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Smoke Signals

December 2012

Joe Maize Approves:
Holiday Edition

PT Goes to the
pgs. 16-17

Vitale’s Braver...
Congratulations Girls

Smoke Signals
Volume 4 Issue 2

Peters Township High School
264 East McMurray Road
Meet the Staff
Josh Glicksman
Managing Editor-In-Chief

Shane Dazen
Business & Sports Editor

Lexi Miller
Life & Style Edi...
entPT Focus pages 4-5

le o

Sports: 6-7

Coming to a Theater
Near You: 16-17

Life & Style: 10-11


PT Focus

Wounded Marine:
Doug Vitale

Pittsburgh Remix


The holidays are always
greatly an...
December 2012

Lip Dub Sparks School Spirit

Jenna Taimuty|PrintEditorinChief
The PTHS Media Department has the song and t...

Girls’ Soccer Three-Peat
Kassianna Politis|.Staff Writer

The girls’ soccer team won another state title, making...
December 2012


Under Review: Bowls or Brackets?
Josh Glicksman|ManagingEditorInChief and Shane Dazen|SportsEditor
SD: W...
8 Opinion

The Grinding Controversy

If grinding is banned, attendance at the dances will plumGrind...
December 2012

Evolving the American Sitcom
Ever since the television became an affordable i...
10 Life & Style
Skin care is important for everyone, particularly
acne-prone teens. It is a major
priority and responsibil...
December 2012

Tis’ the Season to be Spending


Don’t you just hate it
when you don’t get what ...
Joe Maize’s Holiday

Beloved Driver’s Theory teacher Mr. Joe Maize
icon at PTHS. During the holiday season, he do
tions to...
y Gift Giving Guide

isn’t your everyday instructor and baseball guru, but an
oubles as a certified gift giving expert. He...
14 People Features

Continuing on
His Path

Hardcore Parkour
Takes Flight in PT



December 2012

WTAE’s Player of the Week: US Army All-American Marching
Band: Richard MacKay
Emily Franty
Design by Juli

e Griffith

The Educators

Mrs. Pavlik is the director of the agency, P.T.H.S, located in a red and white ...
The Homeroom Saga: 6th Period
After the birth of their half human, half vampire baby, Mr. Pinto and his wife, the
newly ch...
18 Entertainment

The Entertainment Must-List

Laura Purkey|OnlineEditor-in-Chief
With 2013 approaching quic...
December 2012


Bieber Comes to the Burgh

Teenage girls were not Bieber’s only fans at
his conce...
20 News

Social Media: A New Role
Lexi Miller|LifeandStyle


We drastically depend
on social media in our everyday lives...
December 2012 21

Christmas in…Spain, Germany, and France
Madeliene Maggs|Staff Writer

This time of year brings joy, cele...
Clay it Together...
As the second grading quarter for Ceramics students comes to an end, sculptors begin to put
the finish...
Evan Opeka, 11

Matt Cowler, 12

Gina Colosimo, 11
Harmony Shepardson, 12

Macy McKnight, 12

Design by Jenn Coffey

What is your favorite holiday TV special?


Dec. 2012 Smoke Signals Issue 2
Dec. 2012 Smoke Signals Issue 2
Dec. 2012 Smoke Signals Issue 2
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Dec. 2012 Smoke Signals Issue 2


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Dec. 2012 Smoke Signals Issue 2

