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03 feb14


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Published in: Education, Technology
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03 feb14

  1. 1. Cassi Smoke SignalsFeb. 2014/Vol. 5 Issue 3 Tribute to Middle School Couples New: What’s inyour lockerpg. 24 Save Your Selfie pg. 12 Wes Tony Christian Jon Naomi Matt Kristin Maddie Andi Emmalee Andrew Jill JC Josh Emilou Jesse Luke Tori Jenna
  2. 2. Volume V Issue III Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 724-941-6250 Smoke Signals Layout by Kristin Slomiany Happy Valentine’s Day from
  3. 3. Josh Glicksman Editorial Team Leader Cassi Deluca Layout Editor-in-Chief Kristin Slomiany Layout Editor-in-Chief Shane Dazen Print Editor-in-Chief Jenna Taimuty Print Editor-in-Chief Jesse Eby Section Editor-Student Content Andrew Stroud Section Editor-Student Content Rebecca Perryman Web Editor-in-Chief Casey Kirwan Web Editor-in-Chief Andrea Salizzoni Web Editor-in-Chief Nicole Torchio Business Editor-in-Chief JC Brush Section Editor-Sports Kelsey Hunter Section Editor-Sports Elise Jozwiak Section Editor-Entertainment MeettheSeniorEditors Kassianna Politis- #connect Editor Natalie Rihmland- Business Editor-in-Chief Nicole Spindler- Business Editor-in-Chief Nicole Folino- Section Editor: Life and Style Maria Hoge- Section Editor: News Madi Start- Section Editor: PT Focus Vanessa Scoulos- Section Editor: Student Content Meet the Junior Editors Nicole Beichner Naomi Burke EmmaLee Ducoeur Bailey Fink Olivia Glod Alana Hiner Jill Kovac Maddy Lampert Emilou Landas Natalie Leven Kourtney Martin Valerie Mikec Deidra Moran Tori Piscatelli Joanna Pollock Karen Richtar Maddie Woodrow Brenna Woodside Staff
  4. 4. Sports: Entertainment: PT Focus: Life and Style: Student Work: Outside the bubble: 7 4 18 11 8 22-23 20 Table of Contents Mission Statement Smoke Signals is produced six times a school year by the students of Media II, III, IV Journalism Staff at Peters Township High School. The staff adviser is Mrs. N. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opin- ion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its adviser, or the Peters Township School District. #Connect: 12-13 16-17 People Features: 14 PT on the Rebound Save Your Selfie Friends The Gallery Horoscopes Vine Past Teachers Middle School Couples What in the World
  5. 5. PT Focus // February 2014PTHS Five Candy Hearts to NOT Give Your CrushJoshGlicksman|Editior-in-Chief Are candy hearts delicious? No. Regardless, let’s take a look at the candy hearts that you should not be giving to your crush this Valentine’s Day. This is important stuff. I got all of your backs. You’re welcome. Does it even get the point across? It really depends on the age of the kid that delivers this candy heart. If a fourth grade boy who just mustered up the courage to hand this over to his crush, then he’s probably got himself a steady girlfriend. However, if a kid in high school is trying to get his point across by handing a girl this candy heart, it’s not going to work. This candy heart says “Hi! I’d like to be friends forever! You can tell me about all of your issues, but I should never expect any sort of relationship with you.” Well, it doesn’t say all of that, but you guys get the point. Pass.   Believe me, I’m just as shocked as you that this candy heart actually exists. Go ahead, look it up. This really should be higher on the list. Then again, it’s actually pretty hilarious. How many kids reading this know how to properly send a fax? Does ANY kid reading this even have a fax? I’m not positive, but I thought faxes were used for business purposes. Don’t mix business with pleasure. What’s next? Go Phone me? MySpace me? AIM me? Wait, I take that last one back. Instant Messaging is still beyond cool. As a matter of fact, please instant message me so I know it’s real. But don’t expect a reply if your away message isn’t phenomenal.   What does this accomplish? Is this some form of self-flattery? This is just a random adjective that doesn’t even have a subject to describe. Now, the candy heart “U R Cool” is a totally different story. In fact, any heart that uses the phrase “U R” is a definite go. Those ones establish your tech savviness and general coolness. Anyway, back to the adjectives. Giving this heart to a crush just leaves both parties confused. What’s cool? What’s awesome? You might as well just give a funnier, more random phrase if you’re going to go with that method. Give him/her a heart saying “Yeezus.” Genius.   Unrelated: how amazing would it be if selfie candy hearts were a thing? Maybe you send in various selfies with the order. I could be sitting on a million-dollar idea here. Anyway, don’t give your crush a command with your candy heart. Smile? Here’s how it’s going to work out: you walk up to your crush and stop him/her to give the “present.” He/she then proceeds to look at the heart, and look up with an awkward smile and a nervous laugh. End of conversation. What else is he/she supposed to do in that situation? Walk away? You’ve put him/her in a place where he/she has no choice but to smile and want to roll their eyes. It’s awkward for both parties. Talk about awkward situations. That’s skipping from A to Z. Both sides know that this isn’t a serious proposal, so what’s being accomplished? How hilarious, you fake proposed! You’re so clever and witty. This definitely means that he/she is thinking about it for the future though, don’t worry. You should probably just making wedding plans right now. You know what? If anyone receives this candy heart on Valentine’s Day this year from a crush, please just throw it back at the deliverer. He/she deserves it. The fake marriage joke goes into the same category as “see you next year!” on New Year’s Eve. Hug Me Fax Me Cool Smile Marry Me  04 Layout by Val Mikec
  6. 6. The Annual Dodgeball Tournament celebrated its tenth anniversary in January. This tournament is not just about cheering on your school and seeing teachers play the classic gym class game: it is much more than that. It is about helping to save lives through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Dodgeball Tournament began as a Make-A-Wish fundraiser sponsored by the National Honor Society in 2001. The event was originally a student-faculty basketball game that raised money for Bill Kauffman, a senior who was fighting lymphatic cancer. Kauffman was accepted to Penn State, but he was unable to attend due to his treatments. That spring, the school raised $3883 in his honor. Unfortunately, Kauffman lost his battle to cancer shortly after the event. Thirteen years have passed since then but the fundraiser is still raising a significant amount of money each year; National Honor Society decided ten years ago to create a dodgeball tournament. This fund was started by Mrs. Stevenson’s (a former English Teacher) son- in-law, who also battled cancer. Since then, the event has raised S t r e s s levels are rising for photography students as opening night for the annual photo gallery is racing around the corner. Opening night for the gallery will be held on February 13 at the Peters Township Public Library from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Many of the photographers attend the gallery on opening night not only for the cake and other refreshments, but to take pride in their hard work that is finally paying off. From opening night to February 27th at the Peters Township Public Library, students’ photography and Photoshop skills will be on display for all members of the community to view. “Being featured in the gallery is an enormous accomplishment. It feels great knowing that other people appreciate the photographs I take,” said a Level IV The Game to Celebrate More BirthdaysNicoleSpindler|BusinessEditor-in-Chief Picture Perfect Photos at Public LibraryOliviaGlod|StaffWriter thousands of dollars for the Make-A-Wish scholarship fund. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is designed to create positive experiences for children with life-threatening medical conditions such as cancer. Since 1980, it has granted wishes through its 62 chapters located throughout the country and operates in 47 countries around the world. In the ‘Bubble’ that we live in, it is difficult to grasp the idea that situations like Kauffman can happen to anyone. Whether it is someone who sits next to you in class or you walk pass in the hallway, you never know if someone is experiencing a similar dilemma. This fundraiser allows the community and all the schools to come together for one common goal. None of this would have been possible if we had not received the support from the faculty, parents, and students. It is truly amazing what can happen when we combine our efforts. Remember, this tournament is not a celebration of winning a game of dodgeball: together, we are celebrating more birthdays. Photo by Mrs. Boni Photography senior Heather Matthews. Matthews, along with several other Level IV Photography seniors, hope to present their most memorable work during their final year of participating in the gallery. The status of a Level IV Photography student is achieved by beginning his or her media career in Media I Communications and taking photography classes for three straight years. The gallery gives a public forum to display photography students work, similar to TV Production students and live broadcasts on the community television channel and journalism students with Smoke Signals, thenewsmagazine. LevelIIandIIIstudents will present three 5x7 photographs and one portfolio at the gallery, while expert level IVs display hanging canvases or portfolios of their choice. However, the success of the gallery is not easily achieved. The process of choosing the photographs for the gallery begins an entire month and a half before opening night. Each student is encouraged to submit their best work from portfolios created throughout the school year for which follows a creative theme of his or her choosing. While photography officers have the final say in which and whose pictures will be displayed, they, along with Mrs. Boni and Mrs. Sitler are all huge influences in the selection process. “Choosing a picture of everybody’s to pick to display at the gallery is easily the most stressful factor of constructing the gallery,” said junior photography officer Kayla Damazo. “We choose photographs that are unique, eye- catching, and possess qualities that will show off the photographer’s personal style.” “I always look forward to the gallery,” said junior Jessie Fairbanks. “I love showing my work along and seeing everybody else’s.” Photo by Cameron Morgan Photo By Jill Kovac 05
  7. 7. 06 Layout by Kristin Slomiany Sports // February 2014PTHS KarenRichtar|StaffWriter Athlete of the Month: Carly Little Senior Carly Little believes that success comes from being persistent and having a love for what you do. This is exactly why she has achieved so many victories when it comes to running track. Little has been running track since freshman year in high school, and has loved every moment of it. Little is known as hardworking athlete, up for any challenge, and for always having her teammates backs. “I have always loved running and cross country was great this year, so therefore I decided to run indoor track,” stated Little. “My main event that I run in is the mile, which is my favorite because I like distance running, yet it is still a hard, fast pace.” For Little, she has many memorable moments from her years of track, so it was difficult for her to choose her favorite one. Every meet with her team formed a great memory, especially the bus rides home. She BrennaWoodside|StaffWriter also enjoyed preparing at practice for the team’s next big meet. “I absolutely love track and with no doubt hope to pursue it throughout college,” stated Little. “I enjoy it so much because the people are so friendly and enjoyable to be around.” Throughout the years, Little became very close with her teammates, who push her to give it her all everytime. Little holds a school record of 5:35 in the 1,600 meter run. Her team- mates are a huge influence on Little and are in- troduction to achieve to great success. “I will miss all the people I run with because you become such great friends through- out the season,” stated Little. “Enjoy what you are doing and work hard.” Athletes from around the world grow up dreaming of an oppor- tunity to compete in front of billions on sports’ biggest stage: the Olym- pics. With the 2014 Winter Games rapidly approaching in Sochi, Rus- sia, athletes are being selected for various events to represent the United States. With only a select number of places, it is considered the high- est honor to be chosen to represent your country. With that in mind, it is incredible that local talent was even considered to represent not only America, but also western Pennsylvania in early February. Tom Wallisch, one of the most well-known names in freeskiing and a top-notch competitor for the brand new slopestyle event at Sochi, was left off of the USA freeskiing squad in favor of Joss Christensen and others. Freeskiing, which includes both slopestyle and halfpipe, is making its debut as an Olympic event in Russia this year. Wallisch, a native of Chartiers Valley, began to ski at the age of three and began competing in 2009. Only age 26, he has already captured the Freeskier’s Skier of the Year award in both 2010 and 2012. In addition, he has brought home gold at both the X Games and the World Champi- onships in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Wallisch has become a face of the sport, but disappointing ninth and fourth place finishes at the recent Park City Grand Prix failed to earn him an automatic spot on the team and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association did not include Wallisch in their final choices for competitors at Sochi. Brandon Saad, a hockey player who grew up in Gibsonia, PA, still has the opportunity to travel to Sochi. Although he did not make the original roster for the USA squad, he was reportedly one of the final cuts, and if injuries strike at forward, he could be called upon to compete. How- ever unlikely that situation may be, Saad is a deserving candidate who has been applauded for his dynamic offensive ability and his defensive re- sponsibility. Saad, age 21, is already playing left wing in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks and is a Stanley Cup winner. Throughout his short 85-game career, Saad has amassed 22 goals and 31 assists for a total of 53 points. His career plus-minus is also exceptional; he is currently a +35. To add to his success, he’s also been a Olympic Dreams Shattered for Local Talent part of a U18 World Championship team that won gold in 2010. It will require an injury to another USA forward for Saad to have a chance at his Olympic dream this year; however, he is a rising star and is sure to be a key piece for both the Blackhawks and the United States hockey program in the future. Goaltender John Gibson also entered the season with high hopes for a trip to Sochi. Pittsburgh native Gibson, who was taken in the third round of the 2011NHL draft, is widely regarded as a standout pros- pect for the talented Anaheim Ducks. Stuck behind veterans Viktor Fasth and Jonas Hiller, Gibson has spent most of the season dominating for the Ducks’ AHL affiliate, the Norfolk Admirals. Gibson’s storyline for Sochi was very similar to that of his time spent with the Ducks; although respected as an extremely gifted goal- tender, team USA management went with proven veterans Ryan Miller, Jimmy Howard, and Jonathon Quick. Gibson lacks experience at the NHL level, but he does have experience as a competitor for the United States. He captured gold and the tournament MVP award while backstopping the United States at the 2013 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships. Western PA will get some representation in Russia; for example, RMU graduate Brianne McLaughlin will be a part of the women’s hockey squad in February. However, some talented local athletes will be miss- ing from the group traveling to Sochi. Although these omissions are disappointing, all three of these athletes are young and will improve throughout their careers. Wallisch, Saad, and Gibson can continue to chase their Olympic dreams for the 2018 Winter Games. Seen here is Tom Wallisch competing in the slopestyle final of the 2008 European Freeski Open in Switzerland. AP Images Arno Balazarini Photo by Brenna Woodside
