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Smoke Signals

February 2013
2013 PTHS
Photography Gallery
February 21, 2013
March 7, 2013
Smoke Signals
Volume 4 Issue 3
Peters Township High School
Meet the Staff
Josh Glicksman
Managing Editor-In-Chief

Alexa Kennedy
Layout Editor-In-Chief

Shane Dazen
Business & Sport...
enPT Focus 4-5

le o

Opinion: 8-9

What’s Left Seniors?

To Be or Not To Be
a Valentine:

PT Focus

POWER RANKINGS: Celebrity Couples
That Should/Need to be Together

Josh Glicksman|EditorInChief
Who says I ca...
PTHSMadi Start| Staff Writer Abroad

Traveling to different countries can be fun and exciting,
especially if you...
6 Sports

Dakota Norton:
Athelte of the Month
	Skill is an
easily recognizable attribute to spot...
February 2012


Morality in Sports

When I say Ben Roethlisberger or Michael Vick what do you
8 Opinion

What’s Left, Seniors?

We entered high school with nerves, expectations, excitemen...
February 2013 9

The Good and the Bad

	For years, pop culture has been entertaining the lives of ...
10 Life & Style

Beauty Buzz

A new year brings
new innovation in the world
of beauty. Products such as
BB Creams, beaut...
February 2013

Runway-Your Way

Accessories are a
girl’s best friend. Having a few
of the basic...
To Be or N
A Vale
Opportunity: Valentine’s Day is all about love. However, just because
you aren’t seeing anybody when it ...
Not To Be

Spread designed by Raelynn Noonan
Spread contributors Shane Dazen, Elise Jozwiak, and Jenna Taimuty

14 People Features

The Ascent of the Titans

Submitted Photo
The Titans worked every Saturday to...
February 2013

Freshman Madison|StaffWriter Takes Charge

“Ever since first grade I’ve gone to all th...
By: Matt Mu

Technology is great, I’ll be the first to say that we are addicted to our conveniences.
However, ther...
The ‘Wrong Number’
If someone texts you, text them
back. Don’t be a jerk and make them
go crazy thinking “why aren’t they
18 Entertainment

All’s Gold in Tinseltown

With awards season about in full swing, critics ...
February 2013

Anticipated Albums of 2013

Big Sean – Hall of Fame (February 2013)
Big Sean has n...
20 News

Steubenville Rape Case:
Is Social Media A
Blessing or a Curse?

With recent sexual ass...
February 2013 21

Promised Land: The Marcellus Shale

JuliaGauthier|PeopleFeatures Editor
Oil: it’s dirty, it’...

Photography class has a very relaxed atmosphere, but students have to be focused. Time management
is an impo...
McKenna Hammer, 12

Dominika Troutman, 10

Kayla Goedert, 10
Abbie LaVigna, 12

Cole Kerner, 12
Justin Puente, 12
24 Voices
Seniors- What is your best Valentine’s Day box memory?

Justin Magnotti

Hannah Carpenter

“Getting candy hearts...
Feb. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 3
Feb. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 3
Feb. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 3
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Feb. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 3


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Feb. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 3