  1. 1. Smoke Signals December 2012 Joe Maize Approves: Holiday Edition 12-13 PT Goes to the Movies pgs. 16-17 Vitale’s Bravery Brings Community Together Pg. 4
  2. 2. Congratulations Girls Tennis! Smoke Signals Volume 4 Issue 2 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 724-941-6250
  3. 3. Meet the Staff Josh Glicksman Managing Editor-In-Chief Shane Dazen Business & Sports Editor Lexi Miller Life & Style Editor Andrea Salizzoni Special Features Editor Laura Purkey Online Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Perryman PT Focus & News Editor Lydia McCall Opinion Editor Jesse Eby Voices and Student Work Editor Staff Writers & Layout Staff Nicole Folino Christine Gaab Maria Hoge Kelsey Hunter Nathalie Leng Nina Leven Jessica McElroy Nicole Naulty Raelynn Noonan Jeff Berry JC Brush Kristina Carbonara Hannah Carpenter Jenn Coffey Julie Dachille Cassi DeLuca Jesse Eby Madi Start Casey Kirwan Kassianna Politis Nicole Torchio Chris Watschak Jenna Taimuty Print Editor-In-Chief Alexa Kennedy Layout Editor-In-Chief Natalie Rihmland Kristin Slomiany Nicole Spindler Luke Stokan Alana Lomis Madeline Maggs Mandy Magnotti Matt Mullan Vanessa Scoulos Andrew Stroud Luke Stokan Julia Gauthier People Features Editor Elise Jozwiak Entertainment Mission Statement: Smoke Signals is produced six times a school year by the students of Media II, III, and IV Journalism staff at Peters Township High School. The staff adviser is Mrs. N. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor, or the Peters Township School District.
  4. 4. s entPT Focus pages 4-5 ont fC le o Tab Sports: 6-7 Coming to a Theater Near You: 16-17 Life & Style: 10-11 Entertainment: 18-19 Student Work: 22-23 Joe Maize Holiday Help: 12-13 News: 20-21 Voices: 24
  5. 5. 4 PT Focus Wounded Marine: Doug Vitale Pittsburgh Remix NicoleTorchio.|StaffWriter The holidays are always greatly anticipated, but after visiting with family for a few days, who wouldn’t want to get out of the house? Before they drive you crazy, here’s a guide to having a blast in Pittsburgh. Following this remedy to the ‘holiday slump’ will ensure a great winter break with friends and (maybe) family. Even without having a plan for the day, Pittsburgh is a terrific city to improvise in. Visit Fat Head’s Saloon, located on East Carson Street. This restaurant’s menu includes many Pittsburgh favorites such as fresh-cut garlic and cheese fries, headwiches (sandwiches as big as your head), perogies, etc. While waiting for a table or food, you can look through all of their merchandise. Primanti Brothers in Oakland is another great pick. Home of the “Almost-Famous” sandwich, this restaurant represents traditional Pittsburgh. With its sandwiches piled high with homemade fries, coleslaw, and Italian bread, locals and visitors from far away flock to this restaurant. Making a trip to Pittsburgh? Vanilla Pastry Studio is the place to go to feed a sweet tooth. This shop is known for its heavenly cupcakes. It has been mentioned in the Pittsburgh Magazine for both its amazing butter cream frosting and bright atmosphere. It is a great place to hang out and enjoy delicious desserts. Having fun is guaranteed at Games N’ At. Even though you didn’t grow up during the 80’s, you’ll still have a great time here. For a flat fee of $8 an hour, you can get your fix of nostalgic games you always hear your parents talking about. They also offer duck pin bowling—4 lane bowling without renting those smelly shoes. The old-arcade atmosphere makes this place even more memorable. A definite site to visit is Highmark Sports Works by the Carnegie Science Center. Scaling a 25-foot rock wall, becoming a human yo-yo, flying high in a bungee harness, and riding a unicycle are just a few of the things you can do here. A more holidayoriented approach includes visiting PPG Place. Embrace your inner child skating around a 60-foot Christmas tree outdoors. There is more than 2,000 square feet of ice to skate the night away. Inside the building are gingerbread and train displays and a coffee shop. Stopping by the North Side? The Mattress Factory is a fun museum full of contemporary art that displays room-sized works called installations. They are created on-site by artists from across the country. Each exhibit includes educational programs such as hands-on art projects, tours, and workshops. The Waterfront has a variety of stores, restaurants, and places of entertainment. Dave N’ Buster’s is one of the many fun places to go when visiting there. This huge building houses a multitude of gaming systems and is showcasing 11 brand new games such as Doodle Jump, Connect 4, and QuadAir Hockey. Swipe a card with credits that have to be paid for, and enjoy hours of enjoyment. “The hardest part about the injury is probably seeing him smile and wanting him back to normal, but knowing that this injury has changed not only his life forever, but also my sister’s and the rest of my family as well,” said sophomore Sam Abraham. In September 2011, Marine Corporal Doug Vitale, Abraham’s brother-in-law, was severely injured when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan. He lost both legs and suffers from severe brain injuries. The road to recovery has been a long one for Vitale’s family. “His brain injury has been the biggest struggle because it controls everything he can and cannot do,” said Abraham. Vitale faced several strokes soon after the injury. Another challenge was that every time Vitale showed signs of improvement, he would get another infection or show problems with his brain again. His family’s lives revolve around him getting better. Vitale is now living in Tampa, Florida with his wife, Alexis Abraham, Sam’s sister, in order to receive the best care. Although they know it is for the best, this only causes more stress for the family, as they hardly get to see them. “I cherish every moment with them, and never take anything for granted,” said Abraham. In order to deal with their new way of life, many fundraisers have been held for Vitale and his wife. Semper Fi and Wounded Warriors are major organizations that have reached out to Vitale. There is also a fund set up called “Cpl. Doug Vitale Fund Care of Washington Financial Bank, 3616 Washington Road, McMurray PA, 15317” where anyone can donate any amount of money to help the cause. To commemorate the one year anniversary of Vitale’s injury, this past September there was a “Hero Walk” that raised almost $50,000. Vitale’s family has now teamed up with an organization called “Tunnel to Towers,” which is working in collaboration with actor Gary Sinise. In the spring of 2013, they will hold a concert which will also help raise money for Vitale and his family. The goal of the fundraisers are to bring Vitale back to Pittsburgh and back with his family. When enough money is raised, a home will be built here in Vitale’s hometown for him and his wife. This home will accommodate him in every way necessary, and make his life a little easier. It will also be completely handicap accessible. Any extra money raised will go towards expenses Vitale and his wife may face while they are not able to work. “The support from our community and friends has been overwhelmingly helpful,” said Abraham. With the help of the community and various organizations, Vitale will be back with his family in no time, and be able to start his new life. NatalieRihmland.|StaffWriter Submitted photo and AP Images
  6. 6. December 2012 Lip Dub Sparks School Spirit Jenna Taimuty|PrintEditorinChief The PTHS Media Department has the song and the path, props for the syncers, music playing while sparked the imagination of the student body walking, and we made sure everyone was in the right place at the and community once again. Representing right time,” said Squeglia. “I would just like to thank everyone the talents of so many in the high school, for supporting our project,” stated Squeglia. Making everything video club students created a lip dub to Katy Perry’s hit song happen including organizing a large majority of the Junior and “Firework” to showcase school spirit and pride. Senior classes was not an easy task to do. The video was entered in a contest held by the Tribune “The Media Department really appreciates when Review. There were a total of 15 entries. The winner of the contest everyone is on board and supports everything we do,” said received $5,000 for their school. Rules indicated that the video Squeglia. could not be edited and had to be in one continuous take. Mrs. The spark behind the the Frick, the broadcasting teacher and video club sponsor, presented “fireworks” of the first the contest to the students in hopes that they would make it their place PTHS lip dub were next big project. these video club students Senior Hannah Squeglia was one of the main masterminds along with sponsors Mrs. behind the entire project, along with help from fellow senior Frick and Mr. Bastos. Christian Nossokoff who did all of the camera work. The two, This victory was espealong with assistance from the video club and broadcasting cially sweet considering students, planned the entire lip dub. The outcome of the planning the Media Department’s was outstanding, but behind the scenes was where all of their strict adherence to copyskills sparked a firework. right laws. “We made sure all of the clubs and sports teams had people represented, people to lip sync, timing worked out with Photos by Tim Warne and Mrs. Boni POWER RANKINGS: Overrated Holiday Traditions JoshGlicksman|ManagingEditorinChief Let’s be real, there’s all too many traditions that frankly are mediocre. As obvious as it is, Santa didn’t make the list. Sorry. In all seriousness, happy holidays to all! Have a safe and happy holiday! 