  8. 8. 07 T he Peters Township boys basketball team is having unexpected success this season. At the beginning of the year, many critics were not giving the Indi- ans a chance to succeed, but to this point the team has done a good job of proving them all wrong. Juniors Connor Freely and Timmy Swoope are undoubtedly a vital part of the team’s success. They both stand tall at 6’4”, and their big bodies are a gift to the team, as the other three starters are each a shade below 6 feet tall. The Indians will only go as far as their two big men take them. “Freely and Swoope are very important to the team. They help open up a lot oppor- tunities for myself and others,” said senior forward Joncarlo Brush. Freely is the Indians starting center. The team relies on their biggest player to rebound the basketball, block shots, and score inside. Although he gets up and down the floor well, Freely is the last option for the team when it comes to handling the ball. He thrives off of good passes from his teammates and uses his size to finish around the basket. Freely injured his ankle in an early season tilt with Trinity and missed the fol- lowing three games. The team was able to play well without Freely on the floor, but it is no secret that the Indians will need him to reach their full potential. “Connor has continued to improve every year I’ve played with him, and he is only going to get better,” said junior point guard Rylen Faloni. Timmy Swoope is the Indians starting power forward. This junior is by far the In- dians most versatile player, possessing skills that rival that of a guard. He can play all five positions on the floor, and this flexibility helps to create mismatches that are in the Indians favor. However, Swoope’s style of play is very different from Freely’s. Freely relies on scoring his points in the paint, whereas Swoope can score by penetrating the lane off the dribble and stretching the defense with his ability to shoot the jumper. The Indians rely on the power for- ward to be one of the team’s top scorers and leading rebounders. Heading into the sea- son’s final stages, Swoope will have to continue to improve his game to give the Indians a boost in section play. “Timmy is definitely a team player. He’ll do whatever it takes to help the team win the game,” said senior shooting guard Nick Parello. PT on the Rebound JCBrush|SectionEditor and ShaneDazen|PrintEditor-in- “Freely and Swoope are very important to the team. They help open up a lot opportunities for myself and others,” said senior forward Joncarlo Brush.
  9. 9. #connect // February 2014PTHS#connect // February 2014PTHS Who didn’t love going to the store and picking out Valentines to give to their friends? These throwback photos were taken at McMur- ray Elementary School during the Valentine’s Day parties that the PTA parents held for us. Hopefully, these pictures will remind us of all the memories and fun times we had at those Valentine’s Day parties. KourtneyMartin|StaffWriter #valentinesthrowback 08 Layout by Maria Hoge #winterinstagram Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, hope, and romance. It’s a day to show your significant other how much you love them. However, there are some people refusing to accept the fact they will spend another Valentine’s Day alone. They spend their time waiting with hope that they will find that special someone. Honestly, Valentine’s Day might have been started to show someone how much you love them, but now it’s turned into a day that forces people to shop for pricy gifts and candy. Most men know they will be in trouble if they don’t buy their girl an expensive present. “I honestly think Valentine’s Day is a day girls make a big deal of to get presents and flowers from their boyfriends,” said senior Alyssa Watkins. Men buy these expensive gifts as a safety cushion to keep them from getting in trouble. Much like Monopoly, buy- ing these gifts is like a “get out of jail free” card. Valentine’s Day is another day for stores to make a boatload of money advertising by making people buy their chocolates, jewelry, flowers, cards with cute messages, and stuffed animals. Don’t get me wrong; I can still be a romantic person and I am certainly a girl waiting for her happily ever after. I believe in love. “Valentine’s Day makes many feel lonely but only because they feel surrounded by ‘happy’ couples,” said senior Riley Partyka. Some people truly feel sorry for those not in rela- tionships. They don’t pity them because of their single rela- tionship status, but because people who are in relationships make them feel like they are missing something because they get a silly card and box of chocolates on February 14. “I feel like Valentine’s Day is overrated,” said senior Emilou Landas. Why do we celebrate love just once a year? I feel if you truly love someone you should express the love for them all 365 days of the year. Most people desire to feel loved every day, not one silly day on the calendar. I am not against the genuine dem- onstrations to show your love toward your significant other, but what I am against is simple consumerism to disguise their lack of love. Singles Awareness Day ToriPiscatelli|StaffWriter Olivia Miller, 12Mike Kronket, 12 Brian Hanlon, 12
  10. 10. 09 V ine has become just as prominent in social media as Twitter or Instagram. Millions of people use Vine each and every day; however, some of those people have made themselves “vine famous.” If you are new to Vine, check out the following hilarious Vine personalities. Lohanthony is not a name you hear every day, but if you know who he is, this name fits him perfectly. This humorous young fellow could quite pos- sibly be seen on “E! News” someday. Lohanthony is a fourteen-year-old boy that posts sassy videos about any- thing that happens in his life or the entertainment indus- try. His critiques of music and celebrities are extremely en- tertaining. Lohanthony also imitates stereotypes,leaving viewers with tears of laughter. His Vine game is no compari- son to his YouTube videos, so be sure to check those out as well. “Christian!!!!” If you have seen his vines, you read that in the voice he uses to imitate his mother. Christian Delgrosso, an aspir- ing actor, creates vines that range from doing things to get a reac- tion out of his mother to being the topper of his family’s Christmas tree. If ever you are feeling sad, this gent can surely turn your frown upside down. Maybe Delgrosso should consider switching his as- pirations to becoming a comedian instead of an actor, just food for thought. This gentleman surely knows how to turn heads in public as he plays hilarious pranks on his girlfriend. Colin Young creates Vine’s FinestJennaTaimuty|PrintEditor-in-Chief vines of his girlfriend’s reactions to the many ways he aggravates her. Whether it be throwing throwing his girlfriend’s drink out the window of a moving car or crumbling her midnight snack all over the bed, this man really knows how to treat a woman (NOT). Disclaimer: his girlfriend is not harmed in the making of his vines and the pranks are all in good fun (just maybe not for his girlfriend). But boys, do not take any tips from Young, it will only hurt you. DEM_WHITE_BOYS have definitely added major competition for other people on Vine. If you are a teenage girl and do not know who “deez” white boys are, you should probably reevaluate your life. These three Alabama natives Vine them- selves doing popular and made up dances to a plethora of music, rang- ing in songs from artists One Direc- tion to Soulja Boy. Sometimes their videos include other people and fan mail; however, none of their videos include shirts. These cuties give a whole new meaning to “southern boys.” Move over Britney Spears, because Brittany Furlan is catching up to you (not really though). Setting herself ahead of most fellow viners, Furlan has created an entire vine fan base with her relatable and hysterical vines. Some of her most famous vines include her alto-ego Natalie Nature, tormenting her boy- friend (and fellow viner) Randal Kirk II, and playing pranks on loved ones. Be sure to hop on the Brittany Furlan bandwagon and check out her vine account. A student looking at Christian Delgrosso’s Vine account. Lizzy Hill, 12 Marlee Chlystek, 10 09 Matt Tylenda, 10