  1. 1. Smoke Signals February 2013
  2. 2. 2013 PTHS Photography Gallery February 21, 2013 March 7, 2013 Smoke Signals Volume 4 Issue 3 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 724-941-6250
  3. 3. Meet the Staff Josh Glicksman Managing Editor-In-Chief Alexa Kennedy Layout Editor-In-Chief Shane Dazen Business & Sports Editor Lexi Miller Life & Style Editor Andrea Salizzoni Special Features Editor Laura Purkey Online Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Perryman PT Focus & News Editor Lydia McCall Opinion Editor Jesse Eby Voices and Student Work Editor Staff Writers & Layout Staff Nicole Folino Christine Gaab Maria Hoge Kelsey Hunter Nathalie Leng Nina Leven Jessica McElroy Nicole Naulty Raelynn Noonan Jeff Berry JC Brush Kristina Carbonara Hannah Carpenter Jenn Coffey Julie Dachille Cassi DeLuca Jesse Eby Madi Start Casey Kirwan Kassianna Politis Nicole Torchio Chris Watschak Jenna Taimuty Print Editor-In-Chief Natalie Rihmland Kristin Slomiany Nicole Spindler Luke Stokan Alana Lomis Madeliene Maggs Mandy Magnotti Matt Mullan Vanessa Scoulos Andrew Stroud Luke Stokan Julia Gauthier People Features Editor Elise Jozwiak Entertainment Editor Mission Statement: Smoke Signals is produced six times a school year by the students of Media II, III, and IV Journalism staff at Peters Township High School. The staff adviser is Mrs. N. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor, or the Peters Township School District.
  4. 4. ts enPT Focus 4-5 ont fC le o Tab Opinion: 8-9 What’s Left Seniors? To Be or Not To Be a Valentine: 12-13 Entertainment: 18-19 Find Out About Shepard’s Heart Fellowship Life & Style: 10-11 Beauty Buzz: Beginning Trends of 2013 News: 20-21 All’s Gold in Tinseltown Student Work: 22-23 Media II, III, IV: Gallery Preview Is Social Media a Blessing or a Curse? Voices: 24
  5. 5. 4 PT Focus POWER RANKINGS: Celebrity Couples That Should/Need to be Together Josh Glicksman|EditorInChief Who says I can’t be a matchmaker? I’m tired of seeing celebrities’ 2. Tim Tebow and Nicki Minaj failed relationships, creating unnecessary drama that I don’t care about. Here are the top four couples (or friendships, I guess) that need Josh, you’re straight up crazy. Am I though? Everyone knows Tebow as the saint who can do no wrong. Here’s the thing: nice to happen. Pronto. guys finish last. It’s a fact. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Let’s take a 4. Samuel L. Jackson and Stephen A. Smith look at some of the recent Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, shall we? Ah, Pittsburgh’s own Ben Roethlisberger. I’d love to say the Is this breaking the rules? Very possibly. If you don’t get the dude has a clean track record, but alas, that’s merely a funny joke. reference, feel free just to move past this one onto number three. Now, not by any means do I condone Big Ben’s actions, I’m just For those of you know both of these men, HOW GREAT WOULD proving the point that he’s not perfect. Additionally, there’s Tom THIS BE? Obviously, I am not implying anything, and I would even Brady. That guy is certainly no saint, leaving his pregnant girlfriend be satisfied with just seeing the two celebrities go out for dinner. for a supermodel. I’m not telling Tebow to go The conversations would get so loud against morals or to cause legal troubles, but and so ridiculous. For example, could he needs to live a little. Nicki (a.k.a. Roman) LeBron James survive a snake full adds the perfect amount of flair to his life. He’ll of planes? Of course Jackson would learn that he needs to stand up for himself. say no, only he could pull off such a He’ll learn to create an alter ego—then he’ll be heroic feat. However, I feel that Smith able to remain heavenly Tim, but switch to would lean toward yes, only if Mario an evil, angry, yet more accurate passer when Chalmers wasn’t also on the plane, needed. because he would just distract James, 1. Taylor Swift and Jesse Eisenberg leading to failure. Additionally, I can almost guarantee the couple would Serious question, everybody. Why is Taylor frequently bicker over whether Swift popular when she has only put out one Stephen A. could pull off one of song? (Not to mention, a bad song.) Woah, T-Swift fans! I know Jackson’s hats. The possibilities are that she’s topped the charts with more than a single tune, but is endless. there really any difference in any of them? Let me see. Cue guitar. 3. Ryan Gosling and Mila Kunis; Channing Tatum and Rachel Proceed to write about one of three things (or some combination): 1. There’s a pretty hot guy that you’ve been McAdams checking out that just doesn’t notice you. 2. I think you see the point I’m trying to make here. I’m sure I speak There’s a pretty hot guy, but he’s currently for a high population of guys when I say I’m sick of hearing girls talk taken by some girl that’s undeserving of about how sexy Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, or him. 3. You thought you were in love with Zac Efron is. The list goes on and on. Girls, I’m sure you’re tired of this pretty hot guy, but he broke your heart. hearing how attractive Mila Kunis, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Yeah, that pretty much covers it. T-Swift or Scarlett Johansson is. I think we can make a deal here. Let’s just needs to find a boyfriend that falls under the take all of these people off the map. Fix them all up together and average category. Meet Jesse Eisenberg. He they can go live on their own island of joy and good looks. We isn’t sweet or darling enough whereas she’ll both set standards much higher because of these jerks that make us write a song about her Prince Charming, but feel bad about ourselves. Where’s what matters on the inside? Isn’t he isn’t terrible enough to write a vent song about. Eisenberg pretty that important anymore? Can’t everyone just care about everyone much always keeps a low-key, occasionally funny personality. else’s feelings like in a Judy Blume book? Ugh. Anyway, that’s my proposed solution. Take it or leave it. All Photos from AP Images Blackout of 2013: The Chipmunks AlanaLomis|Staff Writer The darkness swallowed the school. Students clung to their iPhones, the only source of light in the building. What happened? What went on? Who turned off the lights? The backup generator that was supposed to keep the school partially lit failed, due to “chipmunks” gnawing on the wires. January 30 will go down in history as the infamous blackout of 2013. At 10:06 am, during fourth period, the high school lost all power. Students in rooms with no windows were relocated to rooms with a view, and then a partial lock down took effect. For over three hours, students were not allowed to leave. As time passed, students became restless. Any food that could be found was passed around. The teachers in the library passed out crackers and the cafeteria staff brought around fruit and salad to the first floor. Around 1:45 pm students were finally permitted to leave the building. Dismissal was a welcome relief as students attempted to rush to their lockers, until they realized they were not allowed access. Everyone got a much needed break from homework that night. If you have any information on said “chipmunks” please tell a responsible adult. Actual Image from Blackout 2013
  6. 6. PTHSMadi Start| Staff Writer Abroad Travels Traveling to different countries can be fun and exciting, especially if you’re with friends. Every year we count down the days until summer, but when it’s finally here we find ourselves constantly bored. Have you ever thought about experiencing a different culture? PTHS offers an incredible “study abroad” type program every summer. The best part is, you don’t actually study or take a test. The trip involves going to a Spanish-speaking country and experiencing their culture. This year, students are traveling to Toledo, Madrid, Mulan, Barcelona, and a few other cities in Europe. “Visiting Machu Picchu was the most amazing excursion our group embarked throughout the duration of the trip. To see such beautiful, historic, ancient, and symbolic masterpiece of a city of an antique empire was an experience that was highly difficult to describe with words in hindsight,” said sophomore All Photos from AP Images and Mrs. Daniel Krajovic. Boni Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship Andrea Salizzoni|Staff Writer All too often, the kind acts people perform everyday usually go unnoticed. Fortunately, the student members of PTHS’s Interact Club have always performed these acts by helping those who are less fortunate. On February eighth, active members of this club gave back to the most deserving men in our country. Students went to a local home that is open to house these men, thanks to a ministry called “Shepherd’s Heart.” The home is located in downtown Pittsburgh. Men are housed for up to six months, learning how to acclimate into normal everyday life. Men qualified to live in this home have served in the nations military. Men are taught to manage finances, deal with personal problems, become mobile with a physical handicap, and find joy in their lives again. Although the Interact students can only do so much for these men, they contributed as much time and effort as they possibly could. The night was a huge success. As a Valentine’s Day gift and a thank-you to these soldiers, our Interact Club prepared and served a pasta dinner for them. They also provided music, courtesy of the band students. The event was successful in that not only could we help these men, but we could get to know them and learn more about their experience overseas. Giving this night to these veterans was not only rewarding, but it was also a night that gave these men something to hold on to for the rest of their lives. February 2012 Although the trips are not school funded (meaning you must pay to attend these trips), they always provide students with a positive experience. Spanish teachers and other chaperones go on these adventures along with the students. There is more than one positive reason to go on one of these trips; you get to see the world from a different point of view, gain a new perspective, and of course, use the Spanish language. “The best trip hands down was Peru 2012. It was the first trip that I planned. It was the most beautiful and loving country I have been to,” stated Mrs. Degnan. Mrs. Degnan explained how students always mature after they visit these different countries because they get to see the world and experience things that people living in the US cannot experience. If money is an issue and you cannot afford the trip don’t worry; usually a trip occurs every summer or every other summer. Unfortunately, there are no fundraising opportunities, so you must save up the money on your own. From Spain to Costa Rica to Peru, as well as many other wonderful Spanish-speaking countries, PTHS students have been there. Although the Spanish teachers are not sure of where to go next year, it will surely be an incredible country. Life is short, and in high school it is important to live while you can, before you head off to college and are to busy to see the world. The Real World of Anatomy Kassiana Politis|Staff Writer Anatomy and Physiology II (Mentorship) offers hand-on experiences for students, giving them opportunities in almost any health field they want to pursue after high school. “The program was eye opening. You learn the things you can’t from a book,” said senior Kristi Riesmeyer. The goal of this class is to give students a beneficial experience working with actual doctors, nurses, and physical therapists. That type of experience cannot happen sitting in a classroom. “The program was awesome and very informative. It really helped me decide if I wanted to go into this field,” said senior Lauren Arcuri. Another goal of the program is to help students confirm if the medical field and their particular job choice are right for them. However, only fifteen students, each semester have this high school opportunity to mentor in a future career. “To be allowed in the program you need to pass Anatomy I with satisfactory grades, pass Biology and Algebra III, have a driver’s license, and be very responsible,” said Riesmeyer. The program is enjoyable and helpful for many students, but it does take a lot of hard work and dedication as there are many prerequisites required to be allowed in the class. For example, in order to pass the class students must complete a minimum of 30 shadowing hours with their mentor. The Antomy and Physiology II course offers a real world experience for all interested students in pursuing a career in the medical field should consider. Please contact the guidance office for more information.
  7. 7. 6 Sports Dakota Norton: Athelte of the Month ChrisWastchak|StaffWriter Skill is an easily recognizable attribute to spot. Shooting guard Dakota Norton’s basketball skills have displayed his inner talent as an athlete. With a 7-9 record, the team has their work cut out for them if they hope to make the playoffs. Though their record doesn’t reveal it, the team is battling. All of their losses have been within 8 points. “The team is looking good, we’ve lost many close games, but we’re battling and getting better every day,” said Norton. As a senior, Norton has stepped up and proven himself as a leader on the team. “The will to win is what drives me to do better in games,” Norton stated. Norton doesn’t just express his leadership with his talent; he also maintains his cool under pressure. It seems as though when he’s calm on the court, it helps the team’s overall performance. It’s because of this quality that makes his team looks up to him. “My vocal leadership and the way I handle myself in bad situations is what my team takes from me the most,” Norton said. Norton’s hard work off the court is another aspect as to why he is a star player on the team. His devotion to working out and the many extra hours of practice he puts in doesn’t hurt, either. “If you want to be good at something you must put time and effort into it,” said Norton. Skill is something that does not develop overnight. It is something that takes time and effort, and when you use those two to your advantage, you come out on top. Such is the case with Dakota Norton. JEFF:      With the NBA kicking off the second half of the season, there a couple of teams you should give serious consideration to make the finals. The Knicks from the East and the Clippers from the West are the teams that will make it. The Knicks have a leader in Carmelo Anthony and with a healthy Amar’e Stoudemire, NY should be nearly unbeatable in the Eastern Conference. The Clippers are more than deep enough to make a long run into the finals and battling for their first ever title. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will lead the team, and Jamal Crawford will come off the bench to put up some serious points.  JC: Good points Jeff, but you’re wrong. For the Eastern Conference, Miami is the team to beat for various reasons, one simply being because of their talent and depth. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are two of the best players in the NBA and make everyone else on their team better. Another reason is because they won the NBA Championship last year, so they know what it takes to get the job done. For the Western Conference, I love the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even with the loss of James Harden, this is a team that plays great at home. If they gain home court advantage throughout the playoffs, I do not see them losing to anyone in the Western Conference. Kevin Durant is the best scorer in the NBA and has been for a while. He is virtually unguardable, and with the help of his sidekick Russell Westbrook, they are a tough out. If these guys carry the team while the role players do their job, I expect to see a rematch for the title this year.  JEFF:  The Heat have a slim chance. but there is no way that the Thunder are going to get back to the finals for a second straight year. Yes, they do have big name players such as Durant and Westbrook, but they don’t have that sixth man that can make a difference. They have Kevin Martin, but he will not be able to put up the num- Christine Gaab: Athlete of the Month JesseEby|NewsEditor S e n i o r Christine Gaab has contributed to the swim team’s success this season. This is her tenth year swimming and she, along with the rest of the swimmers, has acquired more recognition throughout the township because of her undeniable success and prowess in the sports community. “I always keep my goals in mind when practicing. I try my hardest to make it to all of the nine practices we have a week because it’s my senior year and the last chance to qualify for WPIALS,” stated Gaab. Her “lead by example” mentality is a vital component to the team’s success and a major part of their past and, hopefully, future accomplishments. “This season we have a lot of potential to succeed in our section, and maybe even become section champs,” said Gaab. One of the hardships in all high school sports is losing experienced seniors, but Gaab is still confident in the team’s abilities. “Even though we lost some talented seniors, the freshmen we gained in return made up for the loss,” she said. Gaab’s experience and true passion for swimming is the foundation for her success this season. Her leadership has really brought the girls’ team together and is what sets her apart from the other girls. NBA Debate: Love and Hate Jeff BerryandJC Brush|StaffWriters bers that James Harden did in helping his team make it to the championship round the previous year. The Heat have Ray Allen to come off the bench and put up some threes to add a little bit of scoring, but he won’t be able to put up 15+ points on a nightly basis. If the Heat meet the Knicks in the Conference Finals, they won’t be able to handle the shooting of Melo along with occasional scoring by J.R. Smith. They just won’t be able to handle the Knicks.   JC: While both the Knicks and Clippers are playing extremely well in the regular season, they don’t have what it takes to get the ring. First off, the Knicks are simply a different team with Amar’e Stoudemire. Anthony does not play well with Stoudemire because they both want the ball every possession. The Knicks are so much better when they spread the floor and have a bunch of shooters on the floor which cannot happen with Amar’e on the court. There is no chance they can guard Miami, James and Photos AP Images Wade are too much. Finally, Anthony is not a playoff performer, he has only gotten through the first round ONCE in his career. I believe he is selfish and when the going gets tough, he won’t be able to get the job done. The Clippers are coming on strong this year, and have proved to be one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NBA with “Lob City,” but this is the same team that got swept by the older more experienced Spurs. Chris Paul cannot stay healthy and Blake Griffin is nothing more than a human highlight reel.
  8. 8. February 2012 7 Morality in Sports ShaneDazen|SportsEditor When I say Ben Roethlisberger or Michael Vick what do you think of? Quarterbacks? Surely. Superstars? You could make a good argument in their favor. Criminals who beat the system because of their status as superstar quarterbacks? Now that’s an entirely different ballpark. Whether you choose to believe it or not, it’s always in the back of your mind when you see the pair of shot callers slicing through opposing teams defenses and engineering game-winning drives Sunday after Sunday. “Roethlisberger’s a rapist” and “Michael Vick? Don’t you mean dog killer?” have become commonplace in society, and not without good reason. But take a second and think of this. Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens heralded linebacker, who is making his retirement tour more than just a short trip due to the Ravens unsuspected playoff run this season, is revered by both friend and foe as one of the greats to play the game both on AND off the field. His enthusiasm for football and his spirituality are unmatched, without a doubt. However, while a football hungry nation is basking in his success as a player, they fail to remember, or choose to forget, what happened on the night of January 31, 2000. Whether Ray Lewis was responsible for the murders of Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker on that fateful night is not for me to judge, but it brings up an increasingly unsettling issue that needs to be addressed. Rank the players in terms of their image as villains in society. I’ll give you a second. One...two…okay, come back to me. How many of you placed Vick at the top and Lewis on the bottom? That’s what I thought. Now, rank the players alleged crimes in order from most atrocious to least atrocious. Most would say murder tops everything else, I know I would. Herein lies the issue with the public’s perception of athletes in today’s world. Believe me when I say I DO NOT condone any of the aforementioned incidents, but why is it that we praise someone who may have murdered as something short of a god? Why is it that when kids go to play Madden they always want to be Michael Vick? The answer The Lockout Unlocked AlanaLomis|StaffWriter The end of the NHL Lockout br ings m i x e d feelings for senior hockey player Trevor Recktenwald. Even though hockey is back, it meant that the Tomahawk Charity Classic that Recktenwald was scheduled to play in was cancelled. The Tomahawk Charity Classic was a hockey game that was supposed to be played between a few Pittsburgh Penguins and the Johnstown Tomahawks of the NAHL. Recktenwald was also selected to play on one of the teams. Unfortunately, the match was cancelled due to the lockout ending. Despite the charity game being cancelled, Recktenwald is looking forward to the season. “I expect a very competitive season due to fewer games. The whole season will be more like a playoff atmosphere because there is less room for error in making the playoffs.” Recktenwald stated. Although Recktenwald won’t be able to skate alongside some of the Pens, it isn’t holding him back from gearing up for the games. Hockey fans everywhere can rejoice about the beginning of the 2013 NHL season. is simple. We don’t know any better. Athletes are a key cog in entertainment, and we are people that value entertainment over integrity and virtue. This is evident not only on the national stage, but also deep within a small Ohio town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Steubenville, Ohio, a self described “football hotbed”, with a population of about 19,000, has been ravaged by an alleged rape that has shocked the core of the community and split the town apart. The victim is said to have been unconscious, and was allegedly carted around to a series of parties on August 11th and 12th by members of the Steubenville High football team. She was allegedly sexually assaulted at least twice as others watched and took pictures and videos. The incident, which came to light a few weeks ago, and the cover up by a football community has left a girl stripped of her innocence by two 16 year old boys, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays, who have a date in court to decide their dismantled futures. Does the name Jonas Salk ring a bell? Members of New York Ladder Company 15? You probably have no idea who I’m talking about because these names never come up in everyday conversation, but they are more important to society than someone who plays a child’s game for a living. Without Salk, the Polio epidemic rages on and still affects millions today. Without the members of Ladder Company 15, hundreds more die in vain on that dreadful Tuesday morning in New York City eleven years ago. They didn’t have athletic ability, but they are more of a hero than Michael Jordan or Joe Montana or any other athlete will ever be. Max Preps Honors Lady Indians Soccer Kassiana Politis and Andrea Salizzoni|StaffWriters On February 1, 2013, Pennsylvania State Senator Matt Smith, along with MaxPreps Chief Representative,Matt Fargo, recognized the Varsity Girls’ Soccer and Tennis teams for their outstanding seasons. Each of these teams held state championships; with the soccer team accomplishing their third straight state title in a row, and the tennis team achieving their third state championship in the last four years. The title awarded to each team was the PIAA AAA State Titles. MaxPreps representative Matt Fargo said, “Out of one thousand schools across the country, we acknowledged 20 schools, and from those schools we rated the Peters Township Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team number one t h rou g hout the nation. AP Images and Photo by Tim Warne
  9. 9. 8 Opinion What’s Left, Seniors? MadelieneMaggs|StaffWriter We entered high school with nerves, expectations, excitement, and fears all based on what we heard. Some rumors stand true, but others are far off. We thought the end would never come, especially not this quickly, but now we are in the last semester of our high school career with many special events crammed in to our last 90 days. It is now February and we find ourselves waiting, hoping, and even dreading the direction of our future: college, workforce, military, etc. By the end of March, all letters should be received, and our decisions made by May. I know I find myself anxious and uncertain about where I will spend my next four years. Maybe relief will set in after we know the plan for our near future. Senioritis is especially kicking in; we tend to find ourselves out of focus with little desire to move forward with school work. “The second semester is always easier for me because there is more to look forward to with the warm weather and a fresh start,” said senior Lydia McCall. For some, this year is not yet slowing down; the AP tests are just around the corner. But the good news is after the AP tests, the school year is actually almost over. Mandy Magnotti stated, “It is a good feeling, but it is also surreal.” On a more exciting note, we still have prom to look forward to. Our last high school dance is coming, making some sad, and others rather relieved and excited. We started off freshman year going to Homecoming in October 2009 and will end with our senior prom in May 2013. The Snowball dance, hosted by the cheerleaders, was always enjoyable in February, breaking up the middle of the year. We have already experienced our last high school football game and our last high school basketball game is quickly approaching. “Being a part of the basketball team has been the best part of my high school experience. I’m sad that it’s ending, but thankful for what I’ve experienced. The things I will miss the most are not only games, but the Photo by Mrs. Boni friendships, memories, camps, and time spent with the team,” stated senior Craig Johnson. Senior week will include some of our last high school experiences at PTHS. Yearbooks will be distributed, signed, and then looked at 20 years from now. We will attend our last day of class Monday, June 3. The following days will be spent preparing to walk and receive our diplomas at commencement. It may be tiring and rather boring practicing, but when Friday comes the nerves and excitement will set in. We do get to have some fun in between those exhausting practices, with Kennywood and our senior picnic. These will be the last memories tied to PTHS with our friends. After graduation, most of us will go on a senior trip with our friends. It will be a time to celebrate our accomplishments of the past twelve years of our lives. It is also a time to enjoy with our friends before the eagerness of our rapidly changing future sets in. It will be interesting to all come together at our first reunion to see the changes we all have made. The future is ours, Class of 2013. How I May Possibly Anti-Climactically Meet Your Mother Eventually JoshGlicksman.Managing|EditorinChief Hi, my name is Josh Glicksman, and I’m a HIMYMaholic. I’ve watched every episode of “How I Met Your Mother” that has ever aired—it’s currently in season eight—and know each characters’ quirks and tendencies by heart. Now, you my dearest reader may see the term “HIMYM-aholic” and think that I absolutely love the show. No. In fact, I loathe it. I made the AA reference for a reason—I want to stop, but I just can’t. For those of you that are so blessed to have never invested your time in the series, “How I Met Your Mother” is a television show about a man who sits with his two children in the year 2030 and looks back as to how he met their mother. Cool idea, right? I thought so too. Well, apparently Ted Mosby’s (the main character of the series) kids have great attention spans, because he’s made little progress in the past eight years. Here’s the problem: Creators Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Missy Alexander have just run through the same routine for the past several years. And to be honest, I blame Alexander because the show started to go downhill ever since she joined in 2009. The writers simply open doors that they will never close. For you true fans, how many times have you heard Bob Saget (the 2030 version of Ted Moseby) say “but we’ll get back to that”—and then never do it?! So many plot points they wrap up horribly (i.e. Barney & Nora, Ted & Zoey). But hey, the show will just keep moving right along, no worries. Meanwhile, HIMYM has drastically limited its ability to make funny episodes. Josh Radnor’s (present-day Ted Moseby) character typically only shines when he admits that he is a hopeless loser, but all too often Bays and company attempt to make Moseby some sort of philosophical romantic that just makes me say “bleh.” Jason Segel (who plays Marshall Erikson) is a hilarious actor. It’s no secret—he’s starred in GREAT films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You, Man. So why the show’s writers insist on bogging him down to play the now-I’m-aresponsible-father-who-loves-my-wife role beats me. Where’s the crazy, fun, ridiculous Jason Segel that I love? Dracula musical! Lastly, there’s Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris). Here’s your bright spot. He’s always funny, unless he plays the “I love Robyn” role. In all other cases, he’s legen… wait for it… Now, this is about the point in the article where you must be thinking: What is this guy complaining about? Should he just stop watching the show? If you’ve watched the show for as long as I have, you’re pretty much stuck. You’ve followed this bogus story for eight long, dragging on, never-ending years. It’s impossible to stop now. We can just hope that the ending at least is interesting. It has to be. However, knowing the writers, Ted will probably just bump into his future wife, knocking over her Subway sandwich. Ted will proceed to try and pick up the sub, look up into her eyes, and feel destiny. Wow. Bravo.
  10. 10. February 2013 9 The Good and the Bad LydiaMcCall|StaffWriter For years, pop culture has been entertaining the lives of millions. Even though what celebrities wear and what they eat is considered jaw dropping, I find celebrity couples most interesting. You never know who is going to end up with whom or whose relationship is going to stay for good. We all thought Heidi Klum and Seal would last, but they showed us that love actually doesn’t exist when they filed for divorce. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have picked out the best and the worst celebrity couples of 2012. The celebrities that are on my “hot list” are ones that seem happy and close to normal in their “not so normal” lives. The first celebrity couple that I find darling is none other than Kate Middleton and Prince William. Sigh. The couple is downright adorable and you can’t help but be happy when you see them together. What makes this couple so charming, you ask? It may have to do with the fact that Kate was an ordinary girl who was swept off her feet into this fairytale and hasn’t looked back since. Again, sigh. The couple is expecting a child to turn their blissful marriage into a beautiful family. The next fabulous couple is Orlando Bloom and the lovely Miranda Kerr. They have been together for five years and she gave birth to their first child, Flynn just a year ago. The couple stays low key in their busy lives but whenever they are seen together, they still have a “honeymoon” glow about them. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are living proof that symmetry happens everywhere in nature. Bundchen is the highest paid super model in the world and Brady, is the highest paid NFL player in the universe. It is inevitable that these two would find each other. Other than being wealthy and blissful, the couple is extremely attractive and is probably the best looking couple of all time. The world better watch out whenever their two kids grow up. The last couple I need to mention is Beyonce and Jay-Z. Hip-hop’s most powerful duo has been together for a total of twelve years! What a milestone. Before the couple got engaged in 2007, they dated for seven years. Kudos to the happy family, along with their little baby, Blue Ivy. Now this is where my list gets a little nasty: the worst couples in Hollywood. First I will have to mention Chris Brown and Rihanna. Personally, I think they are two of a kind, but the relationship could not be more toxic. The couple has been keeping their dangerous relationship under wraps, but we all know the truth. Considering the fact that Rihanna has been posting pictures on Instagram of her holding Brown’s hand, it seems like they’re back together. The breakup of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber brings me great sadness. I’ll have to admit that I was the couple’s biggest fan about three months ago. They were the couple that radiated young love, but now they have become the melodramatic couple that we all see in high school. The couple broke my heart and took the world on an emotional rollercoaster during their break up. Finally, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West couldn’t be more suitable for each other but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. With both of their egos, the world, as we know it, may in fact blow up. “Kimye” is really what the Mayans had in mind when they predicted the end of the world. The Edge of the Cliff Photos from AP Images MorganBoyer|GuestWriter The scene plays itself again and again and yet we never seem to learn from our faults. Since 1999, 92 people have been murdered by school shooters. Many of the most infamous massacres such as Newtown, Virginia Tech, and Columbine have occurred in the last fourteen years. As a family friend of a man who survived the Virginia Tech shootings, I empathize greatly with the families of victims. After watching the news, researching various statistics, and reading an article written by the mother of a mentally ill child, I have an opinion about what is the cause of these tragedies. Let’s jump back to the 1980’s, during the years of the Reagan presidency. Nationwide, mental hospitals were closed down. How were the former patients supposed to integrate into the community? Sometimes, they were placed in community housing where they all lived together under a watchful eye, but that was not enough. Many of them wound up homeless, poor, and without proper medical care. For these individuals, being in a nation without government healthcare was the edge of the cliff. After the de-institutionalizing in the 1990s and 2000s, research was conducted on disorders such as autism, epilepsy, ADHD, and depression. However, care for mental disabilities was like paying for college tuition (without financial aid) for a three-year old child. Although these treatments were extremely effective and changed the lives of the patient as well as the families, they were expensive so many could not afford to pay for them. According to New York Times writer Tara ParkerPope, in her article “The Cost of Autism,” treatment costs can cost anywhere from $67,000 to $72,000 a year, depending on how severe the condition is. Suffering individuals are having more difficulty in society because they cannot afford these insanely priced treatments. Now imagine if you were homeless or a formal mental patient, living just under the poverty line (around $15K annually). Let’s say you earned around $12K per year and have suffered from schizophrenia all of your life. Your rent might cost you around $5K a year, your water bill around $500 a year, cable might cost you another $600 a year, and phone, another $500. Add the cost of food, maybe $600 a year, and gasoline, $2K a year. All of that closely adds up to $10K annually. How do you scrape up the money from the $2K you have left to pay for medicine that costs over $5K a year? That’s why I am calling for people on all ends of the political spectrum—Republicans, conservatives, liberals, Democrats, libertarians, and independents to provide all Americans with an effective mental health care system. Gun control is not what’s truly wrong with our country. If we are a beacon of hope to the world, we need to take the lead and provide all of our citizens with the necessary mental health care needed.
  11. 11. 10 Life & Style Beauty Buzz A new year brings new innovation in the world of beauty. Products such as BB Creams, beauty oils and new nail products are taking over the cosmetics aisle, and that’s just naming a few. Here are some must-have items to throw into your makeup bag that will be sure to leave a smile on your face for the rest of winter. BB Cream, or Blemish Balm Cream, is an all-inone replacement for foundation that primes, moisturizes, covers up just about everything that could need it, and provides sun protection. Costs and brands range anywhere from drugstore Garnier to luxury brand Boscia. Many companies are putting additional serums into Lexi Miller|Life and Style Editor their formulas that provide Up Break Up Cleansing Oil. Have you ever tried anti-aging, anti-acne, and ex- tra hydrating benefits. This is leather nails? Sequined? Cavone item that will become an iar? Nail companies such as everyday staple as it cuts down Nails, Inc., a London-based on time and provides the same company, have made these and look as four or five products many other designs. Their latest innovations provide everycombined. Beauty oils are bomb- thing needed to create these shell products in the cosmetics effects with a simple kit. While industry. They are essentially these innovations have yet to oil-based liquids that can be hit drugstore shelves, they can used on the cuticles, skin, and be purchased from Sephora or hair. Beauty oils come in for- Ulta. Urban Decay Cosmulas for cleansers, serums, and treatments. The key to metics has done it again with using a beauty oil is to ap- their best-selling “Naked” line ply it immediately following a by adding two new products: shower, when your skin has the the Naked Basics Palette and highest capability of absorbing the Naked Nail Polish set. The it. The top oil on the market basics palette includes 6 matte for hair right now is the Ojon shades, comprised of 4 of their Hair Therapy Treatment, and classic colors and two brand for skin it’s the Boscia Make new ones. The nail polish set includes nail polish adaptations of 6 colors from the Naked palettes. The neutral colors are perfect for winter and can go with virtually any outfit. These are some essentials that will not only make your winter beauty routine more effective, but also more fun. Check them out at your local drugstore, Sephora or Ulta! AP Images Find Your Disney Prince in PT KelseyHunter|StaffWriter D e Dazen k oin’ It Li og saw his e groundh rprise! Th e had crawled out su What a in. Even if h f flection o ga shadow a hole to find no re we would , of his little across the ground ter. This in his strewn x more weeks of w ng up ill have si re weeks of bundli ould st mo hw means six ring the cold, whic advisconque t a trusted ce of and hou ssible wit e noti not be po . I want you to tak nts and not y - pants used the word pa ide the ar at I outs the fact th it is freezing cold air of Jordan rts. When be wearing is a p rdan sho Jo to shirt and you need s last thing match your Jordan ith slacks or jean w t impress outfits. orts tha sh nt ead, aim to y t of differe shoes. Inst tch an assortmen rs such as light gre a lo at will m ntemporary co ing a th combin o Choose c s and mix it up by jean. If you’re enim n slack rk d or ta r to your with a da nice shirt , adding some colo harm, d feeling wil ould not do it any nds are w ie wardrobe because all your fr rdan her. Just around in their Jo have eit you ing busy runn orts doesn’t mean Be the d Nike sh w a fading trend. an follo to. Don’t end. tr Attention PT princesses: Once upon a time, in the royal township of Peters lived all the princesses and princes in the land. But, trying to find the perfect prince can be a difficult task. And with a bibbidy-bobbidyboo answer these questions to watch your PT Prince appear. 1. How do you want to meet your prince? A. He rescues you by helping you with your physics homework B. He wakes you up before getting caught sleeping by Mrs. Mannion C. He finds your calculator and returns it before your math final 2. What kind of date would you like your prince to take you on? A. Going rock climbing B. Going to the movies. C. Going out to dinner . 3. Where do you want to live with your prince? A. In the city B. In a rural farm area 4. What do you want your prince to give you as a gift? A. A box of chocolates wedges 5. C. In the suburbs B. A Tiffany ring C. A pair of What do you want your prince to be? A. A bad-boy B. A straight-A student C. An athlete Congratulations, you have found the type of prince you desire. If you picked mostly A’s, your prince is most like Jasmine’s prince, Aladdin. He is the typical bad-boy, living on the edge and supplying you with plenty of adventures. If you picked mostly B’s, your prince is most like Sleeping Beauty’s prince, who is the nice-guy that is always there for you. If you picked mostly C’s, your prince is most like Cinderella’s, Prince Charming. He is the kind of guy that will sweep you off your feet with his good looks and charm. Good luck finding him and living happily ever after.
  12. 12. February 2013 Runway-Your Way NicoleSpindler|StaffWriter Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Having a few of the basic essentials creates multiple looks and accentuates your style. Fashion is all about exploring, finding new ideas, and expressing yourself. Shopping is an awaiting adventure. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to find the accessories for a specific dress or outfit. You may not even have a set idea of what you are looking for, the fun of it is just experimenting with colors or styles that are unique or different. Here’s a first inside look at the new, bright, and cheerful trends that are going to hit the runway come spring time. A necessity for every girl is jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Layered necklaces, metallic bracelets, and three-dimensional earrings are examples of jewelry that can dress up any outfit for any occasion. Charming Charlie’s is great if you are looking for a specific color or pattern. Francesca’s Boutique is great if you are looking for something formal or school casual. Jewelry can also add an extra burst of “wow” to your hair strands by wearing clips and headbands. Clips or pins with rhinestones or bright colors can turn a laid back style into a trend. Pick jewelry pieces that can be worn with multiple looks. If you can wear it more than once, it was a great buy. Boots are a true fashion statement and it is great to have multiple pairs in different shades. Leather and combat boots are important to have in your closet; they go great with skinny jeans and a cute top. Snow boots are casual footwear that should be put away as winter comes to a close. Colorful or sequined boots can still be worn in early spring weather. Handbags come in all sizes and colors. Wristlets are small, simple, and perfect for a date night at the movies while over-the-shoulder purses are great for shopping or hanging out with friends. The dimension and texture of handbags updates any outfit. With these few basic necessities, you could be hitting the runway yourself. Play around with colors and patterns to make your outfits a work of art. Happy shopping! All Photos from AP Images ThrowbacksEliseJoziwak|StaffWriter a Comeback Making Fashion is one industry that constantly changes. Styles are in one day, and out the next, and then years later, they make a comeback. Everyone has walked through the hallways noticed the explosions of neon colors, leg warmers, or hair scrunchies. Like it or not, 80’s are making a comeback. Leg warmers are an old fad reintroduced to the world. They were huge in the 80’s and are huge today. Granted, we aren’t wearing the exact same ones as our parents did, but none the less they are often paired with Ugg boots or leggings. This brings up the next trend, leggings. Neon leggings, black leggings, or leggings with print on them were all major fashion styles in the 80’s and are again today. To complete this daytime 80’s look, pair your leg warmers and leggings with an over sized t-shirt. Not only could you pair up the t-shirt with leggings, but you could also go for more of an edgy look and match them with a miniskirt and a big, gaudy belt around your waist to sport over the shirt. Sound familiar? Ask your mom. Now of course all the fashion trends of the 80’s have been modified a bit for the 21st century, but the idea is still there. Some accessories you still see today would be oversized earrings, finger- less gloves, neon nail polish/ makeup, and Ray-Ban styled sunglasses. High waisted jeans and streaks of color in your hair have also been seen in this day and age. Thrown all together, you have a 21st century trendy look. Not only has the fashion of the 80’s made a comeback, but so have the hairstyles. Big volumized hair was the crucial aspect to completing an outfit back in the 80’s. The objective was to have your hair go out to your shoulders, and never move from there. Hairspray and a teasing comb were a girl’s best friend. The side ponytail and French braid have also had their second chance in the lime light. For the shorter hairstyles, the chopped edgy look is seen on many celebrities and teenagers, as well as the angular bob, which singer Rihanna sports well. The modern, updated version of all these looks can be seen almost anywhere. They’re the ones that obviously impacted the fashion industry enough to be brought back into the future and given a second chance. For as much as fashion changes, you will always have the styles Artist Madonna was one of the most that will never leave. influential fashion icons of the 80’s with her bold style. All photos from AP Images
  13. 13. To Be or N A Vale Opportunity: Valentine’s Day is all about love. However, just because you aren’t seeing anybody when it hits doesn’t mean you will be forever alone. It’s up to you to decide how you interpret the holiday. Some hate it. Some can’t get enough of it. But always remember, somewhere in the world there is a certain someone with an empty space in their heart, waiting for you to fill it. Valentine’s Day Cards : We were all five years old at one point. On Valentine’s Day we used to gather in our classrooms and exchange treat bags, many of which contained some form of chocolate and was always accompanied by a Valentine’s Day card. They are perfect for penning a nice ‘from your secret admirer’ on the back, and they are perfect if they have nothing on them at all! I JUST WANT TO BE A KID AGAIN! Candy Hearts: Or any candy for that matter. This is pretty self-explanatory. Number one, they are sugar, and no matter how hard you try to pretend you are going on a diet we all know that come February 14 you will be tossing these back faster than I can say Valentine’s. Secondly, who wouldn’t want a little ‘I love you’ or a ‘you’re sweet’ message laced all over a pre-packaged candy? If that is not enough to brighten your day then nothing is. The Atmosphere: It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or if you are single, Valentine’s Day brings out the best in all of us. It is the one day during the year where being happy is not accompanied by questions or fillers. I can’t exactly explain it in writing, but waking up on Valentine’s Day just has a different feel to it. Maybe I just keep getting hit by Cupid’s arrow. Matchmaker: Is it just me or is it odd how everyone seems to get matched with their best friend or the girl or boy they want to be matched with? I mean…technology definitely does not have anything to do with it, right? Regardless, paying two dollars for a sheet of paper with a list of beautiful women who are supposedly compatible with you doesn’t sound too bad to me.
  14. 14. Not To Be entine Spread designed by Raelynn Noonan Spread contributors Shane Dazen, Elise Jozwiak, and Jenna Taimuty Teddy Bears: Why would you need a teddy bear when the world has cats? They will cuddle with you, they give you kisses, and they are there for you after a bad day. Could a stuffed, inanimate object with a bow around its neck do that for you? I think not. Your Parents: Any normal day of the year they avoid each other. Now, all of a sudden, they can’t get enough of each other. It’s disgusting, we know. Just try to avoid them at all costs and take cover in your bedroom…and stay there. PDA in the hallways: To that couple all over each other in the hall…GO HOME. The school hallway is not a place to suck face. There is no need for it. Find another way to display to the student body how “in love” you are with each other. Chocolate and Flowers: So cliché. Why is there a need for someone who will most likely “break your heart” in a few weeks to buy you what you can buy yourself? The flowers will wilt, just like your relationship eventually will. You can purchase yourself higher quality chocolate than a heart shaped box full of mysterious generic candies. Go out with your friends and take a trip to Sarris. You’ll feel much better. Instagram and Twitter: On a normal day Instagram is filled with “selfies” and Twitter is filled with depressing tweets about how miserable everyone’s lives are. However, on February 14, the mood changes completely and everyone all of a sudden has “the best boyfriend in the entire world,” along with multiple kissy face emojis and pictures of their “adorable” presents. Please, stop. No one cares. Everyone would much rather see depressing tweets and inappropriate selfies than hundreds of girls/boys claiming that they have the cutest/best significant other.
  15. 15. 14 People Features The Ascent of the Titans NathalieLeng|Staffwriter Submitted Photo The Titans worked every Saturday to build and program their robot. Everyone thought that by 2013 there would be personal robots to do homework, make the bed, do the dishes, and complete other menial tasks. The technology is not there yet, but it isn’t far off and may be available in the near future. Though it’s too late for current students to have math-bots, it’s not too late to build them. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was created in 1989 to encourage future scientists and engineers to pursue their interests and learn what they will need in their future careers. FIRST sponsors various national programs for all ages, with two specifically geared towards high school students. The Titanium Titans, a team of fourteen Peters students, entered the FIRST Robotics Competition. “We’ve all built LEGOS and stuff, but it’s not good enough. So we decided to build a robot,” said sophomore Tyler Keane. The Titans, composed primarily of sophomores, began planning for the competition in October. The FIRST Robotics Competition requires students to work with professional engineers to build and program a robot to perform a specified task. Not only is this a learning opportunity, FIRST also awards over $16 million in scholarship money. The competition’s Kickoff took place at Carnegie Mellon University on January 5. “The Kickoff is where we got to learn about what the game is and afterwards we broke into random groups where we discussed strategies for the game. Afterwards you can leave or go to quick build where you start building the robot,” said sophomore Mitchell Leng. This year’s game is “Ultimate Ascent,” which is basically the robot version of Ultimate Frisbee. The robot must be able to toss Frisbees into a goal. Each goal is worth a different amount of points, and to win the robot must score the most points. “We program the robot to shoot Frisbees by itself, but at the end of the time limit we can manually control it,” said sophomore Wade Ogburn. Part of the challenge of the competition is the strict budget and time limit. The Titans had six weeks to complete their robot from parts provided at the Kickoff. Though they were given the parts, the Titans still needed to pay for them. “You have to get sponsors because it costs a lot of money. You have a limited budget of $4,000,” said Leng. The majority of the Titans hope to be engineers someday, and this competition gives them the opportunity to work with software, electrical, and mechanical engineers. These engineers serve as the mentors for the Titans and most are parents and community members of Peters Township. Submitted Photo The base of the robot has to be able to move as well as support the portion of the robot that shoots the Frisbees. Day at the Zoo with Lilly Fornof Vanessa Scoulos|StaffWriter the penguins ‘ Everyone has that passion, hobby, obsession or talent converting that keeps him going. However, not everyone uses that talent. swimming exhibit to a wave pool Freshman Lilly Fornof is unique. She employs her passion and for the penguins. Additionally, love of animals for good, volunteering at the Pittsburgh Zoo. they have created an automatic seal “When I was little, I really wanted to be an astronaut, until that mimics the characteristics and I learned more about the vacuum of never ending darkness called actions of a live seal, so the polar space, which I am now deathly afraid of. I have always loved animals bears have something to hunt. and decided to learn more about them,” said Fornof. Fornof has been The volunteers also made a nine volunteering weekly at the zoo since she was in eighth grade. She foot tall baby giraffe made out of is part of a program specifically for high schoolers called Zoo You. paper –mâché filled with meat. She is able to study the behavioral patterns of most of the animals They gave this giant toy to the lions at the zoo and even gets to handle some of the animals herself. She and watched as they ripped it apart. Submitted Photo has handled black bears, sea turtles, giraffes, snakes, peacocks and Apart from the hands on experience with much more. Fornof is even allowed to go behind the scenes with the animals, Fornof also takes higher level classes. They are very the tigers, lions and cheetahs. Of course, safety always comes first. rigorous note-taking lectures about animal behavior studies. “I’m “Apart from the elephants and their lucky to have the opportunity to take these classes, I’m learning trainers, no zoo keeper enters an exhibit without so much and I plan on using everything to help me succeed in the animals being tranquilized first”. Fornof said. school,” said Fornof. She definitely plans on using the experience Fornof and her fellow teen volunteers also work to she gains at the zoo for an animal related job in her future. make the zoo a better place for the animals. They are currently
  16. 16. February 2013 Freshman Madison|StaffWriter Takes Charge Kerr NicoleTorchio “Ever since first grade I’ve gone to all the high school basketball games. My dream was always to be like them, and now my dream is being fulfilled,” said freshman Madison Kerr, who is currently a starter on the girls’ varsity basketball team. Not only is Kerr already playing at the varsity level, she’s also a captain on the team. “The most important aspects of being a captain are trying to be a good leader and gaining the respect of my teammates, there is a lot of pressure on me, but I’m gaining practice against more experienced, older players,” said Kerr. It’s not an easy position to fill, but Kerr is up for the challenge. Her coach, Ed Matthews, praised Kerr for her efforts. “Her hard work, leadership, and passion of the game makes her the perfect captain,” Matthews said. When Kerr is not practicing with her team, she makes her own practice time to improve her skills. Kerr leads the team in points, as she is the highest scoring player. She also made the girls’ varsity volleyball team earlier this school year and lettered. Although sports take up a majority of her time, Kerr really tries to concentrate on her academics. She was on the high honor roll the last two quarters. However, with basketball season currently in full swing, the team is her main focus. “My personal goal is to make my teammates, parents, and coaches proud. It is also to be a four year starter for the high school team and to continue to improve in all aspects of the game,” said Kerr. While working towards her personal goals, she also has to set goals for the team. Kerr said, “Some of our team goals are to improve our game every day and to grow together as a team and family.” Although Kerr has to balance school and sports carefully, it’s all worth it to her, as she describes basketball as her “passion.” Submitted Photo In the Spotlight: Evan Opeka H e was only five years old when he first took the ice. Since then, junior Evan Opeka has won countless regional skating competitions and is a two-time national speed skating champion. The Peters Township junior, qualified last year for the United States Class One Olympic Team, and is currently ranked first in his age group. “It was honestly such an amazing accomplishment,” said Opeka. When Opeka was eight, he decided to be the AndrewStroud|StaffWriter first one in his family to play Team, playing against oppohockey. “I’ve always wanted to nents around western Pennplay it looked so much fun,” sylvania. “It’s a lot of traveling said Opeka. He then started and training, but in the end, it’s his hockey career with the worth it,” said Opeka. Southpoint Rink Rats. Today, On weekdays, Opeka Opeka plays AA for the Pitts- is known as #75 for the Peters burgh Predators 18 and under Township hockey team. The squad, but no matter how old Indians, who are currently tied he was or who he played for, he for first place with cross ice has always been the fastest one rivals Canon- Mac, may have out there. “It seemed too easy their eyes set on yet another sometimes,” Opeka said with a Penguins Cup appearance. smile. “Speed is a really big ad- “We had a rough start since we vantage in this league.” are so young and it took a while One can only imagine to get going, but now that we how busy Opeka is on a daily have beaten some good teams basis playing for two hockey we are having a lot of success,” teams and competing nation- said Opeka. ally as a speed skater. His day Opeka, who has restarts at the ice rink at four corded six goals and four A.M. for speed skating. Later, assists so far this season, is Opeka travels for his Predators helping his team achieve their A Future Marine NicoleFolino|StaffWriter “I have always been very interested in the military since I was young. But as I got older I wondered what I would do with my life and realized that I wanted to serve my country and do something worthwhile and something only one percent of the population does,” said senior Justin Puente. “I would like to think I am prepared to stay long distances away from my family, but like most people I still do not know how I will react to being away from my family and friends.” Puente made the life-changing choice of enlisting in The Few, The Proud, The United States Marine Corps. Currently, Puente is signed up for a four-year enlistment. Training will begin for him as soon as he graduates. His training for the Marines consists of boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina for thirteen weeks, then Marine Combat Training Battalion for 29 days. His military job will be decided after ten week of training in Military Occupational Specialty school. The hardships of joining the military seem ultimate goal, a state championship. “As a team I can say we are looking forward to this opportunity, and with this team, we can do it.” With this year’s seniors leaving after the season, Opeka’s role for the Indians is going to be much greater next year. However, it is also a challenge that he will gladly accept. “Each year our roles get bigger and each year we improve as a team, so yes, I’m ready to accept a larger role.” stated Opeka. We can expect a lot out of Opeka with the speed he has. He may win many additional medals and who knows? Maybe even yet another national championship. to fade when Puente thinks of all the amazing experiences he will enjoy and all the places he will visit. Puente’s parents, although worried about his well being, are very supportive of his decision to join the Marines, which also calms some nerves. Puente feels that he is prepared for the drastic transition into the world of a Marine. “It is hard because you will never know where you will be or what you will be doing, but I know I am absolutely willing to fight and die for my family, friends, and my country,” Puente stated. Puente plans on receiving his college degree after his first term and more than likely, re-enlisting in the United States Marine Corps once he graduates.
  17. 17. llan By: Matt Mu Technology is great, I’ll be the first to say that we are addicted to our conveniences. However, there are some things that we shouldn’t use it for, such as, ASKING SOMEONE OUT. The ‘Friend Zone’ Don’t lead anyone on, and then shut them down. If you have other super awesome plans with your super awesome friends and someone isn’t invited, don’t tell them about it and then not invite them. That’s rude. They will just stay home and eat an entire carton of ice cream, alone, in their basement, watching reruns of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The ‘Incredibly Blunt’ Use the manners that your parents took so long to teach you and ask someone out. Don’t TELL them. Hold a nice conversation and then ease into it and ask them. Better yet, why don’t you talk to them in person?
  18. 18. The ‘Wrong Number’ If someone texts you, text them back. Don’t be a jerk and make them go crazy thinking “why aren’t they texting me back?!” Let them down easy. Sure it’s easier to just not text them and run away from your problems, but you know what’s even more mature? Telling them in person. The ‘Group Message’ Just… no... So the moral of the story: Texting someone is all fun and games until you try to ask someone out. Just talk to them in person, human interaction is FUN!
  19. 19. 18 Entertainment All’s Gold in Tinseltown HannahCarpenter|StaffWriter With awards season about in full swing, critics and fans alike are making their predictions about which entertainers will take home trophies this year. Despite the television awards show, the Emmy’s, being months away, every other aspect of the entertainment business is being recognized for the achievements of the past year. Although the opinions of the critics are considered the most credible, these opinions don’t always reflect those of the fans. For this reason, we turn to the students of Peters Township for their favorites in entertainment from the past year. The Academy appears to have shown a great deal of class in its nominations for fine films of the past year. Although I would strongly advise a trip to see all nominated films, there were a few that made quite an impact on critics specifically. Of course, the Oscars nominations would be incomplete without a Spielberg film. Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” received twelve nominations and appears to be the critics’ favorite this year. “Lincoln” is accompanied by the previously limited release, “Zero Dark Thirty,” about the American take-down of Osama Bin Laden. Austrian drama “Amour” received five nominations, including Best Picture. Fan-favorite “Silver Linings Playbook,” received a multitude of nominations. Besides the obvious bias in favor of Stephen Chbosky’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” the students of Peters Township favored a variety of films from 2012, which they think you should see as well, these include: The 2013 Grammy award nominations feature some new and familiar faces. Indie-folk crooners, Mumford Sons received multiple nominations and will most likely sweep house again this year. Frank Ocean of Odd Future fame gained a lot of attention for his album Channel Orange and is favored by the Academy and fans alike. Pop-rock group, fun., Detroit Alt-rockers, the Black Keys, and country-pop favorite, Taylor Swift are all favored by most. “Regina Spektor’s What We Saw From the Cheap Seats”– Madelyn Estep, ‘13 “Ed Sheeran’s +”– Morgan Everson, ‘15 “Maroon 5’s Overexposed”- Matt Hilzendeger, ‘15 “Mumford Sons’ Babel”- Jake Caputo, ‘13 “Blink-182’s Dogs Eating Dogs”- Joey Cortese, ‘15 “fun.’s Some Nights”- Annie Koch, ‘15 This past summer, the Primetime Emmy Awards, once again, showered ABC’s Modern Family with four awards, including (yet again) Best Comedy Series. Dramatic favorites for 2012 included AMC’s Breaking Bad, Showtime’s Homeland, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Also honored History Channel’s The Hatfields McCoys , Louis C.K. for his own show and multiple specials, and the cast and crew of HBO’s Game Change. “FOX’s New Girl”- Stephanie Vierheller, ‘13 “NBC’s Revolution”- Garrett Warmbein, ‘13 “MTV’s The Inbetweeners”- Nick Fury, ‘14 “CBS’s Vegas” – Ross Lynam, ‘13 “AMC’s The Walking Dead”- Zach Rothhaar, ‘16 “CBS’s How I Met Your Mother”- Kylie Marshall, ‘15 Emmy Awards Academy Awards What PT Students Love Grammy Awards What the Critics Love “The Dark Knight Rises”- Caitlin Pendergast, ‘15 “Pitch Perfect”- Mandy Magnotti, ‘13 “Beasts of the Southern Wild”- Josh Glicksman, ‘14 “Titanic 3D”- Grace Baumiller, ‘14 “Silver Linings Playbook”- Hannah Squeglia, ‘13 “The Avengers”- Dan Wiegmann, ‘13 PopulAr Mystery TV Hit CaseyKirwan|StaffWriter The ABC Family hit drama series Pretty Little Liars started back up with its winter premiere in January. Although the new episodes are answering fans’ questions, new ones are rising, causing fans to sit on the edges of their seats, anxiously awaiting the next weekly episode. Pretty Little Liars debuted in 2010 and has increased in popularity all around the world. The show follows four, once best friends. The queen bee of their group, Alison, mysteriously disappeared one night at a sleepover. It is not until a year later, that Alison’s body is discovered and the mystery behind her murder begins, bringing the girls close again. Throughout the series, the girls receive anonymous text-messages from an unknown figure that goes by the name of “A”. The series’ main storyline surrounds the fight to uncover the identity of “A,” and learn the true story behind Alison’s murder. The show, as well as the stars of it, have been nominated numerous times for awards such as the Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and the Young Hollywood Awards and have won nearly all of them. Fans everywhere are watching in anticipation as the murder mystery unfolds. AP Images
  20. 20. February 2013 Anticipated Albums of 2013 MattMullan|StaffWriter Big Sean – Hall of Fame (February 2013) Big Sean has not had a very long career, but he is already working on his sophomore album entitled Hall of Fame. He created a lot of buzz from his Finally Famous mixtapes and his first album Finally Famous: The Album. Signing with G.O.O.D. Music was a dream come true for the Detroit rapper. While working with Kanye’s expertise and the rest of the G.O.O.D. music crew, we can expect a lot from his second album. Mac Miller – Watching Movies with the Sound Off (Spring 2013) Mac is busy putting out yet another album. His successor to Blue Slide Park is Watching Movies with the Sound Off, and he is collaborating with a number of different artists such as Schoolboy Q, Earl Sweatshirt, and Ab-Soul. Mac has been working on completing not only this album, but he will be releasing not one, but two new mixtapes. The first is “Pink Slime”, which is his collaboration between Pharrell and himself, and his second is entitled “92 Til Infinity”. 2013 is going to be a big year Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience (TBA) JT is back! On January 14, Justin Timberlake released a single of his new project, The 20/20 Experience, called “Suit Tie” which has a smooth, classy, and jazz-filled mood to it. Timberlake says he started working in the studio again in June 2012, and went in with no rules or end goal in mind. He is working with artists and producers such as Jay-Z (who is featured on the newly released track), Pharrell, and Timberland. The comeback of JT has been long awaited and seeing what he has been working on the past few months will be a treat for all of his fans. KiD CuDi – Indicud (March 2013) Scott Mescudi has been working hard on a multitude of different projects from short films with Shia LaBeouf, to his alternative side project WZRD, to working on the G.O.O.D. Music collaboration album, Cruel Summer, and not to mention his individual career. Cudi has released a preview of his newest album Indicud with the release of the song “King Wizard.” He is working with other artists and producers such as King Chip and Diplo. His collaborations are the most exciting part of his new album and should live up to the hype. The Entertainment Must-List Laura Purkey |Online Editor-In-Chief Valentine’s Day is approaching and so are the same predictable rom-coms and ridiculous Rod Stewart love songs. But the day doesn’t have to be filled with these sappy movies and cheesy music. Instead, here are some cliché-free pop culture greats for February 14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind This movie about love is one you’ll actually want to see. When a couple’s relationship goes downhill, they both try to erase each other from their minds to get rid of all the awful memories. However, the process makes them realize the good moments in their relationship outweigh the bad. Clementine (played by a rambunctious Kate Winslet) and Joel (a refined Jim Carrey) then go back and explore their memories together. The unique storyline and beautifully directed shots combine to make the movie a must-see. The 1920’s There are few things more intriguing than the Roaring Twenties. Everything about the culture is interesting-the art, the music, and the literature gave the time period a feel that was larger than life. It was a period of happiness that was captured perfectly by jazz singers and writers. This Valentine’s Day, open up The Great Gatsby and listen to the great Louis Armstrong and be transported to a time of bliss and love. Silver Linings Playbook Everybody is a little crazy, whether diagnosed or not.  Silver Linings Playbook is a movie that embraces the crazy.  Utterly refreshing, the film tells the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper) who moves back with his family after spending eight months in rehab.  Trying to return to normalcy is harder than expected, especially with the bold and equally problematic Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) befriending him.  Being normal may be ideal, but it’s never realistic. Keystone Bakery Located in Belle Vernon, the sweet and sensational bakery crafts its staple—cakes and footprint cookies. Its sugary desserts are the only cliché you’ll want to feed into this Valentine’s Day. The Flying Club Cup Beirut is just one of the amazing bands that never receive enough recognition. Founded by Zach Condon, the American band relies on many different instruments in their music (ukulele, accordion, euphonium, trumpet, and even conch shells). Their second album, The Flying Club Cup showcases a heavy French influence, giving it a slightly romantic feel. Condon’s soft melodic voice and gentle lyrics make the album easy to listen to. Standout tracks include “Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route),” “A Sunday Smile,” and “Nantes.” The Weeknd RB is one of the worst clichés for Valentine’s Day. However, wunderkind RB singer Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) changes the game. His soothing and intimate voice mixes with intricately layered beats to create an entirely new sound for the genre. At the end of 2012 he released the album Trilogy, a must-have for February 14.
  21. 21. 20 News Steubenville Rape Case: Is Social Media A Blessing or a Curse? RebeccaPerryman|NewsEditor With recent sexual assault incidents dominating the news and social media platforms, social network users are concerned about their online security. The Steubenville rape scenario proves that although Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are “private,” there is nothing private about any material posted online. As technology advances, the skills and abilities of internet hackers advance as well. Social media can be a blessing or a curse, but in the Steubenville rape case, it can definitely be considered a curse. Listed below are the events that took place leading up to the trials. *August 11, 2012-alleged gang-rape took place at a party in Steubenville, Ohio. A 16-year-old girl was drugged until unconsciousness and was assaulted by members of the high school’s football team. Social media was involved at the party, including pictures, videos and status updates which were posted to Twitter and Facebook *August 14, 2012-the event reported to the police by the victim and her parents *August 22, 2012-local news networks reported the incident and the names of two of the football players, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, both 16, were arrested for rape and kidnapping *Throughout August, the pictures and status updates started to be deleted *November 2, 2012-Mays and Richmond were released from a juvenile detention center and placed under house arrest, kidnapping charges were dropped *December 16, 2012-New York Times article made the news go national *December 23, 2012-Anonymous leaked thousands of Ohio residents’ records to get noticed *December 29, 2012-#OccupySteubenville-Anonymous organized a protest because of the injustice *January 1, 2013-Anonymous group member “KnightSec” had his leaked information put on a website called “Localleaks” *January 2, 2013-Anonymous leaked a graphic video of the guilty football team members making fun of the victim *January 4, 2013-Jim Parks, one of the alleged adults involved in the crime, released a statement claiming that the whole incident is false The February 13 trial may prove to be a landmark case when it comes to social media’s role in society. Due to the leaked videos and status updates, the public has perceived the two accused offenders as guilty. It will be interesting to find out how online evidence will play a part when both sides testify. All photos from AP Images Shift in Secretary of State MariaHoge|StaffWriter Teamwork is vital in order for a presidential cabinet to function. In Obama’s second term of presidency, he choose to release and replace ten members of his cabinet, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It all started when Clinton suffered a concussion from a fall, as a result of dehydration, caused by the flu. Clinton then took a post-concussion test, only to discover that she had a blood clot located behind her left ear. Three days later she was admitted for treatment, and she was released, but not before she was let go from her position in the Obama Administration. The move to release her may have been a unpopular with most people, but then again it could end up helping her career. Clinton is receiving a much needed break, and is getting a chance to regroup if she were to run for president in 2016. “If anything, just hearing about her changing positions on the news might in fact increase her political status, but there is no way to know for sure,” said sophomore Alex Meseck. Not only could this boost Clinton’s political status, but it could also distance her from the criticism that Obama is receiving for events like the attack in Benghazi. There is no better way to create a fresh start with foreign leaders than bringing in the experienced John Kerry. What in the World? RebeccaPerryman|NewsEditor Maybe public embarrassment is the best form of punishment. A woman in Cleveland passed a school bus which was unloading children by driving around it on the sidewalk. Her form of punishment was determined by a Cleveland judge who believed her misdemeanor deserved public punishment. The consequences involved the woman holding a sign on a public street that read, “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” Guess she won’t be passing school buses anymore! Who knew elephants could talk? Koshik, a 22-year-old South Korean elephant uses his trunk to produce sounds similar to his trainer’s voices, and is capable of saying “sit down”, “lie down”, “hello”, “good” in Korean. Unfortunately, Koshik is not very skilled at pronouncing consonants, but it’s a thrill that he can even utter vowels. We all know our fair share of weird laws-no chewing gum in Singapore, no carrying ice cream cones in your back pocket in Kentucky, but who would’ve thought throwing snowballs would become illegal? The police are cracking down on anyone who throws snowballs at people or vehicles. It makes sense, but it’s definitely not something you’d expect to be a major crime. A police department in England attempted to “connect with”, or threaten the younger generation via Facebook. Although teenagers are viewing the new law as a joke, there have been no arrests thus far. Forget being afraid of snakes, spiders or bears, because owls are the next predators to watch out for. A 58 year old man living in the UK became the victim of one of the first reported owl attacks. He was hospitalized after the owl swooped down and sliced the back of his head. The man was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance because of the large amounts of blood. Prior to seeing the owl perched behind him, the man believed he was hit by a brick!
  22. 22. February 2013 21 Promised Land: The Marcellus Shale Controversy JuliaGauthier|PeopleFeatures Editor Oil: it’s dirty, it’s toxic, and it’s looking to seal some key natural gas reserves in a small town. Seemade from dead dinosaurs. So ing that the town has been going through financial difficulties, Butwhy do we use it? Companies such ler assumed this would give the town some much needed economic as Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania relief. However, over the course of his campaign, he is met with and Equitable Gas wondered the much resistance from Dustin Noble (Krasinski), a leader of an ensame thing, and so came the intro- vironmental campaign. duction of a new form of energyThe issue, like most, is not black and white. Before jumping to natural gas. any conclusions, it is important to understand its pros and cons. Natural gas is a colorless, odor- Natural gas is a clean energy source and using it could cut down on less gas that is cleaner and safer the release of particles such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides into the than most other energy sources. air, both of which could cause health problems such as asthma. In Objectively, it seems like an an- areas where fracking occurs, communities will usually experience swer to the “go green” movement. However, natural gas can only an increase in economic activity. For many, this is a big deal conbe found in small pockets under the ground and the method of sidering the current state of the economy. Finally, by making the extracting (also known as fracking) may not be as “green” as some switch to natural gas, the cost of energy may decrease. would like. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of exConversely, runoff and erosion from drilling sites may affect the tracting natural grass from shale rock layers deep within the earth. habitat for thousands of organisms in surrounding areas. Drilling Though the EPA has put in strict regulations for companies looking can add hazardous contaminants to water supplies. Scientists have to frack, many environmental hazards have yet to be discovered. found large supplies of methane gas in water near drilling sites, These potential health hazards have started a huge controversy, which is then carried to thousands of households and buildings. especially in Pennsylvania (where many natural gas reserves have Fracking may also have a “gold rush” kind of effect on the drilling been found). The movie Promised Land, starring Matt Damon and towns meaning the economy will experience a sudden spike but John Krasinski, attempts to portray both sides of the story. In the once the reserves run out, jobs will be lost and the economy will film, Steve Butler (Damon) is a salesman from a major company once again decline. Tweet-Tastic First it was MySpace, then Facebook, and now, Twitter. The majority of students are checking their feeds constantly, and tweeting every few hours. But there’s a dilemmaeverything you tweet is now being archived in the United States Library of Congress. They are doing this to save a part of our culture for future generations to see. However, this will only affect those who have public accounts; private tweets will not be archived. As long as this is going to happen, we may as well make our tweets memorable. Some of the topics that were popular on Twitter were the re-election of President Obama, Hurricane Sandy, and the Olympics. Other topics NatalieRihmland|StaffWriter that were also a big hit included SOPA, a bill introduced by the House of Representatives to fight online copyrighted property and counterfeit goods, the NFL Lockout, and the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. On the night of the election, 31 million tweets were sent out and the picture that @ BarackObama tweeted of him and his wife with the caption “4 more years” was retweeted the most times ever in history: over 320,000 times. This remained a huge topic in the “Twittersphere” for many weeks after the election. Hurricane Sandy brought in a huge storm of tweets with 20 million tweets sent between October 27 and November 1. People are still tweeting about it today. Many of the victims have tweeted pictures of the damage to show how the East Coast was affected by the Super Storm. The 2012 Summer Olym- pics were an enormous trend on Twitter over the sixteen days. Using the hashtag #London2012, it received the most overall tweets of any event, with 150 million tweets in total. 115,000 tweets per minute were sent as the 1990s band, the Spice Girls, performed at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Tweeting is a major part of social media. It is becoming a huge part of our culture. The Library of Congress is going to be saving all of our tweets, so fill your tweet box with 140 characters and help preserve the culture of the 21st century. All Photos from AP Images
  23. 23. Gallery... Photography class has a very relaxed atmosphere, but students have to be focused. Time management is an important aspect of the class. Students work on new projects that allow them to develop their knowledge about Photoshop, the photography techniques, and DSLR cameras. Each year, the classes host a Gallery at the Peters Township Public Library for two weeks in February to display their work. Emily Cocco, 12 Cassi DeLuca, 11 Emmalee Doucoeur, 11 By Jenn Coffey Emma Norton, 10
  24. 24. McKenna Hammer, 12 Dominika Troutman, 10 Kayla Goedert, 10 Abbie LaVigna, 12 Cole Kerner, 12 Justin Puente, 12
  25. 25. 24 Voices Seniors- What is your best Valentine’s Day box memory? Justin Magnotti Hannah Carpenter “Getting candy hearts- they’re always cool.” “I got a cut out valentine in 5th grade that said ‘you’re pretty.’” Christian Nossokoff “Putting more candy in my 4th grade crush’s box.” Jordan Schuler “I got a card that said, ‘you’re sweet’.” Juniors- Have you ever gotten/given a gift from someone on Valentine’s Day? Evan Chernicky “No, nobody loves me.” Tori Weida “Yes, a box of chocolates.” Shaun McNally “A rose.” Rachel Moore “I gave my grandmother a huge Sarris’ chocolate bar.” Sophomores- Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? Alexa Marchisotto “Yes. That’s how I met my boyfriend.” Kyle Lewis “No because you have to get to know the person first.” Freshmen -What’s your best pickup line? Nora Barczak James Minton “Are you from space? ‘Cause you’re out of this world.” “Just give them a candy heart that says ‘Be Mine’”. Teachers- Who was your first crush? Mr. Burns Mrs. Duffy “My neighbor.” “A girl in my class in 4th grade.” Stephanie Rossi “No, you can’t look at someone and just know.” Luke Hurley Jacob Kerr “No, you need to get to know them.” Catie Michalski “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” “Are you a library book? ‘Cause I’m checking you out.” Ms. Blackhurst Mr. Antonelli “Justin Timberlake.” “No one loved me.”