5. A Christmas Story I feel like this one might upset a lot of people. Sorry, everyone! Is the movie good? Sure. Quotable? Check. An ample use of almost 120 minutes of my life? Fine. And I’ll admit there’s almost an 100% chance that I’ll watch the film at least once within the next few weeks. However, is it really worth a 24-hour nonstop marathon every year? No. Ralphie, I get you’re a lovable character who wants a Red Rider BB Gun. However, let’s get with the times. What kid asks for that anymore? Last time I checked, kids Ralphie’s age want Xbox 360s and PS3s. I mean, I’m not asking for a slinky this holiday, am I? Ralphie and crew, you’ve enjoyed your stay, but now I’d just rather watch Elf. 4. Egg Nog Take a sip. Wow, that’s good right? Take another sip. Not bad! And another. Okay, that’s decent. Take a fourth one. Yeah, just get me a soda. Better yet, get me a mint. I need to get this terrible taste out of my mouth. What’s that? You’ve never had egg nog? Don’t be deceived by the first sip, rook. It gets worse from here. Let me put it this way: by the time you hit the end of the second or third glass of the beverage, you probably would rather a glass of 1965 milk. Who’s to tell me what drink I should have around the holidays? I’ve already been convinced to eat several dozens of cookies in a matter of days, now I’m supposed to drink this garbage? Ok, well I like cookies. Still, I’m taking a stand. If someone else offers you a glass of egg nog this holiday season, kindly slap the person in the face, then force several cups of the abomination down his/her throat. Who’s laughing now? 3. Christmas Caroling Don’t take this the wrong way, I love Christmas music. So why would I dislike several people coming to my door spreading holiday cheer and singing? Uh, because of the people singing. Next time you get carolers, run to wherever you’ve conveniently placed this magazine. First, find the awkward singer. This is the person that feels he or she is really too cool for singing and just takes pauses throughout the song to recoup because he or she really isn’t feeling this whole “Frosty the Snowman” thing. Second, find the person who doesn’t know the words. Somehow, this person manages to lose where in the song the group is and just falls behind. This could also be the person that thinks they don’t need the lyric sheet. Finally, find the try hard. You know, the person that has to be singing the loudest? The person that has to “steal the show” and make sure the listener is looking and smiling at them. Ugh. Lastly, these carolers have been singing for so long, that my door has been open long enough to allow several hundred bugs in my house. 2. Black Friday I don’t get this “holiday.” Is it even a holiday? Regardless, why do you people do this? The night before I ate several pounds of turkey, not to mention stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, pies, and other delicious goodness. I want to sleep. I want to lay down on my couch and wake up sometime around noon tomorrow. Excuse me, what do YOU want to do? You want to awake from your cozy, warm bed at some ridiculous time before the sun is up to sit out in the freezing cold and hopefully sneak into a store just so you can wait in hour-long lines to buy numerous things you don’t need at slightly lower prices? Yeah, have fun. I’ll be sleeping, like a sane person. 1. New Year’s Resolutions Now to the credit of some, New Year’s resolutions can be effective and helpful. However, most people just give up immediately. Oh, you want to get in shape? Chances are, that gym you just joined is going to be losing that same member in a few weeks. Oh, you are going to start studying more every night? Let me know how often you choose physics over Tosh.O. The fact of the matter is, New Year’s Resolutions are nothing more than “spur of the moment.” Want to hear my New Year’s Resolution? I’m going to stop writing bitter articles during the most joyous time of the year. Well, at least I accomplished about as much as most of you will.
  7. 7. Sports Girls’ Soccer Three-Peat Kassianna Politis|.Staff Writer The girls’ soccer team won another state title, making this their third consecutive championship and became the number one team in the nation, according to In the 2012 state finals against Cumberland Valley, the team avenged their only loss of the season. The Lady Indians turned a 3-2 regular season loss into a historic 1-0 championship victory with the lone goal from junior Emily Franty, and the assist of senior Olivia Roberson. “I couldn’t believe I scored the winning goal at first but once it set in, it was such a great feeling. Our victory was a team effort though, we wouldn’t have made it that far without every individual persons’ hard work,” said Franty. After a fantastic season, the girls scored 125 goals, giving up only 13. The team all together won their section, WPIALS, and the state title this year. “It’s unbelievable to have national recognition. We never would have expected to be number one, but it’s an amazing feeling to know that all our hard work is paying off,” stated sophomore Laurel Carpenter. Senior Captain Abigail Lavigna stated, “To be the first AAA team to accomplish winning states three years in arrow is an honor and I am so lucky to have been a part of such an amazing team and program.” Although winning states multiple times looked easy, the team had its challenges. Junior Megan Parker, the most experienced goalie on the team, tore her ACL in the spring and was out for the entire fall season. This forced sophomore Carly Johns, a previous starting defender, to play goalie during this year, helping the team make history. A key to winning in any sport is friendship, trust, and teamwork. The varsity girls clearly demonstrate this by hanging out with each other off the field, becoming very close as a team. In 2011, nobody thought that the team would win states again because they lost so many valuable seniors from the 2010 championship season. However, they pulled together and won states in 2011. Now, the girls are the team to beat in the AAA league with three consecutive victorious seasons. In the last three years the girls won 67 games, tied one, and only lost six. The players and coaches could not be more proud of their accomplishments. Congratulations to the Peters Township Varsity Soccer Team! Way to go girls! Photo by Morgan Creehan Two Is Better Than One RebeccaPerryman|NewsEditor&AndiSalizzoni.SpecialFeatures|Editor Two is better than one for the girls’ tennis team. Capturing both the WPIAL and state championship two years in a row as well as a total of three times in the past four years, success seems to come naturally for these Lady Indians. “For our team to win states two years in a row is a huge accomplishment, and it has made me realize how strong our team really is,” said freshman Megan Hixon. Through injuries, endless challenging matches and competition amongst fellow teammates, the tennis team rose together as a family and achieved success.   Photo by Morgan Parisi “During the state competition, I was still recovering from a hamstring strain so I had to rely on my team to win,” said sophomore Sara Komer. Due to the team’s hard work and perseverance, their accomplishment became well within their reach.“It [winning states] made me realize how great my teammates are and how lucky I am to have such a great team,” stated sophomore Jen Holcombe. By winning their doubles matches, Holcombe and senior Vida Komer contributed to the championship along with Hixon and sophomore Morgan Parisi. Additionally, sophomore Abby Cummings won her singles match to close out the victory. Major credit was given to their coach, Brandt Bowman, as he has lead the team to victory. “Coach Brandt has always said our depth is our strength, and that is why the team has been so successful,” explained Hixon. Part of this depth is derived from the competition amongst players to ultimately work their way up to the top. “Because I had the opportunity to practice against so many talented people, I feel like I have improved over the season,” stated Hixon. The tennis champs have had quite the season, finishing with a 3-0 win over Unionville to capture the state finals and an undefeated season with only one loss. For the Girls’ Tennis Team, another winning season was just a serve over the net.
  8. 8. December 2012 7 Under Review: Bowls or Brackets? Josh Glicksman|ManagingEditorInChief and Shane Dazen|SportsEditor SD: With the meat of the college football season over and bowl season lurking, the age old question begins to surface: “When will college do away with the BCS System?” Fortunately, we have an answer for you. Starting in 2014, the NCAA will implement a playoff with four teams battling for a spot in the national title game. This is probably the best thing since sliced bread. The best teams in the nation deserve a shot at the title, not just traditional powerhouses. Look back to 2009. Five teams were undefeated when it was announced that Alabama would oppose Texas for all the marbles. Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State were all kicked to the curb because they played in smaller, less important conferences. I would have put my money on TCU or Boise State to beat Texas any day of the week. It is again evident this year, as well. The SEC is the most dominant conference in the NCAA, I’ll give them that. However, they are always placed ahead of teams outside their conference in polls regardless of whether they are truly the better team. JG: I guess I can see your point, but the bowl system needs to stay. The playoff system that will be implemented in 2014 is simply a joke. Four teams? That’s not nearly enough. If the NCAA is going to head in the direction of playoffs, then they at least need to give more squads a shot. However, if the league does then extend the number of teams to play in the “postseason,” the season will just drag on. There are too many teams in the FBS to Bryan Hall: Athlete of the Month NathalieLeng|StaffWriter It is challenging for any athlete to balance sports with academics. But balancing sports, academics, and the duties of a class officer? That can be more stressful than a tied game in overtime, yet is the daily challenge of varsity soccer defender, Bryan Hall. “Every opportunity I had, I would catch up on academics. I often work ahead, knowing that I will fall behind during the week,” said Hall. As a member of the Executive Council and the chair the Elections Committee, Hall needs this good work ethic to keep up with his demanding schedule. The boys’ varsity soccer team fought hard, but lost in the first round of the PIAA State Playoffs this year. Hall has no regrets about the season, though he still believes that the Indians should have defeated rival Canon Mac. The team has “great chemistry” and, along with the boys’ support, Hall feeds from the energy of the crowd while doing his part to defend the goal. He plans on playing club soccer in college, but will never forget his time as a Mighty Indian. Photo by DJ Jaap have a “fair” playoff system. If it stays at four teams, people will complain. If it’s upgraded to eight teams, people will complain. There will even be those that argue that all 25 ranked teams deserve a shot at the national title. Don’t fix what’s not broken. It’s just going to cause more controversy. SD: The point of the playoff is to give teams a fair shot at getting into the national title game. I agree, the NCAA’s choice to include only four teams is a joke, but I don’t get to make the rules. At least FOUR teams get to duke it out for a spot. It’s better than two. It also gives teams added incentive to battle every down, every quarter until the end of the game because a one loss