  11. 11. 10 Layout by Naomi Burke Life & Style // February 2014PTHS Ugh, you look in the mirror and see a dreaded pimple. Those darn things keep coming back no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, there are products out there that will cleanse and beautify your face. Makeup is an essential part of a girl’s life. With all of the different makeup brands, companies are always trying to create unique products to set themselves apart from their competi- tors. Not only are these products different, but some actually work. Envious of models perfect skin in those high fashion magazines? Go onto and buy your own airbrush makeup set. With prices starting at twenty dollars, this kit ends up being a smart investment. Trips to the store to buy foundation will no longer be necessary. Plus, airbrushed foundation doesn’t look caked-on, it looks effortless and natural. Blackheads and oily skin are a common problem. Glam Glow has raving reviews and praises on how its helped people. Glam Glow is a facial mask which helps reduce acne, shrink pores, rid blackheads, and control oily spots (especially on the nose). This product is great because guys can use it too. Also, it’s not just your typical “girly-spa-day” facemask. Although the cold weather might result in a two-hour delay, it can also result in dry skin. CeraVe has a line of moistur- izers that have been founded by a group of researchers and leading dermatologists. These hypoallergenic moisturizers are perfect for people with damaged, sensitive skin. CeraVe products will leave your skin looking fresh, new, and replenished. A New, Beautiful YouMadi Start|PT Focus Editor Sometimes, Max n’ Ermas and Atria’s just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for a more unique atmosphere and menu, stop by these top-notch res- taurants this month for great food and a great time. Although they’re not in the Peters area, they are worth the drive. If you’re sick of eating the same breakfast every day, stop by Waffalonia in either Oakland or Squirrel Hill for a sweet treat. Unlike American- ized Belgian waffles, Liege waf- fles can be eaten at any time of the day. The yeasted dough that they use is made from scratch and some ingredients are im- Specialty Pittsburgh FoodNatalieRihmland|Business Editor-in-Chief ported directly from Belgium. Toppings are a must if you stop by one of the two locations. Ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream, and Nutella are just a few options. One of the most trea- sured foods in Pittsburgh is the sandwich. Fat Head’s makes twenty-three unique “Head- wiches” (aka sandwiches as big as your head). This popular tavern located on East Carson Street has great service and a homey feel. One of their most popular sandwiches, “The Southside Slopes”, was voted the fifth best sandwich in the Unit- ed States by Maxim Magazine. It offers kielbasa, American cheese, grilled onions, horse- radish sauce, and to top it all off, pierogies. Café Io, located in Mt. Lebanon, has adapted an in- novative pretzel bun for their “Hot Ham n’ Cheese Pretzel Wich”. The sandwich includes hot country ham, fresh gouda cheese, and tangy honey mus- tard, all under a soft pretzel bun. It’s sure to make your mouth water. If sandwiches aren’t your forte, this restaurant also offers a variety of seafood, salad, and soup options. Located in Brid- geville, Bubba’s Burghers offers gourmet burgers for a fairly low price. Their “BBQ That Burgher” is topped with slow- cooked BBQ pulled pork, let- tuce, and tomato. Luckily Bub- ba’s isn’t too far away, because you’ll keep going back for more. “Gelato” in Italian simply means frozen, and this cold treat is sure to satisfy. Mer- curio’s, located in the heart of Pittsburgh, makes about 200 different flavors and rotates them weekly. A few popular choices are Blueberry Muffin, Peanut Butter Cup, and Birth- day Cake. Boring Saturday nights can be easily salvaged by going out to dinner. Treat your- self to some good eats instead of sitting at home and missing out on some of the best food your hometown has to offer. Psst… these are great restaurants to take your significant other to for Valentine’s Day. Photo by Madi Start Picture this: you go to the store and find the perfect lip- stick shade, you try it on, you look in the mirror and realize you look like you just walked out of the circus, sound familiar? For- tunately, the perfect lipstick has finally been found. Barry M Lip Paint in ‘Touch of Magic” enhances the natural color of lips. At first when you look at the lipstick you see that it is green, but when it is applied, a unique pink color is created according to the pH level of your lips. This lipstick gives an effortless look just in one simple swipe on the lips. Getting the perfect “smokey eye” seems to be almost im- possible because you can never find the perfect shade of shadow. Urban Decay has made the “smokey eye” easy but sometimes you have to splurge in order to get what you want. Urban Decay has created three “Naked” eye shadow pallets that are to die for. All consisting of natu- ral tones, they do the job of making eye “pop.” These pigmented eye shadows can give you a glamorous look whether you’re going to school or having a night out with friends. One of these easy to blend pallets is a must in your makeup collection. These are just a few of the vast array beauty products that help enhance ones beauty. Give these products a try and you may be pleasantly surprised. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Photo by AP Images
  12. 12. Subject to Change: Horoscopes at PTHSAndreaSalizzoni|OnlineEditor-in-Chief &EliseJozwiak|EntertainmentEditor If you’re wondering what fate has written in the stars for you, then take a look at these com- pletely spot-on predictions. A: Aries(Mar 21 - Apr 19)-Hypothetically, if you had the choice to be the friend falling off the cliff or the one lagging behind, you would be the one that is already free falling. As an aspirational Aries, you’ll find that most of your decisions will be decided by your impulses, as you like to take the jump rather than wait around and think about the options. You will soon find yourself at the snack stand, hankering for an entire tray of cookies. Don’t miss this opportunity, you crazy cat. E: Taurus(Apr 20 - May 20)- As a Taurus, you have learned that cramming for that math test the night before won’t give you the grade you desire. Budget your time and use it towards what is truly important. Learn to stop refreshing Instagram, and stop texting your friends “just to talk.” Procrastination is your middle name, however, taking the time to study each night will reward you with what you truly deserve.   