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Smoke Signals

November 2012

pages 12-13

Perks of Being a
PT Kid
pages 16-17

PT Spirit Defined
pages 8-...
Smoke Signals
Volume 4 Issue 1

Peters Township High School
264 East McMurray Road
McMurray, PA 15317
Meet the Staff
Josh Glicksman
Managing Editor-In-Chief

Shane Dazen
Business & Sports Editor

Lexi Miller
Life & Style Edi...

le o

Sports: 6-7

PT Focus pages 4-5
Reflections Contest

Best Photos

Life & Style: 10-11
Homecoming: 1...

PT Focus
Power Rankings: Band Shirts

It’s no secret that the yearly band T...
November 2012

PT Competitive Cheer Debuts

ing I have ever coached,” said

Athletes of the Month

Shiloh Simonson

Mike Minjock




November 2012

Under Review: Sleepers and Slumpers


ShaneDazen|SportsEditor & JoshGlicksman|ManagingEditorinChief
PT Spirit

Mr. President

Garrett Warmbein has been the epitome of school spirit for as long as anyone can remember. His...
Defined . . .

Mr. Involved

If you’re looking for a “Mr. Involved”, look no further than Chase Maszle. Maszle does everyt...
10 Life & Style

So Pinteresting!
Lexi Miller|Life&Style Editor

Pinterest is taking
over the cyber world.Sounds
November 2012

Tremendous Trends
Nicole Spindler|StaffWriter


AP Images Carolyn Kaster

Being fashionable is
Red Carpet Memories:
Homecoming 2012
Jesse McElroy|StaffWriter

Homecoming is much more than dressing up for one
night in ...
3.	 Drum Roll Please?
We can never be truly sure who will win our Homecoming game, but all in all it’s just a lot of fun t...
14 People Features

40 Years of Pride and Excellence

The Peters Township
Mighty Indian Marching Band
is celebrating its...
November 2012
Keller Dances Through Life
Ms. Keller, the new
English 9 teacher, returns to
PTHS, the site where she comp...
ndinngEditori Ch
ChbooshGlic sm
Chbosky’s easygoing

Photo by ...
Perks Of Being An Extra


In June of 2011, Stephen Chbosky began production of The Perks of Bei...

Up And Coming Artists

Azealia Banks (Interscope)
(Hip-Hop) (Parental Warning...
November 2012

“The Campaign”



one else. In order to gain
respect from the voters,
Huggins is g...
20 News

Stop The Violence

Every nine seconds a
woman is assaulted or beaten
in the U.S., a...
November 2012

Moo Moo No More

Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt, located on
our search down to five candidate...
Picture This ....

Photography is a popular elective at PTHS. Many students express themselves through the use of a came...
Tim Warne, Grade 12

David Tennant, Grade 11

Rebecca Schake, Grade 10

Emily Koch, Grade 12


Photography Club Contest ...




What is your favorite
Halloween Movie?
Sarah Stablein:

Nick C...
Nov. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 1
Nov. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 1
Nov. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 1
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Nov. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 1


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Nov. 2013 Smoke Signals Issue 1