team, even a two loss team, still would have a shot at playing in the postseason. JG: The more I think about it, the more I realize I disagree. You said that a four-team playoff will solve the problem of too many teams being snubbed out of a shot at the national title simply because of silly factors such as a weak schedule. However, the final standings usually leave the top two teams ahead, with several other teams filling the places behind. When the NCAA shifts to the playoff format, the problem absolutely will not be fixed. In fact, it could very well just get worse. There are too many teams that will end with the same record that will be fighting for the fourth slot. So I guess my main question is, what is the NCAA really accomplishing with the switch? Veronica Latsko: Athlete of the Month ChrisWastchak|Staffwriter Dedication is the true key to success. Junior soccer player Veronica Lastko exemplifies this attribute. Playing a key role on the girls’ soccer team this year, it’s easy to see how her devotion has paid off. Peters Township Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team went all the way this year winning WPIALS and states, but none of that would have been possible if it weren’t for Latsko’s contributions. She was one of the key components to the team this year scoring over 30 goals. “Having a great mindset, and being able to rely on my team is what pushes me to do my best,” she stated. The girls finished with a 24-1 record, as well as being the number one team in the country, as stated by Max Preps. “It was exciting, really fun and all of the girls are great on the team,” Latsko stated. But not only is Latsko a great soccer player, she is also an honor roll student. The combination of her good grades and incredible soccer skills has landed her a scholarship to the University of Virginia where she has Photo by Erin Pakela committed for the 2014-2015 school year. “It’s a huge relief, and the pressure of having to worry about college is off my back,” Latsko stated. Dedication is the key to becoming great, and Veronica Latsko has used it to unlock some amazing doors of opportunity.
  9. 9. 8 Opinion The Grinding Controversy AlanaLomis|StaffWriter If grinding is banned, attendance at the dances will plumGrinding at school dances have been a hot topic of debate met, just as it has at the other schools who the past couple of months, even resulting with a local school banhave tried to set a positive example. Mt. Lebaning it all together. non, who recently banned grinding, has been So what’s the big deal about the bump and grind? It is the relentlessly ridiculed by morning radio talk way our generation chooses to express ourselves, yet some people shows and blogs across the internet. Middleare scrutinizing it. A few have even described this type of dancing town High School of Rhode Island even ended as “downright traumatizing.” I can’t help but imagine these are the their homecoming dance early, due to students people who wish we lived in a society like the one portrayed in the protesting at the dance. 1984 film Footloose. I have attended every single dance Our generation is not the first to be condemned for the since my freshman year. That comes to a grand way we decide to move our bodies. Elvis Presley was criticized for total of ten dances so far. Being a cheerleader, I thrusting his hips, and the Michael Jackson crotch grab was extremely scandalous. These moves were eventually accepted by soci- am very involved in planning the Snowball Dance that takes place every winter at the school. Snowball is one of the biggest fundraisety. Schools are now trying to come up with effective ways to ers for the cheerleaders, and without it we would not be able to stop their students from getting freaky on the dance floor. These support our school as much as we do. If grinding is forbidden, the tactics include hiring DJ’s who create playlists that don’t include attendance will drop, and our organization will take a heavy hit. So this is my appeal to you PTHS: keep it classy. Let’s stop songs with a heavy bass, and don’t play fast paced songs. Students who are caught dancing in an inappropriate fashion are forced to the grinding issue before our administration has to take action. leave the dance immediately after their parents are informed of There is a line of appropriateness that should not be crossed. If you their “inexcusable” act. Prior to the dance, students who are attend- would not dance that way in front your parents, do not do it at our ing must sign a contract stating that they will not engage in vulgar school dances. Respect yourself, your dance partner, and others around you. behavior, such as grinding. He said She said: Pick-Up Lines LexiMillerandShaneDazen|Editors Best: LM: I hope you know CPR, because you took my breath away. SD: If I got a nickel for everyone I saw who was as beautiful as you, I’d have 5 cents. Worst: LM: How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. I’m (insert name here). SD: Did you have Lucky Charms for breakfast? Because you’re magically delicious Funniest: LM: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? SD: You definitely work at FedEx because you’re checking out my package The One that Worked: LM: I must be a snowflake, because I’ve fallen for you. SD: You’re so beautiful you made me forget my pickup line Over a Text: LM: People call me (insert name here), but you can call me Tonight! SD: Should we talk in person soon or just continue flirting over the phone? Off- Campus Lunches JuliaGauthier|SectionEditor It’s that time of day again. Anything that smells remotely edible triggers a grumble in your stomach and your friends are starting to look like walking tacos. It’s lunch time. Lunch for today: Your choice of yet another PB&J sandwich, made by none other than mama bear (your mother), or a chicken sandwich dipped in grease then rolled around in some sort of “sauce.” Eating is a necessity; we literally cannot survive without it. So why not make it as enjoyable as possible? In the cafeteria, not only is the food choice questionable, but you are also rarely able to sit with your best friends. Lunch is supposed to be our time to unwind, but if your idea of taking a break is sitting at a table with strangers while eating questionable food in a cinderblock “box” with little to no cell phone service, then you might need to redefine your idea of “relaxation.” Being forced to eat in the cafeteria is also a major hit on our pride as responsible teenagers and adults. Why not go off campus for a quick mid-day snack? Liability. The school could be held responsible if say, a student were to be hit by a car, even though that is an extreme circumstance. I do see where they are coming from. I mean, just walking through the school parking lot when student drivers are behind the wheel should require some sort of safety contract. For example, East McMurray road the speed limit says 35 mph, but come on, is there really anybody going below 40? But this country was not founded with a “you’re wrong, I’m right” attitude. We need to compromise. Maybe we can petition for a path and cross walks Donaldson’s Crossroads. That way the parking lot will remain safe and students can even get some exercise. It will also spur business for local stores and restaurants. Maybe even the addition of a new Starbucks (I swear they are taking over the world…or at least Peters). That is just one idea though, if you have any others, try running them by the student council. The bottom line is, this is a win-win for everyone, so let’s make it happen.
  10. 10. December 2012 Evolving the American Sitcom HannahCarpenter|StaffWriter Ever since the television became an affordable inhome product, the American family has enjoyed a number of sitcoms. The sitcom has been a fixture in American society ever since I Love Lucy. Families from coast to coast have gathered many evenings around their family room TV to watch the quirky adventures of everyone from the Cleavers to the Tanner family to Jerry Seinfeld & Co. The common themes of these sitcoms, whether that may be the traditional eccentric family or the odd couples, were always matched with a studio set that resembled a home or building with one wall cut out and ste- Photo by AP Images reotypical characters to generate a relatable sense of warmth and consistency that safe, traditional families enjoy. Besides updated jokes, sets, and storylines, the American sitcom has not faced very much change. That is, until recent years. The televised sitcom is undergoing a bit of evolution. Granted, we, as a society, are not completely prepared to totally abandon our traditions, but some are becoming dull. Every fall, new television shows are announced, either about an uninteresting, dysfunctional family or a quirky group of young people that you know won’t make it past the first six episodes. It’s because these shows do not bring anything new to the table. Who needs to see more than two shows about a group of friends who hang out at a bar? In recent years, a fresh style of sitcom has appeared on major networks which seem to escape the simple standard. These shows abandon the studio-style sets, the godforsaken laugh track, and the typical three camera shooting style. Television writers refocused their visions on shows that use more deadpan humor (allowing the audience to decide when to laugh), handheld camerawork, and actual buildings for sets. The American adaptation of the less successful British show, The Office, stands as the clear father of the modern American sitcom. Audiences quickly fell for the real-life production of this show. Now on its eighth season, one can clearly see how well America has received this distinctive show. Emmy-favorite Modern Family and Louis, as well as NBC’s Community and The New Normal followed quickly in The Office’s footsteps. The Academy is smitten with these new shows, and so are American audiences. Granted, shows like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Two & The Art of the Hashtag JoshGlicksman|EditorInChief It’s overused. It’s inappropriately used. It’s got too many letters in it. It highlights a meaningless word. It’s the hashtag that everyone has come to know and love. Being the Twitter guru that I am, I’ve noticed that all too many rookies misuse the privilege to make words become a blue wonderland. Want to step your Twitter game up and impress all of your friends? Here’s a few tips on how to become awesome: 1. Know your character limit per hashtag. Unless intentionally making it a long one, which rarely is effective, don’t go over ten. And even that is pushing it. #Ilovegoingtograndmashousefortheholidaysbecauseshebakesgreatchocolatechipcookies exemplifies a horrible use of your pound sign abilities. Aren’t the point of hashtags to see what other people have used the same key word phrase? For example, #whenIwassix is perfect. Tell me what was interesting and fresh in your six-year-old life, and you can check out my tweet. Simple as that. 2. Don’t highlight meaningless words. “Had such a #great time with the #family today. #fun.” How many other people are going to hashtag those same words in another irrelevant, also insignificant usage of 140 characters or less? If I were to then click on the hashtagged word “fun,” it’s more than likely going to lead me to some girl in Palo Alto, California tweeting about what a fantastic night she had with her boyfriend. I don’t care about that. Sorry Palo Alto girl. Here’s a basic rule: if you’re contemplating hashtagging a single word, and a child at the age of seven or younger understands what the word means, DON’T DO IT! Glad we cleared that up. Photo by Byron Cohen a Half Men, which still followthe traditional sitcom formula while adapting to the times, still thrive. Their writing appeals to large audiences with raunchy jokes and a variety of relationships. While these shows may not be considered Emmy-bait, they still possess unwavering followings. Although change is an inevitable part of life, it does not mean the end of old ways. American television may be swaying from tradition, but it most definitely will not be abandoning its tried and true ways. With a grand assortment of comedy shows available to audiences, there’s bound to be a show for everyone. 