May 2007 Smoke Signals Issue 7


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May 2007 Smoke Signals Issue 7

  1. 1. Issue 7 Summer 2007 Pt Focus Seniors Signals Smoke Volume 38 Senior collage Pages 6 & 7 We remember Virginia Tech... Pages 8 & 9 Drive to stay alive debuts in Peters Jessica Berardino News Writer The Peters Township School District teamed with the fire and police departments to support “Drive to Stay Alive”. According to Officer Dave Stanton, in an interview with Dr. Tim Skraitz, he stated, “More people are killed every month in car crashes than anything else.” Dr. Skraitz, the leader of this movement, has voiced his gratitude in the fact that SAD, MAD, the police, the fire department, and the school district were so involved. The Auto Safety Awareness program was designed to promote safe driving. The activities offered at the fair were geared toward student drivers. All student drivers 16 years of age or older were welcomed to participate in this program on Saturday, May 12. Drivers 18 years or younger had to have an adult to to illustrate how easy it becomes to lose focus while driving. While those beloved “beer goggles” were fun, “stopping” message. The school district believed that launching this program into play “More people are killed every month in car crashes than anything else.” – Officer Dave Stanton accompany them. A tailgating simulation, brake and skid pad stations, and a trained driving professional in each car were just a few of the features of the program. The trainer in the car also distracted the drivers, the police department raised enough money to buy a go-cart that simulated being drunk. The car’s reaction time was stalled to imitate how long it takes the brain, under the influence of drugs, to receive the around Prom, right before summer, was perfect timing. All teens should be properly taught how to drive safely. Accidents are unavoidable, but crashes are preventable. The fair showed students how to drive properly, and what procedures fire fighters use to handle an accident. P e t e r ’ s Township fire fighters managed and maintained a safe environment throughout the fair; by taking precautions such as not letting fuel sit out, covering up glass, buffing out the edges of sharp glass, and keeping the hoses out at all times for safety. Chief Noel McMullen (Mac) said, “All of the agencies (police, fire fighters, public, etc) are working together toward one common goal; the safety of young people and helping the public understand that they are more important than anything else in the world.” PTHS photography students show off their work at “The Gallery” Index News SAD plans a happy ending... Page 2 Opinion Imus: fired from doing his job... Full story Page 5 Sports Janusey thows to victory... Full story page 8 Taylor Piedmonte Staff Writer For the second year, PTHS photography students and club members are highlighting their outstanding work at “The Gallery”. The display, which features photography student’s artwork, is being held at the Peters Township Public Library until May 17. The success of this year’s event has built upon last year’s Gallery. The PTHS photography students and their teacher, Mrs. Erin Boni, produced it. “The Gallery is a great opportunity for the students to showcase their work,” said Boni. The Gallery includes two or more submissions from every photography student in addition to several submissions by other students in photography club. The display features “Hundreds of photographs, several portfolios, bulletin boards, and tables set up,” said Boni. Each photograph includes an ID with the title and author. Several photographs and collections will be on sale, with all proceeds going towards the renovation of the library. Although every student contributed to The Gallery, most of the legwork was done by the photography club officers and Mrs. Boni. Seniors Kilee Beganics and Elizabeth Goimarac are the co-presidents of photography club, with Annie Tarwater, Jon Makrinos, Katie Gavlick, and Bridget Manning serving as board members. Junior Katie Gavlick has made many contributions to her second Gallery. “The officers have done so much work for the gallery…we collected all of the pictures, matted them, and set up everything at the library,” said Gavlick. Gavlick is enjoying the event so far. “It’s been a lot of fun and also a great experience,” she added. The grand opening of The Gallery was held on May 3. Family and friends of the Photo by Elizabeth Goimarac Photography level III student Bridgette Manning showed off some of the pieces to local Peters resident at the Gallery on Thursday May 3rd. participants attended the event. The Gallery will be on display at the Peters Township Public Library until Thursday, May 17. Admission is free and all are welcome.
  2. 2. PT Reference Sunday 13 May/June 2007 Monday 14 Orchestra Concert Mother’s Day 20 21 Tuesday 1937 - The Golden Gate Bridge opens in California 3 Baccalaureate 7pm Friday 17 22 23 24 25 Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Premieres ! 26 Lucky Penny Day Chamber of Commerce Awards 18 Saturday 16 Boy’s Varsity Lax vs. Cannon Mac 8:00 Pr om 19 Boy’s Varsity Lax vs. Pine Richland 8:00 28 Memorial day 29 30 31 National Tap Dance Day! 1 2 4 5 6 7 First day ice cream was sold in the US, June 7, 1786 8 9 14 15 No School! D-Day Anniversary 10 Thursday 15 Girl’s Varsity Lax vs. Seton LaSalle 7:30 Pick strawberries day! 27 Wednesday 11 E.T. movie premiered in 1982 12 13 Last Day of School! Summer Search! August Beach Bikini Boat Camping Fan Fishing Hat Hot Ice Cream July June Lotion Mosquito Shorts Sunburn Sunglasses Suntan Swimming Tent Vacation National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day! Theatre Awards Kennywood Graduation Day! Smoke Signals Smoke Signals is produced seven times during a school year by the students of Media II,III, IV Journalism and extracurricular staff at Peters Township High School, 264 E. McMurray Road, McMurray PA 15317. Telephone: 724-941-6250 x.5379. E-mail: sitlern@ Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its adviser or the Peters Township School District. Member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Co-Editors in Chief Kaitlin Houser Rachel Horensky Kara Krawiec Layout Editor Catherine McCarron News Editor Angelina Nepa Life & Style Editor Colleen Counihan Marketing Editiors Emily Bigley Nick Sikora Staff Writers Jessica Berardino, Bill Berry, Emily Bigley, Ashley Czajowski, Garrett Dennis, Drew Karpen, Sean Naccarelli, Chris Portz, Derek Redding, Brendan Sikora, Nick Sikora, Renee Wunderlich Opinion Editor Brittany Beyer Layout Team Megan Enscoe, Katie Gavlick, Stephanie Gillece, Lisa Lerario, Sports Editor Sean-Paul Mauro Adviser Nicole Sitler
  3. 3. News A. Czajkowski J. Berardino R. Wunderlich A. Nepa Colleges look to help self rather than students Rachel Horensky Co-Editor-in-chief With the fall semester right around the corner, seniors are beginning to prepare for college. One of the main focuses for seniors is college loans. Recently, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been leading an investigation on alleged incentives given to colleges from certain loan lending companies. The investigators said that they have found many arrangements between colleges and school officials who were paid when they “guided” their students toward certain loan companies. Investigators also found that many colleges released a “preferred lender” list, which was composed of the companies that offered kickbacks to the schools. In order to resolve this situation, some colleges have offered to reimburse students a total of $3.27 million for inflated loan prices caused by their misguidance (MSNBC). Other schools are reimbursing their students the exact amount of their loan. Paying back students is not the only way colleges are trying to fix the problem. A number of loan officials at different schools have also been placed on leave pending the investigation (MSNBC). The colleges are not the only ones taking action against the loan scandal. Many companies are suspending workers who were involved in the scandal. CIT Group has suspended three top executives of its student loan division. we take the allegations raised by Attorney General Cuomo very seriously” (MSNBC). In response to the scandal, the government’s Education Department no longer allows access to a government database the contains the personal information of millions of student aid applicants (MSNBC). Education Secretary Margaret Spellings told reporters that closing the database is the best solution to stopping the expanding student loan scandal that has caused many companies and schools to put their workers on leave. With hearings held next week in Congress, lawmakers are striving to find ways to prevent future scandals. The Sunshine Act, which would make lenders’ offers to colleges a federal crime because if passed the new law would require colleges to explain why certain lending companies are on their “preferred list.” In order to resolve this situation, some colleges have offered to reimburse students a total of $3.27 million for inflated loan prices caused by their misguidance. – MSNBC Chief Executive Jeffery Peek commented, “As a company that holds itself to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, S.A.D. plans a happy ending Civil rights takes a late step Renée Wunderlich Garrett Dennis News Writer Opinion Writer During Prom Week, May 13-18, Students Against Drugs (S.A.D.) will be holding four informative assemblies. These gatherings will not only be S.A.D.’s way to close out the year, but also to raise student awareness in the issues of drinking, drugs and other Prom-related dangers. “Last year, the school had a mock crash using PT students and had an assembly where students would ask questions about what they saw,” reported Kaitlin Houser, president of S.A.D. “This year, the event will be slightly different.” The week’s goal will be to take a strong, positive approach to the power of decision-making, something that all students can take part in. The organization has promised an array of guest speakers, as well as informative displays and activities in the daily assemblies. Monday through Wednesday, activities will take place during all lunch periods, and on Thursday there will be a morning presentation. Like last year, all freshman and sophomores will meet in the gym, and juniors and seniors will be seated in the auditorium. While Prom is mostly a junior/senior event, the possibility for underclassmen to participate in the dance is present. This being recognized, S.A.D. has put together all assemblies so that they are beneficial to both prom and non-prom-goers. “This week is really crucial,” said Stephanie Gillece, active senior S.A.D. member, “But the message that’s being sent can be important at anytime of the year. Hopefully we’ll make a difference.” Turner County High School in Ashburn, Georgia is having its firstever racially integrated prom this year. It’s interesting to see something like this happen forty-three years after the Civil Rights Act was passed. One wonders how a segregated prom could exist so long after the 1960’s. Every year before 2007, the parents were the ones who organized private, segregated proms. This year, however, all the upperclassmen (213 students) voted on a single, integrated prom ( Most students, parents, and adults think that having an integrated prom is a good idea, though some people didn’t agree and held their own private proms anyways. Some people just never got the whole “all men are created equal” thing. Another segregated tradition of the school was having two homecoming queens. This school seems to have just awakened from a 40-year sleep. It wasn’t the students who had a problem with an integrated prom, the credit for that goes to the parents who still have racist views. The theme of the prom was “Breakaway,” which suited exactly what went on in Turner County High. “It was fitting already because we are breaking away from the past traditions here in Turner County School,” said Senior Class President James Hall (cnn. com). Students seem happy overall with the change in tradition, and hope that they started a new one: integrated proms every year. Hopefully other schools who hold segregated proms will follow suit. Mr. Benya brings the media to life Kara Krawiec Co-Editor in Chief On Friday, April 13th, Mr. Michael Benya came to speak to the high school’s media department. As a friendly, familiar face around Peters Township, Mr. Benya is well known for coming to speak with students at the high school; attending band practices and football games. During his visit, Benya gave students advice on how to get ahead in the “real” world. He gave insight from his own experiences, and said that a person must always know his audience. He also said that communication is important throughout all generations, and that as technology expands to all forms of media, a key part of success is keeping up with the times. Originally an engineering major in college, Benya discovered an interest in his school newspaper and thus worked himself up to sports editor in no time. He then moved on to expand his knowledge in Tokyo, and moved on to work as an advertiser for various companies where he had great success. Being able to capture his desired reader’s attention, while also coming up with a creative way to accomplish this was one of the biggest challenges he faced. Mr. Benya told the students that the more people told him that he could not succeed the more he was motivated. That is the key part to being successful in a world outside of Peters Township High Schoolnever taking no for an answer. Mr. Benya is a motivated speaker that encourages students to expand their interest in the communication field, and is more than happy to give back to the community in which he lives and loves.
  4. 4. Opinion B. Beyer “ G. Dennis N. Sikora S. Naccarelli Surviving high school: for dummies Sean Naccarelli Opinion Writer how do you survive high school? “Don’t stress Evan Yeckley, ‘07 “Do your Kevin Wolcott, ‘07 “Don’t take senior year.” AP Bio Andrea Smith, ‘07 “Don’t get behind on your work.” Heather Sickmund, ‘07 Bored? Try these sites Connor Tarwater Staff Writer As someone who spends a significant amount of time at the computer doing absolutely nothing, I know all the great websites to go on when you are bored. Next time you are sitting in the library, remember these websites (but don’t tell Mrs. Morriston!). is a site that had a plethora of links going to other websites. The links are divided into categories: music, gaming, humor, fun, romance, quizzes, TV and movies, moneymaking, kids, weird, and Well, while us seniors are sipping pina coladas at college; non-alcoholic of course, the rest of you students will be here…learning. I know this will probably tick off most of Peters Township High School, but I just wanted to give some advice for all students that still have to finish their years of school. Anyone over the height of 5’7 and bigger than I am, don’t read this because I probably shouldn’t be giving you advice. 1. This whole, “try halfway through the year” thing doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried it for four years. I’ve seen more C’s than Captain Hook. 2. School ends promptly at 2:20, not after lunch. This isn’t kindergarten anymore; we don’t eat lunch then catnap the rest of the day. I recommend waiting until school’s over, then go home and sleep. It takes me back to Mrs. Polley’s kindergarten class; cozy up on your favorite rug for the full effect. There’s nothing like a good catnap. 3. Don’t try to act cool while you’re a BIG senior because with rapid growths in genetics (and steroids) many freshmen kids nick-named “Mad-dog” might be towering over you with a big heart tattooed on their arm ready to pound you to smithereens, which is the worst thing that can happen in high school. The only thing you can claim is the Senior bench. If underclassmen try to steal it, you have my permission to make a piñata out of their…butt. 4. Buy the paninis; honestly, if I were stranded on a deserted island, I would bring a lifetime supply of paninis…and Rachael Ray to cook them for me. 5. Most of the freshman classes will be held on the fourth floor. I had the pleasure of my whole day being up there when I was a youngin’. It’s like El Dorado; roads of gold and hundreds of girls, or at least that’s what comes to my mind when thinking about El Dorado. So, make sure you know your way around up there. 6. Try to reduce the number of those wheeley backpacks. They’re too hard to get around when going to your next class, especially when the class is on High School in Review He Said vs. She Said Nick Sikora Brittany Beyer sports. Obviously, I advise you to Which year of high school was your best and why? not play games in Sophomore year was really fun for me, I think the school library, it was primarily due to the really good group of because then you Senior year was by far the best year friends I had but also I didn’t’ let anything bug me will not be able to for me. No real reason it was just either. Senior year comes close to tying though; the whole college applying/deciding added a little use the computers better than the other years. bit of stress though. for a week. Speaking What class did you enjoy most? Least? of games, the I think I enjoyed journalism most, I have taken it most addicting My favorite class was AP Psychology for three years and it has never failed to be crazy. website I have My least would have to be every math class I had come across is with Mr. Kuhn or Journalism. Least to take, except Integrated II freshmen year since, favorite class? That’s like half of I had Mr. Gratz. which is a free them. What is something you feel you gained from high school? Lost? game where you move a red square I feel that I grew up a in the while trying not to I definitely grew up in the time I was in high been in high school solotguess Ifour years that I’ve I gained maturity? I school, but I think its more of I gained a different hit four different perspective on things than I used to have. People also gained a lot of good friends and experiences. shaped blue always look at how different their lives are when in As far as losing goes, I think that I slowly lost squares, which reality it’s really not that different. I lost my work spontaneity. ethic. move around. Once you start What do you look forward to most about leaving high school? playing this game, looking you will not be The thing I’m looking forward to I am definitely morning,forward to not waking up at 6:30 every that is the most difficult able to stop. It’s most is not waking up before sunrise part of high school in my opinion. I also am looking the ideal website every morning. High school starts forward to living in the city and being out of my for a bored kid. really, really, early; other than that no parents house. complaints.