  1. 1. Smoke Signals November 2012 Homecoming 2012 pages 12-13 Perks of Being a PT Kid pages 16-17 PT Spirit Defined pages 8-9 Meet Mr. Hanley and Ms. Keller pages 14-15 Photo by Julie Griffith
  2. 2. Smoke Signals Volume 4 Issue 1 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 724-941-6250 Photo by Nate Doughty
  3. 3. Meet the Staff Josh Glicksman Managing Editor-In-Chief Shane Dazen Business & Sports Editor Lexi Miller Life & Style Editor Andrea Salizzoni Special Features Editor Laura Purkey Online Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Perryman PT Focus & News Editor Lydia McCall Opinion Editor Jesse Eby Voices and Student Work Editor Staff Writers Nicole Folino Christine Gaab Maria Hoge Kelsey Hunter Nathalie Leng Nina Leven Jessica McElroy Nicole Naulty Raelynn Noonan Jeff Berry JC Brush Kristina Carbonara Hannah Carpenter Jenn Coffey Julia Dachille Cassi DeLuca Jesse Eby Madison Start Casey Kirwan Kassianna Politis Nicole Torchio Jenna Taimuty Print Editor-In-Chief Alexa Kennedy Layout Editor-In-Chief Elise Jozwiak Entertainment Natalie Rihmland Kristin Slomiany Nicole Spindler Luke Stokan Alana Lomis Madeline Maggs Mandy Magnotti Matt Mullan Vanessa Scoulos Andrew Stroud Julia Gauthier People Features Editor Mission Statement: Smoke Signals is produced six times a school year by the students of Media II, III, and IV Journalism staff at Peters Township High School. The staff adviser is Mrs. N. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor, or the Peters Township School District.
  4. 4. ents ont fC le o Tab Sports: 6-7 PT Focus pages 4-5 Reflections Contest Best Photos Life & Style: 10-11 Homecoming: 12-13 So Pinteresting! Perks of a PT Kid: 16-17 Entertainment: 18-19 An Interview with Logan Lerman News: 20-21 Student Work: 22-23 Moo Moo Is Being Sued Photography Voices: 24
  5. 5. 4 PT Focus Power Rankings: Band Shirts JoshGlicksman|ManagingEditor-in-Chief It’s no secret that the yearly band T-shirts are something always draw the attention of the fellow students. However, it begs the question: which are the best? Here are my rankings (five to one) of the band T-shirts over the past decade. Keep in mind, this is only my opinion. 5. Halftime is Gametime (2007-08) With so many to choose from, it’s tough to choose the top five. In the fifth spot is “Halftime is Gametime.” I know, a classic band T-shirt. However, this band shirt is too opinionated for me. I’m assuming the sports teams feel that when the game is actually being played would be considered “gametime.” Or, maybe someone in the student section feels that the time spent waiting in line for the concession stand is “gametime.” Who knows? Can you prove that halftime is definitively “gametime?”What time is it now? band shirt. If that’s coincidence, wow. What are the odds? If not, job well done. My main issue with this one is that you’re lying to me a little bit. I mean, I need things besides band. Food, water, shelter just to list a few. 3. We’re Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice! (201011) If you don’t get the reference, then this band shirt probably isn’t that great. If this is you, it’s an Allen Iverson reference. I don’t have time to explain. I only have limited space. In any case, you sneaky band kids! You thought you could sneak an AI reference past me? Not so fast. Also, it’s a high risk, high reward type of shirt. You can’t just dive into one of the best interview quotes of all-time and expect everything to be peachy. You must be careful. Luckily, you pulled this one off. Band kids, I know that you practice often. So I will allow it. Now, something like “they are who we thought they were” wouldn’t necessarily make much sense. 4. All You Need is Love Band (2012-13) The more I think about this shirt, the more I like it. I didn’t love it originally, to be honest, but it is has just gotten better over time. I think it’s mainly because this year’s band routine actually ties in with the 2. It’s OK, I’m With the Band! (2005-06) Does being a member of the band garner you a “get out of jail free” card? I’m not entirely positive, but more power to them if they think that it does. Band kids, was this your attempt at YOLO? I know in 2005 the great YOLO wasn’t established, but if you had known about it, was this your attempt? TELL ME! IOIWTB? It just doesn’t really flow off the tongue like YOLO does. Either way, can I use this like I would with YOLO? Oops, I broke my parents’ favorite lamp. IOIWTB! Yes? No? 1. BAND… We’re Kind of a Big Deal! (2009-10) Ah, the best of the best. Why? Because it’s so easy to use in every day conversations. For example, someone asked you why you took two forks to eat your jello-like side dish with your lunch. Well, uninformed questioner, because I’m with the band, and I’m kind of a big deal! Easy as that. Is the band getting in over their heads with this band shirt? Probably, yes. Regardless, I love it. Just because I can’t resist another example: someone asks you to borrow a pencil because they need one for the test. Uh, no, I’m in the band and I’m kind of a big deal! Touché, band kid. Million Dollar Design by Production Tech Students JesseEby|VoicesEditor Engineering teachers Mr. Walsh and Mr. Ansell challenged their production technology students to invent a new product by combining two existing ones, ideas that could potentially make millions. The students responded with creative and unique ideas, including a heated ice cream scooper, a golf ball with a GPS unit built in, heated and cooled cup holders, and an alarm clock pillowcase just to name a few. “The goal of this department is to prepare our kids for the real world scenarios they’re going to have when they get in the work force,” said Mr. Ansell. The students thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. Sophomore Cory Little, a student of Mr. Ansell, praises the class in general. “This is a great class to take. It really makes you think and stretch your problem solving skills to their full potential. I look forward to more challenges that await in the future,” said Little. These ideas are used not only to encourage student creativity, but to teach them to solve problems, use the scientific method, and prepare them for the real world. “I do believe most of these ideas could actually end up on the market,” said Mr. Ansell, “but the learning process is really what we’re looking for here. Thomas Edison had thousands of inventions that didn’t succeed, but it’s the one or two that did, that’s why we remember him the most.”
  6. 6. November 2012 PT Competitive Cheer Debuts JennaTaimuty|Print-Editor-In-Chief ing I have ever coached,” said Stockhausen. The classification of the team will be under the nontumbling medium varsity division which allows for 13-20 members. The squad this year includes 19 girls. At tryouts, the girls were judged on an extreme routine learned at camp, a cheer, jumps, stunts, and overall performance. Since the team is new, the girls will compete in only three or four competitions; which include local, UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association of America), and state. Naturally the team and coaches want to place well at all competitions; but some of the major goals include teamwork, dedication, perseverance, grace under pressure, sportsmanship, and respect. The squad includes freshman through seniors. Photo by Jenna Taimuty “The memories and thrill of competing were my two biggest inspirations for creating a competitive team,” stated head cheerleading, Coach Stockhausen. While attending PTHS, Stockhausen had the opportunity to compete as a cheerleader. During her junior year, her team made it to Nationals in Tampa, Florida. Stockhausen wanted the current cheerleaders to have the same experiences and memories throughout their high school careers that she once had. The first competition is in early November. By that time the girls will learn a new routine, stunts, pyramids, and cheers. “I hope to watch all of their hard work pay off as they perform on the competition mat. This year’s squad is the most dedicated and hardwork- There are some challenges that come along with this variety. Stunts can be difficult due to the fact that all of the girls are at different skill levels. The fact that the team will only have three weeks of practices and preparation before the first competition is a huge test. Being a new team, no one knows what to expect. The girls will have to go all out and give it one hundred percent to set the standards high. Sideline and competitive cheerleading follow the same rules and regulations set forth by the AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators). The rules and regulations are constantly revised and published in an ongoing effort to make cheerleading a safe and rewarding sport. Making a Moment Magical CaseyKirwan|StaffWriter Autumn is a time for reflection both figuratively and literally. The annual Reflections Contest sponsored by the PTSA was held this October. This year marked the 43rd Reflections Contest. It encouraged students to become inspired and demonstrate creativity. This year’s theme, “The Magic of a Moment” gave students from all grades the opportunity to show off their artistic skills as they submit entries to go with the theme. Students could submit works in visual art, choreography, literature, film, music or photography. All entries had to be original and show off the best of the students’ abilities. “I think it is good to express yourself, be creative, and have fun,” said Reflections Contest Chair Person, Mary Lou Bulseco. “We have a lot of talent in Peters and it is fun to see how they interpret the theme each year.” Last year’s winner was junior Emma Lee Ducoeur. She created a picture titled “Perfect Match” based on the theme, “Diversity is…”. She described it to be an image of four white matches and one black. Ducoeur was very excited for this year’s contest. “I just like how it’s all grade levels and there are so many different pieces you can enter in,” Ducoeur said. Each year’s theme is created in hopes of inspiring students to express their thoughts for this theme in any art form. “I entered] because I thought of a really creative picture and when I entered, I didn’t think it would even move on.” Ducoeur stated, “[When I found that I won,] I was so excited. I didn’t believe it at first because I didn’t think my picture was that good.” If students have an idea, they should not hesitate to enter and should never let doubt hold them back. The judges deeply appreciate every entry due to the effort, hard work, and creativity that was put into the piece. “Ever yone enjoys being acknowledged for their work. The kids can get awards as well as money depending on how far their work goes. This is just one way to build confidence in our kids,” Mrs. Bulseco stated. The contest typically lasts from the beginning of the school year to mid October. This year’s deadline was October 24. Even when the contest is over, students are encouraged to create art for whatever may come along and spark their imaginations. The school is looking forward to having more imaginative participants every year. Last year’s winner, “Perfect Match” by junior Emma Lee Ducoeur.
  7. 7. Sports Athletes of the Month Shiloh Simonson Mike Minjock ChrisWastchak|StaffWriter KelseyHunter|StaffWriter Passion is needed in a champion, but it is often lacked in athletes. This is not the case with Shiloh Simonson, a champion with a surplus of passion. As a captain on the PTHS volleyball team, Simonson plays a major role. “The person who has made the biggest impact on the way I play is Misty May. Ever since I met her, she told me to ‘dream in gold”,” stated Simonson. Simonson, deriving her passion from the American Olympic Gold Medalist, is an inspiration to numerous young volleyball players. She is not only an amazing athlete but a team player as well. “If my team has a good attitude I know I’ll play well. Even when they’re down, I play for them and devote myself for the win,” said Simonson. Anyone who watches this team can see that they have truly made a name for PT volleyball. With a section championship in 2010 and another secured for 2012, girls volleyball has made a huge comeback from previous years. “The cause of all our team’s success starts from a great bond between all of us,” stated Simonson. “We play like this because we are all so skilled and disciplined we do everything that needs to be done. Practice really does make perfect.” Regardless of her vigorous volleyball schedule, she has managed to keep her grades above average and stay on honor roll each year. “It’s really a demanding schedule, but I always put academics first,” said Simonson. She does not just excel at the competitiveness in academics; she thrives off it in athletics as well. “I’d have to say my favorite part of the game is the competition,” stated Simonson. As an amazing athlete, student, and inspiration to young volleyball players, Shiloh Simonson will continue on to great aspirations. The ability to carry a team is a skill not possessed by every athlete. The few that have this ability are the ones who stand out, like senior running back Mikey Minjock. As the running back, he has been able to set the course for the football team’s successful season. “We lost a lot of good players last year, but we’ve really stepped up this year and showed everyone that were going to do it big,” he said. Not only has Minjock run for at least 100 yards every game, but he has had at least one touchdown as well. The Friday night home games really boost the team’s morale. “The crowd really pumps me up and also pushes me to do well,” he stated. Minjock and his teammates use the constant roaring cheers of the Rowdy Red section to motivate themselves to go the extra mile to get the victory. Minjock has distinguished himself as the clear leader of the team and with that comes a lot of responsibility. “When we as the offense do well, then it really helps the defense want to do well and it is the repeating cycle that helps us win,” he said. The team has strong hopes of reaching the playoffs again this year, and is seeking redemption for a crushing playoff defeat that abruptly ended their season. They are out to show everyone that last year’s 38-7 loss to North Allegheny was just a fluke. In the process of achieving a playoff berth once again, they have been steam rolling teams in their path. “I want to help out the team and pick everyone up,” Minjock stated. He is not only a leader on the field, but also in the classroom. He maintains at minimum a 3.5 GPA and is an honor roll student. It’s easy to see why Mikey Minjock has been given the title as the athlete of the month. It takes a true athlete to be awarded with such recognition. With his dedication to the sport along with his intense work ethic, it was an easy choice in awarding him with this honor. Photo by Julia Schurle Penn State: A Road to Recovery ShaneDazen|SportsEditor As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold, the loyal blue and white ascend to their palace, Beaver Stadium. It is quite obvious that Penn State is still in the process of transitioning back to a state of normalcy amid the atrocities committed by embattled exfootball coach Jerry Sandusky and the cast of executives who strived to cover it up. However, it is evident that change is in the air. “The whole college vibe was missing last year. Football was not the same, but neither was campus life. I feel like we, as students, have done our best to restore that,” stated sophomore Kevin Dazen. Last season, the team lost a prodigious coach in Joe Paterno after allegations surfaced that his former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, had sexually abused as many as 15 minors over a fifteen year period. He was fired before a game against Nebraska among heart wrenching cries of support by the student body to keep him through the end of the season. “It was absolutely wild down in Happy Valley,” said Dazen, “Thousands of students came out to support our pride in the school. A bunch of students were maced to try and keep the crowds back, and television trucks were flipped as well.” The fallout from the scandal left the school devastated. It was discovered that Paterno was suffering from an aggressive form of lung cancer, and he died two short months after being fired. Sandusky was indicted on 45 of 48 charges of sexual abuse to minors and was subsequently sentenced to at least thirty years in prison. The NCAA ended the chaos in Happy Valley by reprimanding the football program, including vacating every win from 1998 to 2011, placing a four year postseason ban on the team beginning this season, stripping them of scholarships, allowing any player on the current squad to be openly recruited by other colleges, and hitting them with a 60 million dollar sanction as well. Despite the sanctions, the team is off to a 4-2 start with big wins over Navy and Northwestern at home, and students and alumni still pile into Beaver Stadium to cheer on the Nittany Lions. The scandal bended the spirits of the school, but it did not break them. Life at the campus still goes on, and, in some cases, is flourishing. “As far as I’m concerned, nothing has changed. We still are the “WE ARE” nation, and we always will be. ” said Dazen.
  8. 8. November 2012 Under Review: Sleepers and Slumpers 7 ShaneDazen|SportsEditor & JoshGlicksman|ManagingEditorinChief Fantasy Football. It is a religion in some circles. It is a cause for anxiety and a cause for celebration. It’s back. With the season well under way, and, as injuries pile up, here is a list of players that will take your squad over the top as you look towards the postseason. Sports Editor Shane Dazen and Managing Editor-in-Chief Josh Glicksman give advice for this fantasy season. Glicksman Dazen Buy ‘Em: Buy ‘Em: Jay Cutler, QB, Bears- Some might say, “What are you Jackie Battle, RB Chargers- With the absence of Ryan Mathews in the team’s first few weeks, Jackie Battle has been earn- thinking? He’s looked terrible the first couple of weeks. He throws ing more carries and has been efficient in finding the end zone. more interceptions than a vintage Tommy Maddox!” Exactly why I Although I expect the Chargers to give Mathews every chance to love him. This year he is reunited with WR Brandon Marshall. Last succeed based solely on the fact that they spent a first round draft time they were together, the duo hooked up for over 100 complepick on him in 2010, Battle would be a possible flex player in any tions, 1,265 yards and 6 scores. Not to mention a career-high in league. passing yards (4,526) and completions (384) for Cutler. Buy low, Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB Bills- The kid gets touchdowns, while you can. plain and simple. Fitzpatrick has found 12 receivers through Stevan Ridley, RB, Patriots- Not to toot my own horn Week Four, which, for all you mathematicians, is an average of (wow I sound old-fashioned), but I drafted him in two of my three three TD passes per game. He can be rather sloppy at times (4 leagues. Ah, the New England running back, always overshadINT’s in a 52-28 loss to the Patriots) but the benefits far outweigh owed. BenJarvus Green-Ellis never got any love, yet he continually the downside of his game. He is on pace to throw 48 touchdowns, produced as a solid flex back. In his last two years with the Pats, he and although I do not see him coming anywhere near that total, found the end zone at least 11 times each year. Ridley on the other look for at least 30. hand, is making a strong case for a second RB in your lineup. He Dump ‘Em: already scored 20+ points in the first two out of four weeks. Get Tony Romo, QB Cowboys- I am sorry Josh, but Romo him now before it’s too late. is wildly inconsistent, and, opposite to what most think, is not a Dump ‘em: premier FANTASY quarterback. He was picked off five times in Mike Vick, QB, Eagles- Am I the only one not seeing the a Week 4 loss to the Bears and is averaging two interceptions per 2010 Michael Vick that fantasy owners want to see? Four intercepgame. The frustrating thing about the whole situation is that he tions against the Browns? Come on, Vick. Head coach Andy Reid shows flashes of brilliance at times. He has a fantasy dream team hasn’t even put benching Vick out of the question. This isn’t what around him at the receiver position, including stars Miles Austin owners want to hear. In addition, I feel that every year Vick beand Dez Bryant and a stalwart at the tight end position in Jason comes more injury-prone. I’m not sure if I ever want Vick on my Witten. Until he taps into his skill, look for a more steady option team again. at QB. Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders- McFadden didn’t even Michael Crabtree, WR 49ers- Trust me, I have had reach 35 yards on the ground in his first three out of four weeks. too much experience with Crabtree failing week after week for my team, so most likely he is doing the same for yours. A once Not to mention only one score from the running game. Moreover, promising first round draft pick, Crabtree has never lived up to the Raiders haven’t given McFadden the ball twenty times yet this his potential as a big money receiver. Up to this point, he is av- year. Lastly, it’s only a matter of time before McFadden suffers his eraging 49 yards a contest and has yet to find the end zone. That yearly injury that will keep him out a couple weeks. Add this all up, is lackluster production in my book. Unless he turns it around and you get a bad RB. Sell high on Run DMC while possible. quickly, I would stay away from Crabtree. Best Photos of the Season KristinSlomiany|StaffWriter 4. Quarterback RJ Pfeuffer tries to find an open receiver. It was a rough night for Pfeuffer and company as they lost the game against Upper St. Clair 42-14. Photo by David Tennent 3 1 2 6 4 5 5. Matt Girouard, boys varsity soccer player, fights off a Moon defender in a 5 to 1 victory.The senior captain is a 7 1. Senior Christian Schratz receives a midfielder for the team. Photo by Emilou Landas pass during a field hockey game. Schratz is the first male field hockey player in 6. Katie McGovern, the libero for the PTHS history. team, lines up for a perfect pass. This Photo by Rachel Cowler is the junior’s second year on the var2. Junior Jill Kovac serves the ball for sity volleyball team. Photo by Heather Matthews the varsity volleyball team.“[Serving] is one of the few times where you have complete control over what will happen,” 7. Football captains Greg Lippert, John Fazio, Matt Loether, and Cole Kovac said. Kochman walk to the coin toss. “It’s Photo by Heather Matthews a tradition and it shows team unity,” 3. Starting varsity goalie, Neil Harrison, senior Matt Loether said. Photo by David Tennent punts the ball during a game against Moon. “I like hanging with friends and being active,” said Harrison. Photo by Emilou Landas
  9. 9. PT Spirit Mr. President Garrett Warmbein has been the epitome of school spirit for as long as anyone can remember. His leadership as a senior class president has inspired all to get involved and support our school. Warmbein leads with pride alongside fellow officers Bryan Hall, Brett DiCello, and Jeff Bergman. Together, they strive to unite the senior class and become role models for the underclassmen. The class president wants to see our student body become more involved during pep rallies. “We need to have more group chants that get everyone to show spirit,” he said. Leaving a legacy behind for the underclassmen is a huge personal goal. “School spirit shows how devoted and mature a student body is. Without it, we cannot become unified to achieve our goals. It shows other schools who we are and what we’re about,” said Warmbein. NT” IDE S RE .P The New Kid R “THE NEW KI D” Mary Bregenser is a new face, transferring from Upper St. Clair. She has had quite an experience at PTHS. If you travel to different schools around the area, you will find that the spirit level in schools differ greatly, especially in Peters Township. USC possesses a school spirit that is electric. The students there truly love to support each other whether it be at school or sporting events. “Students really got into the pep rallies which made it one of my best memories from USC,” said Bregenser. Bregenser wishes to see the student body get more involved at the pep rallies and sporting events here at PTHS. “Our school spirit shows that we are proud of our school and we support one another. It shows others that we are confident in ourselves and our teams,” stated Bregenser. “M The Band Member Senior drum major Austin Chappell is head of the most spirit packed group of the students in school, the PTHS Marching Band. Participating in football games and pep rallies, Chappell has found it very hard for the students to get rowdy, even with the lively music of the band. “I would like to see a speech from the main senior football player to pump up the students,” stated Chappell. The band has their own traditions for football games. However they would like to see the student section continue those traditions in the stands. “My best school spirit experience is when the band does the rollercoaster during the football games in the stands” said Chappell. Our school spirit reflects who we are as a school, how much we care about the sports teams, and how well we support our classmates as a whole. “School spirit shows that we are proud of what we have done to make this school what it is,” Chappell stated. Every graduating class has a job. It is to leave behind a school spirit legacy. So let’s make ours reflect what we know we have. “THE D BAN ” ER MB ME The Rowdy Red Tweeter “T HE RO WD YR ED T WE Rowdy Red tweeter Tom Nettles has posted a legacy that extends well beyond 140 characters, not just ETER” through sports and academics, but also through school spirit. Nettles shows his spirit at almost every team sporting event there is, especially the football games. He does so particularly by organizing the designated theme for the student section during each home game through a Twitter account. The amount of pride shown truly reflects who we are to other schools. “Other schools see that we get rowdy and we love cheering for our teams,” said Nettles. One of the most memorable school spirit moments for the Rowdy Red tweeter took place during his junior year. “Our PT basketball team beat USC at their own school and the entire student section rushed the floor at the end of the game,” stated Nettles. However, Nettles and many of his classmates would like to see more spirit at our own pep rallies and other school sponsored events. Who’s to blame him? You can never have too much school spirit!
  10. 10. Defined . . . Mr. Involved If you’re looking for a “Mr. Involved”, look no further than Chase Maszle. Maszle does everything from BYOD to planning events for pep assemblies. Although he’s working hard, he feels there still needs to be improvements made to facilitate school spirit. Maszle wants to take the Smoke Signals highly successful Faculty Face-Off one step further. “I wan’t to see a real live cage fight between the iconic teachers, Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Farrell, with the classic Mrs. Beckjord refereeing. I bet that would raise PT pride, don’t you think?” said Maszle. Our very own Rowdy Red student section displays our spirit in unique ways, but Maszle thinks that creating a soon-to-be classic fight song will further enhance our spirit. Maszle still has some memorable times while displaying his pride with his fellow PT Indians. “My best school experience was when I got the entire student body to participate in the pep rally,” stated Maszle. Seeing that Maszle does not even come close to the amount of voices that impact our school, we need every “MR. voice included to determine the fate of the discreet bubble we call home. Who we are and how we display our I NV OL school spirit, whether it be bringing obnoxiously loud horns to football games, planning black outs, white VE D” outs and everything in between, makes us the Indians we are proud to be. The Athlete HE “T Athletes value school spirit and relish in it. It is extremely important to them to have their peers rooting at home games. Senior soccer player, DJ Jaap, believes that cheering should extend beyond sporting events into pep rallies. “I’d love to see all of the students getting pumped up for the next sporting event,” said Jaap. “Slowly yell PT then eventually get faster and faster.” During his four years in high school, Jaap has been both an athlete and a fan. Last year’s overtime victory verse USC in basketball is what Jaap believes is PT spirit at its finest. “Spirit can show how dedicated we are to our school and district. It can reflect who you are as a person,” said Jaap. “School spirit shows how dedicated the students are to the particular team. If we have great school spirit, we will be known for it.” Athletes need our help to succeed, so help them by showing off your support. Let’s show other schools that we can do it better than anyone else. TE” HLE AT The Senior SEN IOR ” Our school spirit is a topic which needs improvement as it is a reflection on who we are as a school. Senior lacrosse player, Mario Toscano, views our school spirit based on athletic achievements. “Our school spirit shows how supportive we are of our fellow student athletes,” stated Toscano. The pep rallies that take place prior to some football and basketball games obviously require a little more “pep”, as recently the student body seems to have lost their pride. “Watching the dance off between Jesse[Scheier], Connor[Jackson] , and Brendan[Dazen] [was my best school experience]” stated Toscano. Maybe the missing piece to a perfect pep rally is a creative experience, much like that memorable performance that raised the spirits of the audience. “T HE RL HEE C “THE ” ER D EA The Cheerleader Cheerleaders typically have an infectious spirit that motivates you to get on your feet and support your team. Senior Audra Bastyr, along with Alexis Miller, is the co-captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. Although her job is to get the crowd going, that can be a difficult task to carry out. “I would like to see more involvement from the student body. Being a cheerleader, we want the whole school to be enthusiastic and engage in all school spirit,” stated Bastyr. Bastyr feels that our school used to have an immense sense of spirit but it may be slipping away. She wants the school to stay together in showing support for athletes and school events. By showing spirit, we reinforce that as students, we support each and every sport or activity; and more importantly each other. “School spirit shows the pride we have in Peters,” said Bastyr. “We are only in high school once, so why not make the best of the years we have left with our classmates?” Spread designed by Raelynn Noonan Spread contributors Elise Jozwiak, Lexi Miller, Rebecca Perryman, Andi Salizzoni, Luke Stokan and Jenna Taimuty
  11. 11. 10 Life & Style So Pinteresting! Lexi Miller|Life&Style Editor Pinterest is taking over the cyber world.Sounds extreme, right? However, since the launch of the website in March 2010, the number of people using the website is so high that they now require invitations to join. It has been mentioned in prestigious publications, such as TIME Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Pinterest, a virtual pinboard, allows users to become inspired through its seemingly endless pins. Users can create their own self-named ‘boards’ and fill them with pins (or pictures) from categories such as weddings, interior design, fashion, hair and beauty, health and fitness, recipes, and even cars. You can create your own simply by taking a picture and uploading it to the website, or you can browse the millions that have been posted by other users. A feature recently added to many popular websites is that you can now pin something simply by downloading the “Pin It” plugin from Pinterest’s website that interests you directly from the webpage, and it will show up on the board you assign it to. Once you invite your friends to join Pinterest, they can sign up using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and even link those accounts to their boards so that friends and followers can see and comment on pins. Users follow each other and posted pins will show up in the News Feed, which is similar to a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter’s interfaces. To add a friend’s pin to one of your boards, you simply click “repin”. Users can also like and comment on each other’s pins. Style is one of the most popular categories of pins on Pinterest. This category features Doin’ It Like Dazen ShaneDazen|SportsEditor Fashion means more than putting on a nice dress shirt and slacks only when you’re obligated to. Today, fashion means being well dressed from head to sock. The standard black and white is a fading trend, and it is becoming more and more evident in society. A plethora of celebrities have been role models for the ‘crazy sock’ movement, in- cluding Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and One Direction. To go the extra yard on an outfit, it is essential to have a pair of socks that matches your shirt, pants, and shoes. Look for socks with intricate designs and colors that pop out. Do not follow a fading trend, be the trend. creative ideas to inspire users. Pinterest has great ideas on what to wear for each season, and can keep you up to date on all of the latest trends. For this time of year, boards are filled with pins of oversized sweaters, colored jeans, sock buns, and boots. “I got so many new ideas on how to wear scarves from Pinterest,” said sophomore Rachel Noonan. Pinterest’s app for the iPhone, iPad and the Droid is easy to use and navigate. They are free to download and use. Visit Pinterest on the web and learn more about it at www. It is definitely worth checking out! Photo by Lexi Miller A sample of a profile page on Pinterest. Cure To Peters Plague LydiaMcCall|OpinionEditor As the school year progresses, so do the germs circling around the school. Every school year has a sickness and in our case, “the Peters Plague”. When I say plague, I mean the common cold or the traveling flu. Every September marks the beginning of the end for students who catch the deadly cold. It’s miserable to be sick, but each year, it happens. Fortunately students, a cure has been found. Here are the best tips to out-run the cold. First off: always, always, always wash your hands! Since we are around fellow students all day, everything we touch has been touched by someone else. Door handles, keyboards, desks and lockers harbor the common germs that can create a cold. To avoid the illness, clean your hands. “I wash my hands often and I never share drinks. I hate sharing drinks. The drinks will get you every time,” said senior Maddy Maggs. Never, under any circumstances, share a drink with another student. If you do not have time to get to a sink, carry around hand sanitizer with you. Before and after you eat would be a great time to use it and after any time you use a device that other students have used. During the day, avoid touching your face or putting your hands near your mouth. As I said before, hands carry most of the germs and they have no business being in your mouth or around your face. While participating in sports or being in school, try to stay away from other sick students. Germs can easily be transferred by just talking to someone who is sick.
  12. 12. November 2012 Tremendous Trends Nicole Spindler|StaffWriter AP Images Carolyn Kaster Being fashionable is important in today’s society. Your wardrobe should consist of assorted clothes that compliment, accessorize and add a colorful flare to your closet. Trying several outfit ideas will help you get a sense of what looks good with what, or what to look for to complete an outfit this fall. You should wear clothes that look good with your skin tone. Brighten up this season by wearing colorful oranges, reds, and pinks. Scarves, long necklaces, stylish belts, or colored pants can create a plethora of different looks. As fall comes around the corner, it is important to look your best without the expensive costs. A must-have is a colorful scarf which can complete any outfit for any type of day. You can learn a significant number of ways to wear or tie it, which can create multiple different effects. Scarves can be found in many different patterns and colors; make sure to look for bright and vibrant ones. A simple tip for success is to enhance any top by adding a long necklace. Long necklaces give your look some dimension. The necklaces can have clusters of gem-like crystals, beads, or feathers. They can even be long chains of plain gold or silver. It does not have to be extravagant, but adding a little bling can go a long way. Besides wearing stylish belts with pants and jeans, it is also a good idea to wear with sweater dresses and skirts. It can make any look dressy or preppy. Wear them with winter sweaters or with a cardigan to heat up the winter season. Say good-bye to blue jeans and hello to colored pants. Animal prints, floral patterns, and dark colors are just the beginning of all the different designs that can be played with to create unique looks just for you. These colorful pants allow you to mix and match with anything in your wardrobe. It is okay to play around with different patterns, colors, and fabrics when trying to find the look best for the season. However, you have to explore and look to find the ‘perfect’ attire. Searching on Pinterest and looking through magazines are some places that you can look for new trends and ideas. This season is yours; make it fashionable. AP Images Mary Altaffer Boots Are Back KristinaCarbonara|StaffWriter It’s the time of year to break out the boots. This year there are many new and upcoming boot trends that are make a statement in fashion. Combat boots can give any look a punk rock feel but also be cute at the same time. Lace them all the way up or bend down the tops for a different look. This new generation of combat boots has a small wedge, and come in various colors and textures. Colors include typical black, forest green, and gray, but there is also navy blue, maroon, and some unique ones with plaid print or a snake skin style. Combat boots looks great with jeans or leggings. Tight pants tucked in really make the shoe stand out. Next, riding boots have mde their way into everyday fashion. They come in an array of leather, suede, or a soft velvet like material. These boots have little accessories on them such as long zippers up the sides, buckles on the top, and a small wedge for some extra height, making each pair unique. Just like combat boots, riding boots come in several different styles and colors, but the most popular are leather in different shades of brown. If you prefer suede, there are colors such as black and gray. Paired with skinny jeans, leggings, or a dress, these boots will be sure to impress. They also look super cute with a cropped leather or jean jacket. UGGs always seem to find their way back onto everyone’s feet around this time of year. However, new iridescent, sequence, and bright colored ones have given UGGs a refreshed look. Be sure to check them out soon; some styles are already on back order. Keep your feet warm while keeping yourself in style with these boots for the season. 1. Napoleon Bonaparte introducted the idea of buttons on sleeves of jackets. [] 2. It seems like we’re finally meeting the future of fashion as metallic clothing is now a high fashion trend. [] 3. Although women are currently the primary wearers of jewelry, it was actually men who began the style as they used jewelry to demonstrate their social status. [] 4. 2012 is making a turn back to the 70’s as the bright bold colors are fashionable once again. [] 5. Faux is now foxy. Synthetic hair animal hats are kicking off the eye-catching trends of runway fashion. []
  13. 13. Red Carpet Memories: Homecoming 2012 Jesse McElroy|StaffWriter Homecoming is much more than dressing up for one night in the fall to go dancing with your friends. It is a week of school pride and unity, and participating in these activities will have made 2012’s Homecoming one to remember. 1. Servant Day Senior Servant Day is one of the only legal forms of slavery in America today. Most seniors love to be auctioned off, however the fact that they must obey their owners could turn some possible servants away from the activity. This year, the servants participated in a project runway fashion show at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching students dress up in a huge bear costume or tap dance down the halls? 2. The Red Carpet This year’s Homecoming was a huge success for the Student Council. They took Hollywood from California and brought it to Peters Township. With the red carpet to the “Batman” lights, Homecoming was a night to remember for all.
  14. 14. 3. Drum Roll Please? We can never be truly sure who will win our Homecoming game, but all in all it’s just a lot of fun to attend. From the golf carts that carried the court to the hopes of winning our last home game this season, the student section roared. This year we played Woodland Hills and the end result was a memorable one. 4. Caring About Character Counts Everyone loved to dress up on twin day or hat day because it was something no one ever did throughout a normal week of school. However, this year we had a Classy Wednesday, where students dressed up and looked snazzy for a typical day at the high school. Photos by Sarah Yoest, Linsdsay Spinabelli,Jenn Coffey, Mrs. Boni, and Carlee Wickstrom
  15. 15. 14 People Features 40 Years of Pride and Excellence The Peters Township Mighty Indian Marching Band is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It was founded by Dr. Robert Dell in 1972. In his 23 years of directing, he hoped to unite the school and township through music. The current director is Milton Barney, the band teacher. He aspires to further improve the band. “The band has grown into a much bigger family since ‘72, and there is really no experience like it,” said Mrs. Donna Fox, co-director. The band puts on an extraordinary show during halftime at all of the football games. PT held its annual band festival on September 15. The attendance was booming and the crowd was entertained by the band, drill team, and silkline. Beginning their sea- NatalieRihmland|StaffWriter son in August, the band has playing music together. spent numerous hours prepar- “Being in the band has ing for their “Beatle Mania” had a good effect on me because themed performance featuring I’ve met new people and I’ve songs by the Beatles such as strengthened friendships,” said Magical Mystery Tour, Eleanor sophomore band front member Rigby, Sergeant Pepper, and Kayla Goedert. others. Every year, more kids “The band is marching join marching band because on--through pride and excel- they have heard of the amazing lence,” said Mrs. Fox. memories that result from be The band front has really stepped up their performance this year with their Union Jack dresses, blue flags, silver and blue pompoms, and headbands that sparkle. The Drumline has perfected their drum feature to the ever popular “Yellow Submarine”. Band students, past and present, agree that being a part of the marching band is a positive experience. The members will always cherish the memories of marching and Breaking the Tradition NicoleTorchio|StaffWriter “I wanted to Cara Casilli. The girls all warmed up try out for field hockey because to him and, as a result, the team my cousins from grew closer. Schratz has earned Woodland Hills his position and has scored the played, so I de- single most points by any player cided to play and make history,” on the team. Because of his accomplishments, and the team’s said senior Christian Schratz. This year the Peters hard work, they have done very Township Field Hockey Team well this season which, resulted welcomed their first male team- in a playoff berth. Schratz feels intense mate, senior Christian Schratz. After practicing all pressure at times to always summer and trying out in Au- score. He wants to be a leader gust, Schratz’s hard work paid on the field and make his teamoff and he made the team, fol- mates better. He believes that lowing in his family’s footsteps the team’s hard work will pay and surprising many. Heading off. “I’m pretty much your into this season Schratz set high friendly neighborhood field goals for himself. “I obviously want to hockey player, who just wants to take the overall single season fhock!” stated Schratz. scoring title in the WPIALs,” he said. “I want to score lots of hat tricks.” Although Schratz was excited to start playing, many of the returning female athletes did not know what to expect. “It’s not much different with Schratz on the team, we all like to joke around and we all Photo by Rachel Cowler get along. The only difference is we have a much larger student Schratz drives the ball down the field in section at games,” said junior hopes of scoring a goal. ing in band. The band practices every Tuesday and Thursday night for two hours and they run through all of their sets, songs, and band front moves. In addition, they rehearse parade marching, along with their pregame show including “His Honor” by Henry Fillmore, the fight song, the PTHS alma mater, and the national anthem. Submitted Photo On The Landline With Logan Lerman MattMullan|StaffWriter On October 8, 2012, Madelyn Estep, Hannah Squeglia, and myself had the opportunity to interview Logan Lerman. A phone interview was set up between us and other schools around the country. The interviewers could ask him questions about anything they wanted to, ranging from “favorite scene to shoot in Perks” to “what turns you on?” Plenty of questions were asked about Perks but also about his career in the movie industry from here on out. Lerman revealed that he did not initially want to be an actor, but he wanted to (and still wants to) work behind the camera. He said he really likes the movie making process and wants to be a part of that for the rest of his life. There are also plenty of other movies coming up that he is/will be working on in the coming year as well as movies that are in post-production right now. As far as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, he thinks the movie was a very faithful adaptation of the book. He was glad that Stephen Chbosky was the director because he knew what needed to be done to make the movie successful and live up to the expectations that his novel made. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a popular topic for questions. He admitted that he was terrified when he went to see the show in Dormont, and that he was begging to not have to dress in the “risqué” golden shorts. Unfortunately for him, they didn’t back down in their costume choice and he had to go on with the show. After they shot the scene, he said that he was glad that he wore them otherwise it would have ruined the whole scene and wouldn’t have looked as authentic. All in all, Mr. Lerman seemed like a very down-toearth 20 year old movie star. One of his last notes of the interview was what he wanted everyone to take out of Perks, and that is entertainment.
  16. 16. November 2012 Keller Dances Through Life Ms. Keller, the new English 9 teacher, returns to PTHS, the site where she completed her student teaching with Ms. Hitchens several years ago. Previously, Keller taught at Bentworth Middle School in Washington County. She believes that being a new teacher means sacrificing time and energy to improve students’ education. “I am changing the world every day, it’s not a major change but if everyone uses their talents for good, it changes the world.” she said. Not only does Ms. Keller teach English 9, but she is also teaches dance including tap, ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. MadiStart|StaffWriter “I like dance mostly because it’s ously enjoys reading; favorite a performing art- personally, books are the Harry Potter seexpressively, and entertaining. I ries. This summer Keller got the enjoy performing because I get opportunity to visit J.K. Rowlto share a part of myself with ing’s homeland. others and because it takes me “I caught the travel outside of myself somehow- a bug.” said Keller. “I traveled looking in to go out or beyond,” to England besaid Ms. Keller. fore the summer She manages to main- Olympics and tain a life outside of school fol- visited the South lowing many interests from Downs, where I running to hot yoga. She par- attended a music ticipates in a variety of activities and literary arts like reading, hiking, camping, festival.” and spending time with her As for her educhocolate lab Lucy. Currently, cation backher favorite singer is Alex Clare, ground, she atand her favorite concert was tended Baldwin seeing John Mayer. Being an High School and English teacher, Keller obvi- graduated from Duquesne University, double majoring in English literature and secondary education. “If I had to pick another job, I would be a college professor. I can’t imagine doing anything else but teaching,” she said. Photo By Madi Start Ms.Keller participates in one of her favorite hobbies after school. The New Teacher on the Block “Teaching means inspiring students to achieve beyond their capabilities and creating a culture where students ask questions and explore in order to discover and create meaning beyond the literal,” stated Mr. Hanley, a new English teacher. Mr. Hanley currently teaches Academic English 10 and Speech. Mr. Hanley encourages students to ask questions in order to learn by opening their minds. He shows great passion when teaching and strives to create a great learning environment for them. “My Aunt Kathy really inspired me to become a teacher. She is the principal of a small Catholic school and her dedication and devotion to the students, faculty, and parents of her school community helped in my decision to become an educator. Also, I do not see myself in any profession other than a teaching,” stated Mr. Hanley. Mr. Hanley was motivated to teach at the high KassiannaPolitis|StaffWriter school level because he had a resources in order to facilitate wonderful Honors English 11 a smooth transition from room and AP English and Literature to room.” teacher named Mrs. Timms. Although it was She challenged her class to think difficult for the first couple critically and logically about the weeks, Mr. Hanley has gotten literature they read. “I hope to the hang of the way PTHS challenge and inspire students operates with the help of the to see literature in the same way administration, his fellow that Mrs. Timms helped me to faculty, and even students. see beyond the mere surface of PTHS has helped Mr. Hanley a text,” Mr. Hanley said. adapt to his new environment He wishes to teach his and overcome his challenge. students the same way that his “So far, my favorite former teacher taught him; by moment at PTHS has been learning beyond the limit. the warm welcome I received “I truly enjoy working from administration, faculty, with students in order to staff, and students,” stated facilitate their understanding Hanley. of literature. I also hope that Although teaching the works we read inspire is a large part of his life, independent thought and Mr. Hanley pursues various critical thinking,” added Mr. interests outside of the Hanley. classroom. “I enjoy reading, However, being a attending Pitt basketball new teacher at any school games, playing tennis and brings challenges. Initially, he racquetball as well as taking struggled with transitioning our two dogs Gatsby and Mr. from classroom to classroom to Darcy for walks in the park,” teach. Overcoming challenges he said. such as this is a test for any Teaching is not only profession especially teaching about educating the students because it demonstrates but also a learning experience. character. It can help define a person Mr. Hanley stated, “I by overcoming obstacles and have organized materials and figuring out the strengths and weaknesses someone possesses. For Mr. Hanley, teaching has taught him many lessons that he will carry throughout the rest of his life. “I have learned to appreciate the little things in life as a result of teaching,” he stated. Photo by Chris Watschak Mr. Hanley teaches his first period Academic English 10 class.
  17. 17. ithin W arlie h thenCief g ndinngEditori Ch i ky:kFan|Managi s ChbooshGlic sm J phen te Chbosky’s easygoing S Photo by Julie Photo by Jul Griffith ie Griffith It’s funny how the personalities of some people change once they find their way into the spotlight. And upon hearing that the Perks of Being a Wallflower author, Stephen Chbosky, was scheduled to come back, I didn’t know what to expect. I figured he became more self-centered since the filming of his book, that he transformed from Charlie (the main character of his novel) into more of a stereotypically stuck-up celebrity. After the entire experience, I couldn’t have misjudged him more. Chbosky emphasized that the “typical high school student” isn’t always the successful one, and that kids shouldn’t try to be someone else in order to fit in. Chbosky wanted students to learn from his experience. One that took him from the suburbs of Pittsburgh to the bright lights of Hollywood. “Forget should. Should is a waste of your time. Do what you want to do,” he said. “Let’s put it this way: If you have a voice or a point of view that is unlike anybody else’s… then you’ll do really well.” During the general assembly with the juniors and seniors, his inner Charlie glowed. He began by saying that he didn’t have a default prepared speech telling kids not to do drugs and to stay out of trouble. His objective was not to try and make the students like him; Chbosky wanted to tell the students that those who are comfortable with themselves triumph over those who mindlessly conform. Individualism counts more than following the pack. approach worked better than the typical guest speaker strategy, when an adult tells the student body about his or her experiences in life and why kids should or shouldn’t do things. He kept the students entertained throughout, even cracking a “your mom” joke in reply to one of the student’s questions. Additionally, he really seemed to enjoy being back and reflected on shooting here. “It looks really beautiful,” he said “I wanted [the school in the movie] to feel just really warm and inviting and welcoming. It felt more like the Pittsburgh that I remember in my heart. The red lockers are gorgeous. Your wooden trophy display is great. The cafeteria was perfect. This library, when we shot in this library, I loved it.” Basically, Chbosky gave the school another set of reasons to not revamp our facilities. So when the school looks the same another decade or two down the road, everyone can thank him. At least none of us will get lost during our school reunions. Nothing will have changed. Still. All in all, one can certainly take a lot away from the whole experience. It’s not too often that a celebrity from the Pittsburgh area -- or any area -returns to his roots and makes an impact on a high school student body. He showed everyone the value of following their personal dreams. “He was so personal and full of intelligent inspiration and you just knew he was dedicated to his craft,” said senior Madelyn Estep. oest rah Y y Sa hoto b P Estep, along with fellow senior Kristina Carbonara, and myself were privileged enough to interview Chbosky before the general assembly. Hannah Carpenter, Lindsay Spinabelli, Julie Griffith, and Chase Maszle served as the crew to help create such a great final product. After all these years, Steven Chbosky is still Charlie. And that should make all of us feel pretty good about remaining true to who we are. Photo by Jul ie Griffith
  18. 18. Perks Of Being An Extra NathalieLeng|StaffWriter In June of 2011, Stephen Chbosky began production of The Perks of Being a Wallflower here. Everyone wanted to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event, but only members of the Class of 2011 were old enough to be extras in the movie. Two of these lucky alumni were Jesse Dunleavy and Taylor Laster. Although the girls had nothing but good things to say about their experiences, their roles as extras required a lot of dedication. “The filming of the scenes took a while, the days I was there I stayed for an average of six to ten hours,” Dunleavy said. “We would start at odd hours and sometimes work all night. There were parts in which we were not needed and other times when we kept having to take new shots that would last for hours,” Laster said. In addition to long hours, extras had to endure difficult filming conditions at times. “The hardest shoot we ever had to do was film for ten hours dancing to the same song “Come on Eileen” even though the scene is only a couple minutes long in the movie. We were there all night shooting, dancing for hours, and the song was stuck in my head for weeks,” said Laster. During their long hours on set, the girls had a few run-ins with the stars of the movie, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Ezra Miller. Dunleavy met Watson under unusual and slightly awkward circumstances. “I saw Emma Watson when I was in the bathroom washing my hands, and all I could think to say to her was, ‘I like your scarf.’ She was very polite,” said Dunleavy. Later, Dunleavy and her cousin got athalie Leng Photos by N Spread designed by Julie Griffith up close and personal with Lerman. “My cousin, Melissa, and I were in the back room because we were shadowing someone on the crew and Logan was playing the piano and we asked him if he preferred cake or pie… he likes pie.” Meanwhile, Laster enjoyed a more casual conversation about our city with Watson and Miller. “In the homecoming scene I got to talk to Emma and Ezra about Pittsburgh and how they liked filming here. Emma was very nice and really seemed to enjoy working and acting,” Laster said. Dunleavy explained that her motivation behind becoming an extra was due to her participation in media classes throughout the high school. “It was neat to see some of what we learned being used in real life,” she said. Laster, the former vice president of Thespian Troupe 185, wanted to be an extra in order to have a different acting experience. “Being an extra would be a great way to do something besides live performance,” said Laster. Laster enjoyed Perks so much, she signed on as an extra in Batman as well. Dunleavy, on the other hand, is a Wallflower through and through, but she has not completely ruled out another movie role. ”Perks 2? I can see it,” said Dunleavy.
  19. 19. Entertainment Up And Coming Artists HannahCarpenter|StaffWriter Azealia Banks (Interscope) (Hip-Hop) (Parental Warning: Explicit Language) Straight out of Harlem, this selfmade electronic rapper released her latest EP 212 at the beginning of the summer. Since its release, Banks has caught the eye of numerous critics, DJs, and hipsters alike. From Brooklyn to L.A., Azealia Banks has been played in every club and has produced multiple videos in anticipation for her fruitful future career. She describes herself as a combination of Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, and Foxy Brown. Banks writes all her own lyrics and has rapped over tracks by electronic DJs such as Diplo. Her latest single, “Esta Noche” was released on September 25th. Can You Spot the Differences? -ssim si enil wolleY .2 ,ten fo trap gnissiM .1 : yeK thgir no ogol oN .4 degnahc roloc evolG .3 ,gni elgnairt der gnissim si eveels fteL .5 .eveels ∆lex Young (Independent) (EDM) Chances are you are a student at Peters Township High School and between the ages of 14 and 18. I’m also assuming that you have not achieved the status of acclaimed EDM (Electronic Dance Music) DJ. Well, ∆lex Young, a fifteen-year-old DJ from D.C. has, and he is no amateur. Young falls under a subgenre of EDM called ‘Trap’, known for its emphasis on bass, ticking, and inter-spliced vocals. ∆lex Young’s new noise makes you believe you’re playing Ocarina of Time in the wrong neighborhood. His beats are very reminiscent of late 90s Nintendo games. They radiate through listeners, whether to make them dance or motivate them in their endeavors, be it practice or video games. Beach House (Sub Pop) (Indie Pop) Electronic synth is making a very apparent comeback in all music genres, including indie pop. Beach House, a Baltimore duo consisting of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand, has been producing trendy pop since 2004, but gained significant status with their recent album Bloom on Sub Pop Records. The first single off of Bloom, “Myth”, sounds like it’s straight off of the Urban Outfitters soundtrack (and it most likely is). A slow, but bright lull from Beach House’s smooth mix of organ and slide-guitar creates a dream-like state for listeners. I would suggest Beach House to fans of bands like Grizzly Bear, Iron and Wine, and The Postal Service. Photos by AP Images Evil Takes Residence MattMullan|StaffWriter The ever-growing Resident Evil series has returned with its 23rd installment, Resident Evil 6. Makes sense, right? The numbers have been lost behind many remakes and subtitles, and now they are back with another game on the main road. Since Capcom’s start of the franchise in 1996, the fan base has escalated into more than just a 3D polygonal game on the original Playstation. The series invented a whole new genre of survival horror. The games have started, not straying away from, but expanding from just survival horror to an action-packed adventure through the zombie infested Raccoon City, and around the world. Resident Evil 6 is part of a new generation of RE games, in the sense that it is not only the gaming aspect of “fighting to stay alive” and “what could be around the corner?” but, a helicopter jumping, car exploding, action-adventure game. It is still the same with the signature puzzles and enigmas, along with the original characters. The gameplay is solid, but can be a little repetitive when it is just waves of J’avo (which have adapted to using teamwork, weapons, and healing themselves) and is Gears of War-esque with an awkward cover system. There are four separate plot lines to play and they all consist of different characters and scenarios, and all come together in the end to finish off the epic main plot. Multiplayer returns and is still just as fun. Some online game modes need to adapted and patched with DLC (Downloadable Content). The game is definitely bigger, but bigger isn’t always better. I went into the game with an open mind and I really enjoy it so far. It’s just different than what original RE fans would expect from Capcom’s newest game. This title is still just as horrifying, mind-boggling, and frustrating as previous titles and is a must buy for fans for the franchise. AP Images
  20. 20. November 2012 “The Campaign” 19 JeffBerry|StaffWriter one else. In order to gain respect from the voters, Huggins is given a devious campaign manager, Dylan McDermott, who will do anything to win. His efforts include giving Huggins and his family a complete makeover, destroying Brady’s reputation, and even getting rid of Huggins’ “Chinese” dogs. After a few miscues by Brady, Huggins gradually gains the support of the voters until it becomes unpredictably close and the men must wait until election day to decide who had the more convincing campaign. Over the course of the movie, punches, both literally and figuratively, are thrown between the two politicians creating awkward and hilarious moments for the film. Jay Roach, director of the Austin Powers movies and “Meet the Parents”, created a true comedy masterpiece in this hit movie. “The Campaign” is being released on DVD on October 30. AP Images Matt Sayles “The Campaign” is a satirical comedy about two men from North Carolina battling it out for a congressional seat in the 14 district. Cam Brady, played by Will Ferrell, is looking to win his fifth consecutive term in office when he receives news that there is an opponent running against him for the first time in his political career. The unfavorable candidate, Marty Huggins, played by Zach Galifianakis, is called upon to challenge Brady after he leaves an explicit message on a family’s answering machine; which was intended for some- Design by Christine Gaab The Entertainment Must List LauraPurkey|OnlineEditor-in-Chief Frank Ocean caused a media stir when he admitted his first love was a man on Tumblr a couple months ago. It’s a shame that his amazing debut album, Channel Orange, has not gained as much attention. Rarely an album comes along that is excellent from beginning to end. There’s no question that Ocean can croon as well as soul singers, or that his rich voice can touch several octaves. Because of this, his vocal ability is not what makes Channel Orange an album for generations. His musical power rests in his raw honesty, making him down-to-earth to listeners. In the song “Forrest Gump,” he admits “I’m nervous Forrest.” Gump acts as a metaphor for a past lover. It’s hard to pick, but standout songs include “Pink Matter (feat. André 3000),” “Pilot Jones,” and “Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt).” In Ocean’s words (referencing “Thinkin’ Bout You”) “The best song wasn’t the single.” It would be a shame if that’s all people rememAP Images Mark J Terrill bered of Channel Orange. Jon Hamm never receives enough recognition. After missing out on yet another Emmy for Mad Men, Hamm has become the world’s best loser. But he deserves some overdue praise for his acting chops (see: Don Draper season 5), his comedic skills (see: guest role on 30 Rock and various SNL episodes, including the hilarious sketch “New Senator”), and his better than Clooney suave. MellowHype. The rap gang Odd Future has two very recognizable names: Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. But two of its lesser-known members, rapper Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain, are making a name for themselves out of their duo MellowHype. Both have significant talent; Hodgy has seriously good flow and Left Brain creates insane layering with beats. The duo proves that all members of Odd Future are gifted rather than just the main few. On October 9 their third album Numbers dropped. Starting with the single “La Bonita” which shows off Left Brain’s skill at rapping as well; MellowHype shows they have broken away from the Odd Future mold. MellowHype’s sound is more hypnotic than angry, but it still retains the signature dark quality of OF. Standout songs are “Astro (feat. Frank Ocean),” “P2 (feat. Earl Sweatshirt),” and “65/Breakfast.” The Exchange in Dormont is a store that lets you buy, sell, and trade CDs, DVDs, video games, and various forms of technology. More than that, The Exchange is a pretty cool sanctuary for awesome music, and it’s all sold fairly cheap. You can end up making some memorable purchases (The Chronic for $12 in 7th grade). Dave Matthews Band can do no wrong. At least, it seems that way after the release of their eighth studio album, Away From The World. The band uses heavy jazz instrumentals to accompany Dave’s passionate voice. Beginning with the single “Mercy,” DMB creates a theme of people uniting. Other tracks such as “Sweet,” “Belly Belly Nice,” and “If Only” channel the early DMB with a mix of sultry and sweet lyrics. Mostly though, this album is commendable because it really takes you Away From The World and into DMB heaven.
  21. 21. 20 News Stop The Violence JuliaGauthier|SectionEditor Every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten in the U.S., according to Nearly one in five teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if Photo By Julia Gauthier The school was decorated with ribbons and bows in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. presented with a break-up. The worst part about it is around 95 percent of women who are physically or verbally abused never report it to the police or government. Domestic violence is possibly the most misunderstood issue in the world today. The majority of people do not comprehend what qualifies as domestic violence but it is important to know the warning signs. Sam Lee, a volunteer and employee at Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania, tries to stress to everyone the value of understanding the indications of an abusive relationship. “It is not about anger, it is about control,” said Lee. “Trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right.” Lee said that most of the cases they are faced with at the shelter are not one single act of rage but rather a progressive climb, getting worse and worse until the victim may find them- selves in real danger. It starts with a possessive and controlling boyfriend or girlfriend and it escalates from there. In one case, a 15 year- old girl seemed to be living an ideal life with an amazing boyfriend and loving family. Things went downhill when he became possessive and she broke up with him. On her 16th birthday, he told the girl he was heading over to her house so they could talk. When she still would not take him back he took measures into his own hands and stabbed her sixteen times as a “special” birthday gift. Domestic violence does not just encompass women. There are also many men who face abuse every day. Lee explained that although they are not as common, they still deal with many cases involving men as the primary victim. “I remember one man who was killed by his daughter’s boyfriend,” stated Lee, “The boyfriend was trying to shoot the man’s daughter, so he jumped in front of her and was shot.” If you find yourself in a relationship that encompasses any of these signs, call the domestic violence hotline: 1-800791-4000 or visit loveisrespect. org. Visit the Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more or get involved. Start small and tell close friends, and most importantly, recognize that it is not your fault. There are thousands of undisclosed locations scattered throughout the country where anyone can seek safe shelter. Being happy should be your primary goal and living in a violent or abusive relationship will not help reach it. As Lee said, “There are far too many people to date in this world to be in a relationship [that] you are miserable with. There are millions of fish in the sea, don’t fall for the shark.” Ahmadinejad: What You Should Know MadelieneMaggs|StaffWriter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, prime minister of Iran, is a key component in the Libyan tragedy, and for that matter, in world peace. His name needs to be heard. The everyday citizen should be aware and knowledgeable of Ahmadinejad’s evil. He is currently plotting an attack involving nuclear weapons that would affect the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Ahmadinejad is a real danger, refusing to put an end to the production and potential usage of nuclear weapons. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently threatened to launch an attack on Iran. Netanyahu conveys that it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when he will use the bomb. Additionally, the United States has put out resolutions ordering Iran to end all nuclear weapon productions. Ahmadinejad refused, stating he will not be brought down by a threat from Israel or by an order from the United States. Ahmadine- jad is a world threat with extensive undeserved power, who oppresses his own people, and has a long history of destruction. Not only is Ahmadinejad criticized for his tactics, but also for his beliefs. It is just as important to be aware of the values he possesses. He has spoken out against homosexuality and truly believes Iran is a completely pure nation. His position on human rights is rather disturbing, with a complete disregard for freedom of speech. Ahmadinejad believes the “abuse of freedom” is the reason for the Libyan violence. Other’s opinions are not tolerated. Tensions with the United States began during the George W. Bush administration. Going back eleven years, Ahmadinejad has also commented on his feelings towards September 11, 2001. Ahmadinejad accuses the U.S. for creating the tragedy. Conversely, the United States believes Ahmadinejad was involved in attacking on the U.S. Embassy in 1979 and 1981, where 52 Americans were taken hostage for 444 days. His last presidential term will end soon, but will a loss of power occur? AP Images Richard Drew and Vahid Salemi Ahmadinejad sits here at the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly. He refuses to halt Iran’s nuclear weapon program.
  22. 22. November 2012 Moo Moo No More AlanaLomis|StaffWriter Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt, located on our search down to five candidates. Since Moo Moo was Valley Brook Road, is now facing a hefty made for the community, lawsuit due to copyright infringement on we wanted the community’s its name. The owner of The Moo Moo Yoopinion on the name.” gurt Bar in Greensboro, Arkansas claims Everyone who visited Moo that the Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt shop in Moo had the opportunity to McMurray, Pennsylvania, has been hindersubmit a name idea. The creing their business. Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt ator of the winning choice will is being forced to change their name. Owner, Frank Chao, was receive a $100.00 gift card to shocked. the store. The new name can“We were stunned. We were not aware of Moo Moo’s Yodidates are Moo Yogurt N’at, gurt Bar,” said Chao. Cowtastic, Udderly Delicious, When Chao did the initial search to see if the name Moo Udderly Moolicious, and Fro Moo was in use, nothing came up according to the United States Yo Luv. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Moo Moo Yogurt Bar Although the lawsuit only trademarked their logo and sign. has caused a few difficulties, Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt in McMurray is now being reMoo Moo in McMurray is not letting named. Although the name change will cause some minor setthis minor setback affect the store. backs, Mr. Chao used the opportunity to get the costumers inThey are looking forward to the exvolved. citement of the new name and will “Moo Moo has asked the community to choose the name, continue to serve delicious frozen yowe have acquired nearly 75 name choices, and we narrowed gurt in a fun, family atmosphere. Community Comes Together to Stop Prank MariaHoge|StaffWriter It doesn’t matter what kind of bullying takes place, the fact is the outcome is often humiliating and awful for the victim. In this case, however, the victim, Whitney Kropp, and her hometown West Branch, Michigan, got the last laugh in their homecoming prank. It started when a few students in the sophomore class of Ogemaw Heights High School picked Kropp for Homecoming Court. At first, she was pleasantly surprised, but hours later when Kropp found out that it was all a prank, her thoughts had quickly changed from excitement to humiliation and suicide. “Suicidal thoughts are often easy to go to, but I think with a little guidance or support those thoughts can be changed,” said sophomore Michele Mackay. When classmates of Kropp heard that she was thinking about suicide, they united together to created a Facebook page against bullying. Within a couple days, there was already over 100,000 likes on the page. Local businesses helped reverse the outcome of the situation by donating a homecoming dress, shoes, and a complete makeover to Kropp. The night of the Ogemaw Heights homecoming football game, community members and students came to cheer her on by wearing her favorite color, orange. During the homecoming ceremonies, she received a round of applause from the crowd, and even the visiting varsity football team. “Finding the courage to participate in the homecoming activities would have been the hardest part for anyone to do,” said sophomore Caroline Taylor. Even though this prank took place over 400 miles away, it could happen anywhere. “If it were to occur here at Peters, I feel as though there would be a similar reaction from the community,” said Student Council President Carla Hoge, “Hopefully we will never have to find out how exactly the community and students would react in this situation.” Photos by Reid Elattrache Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt offers a total of 12 flavors. What in the World? RebeccaPerryman|SectionEditor Ever heard of a ‘Bagel Head?’ Men and women in Asia have adopted this “fashion trend” of injecting saline into their foreheads and inserting a thumb in the center of the injection to form the shape of a bagel. The process consumes about two hours and it lasts for approximately sixteen hours. So, you might meet a ‘bagel head’ on Wednesday, but by Friday, the bagel will deflate. Four-year-old Jasmine Hudson wrote a message in a bottle and released it off of the English Channel, hoping for it to end up further down in the hands of her aunt. However, five months and ten thousand miles later, the bottle surfaced on a beach in Australia, according to the responding individual. Thinking about holiday gifts already? Do not forget to add the 18 carat gold iPhone 5 embellished with 53 diamonds. A British company produced a hundred of these beauties, taking weeks to complete the handmade work of art. Oh, the catch is, they are $32,298. 93,000 miles later Oscar, the globe-trotting dog from South Africa, has traveled through thirty countries, five continents, and hundreds of famous landmarks with his owner. A day before he was due to be put down at an animal shelter, the owner rescued Oscar, and the two have been traveling together ever since. Oscar’s story has raised awareness to abandoned dogs in over 20,000 dog shelters.
  23. 23. Picture This .... Photography is a popular elective at PTHS. Many students express themselves through the use of a camera and Photoshop. These students have come to learn new techniques for capturing the moment. Below are a few snapshots from the photography course. Mandy Magnotti, Grade 12 Rachel Noonan, Grade 10 Emmalee Ducoeur, Grade 11 Cole Medvid, Grade 11 Dan Pletz, Grade 12 Design by Jenn Coffey Erin Pakela, Grade 10
  24. 24. Tim Warne, Grade 12 David Tennant, Grade 11 Rebecca Schake, Grade 10 Emily Koch, Grade 12 Photography Club Contest Winners “Low Angle” Erin Wipperman, Grade 9 Liz McElhaney, Grade 10
  25. 25. JUNIORS SOPHOMOREs FRESHMeN: Fall Favorites What is your favorite Halloween Movie? Sarah Stablein: “Insidious” Nick Chapman: “Halloween” Allison Berry: “An M&M” What is your favorite part of Halloween? Cameron Kelly: “Candy” Emily Lusk: “Dressing Up” What is your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Lexi Antonucci: “A Princess” Max O’Hare: “Captain Hook” SENIORS Brett Dicello: “College Football” Gwen Caven: “A toothbrush” Ian O’Brien: “Gummy Marshmellow” What is your favorite Design to carve into a pumpkin? Brian Hanlon: “A scary face” How do you plan on spending your Halloween this year? Kailyn Schmidt: “The Smells” Chase McIntyre: “Being lost” What is your favorite fall drink or food? Mrs. Berger: “Apple Pie” Perry Deng: “PSY” What is the strangest candy item you’ve ever recieved trick or treating as a kid? Tori Piscatelli: “A penguin” What is your favorite thing about fall? TEACHERS If you are going trick or treating what are you dressing up as? Mr. Ripepi: “Apple Cider” Kristina Carbonara: “Going to a Partying” What is the best costume you’ve seen? Mrs. Gearhart: “When Mr. Bastos was an aquarium” Mr. Lawrence: “Tetris Pieces”