3. Don’t be a hashtag abuser. I have more clever names for this type of person, however, I’m writing for a high school magazine so I’ll refrain. For example, NEVER tweet anything resembling this: “Just got back from vacation. #sad #Hawaii #beach #sun #hot #summer #tan #takemeback #pinacolotas #beautiful.” I understand that you want more followers—everyone does—but, that doesn’t mean you just have to hashtag several words hoping people are going to look at your picture or tweet and follow you. Please stop. In addition to Photo by AP Images appearing like a hashtag novice, you also abuse the “basic words rule” that I’ve recently created. In conclusion, only use hashtags when necessary. If you find yourself in the process of sending a tweet without a hashtag in it, don’t fret! Everything will be just fine. The world won’t end if you don’t include some unnecessary word that goes Avatar when published on the web. Don’t force it. Let’s put it this way: guys, you don’t force a pass or shot in a sport when it’s not there, do you? Girls, you don’t buy clothes just for the sake of buying clothes even if you don’t like anything there, do you? Ok, well maybe you do. Bad example. Regardless, don’t feel obligated to include one (or several) poor hashtag usages in any given tweet. Follow my advice, and I promise, my opinion of your tweet game will increase. And that’s all that matters. Right?
  11. 11. 10 Life & Style Skin care is important for everyone, particularly acne-prone teens. It is a major priority and responsibility to keep your skin clean. Special products can help improve the appearance of the skin as well as a good diet, fresh air and exercise. A dermatologist can definitely help find each person something that works for them. It is hard to have a dermatologist on call 24-7, so here are some dermatologist secrets without an appointment. There are a significant number of mild cleansers that are specifically for different faces. First, you should determine your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, or normal (or a combination of the three) before selecting a facial cleanser. Avoid cleansers with perfumes Face the Beauty NicoleSpindler|StaffWriter or dyes to get the best results and prevent reactions with other skin care products. Look for specific ingredients for your type of skin in order to properly cleanse it. Retinoid, or Vitamin A, helps with mild cases of acne and pimples. Retinoid is a gel that should be applied in small amounts after washing and drying your face. Another ingredient that helps acne-prone skin is benzoyl peroxide which also should be applied in small amounts. However, be careful not to get it on clothing or dyed sheets, because the peroxide will bleach anything it touches. Salicylic acid helps dissolve oils that block pores and prevent future breakouts. ike Dazen Doin’ It L ck at five o’clo . It gets dark wever, one Let’s face it warm. Ho It’s winter. the grees feels to combat y day 40 de t you wear on a luck style. wha and , but so is control is y key here g you can usl , and thin th is obvio isplay both ts. ther. Warm t way to d wea t outfi a grea ckets” are t of differen “Hoodie Ja rn with an assortmen id, stripes, la wo s such as p they can be ise bleak nd pattern an otherw ht colors a ine in for brig Go jacket. to sh ic leather great way e the class . Another b to be etc son would don’t want dreary sea inking, “I th and g back re probably eryear’ look is comin now you a st Ik on the me, the ‘ye e to jump t guy.” Trust and it would be wis trend, tha nce w a fading h a vengea Don’t follo wit can. while you bandwagon d. be the tren Design by Jenn Coffey To slow premature aging and skin damage that will show up years later, always apply sunscreen before going outside. Some makeup foundations have sunscreen in them; but layering foundation over moisturizing sunscreen will provide extra protection for your face. Make sure to reapply with you are outside for an extended period of time. If old makeup starts to change in appearance or smells different from when you originally opened it, it should be thrown away. Dr. Garry Cussell, a cosmetic physician at the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Australia, recommends using mineral makeup. It provides adequate coverage and is not as heavy on the skin, so it is not as likely to block the pores and cause breakouts. It is now time to go natural! It is a major priority to keep your skin and body healthy all the time. Cleansing and protecting our body is just a daily requirement in our life. Using natural products and adhering to healthy lifestyle tips will make you feel refreshed and strong. AP Images Richard Drew Workout in Disguise LydiaMcCall|OpinionEditor Working out and eating right can be challenging, especially as a student. Between school, extracurricular activities, and spending time with family and friends, it’s almost impossible. We all know excising and staying active is a key part in a healthy lifestyle. Here are some healthy tips to squeeze in workout time. Staying active and doing chores are an easy way to tie together what you have to do and what you should do. A new study, found on Web MD, says that doing chores is actually as beneficial, if not better, than working out. While you are running on the treadmill, your body is in one motion. But if you are pulling weeds while bending over, then your body is in two separate motions, allowing you to burn more calories. So next time you are mad at your mom for making you do chores, remember it is actually beneficial to you. During this Christmas season, there will be many opportunities to help AP Images your family with chores, including shoveling the driveway or walking the dog. Another way to tie in two aspects of your life is to find a gym buddy. This will allow you spend time with your friend, while staying active. Go play a sport and have fun doing it. It won’t feel like a workout. The trick is to disguise your workout. If you are cleaning, you will not think it is a workout, and if you are running around, laughing with your friends, you won’t think of it as a work out either. It is a great way to stay in shape and have fun.
  12. 12. December 2012 Tis’ the Season to be Spending NicoleFolino|StaffWriter Don’t you just hate it when you don’t get what you want for Christmas and get money instead? Most of us get money from parents, siblings, or other gift-givers. How should you spend that extra holiday cash? There are thousands of stores hosting so-called “sales,” but there are certain stores that are the best to visit on December 26th. “I like to go shopping after the holidays with my Christmas money to Macy’s because I know they always have great after-Christmas sales and I love their shoes,” said sophomore Jill Ciaffoni. Macy’s hosts an enormous after-Christmas sale with nearly all items at least 15 percent off and for online shoppers, free shipping. Additionally, all fall merchandise is 30 percent off, and all men’s and women’s clothing have been reduced by 50-75 percent. But the amazing deals on shoes are what attracts most teens. It is best to go when doors open at 7:00 or you may miss out because of the limited inventory. However, if you don’t need to try on anything simply go shopping online. “My brother goes to the Best Buy after-Christmas sale every year to stock up on a bunch of video games since they’re all going for a good price,” said freshman Brooke Vulcano. From Black Ops 2 to the iPhone 5, Best Buy has it all with lowered prices after Christmas. Best Buy’s after-Christmas sale lasts for three days, December 25-27, with free shipping for any item online. All HDTVs start at under $200 with choices of LCD, LED, or Plasma televisions in all sizes. One of the big draws for the Best Buy sale is the up-scale phones they’re giving away for free with a 2-year contract, offering many carriers. Computers, notebooks, video games, and tablets are all extraordinarily discounted. “If I do after-Christmas shopping, it will need to be for dorm room stuff since college is coming faster than people think,” senior Jake Caputo said. Seniors should head on over to Target where all home décor is discounted. Target is offering 75 percent discount of all seasonal merchandise while supplies last. Along with 50 percent on all home décor items needed for that new dorm room. Online shoppers can save up to 65 percent on all items. Nothing beats afterChristmas sales where you can save valuable money. Whether it be for clothes, a video game, or the perfect comforter for college, it is always great to get a good deal. Happy after-Christmas bargain hunting! AP Images Scott Lieberman 12 Days of Kuhn KristinaCarbonara|StaffWriter Legendary fashion icon, Mr. Kuhn, shows off his winter collection. His blue sweater, a gift from retired teacher Mr.Scott, is his favorite item. Comfortable and Stylish Classic Kuhn Runway Ready Golf Chic Collegiate Cool Dapper Dave Holiday Fashion Fashionable Plaid Argyle Appropriate Scott Style Peters Preppy The Professional
  13. 13. Joe Maize’s Holiday Beloved Driver’s Theory teacher Mr. Joe Maize icon at PTHS. During the holiday season, he do tions to make you and your loved ones’ holidays FRIE Box of ND ch “Gotta k o eep ball pla yers i Written by Shane Dazen and designed by Raelynn No
