rehabilitation. Still the Taliban remain a huge threat to this young prodigy. CNN reported that the Taliban will not tolerate Yosufzai and if she continues to speak out against them, they will continue to target her. There is still fear that they may attack again. So for now Yousufzai is living in Great Britain. However, this has not stopped her work. Even after this horrific incident, she continues to write a blog and speak out against the way Pakistani women are being treated. In an interview with CNN Yousufzai stated, “I want to serve the people. I want every girl, every child, to be educated.” Yousufzai’s bravery shows that there is hope even against strong military leaders like the Taliban. She is still speaking up in her blog when she writes about standing up for her rights and the desire to improve her country. “It seems that it is only when dozens of schools have been destroyed and hundreds others closed down that the army thinks about protecting them. Had they conducted their operations here properly, this situation would not have arisen,” ( This courage from just one young girl proves that truly anyone can make a difference. Malala Yousufzai is a legacy. Don’t Sweat the SATs RebeccaPerryman|NewsEditor 200 points. SAT classes can lege board book and other helpbe found everywhere and can ful materials,” said junior Alana range from semi-private to Hiner. large group instruction. While a classroom “The class I’m enrolled setting might work very well in gives me tips on how to ef- for one student, it may be too ficiently take the SAT test. It broad for another. Private tucosts $175 for four three-hour toring is a different and more classes at the public library on specialized method to practice Sundays. We learn from other for the SATs, but typically you classmates’ questions and mis- get less time for your money. takes so the classroom setting “I have an SAT tuhelps. We have two Penn State tor that comes to my house for professors who have previously two hours a week. I feel like I’m scored the SAT so they know learning a lot because there are what is expected from us. The no distractions from other kids class is worth the money also and I can practice whatever I because we are given the col- need to work on with the tu- tor. I take a practice test and she tells me why I’m missing the things I miss,” said junior Christy Burris. Finally, independent studying is the cheapest. The College Board SAT book serves as a good resource to those who are practicing individually. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take hours of prep classes and studying to get satisfactory SAT scores. One of the most important score boosters is confidence and perseverance. The SATs can be taken as many times as needed, so if scores from the March test aren’t ideal, there are many more chances to succeed.
  22. 22. The Future is Now JoshGlicksman|EditorInChief October 21st, 2015. Does that date ring a bell? It’s the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown fly to in Back to the Future Part II. Although director Robert Zemeckis’s predictions of flying cars, hover boards, and self-tying shoelaces may not come true by the time the current sophomores are seniors, but technology is headed toward a whole other level. Google recently released a promo for their new product “Google Glass.” AP Images According to the video, the product is to be worn as glasses and perform many of the same functions as other top-rated Apple products, such as the iPhone. The commercial shows people doing remarkable things such as recording videos, taking pictures, sending texts, using GPS, surfing the Web, and finding restaurants. Of course, the product does resemble spy glasses with the widget on the top of one lens and extending back. However, the fact that Google has the ability to create such a product is incredible. The company targets a release before year’s end at a price under $1,500. It makes one wonder what is to come next in the world of technology. Both Sony and Microsoft have already announced the release of new gaming consoles in the near future. With the Playstation Move and the Xbox Kinect already in place, it will be interesting to see how the two rival companies build off the already astounding capabilities of the devices. Additionally, the electric car was founded not all too long ago. Although many find it unimportant, it’s a huge step in the environmental and technology worlds. Who knows how close we really are to flying cars? We live in a world today that centers entirely around technology. Many students can’t last more than ten minutes without checking their smartphone. In between every class period, hundreds of students have their headphones in, listening to their iPods. With every passing day, masterminds are busy behind their computers, working on the next big thing. For those who say that they don’t obsess over the newest gadgets, think about it. More than likely, you either make fun of your friends that have flip phones or weep over the fact that the best phone you ever owned was the LG Chocolate. The iPod Classic now seems like a tool a caveman would have used to draw on the walls. Search for New Pope Continues JennaTaimuty|PrintEditorInChief Pope Benedict XVI, at age 85, has recently become the first pope to retire from the Catholic Church in six hundred years. He gave an emotional farewell speech during a meeting of Vatican Cardinals. The pope left due to his decreasing health and high age on February 28, 2013. He felt his age did not allow him to fully complete the job that was entrusted to him. Replacing Pope Benedict will not be an AP Images easy task. Leading over one billion Roman Catholics nationwide requires both “strength and mind of body.” The new pope must be elected by the end of March, which leaves a large task ahead of the cardinals. Managing a church that holds over a billion Catholics is not an easy job to walk into, which makes the Pope’s decision to step down even more bold. March 2013 21 What in the World? RebeccaPerryman|NewsEditor The latest in technology has arrived. A transparent phone was recently constructed in Taiwan and after six years of intense research and development, it will be produced this year. The innovation is said to have the same capabilities as the typical smart phone, except it is transparent and 25 percent lighter than the iPhone 5. Although the price has not been released, the inventors claimed the new device to be sold cheaper than the iPhone 5! If Taiwan’s production continues to succeed, it looks like the transparent phones may become more common than the iPhone. Who could possibly be more intelligent than Einstein? Shockingly enough, a sixteen year old girl from the United Kingdom has been discovered as smarter. After stumbling upon an IQ test, newfound genius Lauren Marbe, whose interests include fake tanning and manicures, scored 161, which is higher than Einstein and Bill Gates. Lauren has defied the “dumb blonde” stereotype, and she is blown away by her accomplishment. “It was such an achievement and I got a bit tearful to tell you the truth,” said Marbe ( Lauren’s love for cosmetics and blonde highlights does AP Images not change the fact that she is one of the most clever individuals out there. If you think you may have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate or potato chips, meet Nicole, a 19 year old whose personal addiction is consuming a stick of roll-on deodorant per day. While the average teenager uses this as an antiperspirant, Nicole uses this as her main source of nutrition. “My brain tells me, ‘You have to eat it.’ I tried giving it up for a week but got really sick and had bad headaches,” admits Nicole ( In order to control her odd craving for deodorant, she eats AP Images almonds as a substitute. What’s the best way to stop a robber? Forget the bat, club, or knife and use a hot cup of Joe. In New Haven, Connecticut, a man attempted to climb through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through window after an employee refused to give him change for a $100 bill. As a quick and desperate measure to stop the man, the employee threw hot coffee at his face. The startled man drove away empty handed.
  23. 23. Art Art classes are the most widely taken electives at PTHS. From Eletronic Imagery to Ceramics, students can demonstrate creativity through a variety of media and learn new ways to express themselves through art. Below are pieces that the students have recently created. Liz McElhaney, 10 Hannah Falcione, 9 Macy McKnight, 12 Emily Warne, 11
  24. 24. Diana Sarnicke, 11 Emily Corrigan, 12 Lauren Belack, 12 Kelsey Collins, 10 Nico Arribas, 12 Design by Jenn Coffey Photos by Justin Puente and Emily Koch
  25. 25. 24 Voices Freshmen:Where is the most memorable place you’ve found an Easter Basket? Stephan Aronson: “The bottom Courtney Ecker: “In Jane Fitzgerald: Harrison Nix: of a diving board.” the car.” “The top of a tree.” “The dryer.” Sophomores: What are you looking forward to with the warm spring weather? Casey Moran: “Short shorts and parties!” Courtney Smore: “Spending Brycen Hancock: “To time outside with friends.” drive with my top down.” Mia Magnotti: “Playing soccer outside.” Juniors: Who would be your celebrity prom date? RJ Pfeuffer: Geno DeBlasio: “Kate Elsie Growall: “Jesse Ava Shahdadian: “Mila Kunis.” Upton.” Williams” “Zac Efron.” Seniors: What is the best April Fools prank you’ve ever played? Lauren Cisney: “Gave someone Drew Schaefer: “Lied to my Carla Buzzatto: “Wrapped sink Landen Donofrio: “Put broth caramel covered onions.” cousin about video game cheats.” faucet with rubber band.” cubes in shower head.” Teachers: What would be your dream vacation to take over spring break? Señora Miller: “Visit my mom in Mexico. Most amazing tamales.” Mr. Pinto: “The Masters.” Mrs. Boni: “Any beach with white sand.” Mr. Davidson: “Fiji, anything to get away from the cold.”