  5. 5. 5 Smoke Signals Summer 2007 Imus: fired for doing his job Well, I know I’m about to hop into one very controversial topic when addressing the issue of Don Imus. The man’s racial comments about the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team being “nappy-headed hos” was certainly not even close to being “politcally correct”, but come on, firing the man for basically doing his job was flat out ridiculous. However, before I go any further, let me say I am not in any way excusing or defending what Imus said. His comments were not delivered in a way that these women could respond. They aren’t political figures and most likely could not put up a fight in reaction to him. Furthermore, I personally think the majority of his comments are downright rude and uncalled for. However, the terms on which he was fired were absurd. Yes, he definitely should have been suspended, but outright fired? When I heard the decision, it didn’t sit too well with me. Imus’ job was, in a sense, to stir up controversy, to rant using racial slurs, and well, make people mad, or at least give them a good laugh in the morning. He has been insulting people for 30 years, but somehow this was the final straw which caused everyone to become riled up. I see and hear things everyday on the television, radio, and Internet that’s offensive in one form or another. Just turn on a music video, and you will hear phrases at least a hundred times worse about minority groups and people in general. Also, the argument that he’s a racist; well, he might be, but racism is not really the issue here. If anything, this has only become a controversy because Imus is white. On the other hand, it’s found absoultely hilarious when comedians such as Chris Rock or Steve Harvey make these cynical remarks. Continuing on, let’s look past labeling Imus as a threat to society for saying what he wants and being an ignorant, racist fool that can’t keep his mouth shut. It’s Freedom of Speech -- the good ole First Amendment. Gotta love it. But you know what’s even better? You don’t have to listen to what people have to say, either. You can simply turn off the television and walk away. I’ve gotten an earful from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the “reverends”, regarding this situation but that doesn’t mean I have to listen or even acknowledge them. The entire situation is juvenile. If you didn’t like what he said, fine, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be allowed to say what he did. Our country has become one gigantic double standard. We’re all for our rights, yet there is constant controversy over what people have a “right” say. If we don’t watch ourselves, the American legal system is going to end up like Singapore, where you can be jailed for even being perceived as racist. “ Should imus have been fired? “I don’t think he should have been fired, yes that level of crude language is unnecessary, but it’s not like this was an isolated incident. He aims to entertain by pushing the limits and always has.” Hollyann Stevans, ‘07 “No, because he has the freedom of Jeries Almnaizel, ‘08 “I think he should have been fired because this day in age comments like that are inexcusable!” Annemarie Hall, ‘09 “I don’t think he should’ve been fired because usually, when other people say something, it doesn’t have that big of an effect.” Andrea Zuloaga, ‘10 Living life in a Second Life Keeping in touch beyond cell phones Garrett Dennis Opinion Writer World of Warcraft meets the Sims series in an online game called Second Life; a game for adults where they spend real money for virtual p o s s e s s i o n s . Currently, there are over five and a half million “ r e s i d e n t s ,” most of whom are people over twenty years old. To start, people create an avatar that represents the “virtual you”, then they set out to “the World.” In this virtual world, a person can do pretty much anything they could do in real life, but in internet-gaming style. The game is sort of like Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube, except you deal with real people instead of fake animals that can talk, and you can make real money rather than made-up money. There isn’t any fighting with dragons, shooting everything in sight, or going through different levels and stages; there’s only a simulation of the life that you don’t have. It’s also possible to create your own virtual goods and sell them into the online-economy for Linden Dollars, which is virtual money that can be exchanged for real money on the game. Second Life literally creates a possible second life, whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen. A housewife (or house husband) could possibly bring some income to the household by playing this game, or they could blow all the money earned by their spouse on pointless things. The amount of money spent daily on Second Life is anywhere between one and a half to two million in real dollars. Most of that money is spent on things to accessorize peoples’ avatars. Although Second Life presents a lot of the mundane experiences of life, it also expresses some cool aspects. In August 2006, Suzanne Vega performed “live” in avatar-form in front of a large group of virtual fans. The idea of a concert that you can attend from your house is sort of interesting, and the same idea goes into business meetings. If your business partner is in France in the real world, you can just schedule a meeting on Second Life. Basically the game is another reason to ignore your own life and spend more time withering away in front of the computer screen. If society really thinks a game like this is necessary, then perhaps the world is a little bit sadder than it was previously thought to be. If someone’s Nick Sikora Opinion Writer As if social networking hadn’t already reached its most addictive level with Myspace, a new challenger entered the arena and has literally left millions of people with a new craving. Facebook, another social networking site, has provided people with a new way to find friends. Now, high school and college students can join the network of a specific college or high school and automatically be able to search for friends that they most likely already know. Although there are numerous differences between Facebook and Myspace, both essentially allow people to keep in touch, even when across the country. Facebook, which allows people to join networks based on high schools, colleges, or employment effectively allows people to find friends within a network. By simply clicking to search for friends within a network, one can find friends easily and without much effort. Keeping in touch is easier than clicking a mouse as well, since leaving posts takes only a matter of seconds. Facebook’s biggest underrated feature is the ability to specifically search for friends from a specific college. Meeting people is easy, and many high school seniors that have committed to a college and joined the network find that they receive posts and messages from similar seniors; people attending the same college. Myspace, the leader of the pack of social networking sites, is not as specific in its location of students. Although the average user on a Myspace site has a huge number of friends, there is no classification according to college. The major differences between Facebook and Myspace are disappearing by the second. Facebook originally did not allow users to upload videos, but it has begun to allow users to post items such as videos, and now both sites are relatively similar in their ability to allow users to express themselves. Both sites also allow users to join groups based on common interest, so finding similar minded users is really just a mouse click away. Both sites are relatively secure, but from the start Facebook has only allowed registered users to see friend’s profiles, and only friends within the same network can view another user’s wall. Myspace, although previously given a bad name due to the ability to meet people, has become much more secure and now blocks non-registered users from seeing Myspace pages.
  6. 6. C ongratulations
  7. 7. Class of 2007
  8. 8. Facing Facts VT moves forward Kaitlin Houser Co-Editor and Chief A tragic and historical event occurred on April 16 at Virginia Tech University where 32 people were shot and killed and 21 people were injured. The first shooting occurred at 7:15am at West Ambler Johnston, a residence hall. The shooter identified as, Cho Seung-Hui, killed two people, a freshman female, Emily Hilscher, and the Residence Assistant, Ryan Clark, who tried to intervene. Two and a half hours later another 911 call was made to police about shots being fired in Norris Hall, an engineering classroom building. Here the gunman shot and killed students and professors. Other students jumped from windows and barricaded doors in an effort to stay alive. The police discovered that the doors had been chained to keep students from escaping and police officials from entering the building. Police finally entered and went to the second floor where the shots were being fired; upon arriving at the scene they discovered that the shooter had turned the gun on himself. The horrific event at VT spread fast at PTHS, as more news reports became known. Several of the students who attend VT were previous students of the high school. Siblings and friends worried that someone they knew was injured or killed. The PT students used cell phones and emails to try and contact their friends and family. By early Monday night reports came back that all of PT students were okay. ers Town et P sh ip • Virginia Tech Information •Located in Blacksburg, Virginia •Founded in 1872 •Ranked 56th among university research •25,000+ students attend VT w s wnship To • Peters To n ip sh • Pe t er On Tuesday, April 17, the campus held a mass at 2:00 in the afternoon for all the Virginia Tech students to attend in memory of those lost in the tragic event. Later that evening the campus held a candlelight ceremony and the students raised their candles to the sky and said the school chant. “A candlelight vigil Tuesday night in the ASUN Auditorium of the Jot Travis Student Union (JTSU) remembered those killed and honored those injured at Virginia Tech University Monday. The event was organized by ASUN and the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and was attended by more than 700 students and members of the faculty, staff and local community,” stated Jane Tors from NevadaNews. Vice president Zenobia Hikes spoke to students and told them, “we will move on from this,” and that “the university will recover and survive with prayers.” Classes were cancelled for the whole week, and students were provided the opportunity to return on Monday, April 23, or to take the year off and still retain the credits earned. Friday April 20, was a national day of remembrance for the Virginia Tech students and professors lost on Monday. The nation was asked to support the university by wearing maroon and orange, the school colors. The following Monday classes resumed, and 90% of the students returned to the campus. “Several thousand students gathered on the main campus lawn of Virginia Tech to remember the victims of last week’s massacre. A soul-rending silence fell over the grassy oblong at 9:45 a.m., the moment the first 911 call came in from Norris Hall.” The brass bell * Virginia Tech information courtesy of * All Virginia Tech pictures submitted by Matt Krawiec* All student pictures by Journalism staff •16:1 student to faculty ratio •Main campus includes 100 buildings, 2,600 acres, and an airport
  9. 9. Student Feedback The students here at PTHS let us know how their families were affected by the Virginia Tech shootings. “It was terrifying knowing that something could have happened to my sister. We drove down to see her as soon as we heard. It was one of those events that puts everything else in perspective and shows you what is really important.” -Emmy Phelan ‘07 “My brother, Jesse, lives a block away from the scene of the shootings.I called him as soon as I got out of school and though I could hear sadness in his voice, his tone seemed angry. He spoke of the trauma that resounded throughout the campus, but he also ranted about the morbid stigma that the name Virginia Tech would then carry. I’ve never seen “Jack (brother) was the only one effected by that day. My parents were on the phone with him throughout the whole shooting, so we knew he was okay. We weren’t really surprised either- on his first day of class, there was a shooting, and on his last day of class there was a shooting. He’s transferring to Penn State.” - Jamie Ignatius, 09 “My sister called right after it happened. She said that she was all right. She still loves it. The only thing that has changed is that she wears Virginia Tech clothing more often.” -Kevin Aprahamian ‘09 “April 16, 2007 was one of the scariest days of my life, my brother’s, dorm is a floor above where the first boy was shot and my family was horrified until we were able make sure he was alright. It really just showed me how important family is and even though this tragedy has occured, my brother’s never been prouder to be a Hokie.” -Kara Krawiec ‘07
  10. 10. ro Sp extra p int Farewell faithful readers Em ily Bigley rts z au Sean-Paul M Chris Port Janusey throws to victory Chris Portz Sports Writer CT: Sean-Paul, as our last newspaper column ever comes to the forefront, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed my time with you on The Extra Point. Although it sometimes got heated and intense during these debates, I will never forget the great times I have shared with you, my comrade and buddy. You are a fierce competitor, and it’s been an experience that I will carry with me for years and years to come. Although I won all the debates, I hope you forgive me and we can remain friends. I’d also like to extend a thankyou to our dedicated readers. When we started this column, we didn’t know how the public would react. Luckily, everyone loved us, and we got great reviews from readers. I even saw a few kids that dressed up like us for Halloween. It was great. SPTM: Connor Doyle Tarwater… the memories are overflowing as I am at a loss for words to explain my love for our friendship. Even though I dominated every debate we had I really appreciated your effort. When two of the most talented writers in the school get together like this every month – only good things can come out of it. We’ve been through a lot together; other writers getting jealous over our humongous fan base, other editors angry that they were not blessed with our wit and charm, etc. I know that our readers will be saddened to hear that we will never be writing this column again, but as Kirk Hammett of Metallica so poetically once said, “The memory remains.” The Peters Township Track Team has racked up another Big Seven Conference title. The boys’ track team has relied on senior Nathan Janusey for consistent performances at every meet. Out of the 150 points available in the entire track meet and 15 points available in throwing events, Nate gets 15 points at nearly every meet; that’s 10 percent of the points in all events and 100 percent in throwing. This is unheard of for an individual. Janusey is a clutch athlete who thrives when he is needed the most. As a humble competitor he will never say that he is naturally gifted, although his ability has a lot to do with his performance. He maintains that his ability to throw well is all because of his preparation and coaching. “I just lift during the off-season and run about three miles a day. Coach Scott is a great coach,” said Janusey. He holds a school record in the shot put at 53 feet. His other personal records are just as impressive though, throwing the discus 147 feet and the javelin 150 feet. He is a major reason the boys’ track team went 6-0 in conference this year. High caliber throwers such as Aaron Scrivo, Nathan Donolo, and Josh Crossman accompany Janusey, making the throwers on the track team seem unbeatable. Fellow thrower on this unbeatable team, Ali Shettima comments, “Everytime Janusey throws he could break a record. No one wants to miss it.” The boys’ track team was undefeated in the conference making them the Big Seven Conference Champions. Last year, the boys were forced to share the conference title with McKeesport. The throwers stepped up when they were needed to assure there would be no question who the section champions were. The multifaceted Janusey was the biggest contributor in this feat. Division one schools have recruited him for his athleticism in track and football. Schools such as the University of Pittsburgh, Villanova, and Penn State have been trying to sway Janusey towards their programs. Janusey has decided to attend Seton Hill University, majoring in computer science and throwing for their track team next year. Steelers continue high caliber linebacker tradition Chris Portz Sports Writer Lawrence Timmons should have mixed feelings about being drafted by the Steelers. In the Steelers’ 7 5 - y e a r history they have selected only one other linebacker in CT: I agree totally with what you are the first round saying. It’s hard when all those haters of the draft. are coming after us; they’re always trying Robin Cole to bring us down. No one can bring down was selected a dynamic duo like us. Like a wise man in 1977 but once said, “you hate us ‘cause you ain’t didn’t have us,” and that’s been our motto all year. much success. On the other SPTM: Connor, I believe you will be a fine hand, the addition to the Wildcats of the University of Steelers had Arizona. Hopefully, there are not as many great success haters down there. More importantly, I with the believe that our Extra Point column will live on rest of their without us because of the impression that we linebackers, left. We’re obviously the two best writers that h a v i n g ever walked these hallways, without question. multiple hall I wish you luck in the future old friend… Brush of fame caliber the haters off. p l a y e r s . Football idols including Jack Ham, CT: Colby College has no idea what is J a c k coming their way. Look Lambert, out Maine, because here Greg Lloyd comes Sean-Paul. I trul and Joey Porter believe that y blergee have graced a great success in life. Steelers fans will Gorgeous women will great performances. flock to you, men will One thing is for want to be you. sure Timmons Since this is my last will be placed in a goodbye, I’d just like to system under Mike Tomlin that plays hardnosed defense. One of the interview questions that new Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin asks his players is, “Are you passionate about the game?” This question reveals those players playing for the love of the game not that tendigit paycheck they receive. Steelers’ fans can expect great things from their first round pick. Timmons has the physical and mental ability to have a long career in the NFL. point of changing the defensive scheme to a 4-3 defense. Timmons is able to play in any situation on the field. Whether the situation is third and long or fourth and short on the goal line he is reliable. There are a few traits that set him apart from the other linebackers in the 2007 NFL Draft. First Timmons is versatile and can fit into the 4-3 defense that the Steelers are transitioning into. Second, speed kills and he has plenty of it. Lastly his experience, he started in 38 games with 126 total tackles, 22.5 tackles for losses, eight sacks, one Photo courtesy of interception, L a w r e n c e and a few blocked Timmons has kicks. This is an characteristics that impressive resume. make him fit in to the His weaknesses are minor aspects that changes to the system can be corrected in the that will occur under off-season. He needs Mike Tomlin over the to get a little stronger next few years. Tomlin and get accustomed has already made a to the speed of the
  11. 11. ek Redd er ing D Bill Be rry C on no r r Tarwate ra Siko an Brend Crime in the NFL Bill Berry Sports Writer Run-ins with the law are becoming a part of the NFL culture, and Commissioner Roger Goodell has pledged to do something about it. Earlier last month, Goodell suspended Tennessee Titan’s standout defensive back, Adam “Pacman” Jones, for an entire season following a string of arrests this past year. The commissioner also suspended Jones’ college teammate, Cincinatti Bengals’ wide out Chris Henry. Henry’s suspension for personal conduct is a whopping eight games. Jones and Henry will also be hit hard in the wallet. Jones will forfeit $1,292,500 this year, while Henry will lose $217,500. These two players weren’t the only ones that found themselves in trouble with the law recently. 41 NFL players were arrested in 2006 for various reasons. One of these players is Bear’s defensive tackle, Tank Johnson. Johnson is currently serving a 120-day jail sentence for illegally possessing six firearms, including two assault rifles. Upon his release from prison, Johnson will meet with Goodell to determine how many games he will sit out to start the season. Since day one, Goodell has taken a hard stance on player conduct and has vowed to punish those who have “embarrassed” the league. “It is important that the NFL be represented consistently by outstanding people,” remarks Goodell. ( As long as players find themselves in trouble, we will Robinson honored at Dodger stadium Sean-Paul Mauro Sports Writer T h e importance of Jackie Robinson in baseball was celebrated on April 15 at the Los Angelas Dodger’s stadium as the Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres 9 – 3 on the 60 anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut in Major League Baseball. Hall of Famers Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Joe Morgan, and Dave Winfield were on hand to celebrate, along with actors Marlon Wayans and Jennifer Hudson. In honor of Robinson, the entire Dodger’s team wore number 42, Robinson’s number, to commemorate his legacy as a Dodger. Sixty years prior, Robinson started his career in Brooklyn by becoming the first AfricanAmerican baseball player to break the color barrier and enter the major leagues. Brooklyn Dodger owner Branch Ricky signed him on to the team, and Robinson did not disappoint, as he became one of the best players in all of baseball. Commissioner Bud Selig was there to commemorate Robinson, and he reiterated the importance that Jackie Robinson had on, not only baseball, but all of America, “I’ve often said that baseball’s most powerful moment in its really terrific history was Jackie Robinson’s coming into baseball. It’s an incredible story -- not just for baseball, but for society,” (Espn. com). By far, the most enlightening and interesting stories from the night came not from the ones told of Robinson’s arrival in the league, but from the anecdotes of his former friends and teammates. Many former acquaintances of Robinson expressed that Branch Ricky didn’t choose Robinson because he was the best, but because he was the only African American player that was ready to face the challenges ahead. R a c h e l Robinson – the widow of Jackie Robinson - was also on hand at the celebration at Dodger stadium and was presented with the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award for her work with the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Both Selig and Mrs. Robinson expressed their joy over the legacy that Robinson Peter’s grads moving on to successful Drew Karpen Sports Writer Over the past four years only a handful of student athletes have continued their athletic careers at the college level. There has been between one to three athletes per sport that find success at the next level. The most athletically successful class in recent memory was the Class of 2004. This class had six baseball players alone go on to play college baseball: Sean Karpen (Wooster), Jimmy Gallagher (Duke), Kevin MacIntyre (IUP), Eric Rich (Allegheny), Anthony Rossi (Pittsburgh), and Aaron Janusey (Duquesne). “Being part of the baseball team at the College of Wooster has made my whole college experience a lot easier. All we do is hang out with each other all time,” said former Peter’s graduate, Sean Karpen. Another choice that students make when they go to college to play a sport is to quit playing. They either do this because they just aren’t cut out to handle the intensity, they are too occupied with their schoolwork, they don’t have enough time, or they end up transferring to another school. Class of 2004 graduate, Doug Fife, went to the University Akron on a football scholarship. He has been playing on their football team for two years before he decided to quit this year, so that he could take a paid internship for a financial company that was an offer he couldn’t refuse. In order to participate in the internship, he would have to devote all of his time to it, which meant he would have to quit football. He had to make a tough choice and figure out what was better for him in the long run. Sometimes, when students transfer to another school they continue playing sports, but it tends to be harder because they are trying to make another team from a school that didn’t originally recruit them. Also, students may decide to walk on a team. They focus on their academics to get into the school of their choice and once they are satisfied with where they are going they might want to try out for their school’s sports team. It is not easy to walk on a team without being recruited. Every 11 Smoke Signals Summer 2007 SPORTS BRIEFS BASEBALL Baseball is now 11-4 in the section, making them 15-4 overall. The team is now sharing the first seat in their section for first. The boys were sent into a strong section, and went “all-balls” and successfully pulled out a number one seat. Jordan Jankowski leads the team, and WPIALS in homeruns. While the senior class continues to stand a strong backbone for the team, the juniors are more than ready to take charge when the seniors are gone. SOFTBALL Softball is now 9-3 in the section, with a 14-4 overall record. The team is now seated 2nd behind tying teams Trinity and Baldwin. Shaylee Ianno continues to stand strong as leading the Quad A section in strikeouts. The girls were able to manage out a home field this year recently, their new fence was christened with a homerun by Shaylee Ianno. The girl’s started out the season with a positive attitude and so far they have exceeded beyond their hopes and won their first playoff game. TRACK The Track season has come to a close, and all the seniors are sad to say goodbye. But now WPIALS will start for the lucky few who qualified. Congratulations to; Traurig, Nitschman, McGonigal, Hancherick, Hahn, Sullivan, McDade, Zuccarini, Beazley, Trotnick, Tupta, Knoll, Howard, J. Smith, Braden, Blandino, Brandstetter, Fortna, Vaughn, Gregg, Courter, and N. Janusey. Good Luck at WPIALS and bring back the gold! BOYS’ TENNIS The Tennis team is dominating their section with a 120 section record and a 13-0 overall record. The boys were also able to take number one and number two in Section Singles with, Doug Subosits and Adam Marnik. Also in Section Doubles the team was able to pull out a number one and two spot with teams Doug Subosits and Pat Kennedy, and team Adam Marnik and Drew Hencherick. The boys tennis team is standing strong, and is not looking like they’re going to kill their winning streak any time soon. BOYS’ VOLLEYBALL The boys have had a rough season, with an 8-9 record, the boys are still clinging to a play-off seat. With the two leading boys on the team, Derrick Dunn and Devon Young, the boy’s volleyball team is on the road to victory. The team has gone against all odds to have the first winning record in Peters history. With the seniors being the backbone and foreground of this team, there is hope with the freshmen to continue the winning tradition with all-star freshmen, such as Ben Pritz. GIRLS’ LACROSSE The girls pushed through their section with a 16-1 record. That places them as first in the section. The girls’ stand strong against every team they have encountered. Leading the team is, Paige McMenamin and Alyssa Izzi. The varsity team hopes that when the seniors are gone, the winning tradition will continue.
  12. 12. Congratulations Journalism Seniors! Kaitlin Elizabeth Houser Co-Editor-In-Chief Kaitlin Elizabeth Houser is attending Elizabethtown college and majoring in Elementary Education. Her favorite sports team is the Steelers, her favorite food is dark chocolate, and her favorite book is Harry Potter. So many people don’t know Rachel Ann Horensky Kara Elizabeth Krawiec Rachel Ann Horensky is attending Penn State and is majoring in education. Her favorite food is Mrs. Sitler’s taco dip, her favorite team is the Steelers, and her favorite holiday is Christmas. So many people don’t know that… I love Elton John. Kara Elizabeth Krawiec is attending John Carroll University to major in English. Kara’s favorite movie is Garden State, her favorite animal is the giraffe, and her favorite band is The Shins. She wishes she were as tall as JD Adamsky. Catherine Ruth McCarron Brittany Elizabeth Beyer Catherine Ruth McCarron is attending Duquesne and is majoring in History. Her favorite Sports team is the Chicago Cubs, her favorite season is Spring, and her favorite Television show is Gilmore Girls. So many people don’t know that…I’m really shy. Where do you Brittany Elizabeth Beyer is attending Duquesne University to major in Art History. Her favorite number is 16, her favorite holiday is Halloween, and her favorite subject is English. In five years, she sees herself in school or heading to graduate school. Nicholas Andrew Sikora Sean-Paul Thomas Mauro Nicholas Andrew Sikora is attending the University of Pittsburgh and majoring in Biomedical Engineering. His favorite color is green, his favorite teacher is Senora Clark, and his favorite subject is English. He works as a lifeguard. What are 3 Sean-Paul Thomas Mauro is attending Colby College to major in Government. His favorite animal is a Snow Leopard, his favorite food is Rugrat Macaroni and Cheese, and his favorite musician is Nas. Not many people know that SeanPaul’s favorite hobby is Emily Ann Bigley Connor Doyle Tarwater Emily Ann Bigley is attending Bethany College majoring in Education and Spanish. Her favorite animal is a cat, her favorite color is pink, and her favorite food is sushi. So many people don’t know that… I’m going to be a Spanish teacher. What’s the song you’re most likely Connor Doyle Tarwater is attending the University of Arizona to major in Education. Connor’s favorite musical group is The Beatles, his favorite sports team is the Boston Red Sox, and his favorite day of the week is Saturday. Not many people know that Connor’s mom Online Editor-In-Chief Layout Editor Co-Marketing Editor Co-Marketing Editor Co-Editor-In-Chief Opinion Editor Sports Editor Staff Writer
  13. 13. Colleen Erin Counihan Stephanie Ann Gillece Colleen Erin Counihan is attending the University of Pittsburgh to major in English Writing. Her favorite teacher is Senora Clark, her favorite television show is Seinfeld, and her favorite pro athlete is Shaq. Not many people know that Colleen has been a vegetarian for over four Stephanie Ann Gillece is attending Clarion University to major in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies. Her favorite food is chicken wings, favorite season is fall, and her book is The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Not many people know that Stephanie wants to backpack through Europe. What is the Lisa Ann Lerario Megan Elizabeth Enscoe Lisa Ann Lerario is attending West Virginia University and is majoring in economics. Her favorite movie is Party Monster, her favorite number is 5, and her favorite musical group is the Grateful Dead. The last movie she saw in theaters is Blades of Glory. What is in the back seat of Megan Elizabeth Enscoe is attending West Virginia University to major in Marketing. Megan’s favorite animal is the otter, her favorite food is BBQ Chicken Pizza, and her favorite movie is Wrong Turn. In five years, she Sean Alexander Naccarelli Taylor John Piedmonte Sean Alexander Naccarelli is attending Duquesne and is majoring in communications. His favorite band is Punchline, favorite movie is Forrest Gump, and his favorite color is navy blue. So many people don’t know that… I’m a sucker for those Disney channel original Taylor John Piedmonte is attending Aquinas College to major in Theater. Taylor’s favorite food is Peanut butter, his favorite musical group is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and his favorite book is Dogzilla. Not many people know that he is a Garrett Craig Dennis Christopher Matthew Portz Garrett Craig Dennis is attending Slippery Rock University and majoring in English Education. His favorite professional athlete is Leeroy Jenkins, favorite holiday is Christmas, and favorite day of the week is Friday. So many people don’t know that…most bands today are terrible. What’s the best part about Christopher Matthew Portz is attending Washington and Jefferson and majoring in Business Administration. His favorite animal is a German Shepherd, his favorite season is fall, and his favorite holiday is Christmas. He owns a Nissan Pathfinder. What’s one thing Jessica Lynn Berardino Drew Tyler Karpen Jessica Lynn Berardino is undecided as to what college to attend, but wants to major in Broadcast Journalism. Her favorite food is ravioli, her favorite television show is Grey’s Anatomy, and her favorite sports team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Jess describes her clothing style Drew Tyler Karpen is attending Clarion, his major is undecided. His favorite movie is 300, his favorite food is chicken parmesan, and his favorite number is three. The last movie he saw in theaters was 300. What’s in the back seat of your car Life & Style Editor Layout Staff Writer Staff Writer Staff Writer Layout Layout Staff Writer Staff Writer Staff Writer
  14. 14. & Style PT LIF E It is a blogger’s world Colleen Counihan Features Editor The Internet trend of selfpresentation has been pessimistically labeled narcissistic and optimistically called a technological source of individuality. Google’s partner in Internet domination, YouTube, is a site scavenged by people of all ages usually with the intent of a good laugh. MySpace and Facebook are some of the most frequently visited sites of our generation, but they have also become a mockery of young people’s growing obsession with themselves and a plague of bothersome viruses. It is deep in Internet space that children and adults can express their views and opinions (even if they are dealing with self-obsession) openly. The most common source of site expression is bands that accompany their sites with songs that can be downloaded or simply clicked on referred to as a blog. Blogs have become one of the leading forms of reference and research on topics, yet they still remain underground to the point that Microsoft Word does not call “blog” a word. Blogs are commonly free to web surfers and allow users to post information pertaining to anything from one’s favorite animals to rants about inefficient moves made by the government. They don’t stop at words; most of them include edited graphics and interactive videos to make the page more pleasing to the viewer’s eye. One of the most conventional uses of blogs is to promote an idea or subject. Music fans and the bands themselves will post tour diaries, pictures and videos of the groups’ latest shows in order to congregate the listeners and reach out to new fans. MySpace’s music section is home to a large percentage of for easy listening. Many people use blogs as an online journal. The website LiveJournal allows subscribers to post monthly, daily, or even hourly, excerpts to describe the latest happenings in their lives. This is a type of blog that becomes a personal composition available to the whole world. Outside of entertainment purposes, blogging has become a tactic of learning and discussion throughout schools. Peters Township High School’s photography and journalism departments demand blog usage for every student taking the class. The blogs allow students to interact on topics to create discussion and allow for more understanding of the class’s subjects. Media students can also reference other blogs to enhance news projects. News websites, such as ThePittsburghChannel. com, offer links to personal blogs written ‘‘I don’t know much about blogging because I’ve never done it before.” “Blogs are dumb and they waste your time.” “I guess blogs are pretty cool. I would like to see some sports blogs.” “Blogs are visually appealing, but I wouldn’t comment or leave messages on them.” -Julian Scheirer ‘09 -Corey Grabowski ‘07 -Reilly Moore ‘10 -Jake Boss ‘10 From money to making Andrea Briggs designs a difference multiple publications Angelina Nepa News Editor The summer months loom ahead, and neither colleges nor parents appreciate the kid that stays on the couch. Those faced with an empty calendar should consider getting a job. “Job” can defined as an actual paying position or steady volunteer work, and students typically work for two reasons: money and experience. Moneymakers should look to their interests to find a job, while volunteers need to concentrate on specific areas of service. If you want to make money, at least make sure that you like spending the time to do so. Find a job that you enjoy. For example, if you like to read, apply to work at Barnes and Noble or Borders. Customers will feel more at ease if you clearly enjoy what you’re talking about. Clothing addicts should try retail stores, like American Eagle or TJ Maxx. Starbucks, Farmhouse Coffee, or Gloria Jean’s are great for coffee lovers. Regardless, people skills are a must. Kara Krawiec opined, “Customers at my work always ask for my assistance, and I love working with people. I’m a people person.” Volunteer work, on the other hand, should not focus on what you enjoy, but tasks that will make you a better person, enriched and wise. For those who feel more inclined to give back to the community, focus on three main categories of service, namely medical care, manual labor, and working with the elderly. It is imperative that all students work in some kind of hospital or doctor’s office at least once in their lives. Even if blood or illness scares you, you can help with research or filing. Working with illness makes you appreciate both the modern science of your biology class and your health. Manual labor would also be a great opportunity for everyone. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity let you use your hands and create something tangible. Finally, volunteering with the elderly in a retirement facility will help you appreciate what wisdom your elders have to offer and open your eyes to an entire world of knowledge. Making an effort to do something productive is important, and the reward lies in real self-appreciation. Renee Wunderlich Staff Writer Passing in the hall, you might not have noticed the spunky little freshman with closecropped hair and bright green eyes that sparkle at the thought of computers. But make no mistake; she’s a girl to be reckoned with. With only one year of high school under her belt, Briggs has already made her mark on the high school by designing the layout for this newspaper’s website. Plans for Smoke Signals to go online and jump into the twenty- Photo by Brendan Sikora first century had been underway for months, but it required a really Briggs reviews over her creative yet functional design, latest revison of the Smoke not to mention one that would generate student interest and initiative to actually visit the site. Band, and is the new editor of the “I wanted to get the paper out PTSA newsletter The Chief, where to the public,” said Briggs, “It’s a she proofreads and modifies the great news resource, and it’s good layout of the informative ‘minito know what’s going on in the newspaper’. “I’ve got a pretty school.” packed schedule, but I really Besides computer design, wanted to be a part of making Briggs enjoys writing novels and people more interested in Smoke is an avid anime buff. She is the Signals. I also wanted to make the manager of this year’s JV wrestling website more convenient. If I’ve team, and preparing to move to done that, then my work here is varsity next year. Briggs also done!” plays the flute in the Marching
  15. 15. 14 Smoke Signals Summer 2007 “Fun in the Sun”-mer Brittany Beyer Opinions Editor After being cramped up inside of your house all winter, finally stepping into the fresh air and not feeling as if your entire body is being overcome with frostbite is the notification that warm weather has arrived. With warmer weather in store, outdoor activities are beginning to pop up everywhere. Whether your area of interest is music, art, movies, or simply celebrating the weather, something can be found within the city limits to accommodate your needs. Musically, there are events taking place all over the city. Here in Pittsburgh the Three Rivers Arts Festival is being held from June 1 till the 17. This festival amasses many different interests. It has live music, art exhibitions, kids events, various types of food and so much more. This outside event is held at Point State Park and is highly anticipated each year. For those that enjoy louder music in a more rambunctious atmosphere, the Van’s Warped Tour is being held at the Post Gazette Pavilion, August 8. This one day musical extravaganza includes alternative acts like Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, and Cute Is What We Aim For. Those in attendance have the opportunity to meet and greet with band members, pick up free merchandise, and check out the various booths that are set up concerning popular teen issues of the time (i.e. suicide, vegetarianism, etc). If music isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other opportunities for a breath of fresh air. The Cinema in the Park is held each summer in Schenley Park. Movies are chosen each season and played under the stars each Wednesday and Sunday night starting at 8 o’ clock. This year’s has yet to be finalized, but keep watch on for the definitive schedule. Starting Memorial Day weekend the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium will extend their hours to 6 PM. Spend the day strolling Freedom Writers For the theater enthusiast, try attending one of the Pittsburgh CLO performances, which periodically change throughout the summer. Disney’s High School Musical kicks off the season and will be performed until June 17 at the Benedum Theater. Tickets start at about $27 and continue increasing in price as you draw One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Ken Kesey Staff Writer Photo Staff Writer Angeles, which is notorious for its violence and racial hatred. The students there act violent and hostile towards newcomers and visitors who don’t understand what they go through each day. The cast of this movie includes many famous actors/actresses including, Hilary Swank, Patrick Dempsey, and Mario Dewar Barrett. Swank plays the part of Erin Gruwell, a young, white teacher helping the students confront their problems and adversities. Dempsey plays the part of Scott Casey, a good friend of Gruwell’s. Casey talks to Gruwell and helps her with decisions in the story. Barrett plays the part of Andre, a high school student skeptical of Gruwell’s teaching methods. Eventually, Gruwell’s students and begin to trust her and stop the violence amongst each other. This is an inspiring movie to watch. I recommend it to anyone looking for a touching movie. It is similar to all the other stories of racial violence such as, “Remember the Titans” and “Coach closer to the stage. Another venue to keep in mind is the Pittsburgh City Theatre, which showcases various contemporary plays throughout the summer with ticket prices from $20 to $35 dollars. Even though Pittsburgh is a mere dot in the map of many massive cities found across the Katie Ellis Brendan Sikora Freedom Writers is a story about racially divided Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. The students are in gangs based on race. Wilson High School is located in South Central Los around the park and experiencing Photo courtesy animals in their natural habitats. For an extra dose of fun, make it to the park between July 20 and the 22 for their Festival of Water. You will have such privileges as scuba diving within a 25,000-gallon pool. Splash Water Sports employees will be in assistance for those who have never had this opportunity before. Other events will be held throughout the day including demonstrations of various water A view of Pittsbrugh most activities and discussions on how popular yearly event, the to keep our water safe. The general Pittsburgh Three Rivers admission price is $10 and it covers all activities for the day. “Singing! Everybody’s thunderstruck. They haven’t heard such a thing in years, not on this ward. Most of the Acutes in the dorm are up on their elbows, blinking and listening. They look at one another and raise their eyebrows. How come the black boys haven’t hushed him up out there? They never let anyone raise that much racket before, did they? How come they treat this new guy different?” The people of the psychiatric ward are a timid folk that rarely speak and, when they do, it’s to tattle on someone in exchange for a reward. They stay separated from each other, with the Chronics on one side of the room and the Acutes on another. The Big Nurse plans each monotonous day out for them. All of this abruptly changes, when Randle P. McMurphy is committed to the psychiatric ward. McMurphy does nothing but stir up trouble. He punches his fist through glass, brings gambling to the ward, and even speaks of breaking out. Everyone, staff included, soon begins to see that he’s not quite like the rest of the patients; there’s really nothing wrong with him at all. That doesn’t stop the Big Nurse from trying to control him, though, and what she does to finally gain that control is absolutely mind-boggling…in a very literal sense. What makes One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest the most unique book that I have ever read is the narrator isn’t the main character at all, but a supposed deafmute that watches from the sidelines until the very end. I highly recommended this to anyone looking for a change of pace. Be warned though: there is some explicit language. I give this book four out of five stars. The Thrills- Lets Bottle Naccarelli SeanBohemia Writer Staff F o r most of you the only good thing to come out of Ireland is the ginger ale, and the Photo courtesy fish&chips; while part of that is still true, I think an upcoming band out of Dublin will soon be taking over the rest of the Ireland, who don’t have orange beards and beer bellies. The Thrills combined a new sound of European folk with the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s pop rock bands including; heroes The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan, whom they’ve played supporting slots with. says “LET’S BOTTLE BOHEMIA” marks The Thrills’ passage from irresistible sunshine-pop classicists to one of today’s most inventive and important young bands. Guitarist Daniel Ryan says, “It’s the story of The Thrills since our first record. When a band makes their second album, the way to look at it is, ‘Could you put those songs on the first album?’ If you can’t, then you know you’ve made a good album. It should always be a step forward.” “LETS BOTTLE BOHEMIA” is a Cd full of interesting chord progressions and key changes. I think The Thrills are making a huge impact on music in the States with the popcountry-folk sound, but they’re still in the process of becoming as big of a sensation
  16. 16. Adams Cassandra W&J Haney Jamie Shippensburg Nettles Charles Ohio University Daniel West Virginia Airhart Zachary Westminster Harbaugh III Richard Geneva Noone Kevin Indiana (Bloomington) Swindell Swick Brooke California of PA Alexander Jared North Carolina Harris Jason Waynesburg Northrop Theodore Geneva Tarwater Connor Arizona Ali Lauren South Carolina Hartz Ryan Waynesburg Norton Emily Ohio University Tenison Sarah Dayton Arnoni Kiersten Ohio University Hecht Aimee Pitt Olivo Alexandra Dayton Tennis Sergio Florida Atlantic Backstrom Steven Penn State Altoona Helba Julianne Wittenberg Olszewski Jordan West Penn (Nursing) Teodori Christopher Ohio University Baker Steven Heuer Jacqueline Otterbein Ondeck Matthew Carnegie Mellon Thilges Kara Lee Clarion Barnes Talisa Penn State Behrend UPMC School of Nursing Hnat Michael Employment ONeil Matthew Kent State Thomas Stephanie Waynesburg Basham Elizabeth Edinboro Hollot Olivia Ohio Northern Osowski Kara California of PA Thomas Matthew York College Rachel Penn State Owen Lindsay Oral Roberts Thompson Blake Pitt Greensburg Baxter Jennifer California of PA Horensky Beazley Christine Georgia Tech Horgas John California of PA Papciak Christopher Pitt Johnstown Townsend Janna Ohio University Beganics KiLee Kent State Houser Kaitlin Elizabethtown Paul Daniel Allegheny Traurig Chelsea Saint Francis Bellan Katrina Dayton Hull Abigail Virginia Paul Rachel Grove City Troscinski Phillip Indiana (Bloomington) Muskingam Hunter Shane Employment Perhach Sarah Purdue Trunzo Alessandra Allegheny Lea Pitt Petroski Nicole Duquesne Tupta Staci Penn State Wabash Berardino Jessica Beyer Brittany Duquesne Hyman Bianco Matthew California of PA Izzi Alyssa Ohio University Petrozza Luke Penn State Behrend Vaughn Eric Bianco Michael Penn State Jackson Paul Maryland Pezzella David CCAC Venanzi Paige Cincinnati Bigley Emily Bethany James Gregory Penn State Pfeifer Rebecca W & J College Vodzak William Clarion Boardman Mark West Virginia Janusey Nathan Seton Hill Phelan Emilia Penn State Wagner Shannon W&J Pitt Jarosh Bryan Kent State Piedmonte Taylor Aquinas College Walker Kelley Carnegie Mellon Lorissa Kent State Pintar Alaina Pitt Johnstown Walters Cameron Employment Bossong Katie Bowes Stephanie St. Vincent Jarosh Bozic Jennifer Duquesne Jasek Christine Dayton Pisarcik Mark California of PA Wassilchalk Emily Duquesne Brace Channing Pepperdine John Jonathan California of PA Pitts Alexander Elon Williams Evan Ohio State Brandstetter Emily Syracuse Johnston Carly Indiana (Bloomington) Placha Travis Hawaii Pacific  Wilmot Jessica CCAC LaRoche Joyce Mary Kate Boston University Plachecki Gregory Xavier Windmueller Eric Employment Drew Clarion Plachecki Stephen Xavier Wolcott Kevin Penn State South Carolina Brooks Devon Browell Robyn Penn State Karpen Bucey Matthew Penn State Kean Victoria Denison Popovich John Worthington Andrew PA Culinary Institute Burke Dylan Virginia Tech Keatley Michael California of PA Portz Christopher W & J Wylie Laura Elon Burzotta Jessica Elon Keeling Alayna Penn State Altoona Priore Mark John Carroll Yadlosky Lauren Xavier Washington & Lee Kennedy Patrick W & J College Prykull Claire Duquesne Yeckley Evan Ursinus Lauren UPMC Shadyside Purkey Tyler Ohio State Young Devin Brigham Young Camus Kelly Carey Ryan Notre Dame Kennell Cavolo Rachel Clarion Knell Jeffery Mercyhurst Pustay Nick Akron Zawicki Brandon Kent State Chedgy Mark Penn State Altoona Kohne Brandi York Quevido Kaiya Penn State Hazelton Zuccarini Melanie California of PA Cichowicz Rachel Penn State Komoroski Adam Penn Radke Alexander Virginia Tech Clark Kaitlyn Duquesne Kostak Brent West Virginia Rafferty Brianna Penn State Christopher  Undecided Kostkas Stephen Pasadena (California)Rawlings Alan West Virginia Joseph Krak Justin W&J Ray Justin Wooster Class of 2007 Clements Coffey CCAC Colletti Anna Marie Carnegie Mellon Krawiec Kara John Carroll Reis Jennifer Mount Union Counihan Colleen Pitt Krivacek Leigha Westminster 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Mauro Sean Paul Colby Seneca Geno Bucknell Mayewski Zarah Pitt Settimio Jordan Richmond McBride Colin West Virginia Shepardson Margaret Clarion McCarron Catherine Duquesne Sherer Aaron Slippery Rock McDade Jessica California of PA Sheth Danica Johns Hopkins McGonigal Jr Michael Juniata College Shettima Ali Pitt Johnstown McLean Garrett West Virginia Sickmund Heather Akron McMenamin Paige Northwestern Siegel Evan Employment McNamara Harold Yale Sikora Nicholas Pitt Medvid Lauren Clarion Smith Emily John Carroll Medvid Brian Mercyhurst Smith Marshall Penn State Altoona Miller Merrill Ohio Northern Smith Andrea James Madison Mininger Kaitlin Virginia Tech Smith Daniel Ball State Mocilan Michael Clarion Smith Robert California of PA Monaco Jessica Duquesne Smith Spencer Salisbury Moore Garrison Grove City Sobek Robert Penn State Behrend Morosco Danielle Florida Sopko Crystal Carlow Morrison Nathaniel Penn State Behrend St Clair Laura Georgia Tech Mullett Alexander Undecided Staaf Katharine James Madison Munsick Kirsten Slippery Rock Stepusin Joseph Akron Munsick Amanda Robert Morris Stevans Hollyann Pitt Naccarelli Sean Duquesne Surdick Lacie CCAC Nee Sarah Westminster Sweeney Megan Pitt Ehland Erica Penn State Altoona Eltschlager Corey Penn State Altoona Eltschlager Jennifer Ohio University Enscoe Megan West Virginia Faber Jessica Westminster Fehl Fife Justin William St. Vincent Westminster Fletcher Marianne Clarion Foglia Emily Penn State Fornear Ryan Northwood Fortna Benjamin Waynesburg Frambes Friedman Full Brandon David Brittany  Clarion Penn State Altoona CCAC Galatic Kayla West Virginia Gaudy Ryan Pitt Ghilani Ryan West Virginia Giesey Lauren Carnegie Mellon Gillece Stephanie Clarion Gillece Thomas CCAC Glausser Jason John Carroll Glicksman Goimarac Golembiewski Grabowski Benjamin Elizabeth Beth Ann Corey Northwestern CCAC Bowling Green Undecided Graves Christopher Penn State Behrend Grech Andrew Greenawald Gregg Grosso Hancherick Lee Andrew Daniel J Drew Virginia Tech Ohio University Penn State Altoona Seton Hill Elon