  14. 14. y Gift Giving Guide isn’t your everyday instructor and baseball guru, but an oubles as a certified gift giving expert. Here are his suggesa smooth ride avoiding all of the holiday traffic and stress. be- es : g crat PETS balls, do never be s bat EN: ILDR glove and te to CH GET: BUDatorade NA d Tenni ere shoul icle and se th s in a veh cau g item lothin loose eflective c tr brigh la all Baseb never too e dolls rbi t’s – “I cheer,” Ba Joes I d sprea course …G of and ,G ifts r Bars Powe memade g o and h uire effort eq that r O NTS: xercise PARE t covers, eig mas ea Car Keur needs ines, mach “Everyone – chine f joe.” up o ac NDS: me, FRIE ne, perfu eshg fr Colo r air elry o e car je w for th eners DS: ocolates – p my ba sein shap e.” oonan PAREN Ugly C TS: hristma s sweat ers, too ls, and a steering whe el cover ON A B Gift car UDGET: ds & D VDs sa slacker, y and a speedin ticket is g just plain stupid CHILD 360, PS REN: 3’s on you – “Why be sitt r tail w ing hen be outs ide train you can ing? *E CEPTIO X N* Just Dance 4 - PETS Treats, : so doggie s ft comfy beds , weaters an icures ju st becau d pedse.
  15. 15. 14 People Features Continuing on His Path Hardcore Parkour Takes Flight in PT MariaHoge|StaffWriter JesseEby|Editor ClutchLine Free Running is a parkour group founded by six high school students, Mike Erenberg, Chris Buzard, Tommy Devine, Christian Nossokoff, Kevin Crawford, and Adam Harsch. Moving from one place to another and negotiating the obstacles in between is what parkour is all about. It was originally a training discipline that developed out of military obstacle course training. This group has turned an activity that most people in PT haven’t even heard of into a school-wide interest, and for good reason. Senior Christian Nossokoff helped get this group started. “It wasn’t anyone’s single idea. We all became friends in doing it. We started individually and met by going to the same gym to train, and we decided to do it together on our own team,” he said. Parkour is extremely different from any other activity. “There are no rules. No guidelines to follow, judges to impress, or even a correct form to learn. You are free to express yourself in any way you wish,” said senior Chris Buzard. Junior Mike Erenberg agrees. “Parkour is an art, not a sport. It requires creativity and some controlled athleticism,” said Erenberg. Parkour is something the bubble hasn’t seen before and ClutchLine Free Running may start the spread of innovative activities into the bubble. Check out their YouTube channel ClutchlineFreerunning to see the group in action. Photos by Tim Warne E x pre s s i n g yourself and not being afraid to step out of the crowd can be a difficult task to accomplish. Often the hardest part is finding your calling or place where you feel comfortable to be yourself. Charlie Meyers appears to have found his by performing on stage. “Everyone I work with is really cool. It’s neat when you can be with a group of people that isn’t afraid to express themselves, which is the one of the best things about theatre, no one is afraid to express themselves,” said Meyers. Every role that actors and actresses take on is drastically different. “Portraying different characters is easily my favorite part of theater because it is a lot of fun,” said Meyers, “In one play you are really happy all the time and in another you have to be really serious.” Meyers, though just a freshman, is no stranger to acting on stage. He has performed in more than a handful of plays including Beauty in the Beast (twice), Annie Get Your Gun, Godspell, School House of Rock Jr., The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail, The Diviners, and Willy Wonka Jr. The Diviners, his most recent play, took place this fall. He portrayed the role of Buddy Layman, a boy who suffered brain damage during the same drowning accident that took the life of his mother. Character C.C. Showers, portrayed by senior Brett DiCello, tries to get Buddy to face his fear of water. “Charlie really stepped up his game to take on this challenging role,” said senior Brett DiCello, “I hope I taught Charlie a little bit more about theatre. It was a really rewarding experience to mentor such an eager and hard working young talent like Charlie.” Meyers hopes to continue performing on the stage throughout high school and college, and hoping to make a career of it. Photos by Julie Griffith Freshman Charlie Meyers and senior Brett DiCello act on stage in the fall play, The Diviners. Pritz Ponders His Future Sport S enior Gabe Pritz is a very talented individual and exc e pt i on a l student athlete. As a student, Pritz excels because of his consistent work ethic and outstanding motivation. Additionally, he shows his true talents on the court, where he shines as a center on the varsity basketball team during the winter and dominates as the volleyball captain in the spring. He has received Division-I scholarship offers for both volleyball and JCBrush|StaffWriter basketball. Pritz’s grades make almost any school an option. ”For volleyball, I am looking at Saint Francis, Juniata, Carthage, and New York University”, Said Pritz. “For basketball, I am looking at Bethany, Wheeling Jesuit, Penn State Behrend, and Drake but for both sports, I have received a number of letters from different schools.” Although this is an opportunity that most high school athletes only dream of, Pritz has this rare opportunity at his fingertips. Pritz faces a very tough decision on which sport end it comes down to which he plans to play in college, college gives me the best offer.” knowing that he will not be No matter what Pritz decides able to do both while trying to one thing is sure that he will maintain his grades. “I definite- continue to succeed. ly just want to play one sport because keeping up with my grades will be tough enough,” Pritz stated. At the end of the day the choice is up to Pritz on what he truly wants to play; volleyball or basketball. He said, “Recently I have been leaning towards basketball but at the Photo by Tim Warne
  16. 16. December 2012 WTAE’s Player of the Week: US Army All-American Marching Band: Richard MacKay Emily Franty AlanaLomis|StaffWriter AlanaLomis|StaffWriter Junior Emily Franty was named WTAE’s player of the week after she scored the game-winning goal that lead the girl’s soccer team to their third consecutive state title. John Meyer from WTAE honored Franty in front of the entire student body on November 29 and ran the story on the evening news. “I was nervous, I didn’t want to mess up or say the wrong thing. Once it was going though it was fun” Franty said.The girls soccer team avenged their only loss for the regular season to Cumberland Valley last month winning 1-0 in the state finals. Repeatedly Franty thanked her teammates, making it abundantly clear the bond these girls have made and the pride they share over their incredible feat. Photo by Emily Koch Senior Richard MacKay has been selected to play in the US Army All-American Marching Band. MacKay is one of the 125 students selected from across the nation for this honor. The band will perform at the half-time show during the US Army All-American Bowl game on January 5 which features the top 90 high school football players. Apart from playing quads in our marching band, MacKay also plays in the wind symphony, jazz band, concert band, and symphony orchestra. Outside of the high school, MacKay plays with the River City Youth Brass Band and attends the precollege music program at Carnegie Mellon University. Mr. Barney, the band director, congratulated MacKay and said “He works hard and has earned this honor!” Photos by Mrs. Belcher Seven Seniors Sign KristinSlomiany|StaffWriter On November 15, 2012, seven students participated in a very special ceremony. These students earned the exceptional opportunity to sign for collegiate level athletics. “What excites me most is knowing that hard work really does pay off. It is such a privilege to be blessed with such an opportunity,” senior Hannah Wilcox said. This is a once in a lifetime chance for these students to continue playing at the college of their choice. “The opportunity to receive a quality education and get my golf game to the next level [is what excites me the most],” said Tom Nettles. Meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and playing the sport they love top the list of what these seniors are most looking forward to next year. Congratulations and best wishes! Photos by Alexa Kennedy Tom Nettles Isabella DiGnazio Sarah Bootman Melanie Morgret Hannah Wilcox Caitlin Carey Kyle Higgins Campbell University Philadelphia University American University Seton Hill University Jacksonville University Duke University University of Kentucky Men’s Golf Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse Swimming
  17. 17. Design by Juli e Griffith The Educators Mrs. Pavlik is the director of the agency, P.T.H.S, located in a red and white bubble. A group of super teachers, the Iron Demascal, the Incredible Compeggie, Thor (Cervenak), Captain PT (Antonelli), Hawkeye (Walsh) and Black Widow (Berger) lead the charge when the education of the students is threatened by Laziness and his cohorts, Procrastination and Distractions, Mrs. Pavlik and her team will need all their knowledge and BYOD devices to save the school from academic disaster. Nice Teachers New teacher Mrs. Polard gets a teaching job in a public high school for the first time and encounters the A-list nice teachers’ clique. The always bubbly Mrs. Gearhart, the sweet and cool Mrs. Baker, and their fearless leader, Mrs. Degnan, take Mrs. Polard under their wing and educate her on how they rule the school with kindness. The Teacher Trap Identical twins, Mr. Brado and Joey Cortese, separated at birth and currently in two separate rival schools, discover each other for the first time at a conference and make a plan to switch places, tricking Mr. Lesnett in order to unite their schools and settle the feud once and for all.