A: Gemini(May 21 - Jun 20)-Oh gemini, you chatty Kathy. You dive into every aspect of your day with a laundry list of conversation starters. You continuously find yourself gasping for air when you are telling a story, because your mouth moves before you have time to think. Some of these may be about of your morning anxiety in the Starbucks line, how many retweets you get, and why that special someone won’t like your insta. Keep on keepin’ on, friend. E: Cancer(Jun 21 - Jul 22)- Let’s just get right to it. You like your personal space bubble, and when that teacher or friend starts to get up in your face, you don’t let it go unnoticed. You let them know that even though they may live in the bubble, that doesn’t mean they can invade yours. Cancers are not afraid to speak up when something is bother- ing them. You know that you have a voice and you make sure it is not silenced. A: Leo(Jul 23 - Aug 22)- Leo, you’re quite the leader; the king of the jungle as some may say. You’re the reason that Biology test got moved back, since you work very hard to have the only A in the whole class. Expect a well deserved thank-you from your classmates since you provided them with another day of procrastination and an eventual last minute study-sesh. You’re not the nerd, you’re the savior. E: Virgo(Aug 23 - Sep 22)- It’s safe to say you are that kid in the corner of study hall sitting alone and either doing homework or listening to music. You can easily survive high school with a single playlist or a good book. You don’t need society’s approval on anything you do, and the number of followers you have on Twitter means nothing to you. People respect you for this and often think of you as a leader. You are independent, and if that means you sit at lunch alone, then you own it. A: Libra(Sep 23 - Oct 22)-As a libra, you’re one of a kind; neither a leader or follower. You focus on your needs as equally as others. If you found yourself with a well-written creative writing paper, you are probably that person to kill two birds with one stone, and slip it in the pile as your extra credit English assignment. However, if there is something or someone you are trying to acquire, it will take a lot of hard work. Get goin’.   E: Scorpio(Oct 23 - Nov 21)- You’re definitely one to march to the beat of your own drum. You think of yourself as fiercely independent and able to handle anything that comes your way. There is no middle ground for you. Black or white. Happy or sad. You like someone or you hate them. You failed or you passed. No middle ground. Who needs a chemistry lab group anyway? The best way to get work done correctly is to do it yourself.   A: Sagittarius(Nov 22 - Dec 21)-You are a majestic part of nature, Sagittarius; even if you’re not half-man half-horse. You’re always looking to strive higher than what you think you can achieve, whether it be doing the entire physics lab CORRECTLY by yourself or actually waking up on the first alarm. Don’t worry though, that projectile motion lab isn’t due until next week. E: Capricorn(Dec 22 - Jan 19)- As a Capricorn, you are always the driving force of any function. You are hard work- ing and take it to the next level in everything you do. Extra credit is your BFFL and deadlines are always later than when you’re done. Not only is your work always in before it’s due, but you also exceed what is expected of you and push others to do the same. You’re not afraid to question authority and make your point clear. You go, you Capricorn you.   A: Aquarius(Jan 20 - Feb 18)- You appear to be an average Joe to others; but don’t take it as a bad thing. You secretly pop out of every crowd with your completely individual thoughts and opinions, and it works to your benefit. Your independence and leadership will work in your favor, but only if you take the opportunity given to you first. E: Pisces(Feb 19 - Mar 20)-Pisces are known for being the glue that holds a project together. Without you, WWIII would break out amongst group members. You are very adaptable and easy to work with, as well as imaginative. You perform best when you have little restrictions on your creativity. When paired with a Capricorn, anything can be done. One more day to do an entire English project? No problem. With their driving force and your imagination, you can move mountains.
  13. 13. defines a “selfie” as “a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing Smartpho to the dictionary. Though some of us wished this day would never come, it’s here and it’s gaining popularity quite rapidly. You can’t them properly. Here are the do’s and don’ts of the art of selfies. Please, for your friends and followers sake, refer to this before you sn #SelfieSunday#SportingEventSelfie #HolidaySelfie #AnimalSelfie #FamilySelfie #WCW Do’s Jillian Kovac|Staff Writer Save Your Selfie
  14. 14. one, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social-networking or photo-sharing website.” That’s right, “selfie” has been added even scroll through Twitter or Instagram without seeing one. So, if you are going to be taking selfies, you should know how to snap nap your next pic. #DuckFaceSelfie #DangerousSelfie #MirrorSelfie #HalfFaceSelfie #SelfieWithRandomPeople #StarbucksSelfie Don’ts Layout By Emilou Landas
  15. 15. Layout by Jesse Eby People Features// February 2014PTHS 14 Mr. Appel Favorite High School Memory: “[My favorite memory in high school] was being young. I wish I was young again. But other than that, I don’t know, playing sports I guess. Baseball and soccer.” College Experience: “[My college experience] was the most fun I’ve ever had. Especially freshman year. Enjoy it while you can-you will absolutely not believe how quickly it is over.” Mrs. McKenna Thoughts on Teaching: “Returning to the classroom has truly been the highlight of my life. Teaching makes one feel connected to the future, to making a difference. The best feeling in the world is having a former student come back and visit.” College Advice: “My advice [to the PTHS Class of 2014] would be to select a school that fits you. Visit a small, a medium-sized, and a large campus to see what best works for you. Don’t be swayed by what your friends are doing. Sometimes students choose a college that is very far away just to prove a point. Distance doesn’t make one independent. You can grow into an independent adult no matter how far away you are!” Mr. Zeminski College Experience: “After three and a half years at IUP, I student-taught, graduated, and had a job the day after I graduated. I was focused and blessed; sometimes things work out. I live with no regrets. I have enjoyed everything; even the dumb mistakes make me smile in retrospect.” College Advice: “Life moves fast, and some people stop to look around and enjoy it, but I suggest getting caught in the swell and finding enjoyment in going a million miles an hour side-by-side with life. When people ask you what you will be studying in college, say something, even if it sounds silly out loud. Too many students are overwhelmed, panic, and freeze, living the first two years or more of college undecided and focused. Pick a major; if things change, change with them.” Elementary, My Dear SeniorRebeccaPerryman|Website-Editor-in-Chief&KelseyHunter|SportsEditor Mrs. Lijewski Favorite High School Memory: “I attended Bethel Park High School when it was still a cam- pus.  It’s amusing now (not so much back then), but swimming in the winter meant that no matter how hard you tried, your hair got wet.  So from the time you left the Gym Building and walked across campus to your next class, your wet hair froze.  Then it thawed in your next class leaving a puddle on the floor behind your desk.  I think it’s funny now but the drama of high school made that such an embarassing puddle to have behind your desk.” Thoughts on Teaching: “I absolutely love teaching at St. Lou- ise.  When I was offered a teaching position at STL, I told my Mom I was only going to stay there two years.  Well, thirty eight years later I’m still teaching 7th and 8th grade sci- ence at STL.  Yeah, I guess you could say I en- joy it!” Photos by Kesley Hunter and Rebecca Perryman Because last issue’s past teacher feature was so popular, we decided to interview a few more elementary and middle school teachers including middle school teacher Mr. Appel, seventh grade language arts teacher Mr. Zeminski, fifth grade teacher Mrs. McKenna, and St. Louise science teacher Mrs. Lijewski. Questions ranged from “What was your favorite memory in high school?” to “What do you do after work?” Listed below are some of their most memorable answers and pieces of advice.
  16. 16. 15 Everyone has their own style when it comes to fashion. Senior twins Cole and Clay McCloskey have decided to take fashion to the next level by designing their own clothing line. “We’ve always had the creative mindsets. We have enjoyed the art of clothing so this was a way to combine these two,” said Cole. Fashion is a big deal when it comes to high school. For the McCloskeys, they plan to design the kind of clothes that they think people would wear. “The type of clothing it is is street wear. As of now we have been focusing on t-shirts, but we’ll be moving onto different types of clothing in the future,” said the Clay. Everyone has their own inspiration. The twins agree that fashion has always been some- thing they wanted to try to create. “There are a countless number of cloth- ing companies that inspire us, but we are mostly inspired by ourselves and everything around us,” said Cole. “There really is no main focus on a specific group of people. If you like the clothing, then wear it.” For every company there are always different roles that each partner plays. The McCloskeys try to split up the com- pany evenly to avoid all future problems. “Both of us own half of the company. Together we put out ideas, which give a much better advantage hav- ing an endless amount of ideas. It really adds on to the uniqueness of the com- pany,” said Clay. A lifetime goal is something that you strive to do for the rest of your life no matter what struggles you face. The twins both agree that this is something they want to be working on for a long time. “This is definitely a lifetime goal for us because it’s something we’ve both wanted to do and it can be built up into such a large entity,” said Cole. Although the twins plan for this line to be very successful, college is still the top priority for them. “College is still important to us, we both plan on graduating high school, going to college, and getting our bachelor’s degree in business,” said the McCloskeys. Success is something that everyone strives for. The twins’ only hope is that this business will get as far as they imagine. “It’s been pretty successful so far. We feel it’ll keep going in that di- rection,” said Clay. Go to to view the new collection! Day One Designs: McCloskey’s Take over Fashion For Your Family’s Safety, or FYFS, may sound like a strange band name to most. It originated when the band broke a light bulb and caused a hazard, prompting them to clean it up “for your family’s safety” (still strange). FYFS is a PTHS band comprised of seven seniors (eight if you count their For Your Family’s Safety MaddieWoodrow|StaffWriter “hype man” Lukas Cervenak): AJ Clark, Kyle Mottola, Dan Leon, Walter Michalski, Adam Shope, Mitch Kreider, and Nate Wolk. Their big break came when they started playing at coffeehouse last year. Since then, they have become a hot item at the Library Arts Café and continue to draw fans to coffeehouse. “We try to put as much energy in it as possible. Our goal is to get people hyped through our music,” said Michalski. FYFS is the type of band you listen to when you want to jump around and have a good time. Their hit song “Don’t Look Back” holds true to this with its upbeat tempo and catchy tune. “Hearing a crowd go crazy is one of the best things ever,” said Michalski. Now that coffeehouse is over, some are wondering how they can see more of FYFS. “Expect some reunion shows in the future,” stated Michalski. If you haven’t heard FYFS perform, you are missing out. Hopefully they will have an iTunes release soon. I know I will be the first to buy it. NicoleBeichner|StaffWriter Photo by Laura Shope Photos from the McCloskeys PhotobyJessieFairbanks
  17. 17. Connor Freely + Katy Gaudlip Nicole Steliotes+Josh Verner Sam Abraham+Nicco and MarioMastrangelo Tribute to the Couples of Mi F rom the first awkward hello to the even more awk- ward moments that follow, we all watched, waited, and hoped they would last; yet almost every relation- ship came crashing down.  Middle school relationships are something that everyone remembers.  Usually short- lived, they became hard to keep up with, but somehow we managed to stay up-to-date. Whether for three days, two weeks, or even a month, it still happened and there’s no denying it.  As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the most memorable middle school couples, or at least those who have docu- mented photographic evidence. Jillian Kovac|Staff Writer
  18. 18. Maddie Woodrow + Nick Parello Sal Merante+Nicole Beichner Connor Buzzelli + Tori Piscatelli Luke Goozdich+Jessie Fairbanks iddle School
  19. 19. 18 Layout by Natalie Rihmland Entertainment // February 2014PTHS February is a slow month for all of us, and some things just make it worse. Below are some of February’s biggest struggles, and how to overcome them Single life: Love is in the air during the month of February. For the single folks this can be a constant reminder of how alone you are … but are you really alone? Don’t sing the single blues, and remember that you have family and friends who love you. Seriously, stop the pity party and remember to be thankful for those you DO have in your life. How to Beat the February Blues VanessaScoulos|PeopleFeaturesEditor No break: This is going to be a long month. After winter break, full school weeks seem impossible to get through. The cancelations this winter means during this month, there are no days off. We will not have a break until the middle of April, which means almost three straight months of school. A way to get through this month is to have fun on the weekends. Don’t slack in your classes. Spring break is just around the corner. College rejection: College letters came out this winter. Maybe you did not get into your dream college, or maybe you did not get the scholarship money you needed. Now it is February and you do not know where you are going with your life. That can be a lot of stress. Take a breath. You may think your world is crashing down around you, but in reality it is not. Talk to your guidance counselor or your parents about exploring other options. When one door closes, another one opens, so stay positive. Nothing to do: It seems that come February, after school activities start to lag. Unless you are already in a sport, there is not much to do. The Rec Center offers fun exercising classes during the evening. Try taking an upbeat zumba or kickboxing class. Yoga can be relaxing and rejuvenating. With activities like these you can sweat out those seasonal blues. AP Images All photos from AP Images “Friends,” which follows the lives of six people in New York City, began in 1994 and lasted for ten outstanding and glorious seasons. As the ten year reunion approaches, fans across the country are longing to know if a reunion is at all possible. Countless rumors have been floating around that there will be a reunion; however, none of them appear credible. The big question is ultimately going to come down to the six unforgettable stars. Emmy Award winning actress Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel KassiannaPolitis|#connectEditor Green, has been without a doubt the most successful of the group in the last ten years. Therefore, convincing Aniston to do a reunion would be the icing on the cake. Sadly, not even Monica Geller could successfully make that cake. Courtney Cox, who played Chef Monica Geller, bluntly tells fans that the reunion is a big “NO!” In an interview, Cox explained that right after the show ended there was talk about doing an episode every year on Thanksgiving. However, she strongly believes that since the idea never followed through, it is now way too late. Matt LeBlanc played Joe Tribiani, who is more or less the 90’s version of Barney Stinson. He explains that he does not want to disappoint his fans with an ‘old’ Joey. LeBlanc implies that his famous catch phrase “How you doin,’?” and the sitcom, had countless laughs but should not return for a reunion. Like her quirky character Phoebe Buffay, Lisa Kudrow had a rather comical, peculiar moment of her own. Remember that huge Friends reunion hoax? If you fell for the false rumors, do not feel bad, you were not the only one. Kudrow saw the fan- made posters, read the articles, believed the rumors, and thought that the producers forgot to ask her! Kudrow later explained to fans that reunion odds are 99 to one, but if it did happen she would be in as fast as you can say “smelly cat.” David Schwimmer played the hopeless romantic paleontologist, Ross Geller. Schwimmer believes that the show had a perfect ending and therefore there would be no reason to revisit it. Like his sympathetic character, he feels bad about the false rumors about a possible reunion, but denies any knowledge of it. Matthew Perry played the sarcastic and witty character, Chandler Bing. However, his response to the reunion rumors was not sarcastic at all. Over Twitter, Perry told the world that there will be no “Friends” Reunion nor was there ever going to be one. Ouch! Almost every “Friends” fan is dying to rush to the theaters to see their favorite characters on the big screen. Unfortunately, what has become the biggest will they won’t they debate in the last ten years has pretty much come to an end, as the actors and producers all concur that a reunion is simply not going to happen. Will there be a “Friends” Reunion? AP Images
  20. 20. 19 Big Screen Love ShaneDazen|PrintEditor-in-Chief Nothing spells out Valentines Day more than a box of chocolates and a heavy dose of your favorite on-screen heartthrobs. Well, let me rephrase that. Nothing spells out a SINGLE’S Valentine’s Day more than a box of chocolates and… you get the point. Although my sense of humor may hit heavy in some cases, these show-stopping couples can temporarily fill the hole inside your heart and give you a sense of hope for the season of love that awaits. The Notebook, starring Rachael McAdams and Ryan Gosling, is the epitome of romance. Taking place in 1940’s Seabrook Island, South Carolina, the film follows Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton through their tumultuous love affair, which experienced more ups and downs than the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood. At the same time, Noah’s story of the relationship is being recounted to an elderly woman (whom we later find out is Allie), in the present, at a nursing home. Let’s not kid ourselves; we were all pulling for Noah to win over the girl of his dreams. We all shed a tear when Noah and Allie embrace each other as they die in that nursing home bed. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a Valentine’s Day scrooge, The Notebook is sure to please you. In a movie that is as timeless as the tragic wreck that precursed it, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio steal the show for their roles in The Titanic. Who can forget when Jack said, “Do you trust me Rose?” Even the stubborn, red- headed Rose got this one right. Of course you trust Leo! You always trust Leo! This movie, a 1997 Academy Award winner for best picture, is a classic. If you haven’t sat on your couch at least once, ice cream in one hand and Kleenex in another, watching The Titanic, you haven’t done life right. If you are looking for a feel-good story that will procure as many laughs as it will tears, the performances of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in The Last Song should do the trick. I know this one doesn’t really fit the mold as a classic film, but it will occommodate the hearts of all its adorning female fans. Cyrus and Hemsworth definitely hit it big with The Last Song. The novel-turned-movie is another gem from Nicholas Sparks that has a fantastic storyline and theme. Ronnie (Cyrus) heads down to her father’s house in North Carolina for the summer and ultimately falls for a boy named Will (Hemsworth). As the movie progresses, the audience, and Ronnie, learns of her father’s fight against cancer. She decides to spend the final months of his life with him, staying in North Carolina until he falls to the disease. The film initially did wonders for both Cyrus’ and Hemsworth’s acting careers, but, unfortunately, Cyrus’ antics within the last year or so have nixed that positive publicity. Let’s just imagine her starring in the film in one of those scandalous two pieces she is always rocking. No? Okay. I don’t blame you. For all you 90’s movie lovers out there, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan can give you some reprieve from that image of Miley Cyrus. Falling for the Forrest Gump star was second nature to Ryan, as she and Hanks appeared in several movies together, most notably Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. I wouldn’t peg Hanks as a heartthrob based on his somewhat mediocre looks, but he definitely earned the title with his ability to portray an everyday guy who wins over the girl of his dreams. Finally, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable round out my list for their performance in Gone with the Wind. I know what you’re thinking. “Why would he put this in here? It came out during the Stone Age!” I know, I know. The movie is old and somewhat unrelatable to our generation, but if you’re looking for a classic love story to warm your heart before the 14, look no further. Oh, you don’t agree with my opinion? Frankly, dear, I don’t give a damn!AP Images
  21. 21. 20 Layout by Maddy Lampert Outside the Bubble// February 2014PTHS Several people stuck in the bubble consider Seven Springs or Hidden Valley as their second home. The two resorts offer a wide range of activities, but everyone always has their unique preference. “Seven Springs is so much better than Hidden Valley because it offers many more slopes and is much more challenging. I also like the atmosphere better and more of my friends come here to hang rather than Hidden Valley,” said senior Natalia Haynes. Seven Springs has some powerful advantages to its lesser known competitor, Hidden Valley. First off, it has a much larger area to ski. Compared to Hidden Valley, it presents 175 more skiable acres, eighteen more slopes and trails, and hundreds more people visit it regularly. Chances are that you will bump into someone you know every time you visit. Seven Springs is also a great place to meet people. The resort is tremendously popular among teenagers as it is a fun hangout spot. There are also more ways to get around the mountain while boarding with five more ski lifts than its opponent and four more terrain parks being offered here than at Hidden Valley. “I like Hidden Valley because it is a great deal cleaner and has a lot less peo- ple which means less time spent in lines and more time and space to ski. Seven Springs is not what it’s all hyped up to be,” said sophomore Courtney Ecker. Although Seven Springs is exceptionally popular, Hidden Valley has its ad- vantages. It is much cheaper all the way around. The resort charges $18 less per ski lift ticket, not to mention season passes. The Springs food is also overpriced with a simple chicken tender meal costing $16; the same meal costs $9 at Hidden Valley. The typical Hidden Valley ski house costs about $78,000 less than Seven Springs prices. Other than the savings, Hidden Valley still seems to steal people’s hearts with the calmness and tranquility of the mountain. This resort tends to ac- tually have a bit more annual snowfall than its competitor too, despite only being eighteen minutes away from each other. Now it’s time to make a decision, which resort would you choose to stay at this winter? Hitting the Slopes: Hidden Valley vs. Seven SpringsNicoleFolino|PT LifestyleEditor Starbucks: Behind the Coffee CupJoannaPollackStaffWriter Most human beings can- not function in the morning without their daily dose of caffeine. Out of all of the cof- fee places in Peters, Starbucks seems to be the most popular. Although all the drinks on Starbucks’ menu are out of this world, most people do not know that you can create your own drinks mixing flavors and drink styles; die-hard Starbucks fans have created some crazy concoctions using Starbucks’ secret menu. After further investigation, the drinks explained below seem to be among the most popular. The pink Starburst Frappuccino is an iced drink that is made to satisfy the strongest sugar craving. The drink has a lem- onade cream base and vanilla syrup. Ice is mixed with blends to perfect this sweet treat. Chocolate lovers, rejoice! The s’mores frappuccino has a base of java chip syrup, then layered with a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup, and finally toffee nut syrup is added. This icy treat is topped with a dollop of whipped cream and cinnamon dolce sprin- kles, and is sure to give you that caffeine kick. For the non-coffee drinkers (if that is such a thing), peach ring tea is the way to go. It consists of half passion tea and half va- lencia flavored orange refresher. This drink is so indulgent that you will want to order it in the Trenta. Aside from the secret menu, Starbucks has other secrets they like to keep to themselves. The Starbuck’s marketing strategy is to get customers to purchase larger, more expensive drinks sizes, so they exclude the smaller, cheaper ones from the menu. For ex- ample, the shortest available size on the menu is the tall; however, the actual smallest size available is non-advertised. In contrast, the trenta is the biggest not advertised size for iced coffee or tea. You can order 31 ounces for only 50 cents more. Since “buck” is in its name, it is no joke that the treats and drinks available at Starbucks are not cheap. However, if you happen to bring a bride or a furry friend to any Starbucks location, you will receive a free treat. For your best furry friends they have the “pup- py-chino.” It’s a cup of whipped cream for your dog.  In addition, on your wedding day, Starbucks gives the bride a free Starbucks drink of any size. They also have a variety of different promotions throughout the year such as “get a free drink when you register for a Starbucks Reward Card,” or “half off any frappuccino.”            Next time you’re at your local Starbucks, you will know some of the secrets behind the menu and you will be able to order your favorite drinks in a unique style and size. AP Images Photos by Nicole Folino
  22. 22. Binge WatchingCaseyKirwan|WebEditor-in-Chief It’s beginning to seem that the only thing that is keeping regular TV running is people’s interest in sports, news, and other live broadcasting. If it wasn’t for live television, the mundane activ- ity of flipping channels would probably cease to exist. Watching episodes of TV shows has never been easier. If you ever wanted to watch a TV show that wasn’t on the air any- more, the only way to do so would be to purchase the expensive full season package. But now that we have Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Am- azon, that expense is no longer necessary. You can get not only one season, but the entire series all for just a small monthly fee for the live streaming package. It’s a small price to pay for get- ting all the series you want with all the seasons including movies that you can watch again and again. Not only that, the shows all update by themselves as soon as the next season is released. Having the TV show that’s always there any time can be helpful. You don’t have to worry about ever missing an episode because of a practice, appointment, or meeting. The show is there for you to watch whenever you want. This is definitely a luxury that is taken for granted and has become a part of everyday life. One of the biggest things that keeps people watching a TV station is the airing of marathons of a popular show. But now that we have Netflix, there’s no point in sticking around to watch those marathons. We have the ability to run our own marathon when it’s convenient and without commercials. We can also stop after a certain episode and then pick up where we left off. No TV station can give us that kind of convenience, causing many TV stations to lose more and more viewers. Having this convenience of watching TV shows is what leads to binge watching. Why would someone want to take a break and turn off the TV after three episodes, when the next one is just a click away? It’s so easy to watch the whole season. People can actu- ally spend a whole day or even weeks doing nothing, but watching TV shows. Once you start a series, it’s nearly impossible to stop. And as soon as that show is over, another show may come out that you’ll fall in love with and then there goes another weekend that you wanted to spend getting homework done. However, binge watching isn’t necessarily always a bad thing. It is entertainment and you’re getting what you want out of it- convenience. You can continue watching the shows’ episodes on your own time. So don’t feel like you have to watch the next few episodes right after you just finished the first five. Take a break from it. As soon as you turn it off and walk away from it, the hunger to immediately watch the next episode will wear off. Then, you can get back to what you were hoping to accomplish that day. All in all, this trend has definitely changed the televised world. 21 The United Arab Emirates is home to 380,000 camels due to the creatures’ ability to endure harsh desert climates. With such abilities, it is understandable that the Arabs have a deep apprecia- tion for them. Their affection toward the camel is so great that about 30,000 camel families attend the Al Dhafra Festival in the capital, Abu Dhabi, to select the most beautiful of the pack. Similar to American dog shows, the camels are judged based on their ap- pearance. Of the thousands of camels judged, there are about ten that are credited as winners. Winners get bragging rights among other families in addition to a wide array of awards, which includes luxury automobiles or cash. A biotechnology group in Berlin has supposedly discov- ered a unique type of candy that prevents cavities from occurring. This new candy prevents cavities because it contains heat-killed bacteria called lactobacillus paracasei, which has the ability to break down the primary problematic bacteria called streptococci. This breakthrough discovery may not seem like a big deal now, but in the future it is a possibility that this creation will be recom- mended by dentists to improve hygiene. Over the past few years, Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has had his original giant rubber duck or similar replicas stop at key locations all around the world. The duck has met Hofman’s desire of gathering people together in every stop and boosting the connection to public art since 2007. For instance, throughout the duck’s one-month sojourn in Pittsburgh last September, there were approximately more than 1 million tourists. However, the road hasn’t always been smooth due to the handful of duck replicas that have suddenly deflated. In fact, the most recent duck to explode occurred in Keelung Port, Taiwan. The causes of this tragic event are still unclear; however, there is a theory that it suffered from an attack of a group of eagles. The list of ways residents of Wisconsin express their af- fection for cheese is long and the list now has an addition, due to the advanced pilot program started this month. The program en- sures that the state will begin using cheese brine as a de-icer on the roads. After further inspection, Wisconsin decided to use two of the saltier brands of cheese: Provolone and Mozzarella. There have been no reported complaints, and it is predicted that Wisconsin’s rock salt bill will decrease significantly. MariaHoge|NewsEditor AP Images
  23. 23. T ime, skill, and dedication are required to create a stunning piece of art. Featured here is work from students in various art classes. Inspiration was abundant, as displayed by the unique subjects seen on these pages. Mediums used include watercolor and acrylic paints, oil pastels, and even sharpie markers. “The thing I love most about art is the freedom of it. You can always be as expressive as you want and just put what you feel inside yourself on the canvas,” said junior Kristen Adams. She took painting the first semester of the school year. Grace Baumiller, 12 Alyssa James, 10 Kristen Adams, 11 Megan Luksik, 11 Casey Kirwin, 12 Keep Calm and Paint On
  24. 24. Layout by EmmaLee Ducoeur Kayla Lewis, 12 Margaret Halo, 11 Erin Fitzgerald, 11 Nathan Wolk, 12 Krissy Rhen, 12
  25. 25. What’s in Your Locker? 9th Grade 12th Grade 9th grade 12th Grade Phil PisarcikRachel Campion Joska TroutmanOlga Sifontes