  18. 18. The Homeroom Saga: 6th Period After the birth of their half human, half vampire baby, Mr. Pinto and his wife, the newly changed vampire, Mrs. Pinto, must round up a clan of good vampires to protect their daughter from the Volturi, who are a group of evil, governing vampires who highly disapprove of such a creature. An all-out battle unfolds as the vampires, with the help of Mr. Farrell’s werewolf pack, fight the Volturi to bring peace to the Pinto family. K. Elf Kevin Lawrence was a young new teacher getting ready to take on his first teaching job at Peters Township High School. However, with a mistake in the paperwork, he accidentally gets sent to work at a school at the North Pole teaching young elves how to make toys in preparation for Christmas time. After years of working there and learning the ropes of educating, the elves come across his paperwork and realize the mistake. They then believe it is time tha he retires from his job teaching at the North Pole and transfer to Peters where he belongs to teach high school students. The Tribal Games In a wretched future, the authoritarian bubble of Peters Township is divided between 5 school buildings and the Capitol. Each year, two teacher representatives from each building are selected at random to participate in The Tribal Games sponsored by the Tribune Review. Part entertainment, part brutal retribution for a past rebellion, “the Games” are broadcast throughout the township. The ten participants are forced to defeat their competitors in an intense and spirit-filled educating competition (also involving some gym class challenges) while the students and faculty of Peters are forced to watch. When social studies teacher Ms. Ingham is selected as the female representative of PTHS, she and her male counterpart, Mr. Kuharcik, are pitted against bigger, stronger educators, some of whom have trained, lectured, and graded tests for their entire lives.
  19. 19. Entertainment 18 Entertainment The Entertainment Must-List Laura Purkey|OnlineEditor-in-Chief With 2013 approaching quickly, now seems like a great time to remember some past pop culture greats. Current high school students were born in the 1990’s, a decade unlike any other. The 90’s were the dawn of the Information Age, and brought a tremendous amount of awesome movies, music, and TV shows. There are many reasons to be proud to be a ‘90s baby, and here are just a few. Kurt Cobain The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Smalls is no-no-no-notorious with the rap game. He didn’t There are no words good enough for Kurt Cobain, but I’ll try. He just put East Coast hip-hop on the map—he dominated the scene. formed the grunge band Nirvana and served as its lead singer and Consistently, he’s deemed one of the greatest rappers of all time, guitarist. Kurt Cobain is one of the most influential people to ever and for good reason. During his tragically short life, he made only live, and he never had to try. He resisted being a spokesperson for two albums, and yet more than fifteen years later, they’re still be- his generation because people tried to warp him into something he ing quoted. His second album, Life After Death, went Diamond wasn’t. Undisputedly, Cobain was an extraordinarily kind person, in 2000, one of only two rap albums to ever do so. Biggie became who spoke out for equal rights and acceptance of all types of peoknown as the “King of New York” because of his effortless flow, ple. He tirelessly promoted individuality and creativity. Cobain stunning autobiographical lyrics, and charisma that allowed him hated the media’s interpretation of his lyrics because he wished for to collaborize with anyone. Even after almost 20 years, his words people to feel the music first, not meaningless words. He never wanted to be a legend, but thankfully, he is, and us 90’s kids have an still hypnotize us and we still love to call him Big Poppa. amazingly raw, real, and talented person to look up to. Goodfellas Nickelodeon Goodfellas is a movie that never loses its thrill, no matter how many times you watch it. But that’s only part of its cinematic ge- Fresh out the box, stop look and watch, ready yet, get set, it’s All nius. The cast, comprised of greats such as Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, That! Nickelodeon kids TV was aaalllll that in the 1990’s. The and Robert De Niro, is unforgettable. The chills you get from programs were hilarious and insanely random, and there are no Pesci’s “How am I funny?”, Liotta’s absolutely maniacal laugh, and TV shows out there today that can compete. Some of the best are De Niro’s classic bar scene (where he doesn’t even have to say one All That, Keenan and Kel, and Hey Arnold!. Seinfeld word), are indescribable. Scorsese’s masterpiece is crafted around a true mob story, and its beauty lies in its morality. At one point, Easily one of the funniest TV shows of all time, Seinfeld originated you want to be a gangster like Liotta. But then, you see his golden in the 1990’s. There are lines we still say today because of the Seinworld crash down and realize the life you have is pretty darn good. feld gang. “No soup for you”, “Yada yada yada”, and “TCB: You know, taking care of business” are just a few fan favorites. And of course, we all secretly wish that we had Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George as our friends. Hot Shows on TV Matt Mullan­ Staff Writer | Most people can agree that television is a pretty swell invention. The shows that are airing in this day and age are magnificent. Community (Thus. February 7th, 2013 8pm on NBC) Community is a beloved show of mine. The show is written so brilliantly and the references will make any underground, pop culture geek explode with happiness. In my mind, Troy (Donald Glover) is the star of the show. His clueless background comments make me LOL (laugh out loud). The comedy of this show is somewhat random, not in the same sense as Family Guy, it still follows its story, they just add in some extra flair. It’s not a secret that this show requires a certain comedic taste, but give it a try and maybe this witty comedy will become your favorite show too! #SixSeasonsAndAMovie The Walking Dead (Sun. 9pm on AMC) AP Images Jordin Althaus Parks & Recreation (Thurs. 9:30pm on NBC) This witty comedy stars Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari and many other unknown actors that do a wonderful job. The comedic timing in the writing for this show is phenomenal. All of the actors bounce off of each other’s personalities and contrast with each other so well. The characters aren’t very dynamic, but they all have quirky traits that set them apart from the rest. This heavy drama is in its third season. The show is about the world in a postapocalyptic, zombie-infested world. It revolves around a group of survivors trying to find somewhere to be safe and start a new life by learning to adapt to these new living conditions. The makeup and costuming of the “walkers” is over the top. The other characters of the show are based off of the original graphic novels and are portrayed very well and are very dedicated to making the show. So if you’re tired of studying for that APUSH test or you don’t feel like interacting with real people on the weekends, any of these shows would be a great way to invest you time and melt your brain.
  20. 20. December 2012 19 Bieber Comes to the Burgh MadiStart|StaffWriter Teenage girls were not Bieber’s only fans at his concert. Pittsburgh Penguin superstar, Sidney Crosby was there as well as Abby Lee Miller, star of the hit show “Dance Moms.” Bieber is not only a fabulous singer, but he is an incredible dancer. His talent for dancing seems so natural. “Justin was a fantastic dancer! He had a different routine for every song he performed and his dance style resembles Usher. He says that Michael Jackson is his inspiration and showed some of his moves at the concert,” said sophomore Angela Krak. Bieber closed out his concert with “Believe” on the piano. When Bieber left the stage, the crowd was roaring for an encore. Bieber returned to the stage and performed “Boyfriend” and “Baby” leaving everyone at the Consol Energy Center w i t h “Bieber Fever.” Photo by Madi Start Pop star phenomena, Justin Bieber came to Pittsburgh on November 20, 2012 on his “Believe” tour. Tickets were sold out before they even went on sale (ticket venders such as TicketMaster had already bought them), making this concert one of the hottest of the year. Tickets were resold by other venders at high prices. The “Believe” tour is Bieber’s second concert in Pittsburgh, his first being on his “My World” tour in 2010. Carly Rae Jepson was set to open the show, but due to an illness, she called off. Coincidently, the concert was a day before her birthday. Suspicious much? So instead, there was a DJ who played popular pop music for about a half hour. Bieber definitely made up for the lack of an opening act though. He entered the stage from the rafters wearing huge wings and all white, almost like an “angel-Justin-god”. Bieber launched right into his hit song “All Around the World”. Not only did Bieber perform songs from his new album “Believe,” but he also sang “U Smile,” “That Should Be Me,” and Usher’s hit song “You Got it Bad,” a capella. Design by Christine Gaab Welcome to Briarcliff EliseJozwiak|Entertainment Editor a sadistic scientist, Dr. Arthur Arden (James Cromwell), a stern Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) as the warden of the asylum, along with her brutal accomplice, Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe). Each cast member seems to have some skeletons in their closet, even the nuns. This show doesn’t fall short of what you would expect of a 1960’s insane asylum. In fact it exceeds expectations, and is not for the faint of heart. The treatments used on the patients are clinically insane in themselves. With an experimental and brainsick doctor taking care of you, you can only imagine the barbaric remedies conducted on the operating table. Each episode leaves you with the answer to one mystery, but a question to the next. Especially when it comes to feeding the bloodthirsty creatures that dwell outside the asylum with the unfortunate souls of those who did not make it out of Briarcliff, or had the chance taken away from them. No one can quite explain how they got there or what they are, unless their creator hasn’t shown their face yet. A new episode premieres every Wednesday at ten o’clock on FX. Once you watch it, you become infatuated and utterly obsessed with what happens next. With new characters and new mysteries, there’s no telling what the next move will be. Legend has it, once you enter Briarcliff, you never leave. AP Images Everyone can think of a few people off the top of their heads who they believe are crazy enough to be in an insane asylum. After watching the twisted yet captivating season of American Horror Story, you might want to rethink that. American Horror Story Season 2 is set in the grave background of an insane asylum, known as Briarcliff. Characters such as Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) and Kit Walker (Evan Peters) are sent there after committing the most crude and unjust crimes known to man. The truth to their stories remains in a fog, but with each episode more is revealed. Little did they know, they would receive punishments almost as sickening as the crimes they committed to place them there. Briarcliff Manor proves itself to include every aspect and nightmare of what an ancient mental hospital should have. This asylum comes complete with
  21. 21. 20 News Social Media: A New Role Lexi Miller|LifeandStyle We drastically depend on social media in our everyday lives. Just think about how often you check Twitter, Instagram, or the almost-archaic Facebook. We can’t help it-- our addiction is unstoppable. And it’s not just in high schools, either. According to the Business Insider publication, individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 update their social media feeds about 7 times daily, and this number continues to grow. Social media isn’t simply redefining the way we communicate-- it is redefining journalism as a whole. Journalists can reach a completely new audience in a format that was previously never thought to be possible. With media websites such as Facebook, we are now able to choose which news articles show up on our news feed, based on our own values. Our influence is based on our need to feel connected. I, for one, can honestly say I didn’t watch half of the London Olympics this past summer because I didn’t need to; I could simply read Twitter to find out everything I needed to know. Journalists have capitalized on this idea in order to reach a bigger audience. Almost every journalist with a Twitter account updated followers of the presidential debates as they happened, live. There is virtually no need for TV when you can keep in touch with politics while connecting with your friends over a social networking site. From this, a bigger problem arises: how can an entire news story be told with a picture, a status update, or an 140 character tweet? Now, more than ever, journalists are tapping into the senses and emotions of their audiences. It is becoming the only way to effectively reach readers. Another issue we face with social media is its ability to fuel our celebrity obsessions. We are granted access into the private lives of our favorite role models. We follow celebrities on Twitter and Instagram, and are given a false sense of reality; we feel almost as if we know them personally because we know basically everything about their lives. For example, reality TV star Kim Kardashian has over 16 million followers on Twitter, and receives hundreds of comments and pieces of criticism on every tweet she posts. Chris Brown went so far as to delete his Twitter account because of the constant criticism over his assault on Rihanna. Who’s to say that these commentators know everything that happened and have the right to speak on the issue to Brown? Another example is the Twitter explosion over the recent breakup between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Isn’t a breakup hard enough, without having it trending as a hashtag? Privacy among celebrities is a growing problem that we are having a difficult time stopping. Lastly, there is the danger of quick reactions. One of the greatest (and worst) things about Twitter is that we are granted instantaneous access to facts, stories, and lies. This leads to our almost always instantaneous reactions. Without any wait time, we say and post things that we may regret later on down the road. An example of a quick reaction gone wrong is the war on Twitter over the Traevon Martin murder case. The arguments made the situation much harder on everyone involved and affected by it, and caused serious problems for the creators of the tweets. The 21st century has become an era that is almost completely reliant on technology. @SmokeSignals Use it, don’t abuse it! #socialmedia Comparison of Two Terrifying Storms Kelsey Hunter|StaffWriter The effects of Hurricane Sandy still linger in the North. Whether it was truly a life-altering storm or over-exaggerated by media is debatable. Numerous southerners believe that since the storm was only a level one hurricane it made a far less significant impact than most of the storms they experienced, especially Hurricane Katrina. Was Sandy truly as bad as reports? Listed below is a side by side comparison for facts. Hurricane Katrina’s fatalities greatly outweigh those caused by Hurricane Sandy. Katrina caused over 90 billion more dollars worth of damage than Sandy, and was a higher category hurricane. Overall, the effects of both hurricanes have been devastating to the country as a whole. These storms contribute to the downfall of the economy, unemployment, and lives lost. Although Katrina afflicted more people, the two hurricanes cannot be compared when each devastate countless communities Hurricane Katrina * Caused more than 8,000 deaths in the US * Was a category three hurricane and had wind speeds up to 140 mph * Considered the greatest natural disaster to ever strike the US * Caused the US 100 billion dollars in damages and insured losses According to the National Climatic Data Center AP Images Jay Reeves Hurricane Sandy According to CNN AP Images Mike Groll * Sent over 400,000 people out of their homes * Caused a minimum of 11 deaths in the US * Caused 67 deaths in the Caribbean and 51 in Haiti * Sandy cost the US about 7 million dollars due to the damages
  22. 22. December 2012 21 Christmas in…Spain, Germany, and France Madeliene Maggs|Staff Writer This time of year brings joy, celebration, and faith not making gifts and decorations. Making gingerbread houses only to those in our country, but also those around the world. are especially common. Christbaumgeback, or “ChristWhether it be Christmas here in the United States, Navidad mas tree pastry,” is also made for creating homemade orin Spain, Weihnachten in Germany, or les bonnes nouvelles naments. Children leave letters on their windowsills for in France, the holiday season brings people together to carry Christkind, who will bring them the gifts. He is pictured out family traditions. Similarities can be as a winged figure dressed in a white robe seen throughout the different cultures, with a crown. December 6 is Nikolaustag or as well as obvious differences. Let’s take a “St. Claus Day.” The children of Germany deeper look into other countries festivileave their shoes out in hopes of receiving a ties during the holiday season. small gift, or if they’ve been bad, a rod. Senior, The Spanish holiday season ofJosephine Nitschmann, said, “I have always ficially begins on December 8 with the received something nice in my shoes!” On Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Christmas Eve, the Christ Child sends a mesSpaniards worship the saint the Virgin senger, Weihnachtsmann to the homes who Mary, making this a very religious time looks like “Santa Claus” and gives gifts like of year. The celebration takes place in Christkind. In some homes the door to the front of the Gothic Cathedral in Seville room displaying the Christmas tree is locked with a ceremony called “los seises”, “the until the parents wake their children at middance of six,” but is now performed by night to see the now lit up tree. ten men in costumes. Christmas Eve is France calls its holiday season “Noel.” referred to as “the Good Night,” or NoNativity scenes are displayed in many homes chebuena. Oil lamps are lit in nearly evand are referred to as a “crèche.” An old traery house on this night. Most families dition consists of burning a log from Christhave their Christmas dinner and attend mas Eve to New Year’s Day. Christmas trees People gather around a 150 ft. midnight mass, before rushing the streets Christmas tree in Dortmund, are not popular in France. On Christmas Eve with dancers and other spectators. Children Germany celebrating the season. many have dinner and go to midnight mass. look at the three Wise Men as their “Santa The grand feast is referred to as “le reveillion.” Claus,” who arrive on December 6 with gifts. AP images Martin Meissner The menu includes a log-shaped cake called the In return, the children fill their shoes with “buche de Noel”, the Christmas log, but varies straw and barley for the camels carrying the depending on the region of France. The chilthree Wise Men. dren place their shoes by the fireplace for Pere Noel to Germany begins their festivities on December 1. fill with gifts. Most children receive gifts on St. NichoThe season starts with baking cakes and cookies, as well as las’ Day, December 6th, and parents on New Year’s Day. What in the World? RebeccaPerryman|NewsEditor If you thought the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center was huge, you’ve never seen the one in Rio de Janeiro. In contrast to Rockefeller Centre’s 22.5 meter tree with 300,000 lights, this Guinness World Record-holding tree stands at 85 meters tall with 3.1 million light bulbs. Over 100,000 people of Brazil join in the six minute firework and tree lighting production to celebrate the holiday season and to symbolize peace. In Essex, over 200 people anxiously waited to view the town’s lights, including carol singers and a choir until they realized that the “on-switch” couldn’t be located. A group of organizers searched for the light switch but could not find it for a full day! As most have seen on YouTube, this holiday season has brought Christmas decorations to a whole new level. A man in Wells spent over $32,212 solely on 60,000 Christmas lights. He’s been collecting for fourteen years and has now set up music on a radio station in order to allow people to listen to his selected Christmas carols while viewing the remarkable lights. Don’t be surprised if you hop in a cab one day and a dog is at the wheel. In New Zealand, some serious animal lovers are attempting to teach local shelter dogs how to drive. One of these dogs has had astonishing success, so he’s attempting an unassisted spin in a MINI Countryman soon. The whole point of this program is to raise awareness to the extraordinary abilities of rescue dogs that many people underestimate. You can teach an old dog new tricks! The huge tree featured in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Ap Images Silvia Izquierdo
  23. 23. Clay it Together... As the second grading quarter for Ceramics students comes to an end, sculptors begin to put the finishing touches on their work. Painting, trimming, and firing their final pieces for display. Whether its wheel work or hand buliding, each student has a few original works of their own to share with the school and the community. Hayley Schaeffer , 12 Ciara Refosco, 11 Emily Koch, 12 Caroline Taylor, 10 Riley Partyka, 11
  24. 24. Evan Opeka, 11 Matt Cowler, 12 Gina Colosimo, 11 Harmony Shepardson, 12 Macy McKnight, 12 Design by Jenn Coffey
  25. 25. TEACHERS: What is your favorite holiday TV special? SENIORS: JUNIORS: SOPHOMORES: FRESHMEN: