May 2009 Smoke Signals Issue 7


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May 2009 Smoke Signals Issue 7

  1. 1. Smoke Signals summer 2009 • volume 40 • issue 07 • Peters Township High School Congrats Girls Lax! 3-Time WPIAL Champions The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team beat Upper Saint Clair 18-15, winning their thrid consecutive WPIAL Championship Photo sumbitted by Mrs. Schwartz Imagination Celebration Sets New Precedents Kaitlyn Richert Staff Writer For the first time in five years, PTHS hosted a district wide Arts Festival, Imagination Celebration, which combined the outstanding artwork and accomplishments of the Media, Art, Music, Business, and Consumer Science departments. On display from Friday, May 15, to mid-afternoon on May 16th, the aesthetic scene of artwork included pieces by students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Throughout both days of the festival, various performances took place in the gym and the auditorium from the Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Drill Team, and the Dance Team. The McMurray and Middle School students also performed in groups for band, orchestra, and choir. The Media department displayed hundreds of photographs taken by photography students and also featured five different videos created by broadcast students, some of which that recently won awards this year. Digital Design artwork and other various Middle School projects also filled the library. Artwork featured throughout the hallways included portraits by eighth grade advanced art students, pastel artwork by Bower Hill and Pleasant Valley students, and ceramics designs represented in glass windows. The Cafeteria was primarily set aside for artwork by Middle School and High School students and ceramics pieces, also providing food and refreshments for visitors. Ultimately, Imagination Celebration proved to be a fabulous success as it united the entire community with a hint of pride for our great accomplishments as a school district. “I think the festival was a great way to end the year, as well as show all of our hard work,” stated junior Erika Hubbell, who participated in Wind Symphony and Choir. The bar has now been set at a higher level for our next annual arts festival. Photos submitted by Mrs. Boni – page 11 – page 3 Farewell to teachers – page 4 opinion The truth about Swine Flu features A look at the last four years in PTHS athletics news Sports Inside A preview of summer movies – page 9
  2. 2. reference Summer 2009 Sunday 17 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday May 2009 18 19 Peace Day 24 Smoke Signals 20 21 26 Penny Day 27 28 Memorial Day No School 1 2 3 Doughnut Day 8 4 Egg Day 9 10 16 Fly a Kite Day 21 22 23 28 30 Paul Bunyon Day 18 13 Graduation 7:00 pm 19 World Juggler’s Day 20 Garfield’s Birthday 25 26 Bald Eagle Day 27 June 2009 Meteor Day Escape From School Maze Smoke Signals Smoke Signals is produced eight times during a school year by the students of Media II, III, IV Journalism and extracurricular staff at Peters Towship High School, 264 E. McMurray Road, McMurray PA 15317. Telephone: 724-941-6250 x.5379. E-mail: Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor or the Peters Township School District. Member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. ASSISTANT EDITOR Andrea Briggs National Yo-Yo Day U.F.O Day 29 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Renée Wunderlich 6 12 Last Day of School 24 Father’s Day JFK’s Birthday 5 11 17 Kennywood Day 30 First Ford Car Constructed Donald Duck’s Birthday 15 29 National Hamburger Day 31 14 23 Circus Day 25 7 22 NEWS EDITOR Stephanie Cotugno FEATURES EDITORS Dana Hoelle Bridget Stasenko OPINION EDITOR Emily Estep SPORTS EDITOR Taylor Relich MARKETING EDITORS Paige Burris Shelby Miller End Start STAFF WRITERS Gabrielle Brinsky, Amy Burzotta, Averi Clements, Conor Jackson, Ian Jackson, Colleen Lugar, Monica Paterra, Kaitlyn Richert, Matt Schilling, Matt Sikora, Bethany Suchy LAYOUT EDITOR Emily Correal LAYOUT TEAM Paige Burris, Shelby Miller Taylor Miller MANAGING EDITOR Katie Ellis ADVISOR Mrs. Sitler Courtesy of Start in the middle square and try to escape!
  3. 3. news Summer 2009 In a Nutshell: The Past Four Years Stephanie Cotugno News Editor Four years ago, the senior class of Peters Township started high school as new, innocent freshmen ready to embark on a journey into their adult life. Since that first, unmarked year, there have been endless changes affecting the school district along with the formation of plans the district will execute after the senior class departures. However, Peters high school is just a tiny piece of the big picture. February 2005 YouTube officially goes online. The 77th Academy Awards, hosted by Chris Rock, are held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, with Million Dollar Baby winning Best Picture. April 2005 ABC News anchor Peter Jennings announces on World News Tonight that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It is his last on-air appearance. May 2005 Nintendo opens up its first retail store, Nintendo World, in Rockefeller Center in New York City. .July 2005 Lance Armstrong wins a record 7th straight Tour de France before his retirement. August 2005 Hurricane Katrina forms over the Bahamas and becomes the sixth strongest hurricane ever to reach the United States. February 2006 The Steelers defeat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. Winter Olympics are held in Turin, Italy. December 2006 Saddam Hussein is executed by hanging in Baghdad. What In The World...? In four years, events occur that have the power to affect the nation. Each event creates an impact on society by altering a piece of the lives Americans live. From the years 2005 to 2009, 1440 days have passed, 2073600 minutes have gone by, and 48 months have changed. These years in review represent the memories involving struggles, accomplishments, disasters, and discoveries along with times Americans will continue to reminisce about for years to come. January 2007 Comet McNaught, the brightest comet to appear in more than 40 years, becomes visible over the Southern Hemisphere. Microsoft releases Windows Vista and Office 2007. February 2007 Ellen DeGeneres hosts the 79th Academy Awards, where The Departed wins Best Picture. April 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting occurs; 33 people are killed. July 2007 The final book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is released and sells over 11 million copies in the first 24 hours, becoming the fastest selling book in history. August 2008 The 2008 Summer Olympics take place in Beijing, China. Michael Phelps wins his record-breaking eighth gold medal. November 2008 Barack Obama is elected the 44th President of the United States, and Joe Biden is elected the 47th Vice President. January 2009 Barack Obama “makes a change” and officially becomes our 44th president on Inauguration Day. February 2009 The Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII! Seasonal Flu or Deadly Virus? Smoke Signals Gabrielle Brinsky Staff Writer Swine usually get a certain flu once a year, mainly in the late fall or winter. They suffer fevers, coughing, running noses, sneezing, loss of appetite, and breathing difficulties. The flu is common in swine throught the midwestern United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Kenya, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and other parts of eastern Asia. As of April 27, 2009, at least 40 cases of swine flu in humans have been reported in California, Texas, and New York City. Swine influenza was first proposed to be a disease related to human influenza during the 1918 flu pandemic, when pigs became sick at the same time as humans. The virus is a type A with four subtypes, including H1N1, H1N2, H3N2, and H3N1. The 2009 flu outbreak is due to a new strain of subtype H1N1 not previously reported in pigs. The pigs are suspected to have caught this new strain of virus from a farm worker who recently returned from Mexico and showed symptoms of an influenza-like illness. When a human gets the symptoms, they have a fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills, and fatigue. Symptoms vary from mild to severe; if left untreated, the flu can easily progress into pneumonia, respiratory failure, or even death. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed a recent case in Allegheny County. The man was in his 30s, and because the illness was not severe, has recovered. The Pennsylvania Health Department recently reported 10 confirmed and 18 probable H1N1 cases in the state. Due to a lack of vaccine to cure this flu, the precautions people can take are to cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash hands often, avoid close contact with sick people, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth to prevent the spread of germs. However, there is no guaranteed method of prevention. “Once you are able to rule out the seasonal virus, the only flu virus is H1N1,” said allegheny county health d Compiled by Katie Ellis Monty Python’s “Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch” caused quite a stir in Shoreditch, London, when it was mistaken for a real weapon. Roads were blocked off, and a nearby pub was evacuated when water company engineers spotted the prop by a fire hydrant. An hour later, bomb experts determined that the grenade was, in fact, a fake, and police were criticized for taking so long to realize that there was no threat. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: Stanley Wayne Carter has admitted to living in a family’s attic without their knowledge for more than a week, sneaking into their house when no one was there, and stealing a few of their belongings. Carter had originally been staying with a neighboring family, but when they asked him to leave he moved into the Ferrance’s attic for ten days in December. Carter will be sentenced in July. An 82-year-old man in Berlin, Germany called the police in the middle of the night because he was infuriated by constant serenading from his neighbors across the street. Police investigated and found that the culprit was a singing greeting card on the man’s windowsill that was constantly being blown open by the wind, cueing the “irritating tune.” The elderly man was embarrassed, but he said that he was glad his neighbors weren’t trying to annoy him. Jeremy Don Kerr is suing the New Orleans Police Department because they would not allow him to wear a black pinstriped skirt to municipal court. Kerr is suing for $1 in damages, stating that his rights were violated, and claims that he has been “gender stereotyped.” No word yet on whether a judge will accept his claim.
  4. 4. features Summer 2009 Speak OUT What ’s your summer Job? “I love babysitting in the summer because it is laid back and earns good money.” -Gabriella Santa Lucia Freshman “I enjoy working at Sarris’ because I get to work with all of my friends, and I get free chocolate and ice cream.” -Merideth Karavolis Sophomore “I plan on keeping up with my job at Bob Evan’s all summer long.” -Colleen Cavolo Junior “I love working at Rolling Hills Country Club; there’s nothing better than bringing home the cash!” -Anthony Conti Senior Smoke Signals Beyond the Bubble: Substance Abuse Charities Suffer Through Recession Renée Wunderlich Assistant Editor In a time of economic crisis, more individuals turn to the instant-relief of drugs and alcohol in an effort to cope. Tobacco and booze aren’t known for being cheap, but as more and more Americans find themselves facing mortgage foreclosures and job layoffs, there doesn’t seem to be any other way out. Now more than ever, these people need help. The problem? Simply not enough money to fund rehabs and other recovery programs designed to help others with their own “stimulus plan” for a second chance. “Fund raising at nonprofit groups that help treat those addicted to drugs and alcohol suffers from the stigma that these substances can bring,” reports the Financial Times. Before other charities and non-profit agencies can provide food, shelter, and jobs, they need to have a future; there has to be a cure for destructive addiction. One of the bestknown organizations is the Phoenix House, a conglomerate of 98 rehabilitation programs throughout the country that helps addicts reclaim their lives chiefly through charity donations. Celebrity Beyoncé Knowles donated the entirety of her salary from her recent movie appearance in Cadillac Records to support these treatment centers. And while we as students don’t have entire paychecks to hand out to those in need, there are things that we can do. Small, five-dollar donations are graciously accepted not only at places like Phoenix House, but also at the Orchid Recovery Center, a women’s drug treatment facility that offers programs and workshops for both recovering addicts and their families, and Ashley Valley Wilderness, supported by the Dr. Phil show. Looking for a summer job or a worthwhile volunteer opportunity? Check out the Gateway Rehabilitation centers in McMurray (Gateway South) and within the city of Pittsburgh. Directly serving the community, Gateway provides various services, such as outpatient treatment that enables patients to stay in school or continue working through their sessions. For more information on Gateway centers, log on to College Crisis Bridget Stasenko Monica Paterra Features Editor College tuition has risen by 6.3% this year. Not only is college tuition rising, but so is the inflation rate. Inflation is when the price of something goes up because the dollar is worth less. College inflation is 5.94%, whereas the general inflation is 2.99%. It keeps getting harder to pay for college because the gap between college inflation and general inflation keeps getting wider. As if tuition costs weren’t enough, students must also come up with the money for books, food, housing and transportation. However, cost shouldn’t stop students from going to college. There are many ways to beat the economic downturn and obtain the money to attend college. First, there is more than $143 billion in financial aid available to students in need. Some students may think they don’t qualify Emily Estep for financial aid, but two-thirds of all undergraduate students who go to school full-time receive some kind of aid. According to www.finaid. org, in the 2008-2009 school year, an average of $2,300 went to each student who attended a two-year college, $3,700 per student who attended a public four-year college, and $10,200 per student who attend private four-year colleges. Another way to start earning money for college is a summer job. Summer is almost here, and now is the time to start applying. Some may wonder how working for minimum wage ($7.15 per hour) will help pay for the tens of thousands of dollars of college payment. The key is to save your earnings, and all those weekly paychecks will add up if you use your money wisely. Geometry of Pittsburgh Opinion Editor Mrs. Ranade’s Integrated Math II academic class recently participated in an enormous Pittsburgh-themed project. After learning about geometry, the students were instructed to create models of Pittsburgh buildings, parks, etc., and explain the geometric techniques of their model. Some of the models created were of PNC Park, the Incline, and Mellon Arena. All of the projects were placed together how they actually appear in real life, making a model city of Pittsburgh. The model of Pittsburgh was at the Imagination Celebration and will be featured on the Peters Township Community Television. According to the guidelines, students were to: ‘build a small project which is a part of Pittsburgh city’. Some of the geometric concepts that students could choose from were parallel lines, adjacent angles, exterior angles, and congruent triangles accompanied by proofs. In class, the geometry was centered on angles and lines. Mrs. Ranade decided a project would be a suitable substitute for a test. Concerning the project, Ranade said, “Students Destination: Vacation were able to comprehend the topic better.” This class of students has done many other projects and hands-on activities in the past, including making board games, working in groups, and designing spinners. Staff Writer The end of the school year signals vacation time for many families. Our list of summer vacation spots highlights trips ranging from beach and cruise excursions, to big city as well as local, inexpensive getaways. Beaches include Myrtle Beach, SC; Destin, FL (in Florida’s panhandle); and Daytona Beach, FL. All these spots offer not only lazy-day sunning, but water parks, miniature golfing and various amusement parks. Of course, Daytona Beach is only a few hours away from Disney World. Taking a cruise can be a good idea because it provides you with activities right on board. Why not travel to a tropical destination in the fairly close to home Bahamas, located below Florida, or Cancun, Mexico, where you can be served Mexican cuisine and relax on the beach. Also take an excursion to visit the ancient Mayan ruins. If you are looking for the hustle and bustle of a big city, the “Big Apple” is just the place to visit. New York City is known for its theatre with many Broadway shows, shopping that you can not find anywhere else, as well as some of the best restaurants in the country. For an inexpensive and convenient location, Tionesta, PA might be the ideal place to visit for outdoor activities. There are several fun ranches that offer horse- back riding. The Allegheny River runs right through the forest and offers many boating and fishing experiences. Choosing the right destination is all about knowing what kind of vacation that you are looking for and also knowing what the limits of your budget are. Any places mentioned can make a wonderful experience. Just make sure that your choice offers you everything that you are looking for. Summer Brain Freezers Colleen Lugar Summer is almost here. The first priority of this long awaited season is to run out and get a refreshing treat. Naturally, ice cream is the best option. Often, one’s first instinct is to immediately go to the closest franchise to satisfy this craving. Unfortunately, a brain freeze might not be the only shock you will receive. Almost every option on most menus has a significant amount of calories, fat, and sugar. However, after an active day in the sun, it is not so much of a dilemma if you make the right choices. Staff Writer If consuming back all of the calories you have burned during one hot summer day is not on your to do list, then healthier options are available. Rita’s Italian Ice is now offering an alternative to custard called Slenderita. This addition is a fat-free soft serve. When visiting Dairy Queen, the healthiest option would be going with either a plain vanilla or chocolate soft serve cone. Sonic slush’s contain a lot of sugar, but the fat content is literally non-existent, making it a forgiving treat.
  5. 5. features Summer 2009 ¡Adios, Profesora! Assistant Editor Andrea Briggs Dana Hoelle Features Editor FAshion happened in her classroom involved a pair of troublemakers. “Some years ago, I noticed that two boys sitting in the back of the room had a long string leading from their desks out the window. I went to pull up the string, and on the end of it was a sign that had been dangling in front of the windows on the floor below that said ‘Save Us!’ If only it had been in Spanish!” Life d o e s n ’ t end after retirement. With a new grandchild in the picture, Sra. Clark plans on helping her family for the first few years, b e f o r e continuing to travel. “ I also want to write a great historical novel about Spain, for English readers; though I don’t know how well that will go,” Clark mused. “I’ve been having so much fun with the research for it, the writing might not happen at this point!” Whether her work comes to print or not, Señora Clark looks forward to ‘el futuro’ and hopes to keep in touch with friends and the people she’s come to know over the years. Fearless Summer Fashion Andrea Briggs After teaching at PTHS for 23 years, Señora Marty Clark is ready to say “adios” to the working world and retire. “It’s time to start the next third of my life, keep moving forward,” she said. Graduating from Upper St. Clair High School, Clark attended Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA to attain her bachelor’s degree in Spanish. From there, she went to Pitt for her Master’s degree and doctoral work in Latin American Literature. When marriage took her to California, Clark began teaching in the San Diego Oceanside Unified School District, working with delinquent students and in bilingual education. After some years there, she returned to Pittsburgh with her son in 1986 and soon got an administrative job as Peters T o w n s h i p High School’s Foreign Language department head, later to become a full-time Spanish instructor. “The best things about being a teacher are getting to work with the kids, watching them get excited over a foreign language and giving them a positive experience,” Clark said. Though her students haven’t all been entirely cooperative in this matter, she looks on them fondly, and in fact, one of the funniest things that Smoke Signals The summer months are right around the corner, and fashion trends are moving towards fun, flirty pieces instead of your spring and winter essentials. Dark, dreary colors are out, and summer attire is on the way, so it’s time to get a collection of color. These pieces are the perfect cure for the upcoming summer months: 1. Faded Jeans –Buckle’s Big Star brand of jeans last forever, and the style is perfect for summer. The faded style gives a new, fresh look instead of the darker jean washes. 2. Bright Sandals - Sandals are a great way to finish a look. The bright colors will add to your sense of style. 3. Sensible Sundresses – A cute sundress is fun to add to your summer wardrobe. You can dress them up or wear them casually, depending on the occasion. Try bright patterns to better your look. 4. Bold Weekend Handbag - One tote fits all. Carry a little or carry a lot with an adjustable-sized tote. A bold, daring pattern is great for summer. 5. White Sunglasses – This new trend is sure to be celebrated. Aviators are out and thick white frames are in. 6. Printed Camisole - A bold paisley print with a flowy fit is great for a chic, “going out” look. Hanging Up the Lab Coat Assistant Editor His classes are legendary at Peters Township High, but after 33 years of teaching, chemistry teacher Mr. Walter Jennings is turning off the Bunsen burner and turning in his retirement notice. “I’ve always been interested in chemistry, since I was a kid,” Mr. Jennings said. He pursued that interest by attending St. Vincent College, where he graduated with a degree in chemistry. “All the branches of science allow you a way to explain the world, and I happened to like the way chemistry let you explain it on a molecular level.” Jennings has also taken many classes at various local universities, such as Pitt, California, and Clarion. Mr. Jennings taught for two years in Maryland before moving back up to Peters Township. “There’s no real story behind how I got the job here,” he said. “I wanted to become a teacher because in my experience, there are few good teachers, and it also seemed like something that would make an important contribution.” However, one of the biggest contributions he makes as a teacher is his time spent with students outside the classroom, helping out with various science fair competitions. PJAS, Science Olympiad and the Pittsburgh Science Fair are all events he has worked on with students, as well as countless other competitions that no longer exist. Remarked Jennings, “It’s capturing a student’s imagination, and the process of changing the way someone looks at events so that they see it in a different way than they did before.” While he has no plans for the future at present, he knows he wants to find something else to do that will make a contribution – “but I have no idea what that is, yet.”
  6. 6. 6 opinion Summer 2009 Smoke Signals Blockbuster Hits Emily Estep Opinion Editor Release Date Title May 21 Terminator Salvation May 22 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian May 29 Up June 5 Land of the Lost June 19 Year One June 19 The Proposal Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen My Sister’s Keeper June 24 June 26 For It Following last summer’s smash The Dark Knight, Christian Bale is on top of his game. Also, the Terminator movies have a solid history. Against It The previews indicate it may be a little over the top. Some argue that Christian Bale was actually The Dark Knight’s weakest point. The original is surprisingly good for a kid’s comedy. Battle of the Smithsonian includes fresh comedic faces like Bill Hader and Jonah Hill. The novelty of a live museum is lost to anyone who saw the first movie. Childish jokes in the same setting can only work for so long. Disney/Pixar has never made a flop. For this reason, Up might be the safest bet of the summer. The idea is new to young viewers. Will Ferrell and rising star Danny McBride could start up a franchise. Director Harold Ramis’s resume includes: Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and a few episodes of The Office. What comes up must go down; how long can Disney/Pixar stay on a roll? It could be too silly for its own good. Will Ferrell’s track record has seriously lost its prestige. Sandra Bullock romantic comedy. Sandra Bullock romantic comedy… Early screenings indicate that it may be even better than the original. Those who weren’t interested in Transformers to begin with aren’t changing their minds. It’s based on a hugely popular and moving novel; it contains a highly talented cast. The subject matter may prove to be too upsetting for audiences. Johnny Depp and Christian Bale star in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies 1930s Chicago gangster film based on true events. Need more be said? Sacha Baron Cohen’s last, Borat, was hugely popular Brüno despite its controversy. Harry Potter The Harry Potter franchise has been breaking records and the Halfsince The Sorcerer’s Stone. Blood Prince July 1 July 10 July 15 Matthew Sikora Are You a Thief? Staff Writer There are roughly twenty five million people a year in the United States that illegally download movies and other media content. Many do not know that they are committing a federal crime. There are thousands of websites, such as Limewire, that people use to and download files for free. Movies, songs, and other data files can be downloaded illegally, which hurts the companies and all of the actors, producers, directors, etc. working for them. 20th Century Fox was extremely worried about the release X-men Origins: Wolverine because a pirated version was in circulation prior to the May 1, 2009 release. Over a million people had already seen the pirated movie. The FBI investigated the situation, but has yet to discover how the crime was committed. If 20th Century Fox finds the perpetrator, they plan to prosecute to the fullest extent Michael Cera is dangerously close to overexposure. The previews don’t look very funny. It has potential to be confusing. But really, it could just be too good to be true. May be too controversial to sell tickets. The sixth installment is mildly depressing. Honestly, there is nothing against it. Writer’s Block: Solved Amy Burzotta Staff Writer of the law, which includes fines and possible imprisonment. Consumers often wonder why they have to pay exhorbatant DVD and ticket prices when the actors already earn millions of dollars per year. But the actors are not the only people involved in movie productions; there are many behind-the-scenes workers that are vital to production and creating costly state-of-the-art special effects. The FBI is trying to keep up with the new tricks that criminals are using to steal movies, but it seems like they are always one step behind them. There is a new type of antitheft watermark that the companies are putting on dvds, but it can still be decoded. It is impossible to completely lock down digital content. There is no secret trick that can make the files impossible to steal. The criminals will always be able to find a way to break the code and steal the content. He Said The clock is ticking. Your English paper is due in exactly 11 hours and 32 minutes (you know this because you have been relentlessly staring at the clock). You look at the computer screen, and staring back at you is the dreadful white glow coming from the blank Microsoft page. The black cursor is flicking on and off the screen in a mocking way. You’re ready to forgo the paper and take the failing grade. Stop and take a breath. There is a solution to your nasty writer’s block. First, take a few deep breaths and relax. This paper is not the end of the world. You could grab a snack or take a short walk around the block. Do something that relaxes you, such as yoga or listening to a playlist on your iPod. Don’t do this activity for more than fifteen minutes, because you don’t want to become completely disconnected from your paper. “When I have writer’s block, I take a walk around my neighborhood. Walking clears my head, that way I can be completely focused on the paper,” said junior Lindsey Golden. Walk back to the computer and start writing. Don’t necessarily start typing your paper; type whatever comes to your mind. For example, “I have to take a chemistry test 9th period, and I’m really nervous because I think it’s going to be difficult.” “I have lunch next period.” Something as simple as that can get the creativity flowing. Another remedy you can try is reading another piece of literary work. The piece could be a poem, an essay, a short story, etc. Reading anything may trigger something in your mind for you to write about. After you try these things, you should be ready to write. When writing, do the paper in sections, not as a whole. Write piece-bypiece and follow the suggestions in the previous paragraphs. You’ll be ready to conquer the paper you thought was impossible. She Said Ian Jackson Amy burzotta What time do you usually get up during summer? 1:00 pm What time do you usually get up during summer? 11:00am What is your favorite pool to go to? What is your favorite pool to go to? The Rose Garden The Wave Pool What will your summer job be? What will your summer job be? Working at South Hills Chrysler Jeep Kia Working at Harry’s Pizza What are your favorite things about summer? Pirates baseball games, sleeping late, hanging out with friends What are your favorite things about summer? Barbeques, warm weather, no school
  7. 7. opinion Summer 2009 7 Smoke Signals A Healthier Summer Averi Clements Staff Writer Ah, summer. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you have realized that the winter months have really taken their toll on your body. After all, it’s been too cold to exercise outside, the numerous holiday parties haven’t exactly discouraged excessive eating, and unless you’ve been to more tropical regions, your skin has probably taken on a ghostly hue. But you don’t have to go to extreme (and unhealthy) measures to drop the excess weight or get your skin back on the color spectrum. The benefits of summer will work with you to make sure that you look and feel your best when it counts the most. Even though there is a lot of pressure to be super-skinny in order to look good in a swimsuit, the basic fact is that being too thin is downright unhealthy. However, shedding a few pounds is usually beneficial when it’s done the right way. Eating right is the best way to start, and fresh produce provides great encouragement to do so. Instead of reaching for processed fatty snacks, opt for peaches or watermelon slices, both of which have nutritional benefits such as antioxidants and fiber. Plus, such foods usually have minimal calories and no fat. The high water content in fruits and vegetables can also help keep you hydrated, which can give a boost to your metabolism and help you burn more calories even while resting. While eliminating excess calories through healthier eating is certainly beneficial to your overall health, a little extra exercise can also do wonders for your body –both inside and out. Cardio exercises, such as running, biking, or swimming, work your heart and lungs. Additionally, cardio exercise burns plenty of calories, which in turn burns fat. But all the cardio in the world won’t give you that toned body that polishes off the swimsuit look. Strength or resistance training, which can include pushups, sit-ups, and many other exercises you learn in phys-ed class, can help with such matters. In addition to creating a more sculpted look for your abs, legs, and arms, the muscle you gain through strength training burns more calories at rest than body fat does. Don’t have the time or motivation to go out and run ‘til you drop? Everyday summer activities can provide a fantastic workout without the “working out” feeling. Mowing the lawn for one hour with a rotary mower can burn up to 400 calories for the average 150 lb person. Even a leisurely swim burns around 350 calories per hour, providing a way to get some exercise while keeping cool. To really put the finishing touches on your healthy summer makeover, concentrate on how you’re treating your skin. First and foremost, do not go outside without wearing a sunblock with a sun protection factor (spf) of at least 15. Excess UV ray exposure caused by the sun and tanning beds can cause many different types of skin cancer, even in adolescence. That is not to say, however, that you have to suffer with Victorian-era pallor even in the sunniest months. Occasional sun exposure can, ironically, prevent certain types of cancers through the release of Vitamin D, which can also slow the growth of existing cancer cells. If your fear of the sun is still strong, however, there are still other options for getting a healthy summer glow. Sunless tanners, the latest trend in healthy tanning, can give you that “just came back from Florida” look without the risk of skin cancer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most effective sunless tanners contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is not a dye, but actually a colorless sugar that interacts with dead skin cells and effects a color change. Because skin cells are constantly being shed and replaced, however, the resulting color will usually only last about a week, at which point more tanner will need to be applied. If your summer goals involve looking, feeling, and being healthier, then a nutritious diet, quality exercise, and responsible tanning are probably on your list of priorities. The biggest thing to remember, though, is to be happy with yourself; being thin doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy, and having porcelain-colored skin is just as beautiful as having some color. Whatever decisions you make about your body this summer, make sure that they are beneficial to your overall well-being. Fishtank: “Fin”ale Renée Wunderlich Editor-in-Chief Movie Reviews By: Emily Estep, Opinion Editor X-Men Origins: Wolverine Rated PG-13 The negative reviews of the leaked version should’ve given me a clue. Alas, I was in denial when I still had hope for X-Men Origins: Wolverine to be awesome. Although the effects and fight scenes were top notch, character development lacked, the script was hackneyed, and the plot was a hot mess. Despite the lack of investment in characters, I still cared about a few of them purely because of the actors that played them (Liev Schreiber, Dominic Monaghan, Ryan Reynolds). However, non-Wolverine characters had a limited amount of screentime. As good as Hugh Jackman is as Wolverine, he is not engaging enough to justify a scene of Wolverine flying out of a burning building on a motorcycle. On the bright side, the action scenes were intense, Liev Schreiber was great as Sabretooth (put him in more movies please), and the solid ending makes up for the rest of the lacking content. Star Trek Rated PG-13 Star Trek reminded me why I love movies. I went to a packed theater to see a highly anticipated film. I was then sucked into an alternate world, my expectations were fulfilled, there was clapping, and I walked out feeling completely entertained. I was never a Star Trek fan, as it was pretty much before my time. Going in, I didn’t know anything about it that I hadn’t learned from Galaxy Quest. It would now be an egregious lie for me to claim that I’m not a fan. From the first scene, Star Trek is totally engaging, and every character is supremely enjoyable. Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) portrays the perfect leading role as the charming and admirable hero. Pine’s Kirk has an ego, gets in fights, does whatever he wants, and somehow, I still love him. Zachary Quinto’s Spock is equally, if not more, impressive; there is something so alluring to Spock’s intellectual yet insecure, arrogant yet vulnerable persona. The rest of the cast shines as well. I actually like Zoe Saldana’s Uhura, despite my supreme jealousy of the character. Karl Urban and Simon Pegg are quite funny as Bones and Scotty. Eric Bana, unrecognizable as Nero, is an actually intimidating vililan, John Cho is intense as Sulu, and Anton Yelchin is adorable as Chekov (Leonard Nimoy also puts back on the trusty ears for a cameo). The shots of space in the film are gorgeous as well. Star Trek in IMAX is a must-see.
  8. 8. Senior Sup Most Cha Fresh Best Smile Best Dressed Annemarie Hall and Colin Mullett Best Looking at 50 Stephanie Cotugno and Alex Fincham Ben Peterson and Sarah Grech Best Laugh Jimmy Machin and Corey Sam Most Like Mt. E Lexxie Kerner and Justin Conley Best Personality Most Athletic Lauren Ray and Christian Brandstetter Easiest to Talk to Katie Lynam and Chris Beck Lexi Quinn an Kelly Flanigan Biggest Flir Leah Nobers an Most Artistic Aimee Ciancarelli and Dave Edmunds
  9. 9. perlatives anged Since hmen Year Most Likely to Become the Next Dr. Phil/Oprah nd Anthony Conti ely to Climb Everest and Ryan Higgins Most Likely to Backpack Through Europe Jack Hareza and Aly Hajzus Ross Lugar and Renée Wunderlich Most Likely to Discover a Cure for Cancer Andrew Hanlon and Danielle Devine Most Likely to be on a Reality TV Show Danielle Castillo and Jimmy Sams Most Likely to be on Saturday Night Live rt Most Likely to Be High School Sweethearts nd Jace Cavanaugh Kathleen Brown and Chris Cain Jared Nicholson and Emily Boccardi Most Musical Most Likely to be the First to Earn a Million Dollars Brahim Shettima and Ashley Czajkwski Jamison Ignatius and Keith Quinn
  10. 10. 10 sports Summer 2009 Smoke Signals Peters Township Tennis: Establishing Dominance Conor Jackson Staff Writer Peters Township has established a dominant tennis program over the years, with a season record of 12-2, their only losses going to State College and Upper St. Clair. With a talented team consisting of number-one singles player junior Chris Nixon, who only lost one match during the regular season leading the team, and sophomores Jesse Scherer and Nick Mortland, who placed number two and number three for singles, the Indians are ready to succeed. The team had many seniors such as Marcus Mortland, Ian Jackson, and Hugo Ponte who have leadership roles for the younger players on the team. The tennis team had second thoughts of going through to playoffs, having a better season record than last year. Ian Jackson “We just couldn’t pull through in the playoffs against Upper St. Clair; I mean you don’t always win them all,” said senior Ian Jackson. The depth of the team had a major effect in the outcomes of doubles matches. The 1st team doubles consisted Lindsey Terell of Marcus Mortland and Jeff Miller, which were headto-head matches that they won for the team. Juniors Kyle Sheth and Jeff Lioon are showing they can have a major impact on the team next year as seniors. The teams that are in the Indians conference are Ringgold, Chartiers Valley, Fort Cherry, and Bethel Park. “We won against these teams to gain our Super-Elite status,” said sophomore Nick Mortland. The team has shown through the regular season that they are one beat by how they won their section, and that is a good thing for sure. Clearly, WPIALS didn’t work out for the team, but going into the playoffs ranked number four overall is a good thing, come the future. The left-handed Chris Nixon gears up to dominate his opponent with a powerful forehand stroke. Nixon was a star in the WPIAL this year and won his match against Chartiers Valley 6-0, 6-0. “Pretty Boy” Floyd: He’s Back Staff Writer As most promoters have learned over the past year, boxing is not recession-proof. Ticket sales are down, PPV sales are slightly low, and the boxers just aren’t having as big of paydays as they’ve had in the past. So what can help save the boxing universe? How about a little “Money”? Yes, “Pretty Boy” Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. isn’t considered legal tender in the United States, but in boxing, he is about as close as you can possibly get. He is the face of boxing in the 21st century. He is the best, most gifted, entertaining, loud, and smart fighter. Plus, he is the biggest draw in all the sport. He is a person the casual fan will pay to see or listen to when he speaks. “I’m still the biggest draw in boxing,” Mayweather said, “Everybody wants to fight me because they know I’m the cash cow.” Of course, he has been gone for a year, and the landscape of boxing has changed drastically. UnderReview UnderReview “ College basketball, because of the student sections.” - Bill Campbell ‘09 Manny Pacquiao is the big man on campus now. The young Juan Manuel Marquez has quickly emerged as a legitimate phenom. Even Floyd’s former rival, Oscar “The Golden Boy” De La Hoya, has officially hung up his gloves for good. The list goes on and on, but the one thing that has stayed consistent since we last saw Floyd Mayweather is that the guy remains a total specimen. He is incredible. He may be the only fighter that can come back after this sort of break and fight with no rust. It’ll be as if he never left. There will be sign of a layoff when he faces the current world’s second ranked boxer, Marquez, in a July 18 PPV that is sure to be a thriller. His reason for coming back is simple. “I guess I just missed boxing,” Mayweather said, “Somebody’s got to keep the sport up and running. Why not me?” Mayweather hasn’t stepped in the ring since he announced his retirement in June. (Well, at least not a boxing ring. There was that embarrassing performance against the Big Show at Wrestlemania, but let’s please just try to forget about that.) By the time the blockbuster fight rolls around, Mayweather will not have fought for thirteen months. He is going to have a tough time with the physical Juan Manuel Marquez, there’s no doubt about that. Mayweather will go into the fight favored to win, and he will probably do so, but it is no guarantee. So this starts the debate. Who is the reigning king of the boxing world? Pacquiao or Mayweather? We’ll all find out July 18, but we already know where Mr. Mayweather stands on the question. “I left on top, and I came back on top,” Mayweather said, “I’m here to fight and reclaim what’s mine.” In whatissport does the home team Who the best football team in the NCAA? have the biggest advantage? “Football, because a lot of people go to support the team.” - Pat Walker ‘10 “Basketball, because the fans energize the players.” - Allen Lo ‘10
  11. 11. sports Summer 2009 Taylor Relich Sports Editor Jenna Simmons Steve Radke knocks down a free throw against Mt. Lebanon. The team went 2-1 against Lebo, including a win in the WPIAL championship. Matt Schilling 1. WPIAL Basketball Championship When Peters Township boys’ basketball once again returned to greatness, what a spectacle it was. The team had an amazing run, ending in finally meeting rival Mt. Lebanon to decide the title. With the AJ Palumbo Center packed to the brim, the Indians downed the Blue Devils 60-54 behind inspired efforts by Steve Radke and Craig Wolcott. 2. Back-to-back WPIAL Baseball Championships Baseball coach Joe Maize has been one of the most successful coaches in Peters Township history. It was only fitting that he won back-to-back WPIAL championships in 2007 and 2008. 3. Almost beating TJ in football Although the Indians ended up losing the game, almost beating TJ was one of my most vivid PT sports memories. The Indians were in the two-minute drill offense, down by four, and driving down the field. It was fourth down, and as Tyler Porco’s pass sailed into AJ Schierer’s arms in the end zone, and then popped out again, the entire student section thought for a second we had taken down the mighty Jaguars. These examples are obviously not the extent of Peters Township athletic triumphs. The past four years in sports seem to be a blur because of all the championships on the state and district level. Peters Township has won WPIAL championships in boys soccer and boys golf, not to mention PIAA championship teams or finalists in golf, soccer, and girls tennis. There also been teams that have been extremely successful without a championship including sports such as hockey and girls basketball. In addition to the many spectacular team performances, there have been outstanding individual accomplishments in cross-country, swimming, girls tennis, basketball, and golf. I can say that a two-year sports writer for Smoke Signals, Peters Township sports have certainly given myself and the rest of the sports staff a lot to write about. La-Crossing the Line to a Dynasty Practicing sprints, shooting, and passing drills every day after school each week has helped the girls to win most of their games. The sprints help the girls stay in shape and allow them to quickly go from standing still to full speed, and the shooting and passing drills What was the highlight of B oou y ’h sg h Bs a hso okl ec atrbe earl?l y r i c Track “Getting it done” - Jay Young, ‘09 a ab G i r lB’ s sB e s kael tl b a l l “Winning our secton” - Anthony Conti, ‘09 Softball “Making the playoffs” Wrestling - Stephanie Lusk, ‘10 Boys Volleyball “Leading my team to victory” - James Jasper, ‘09 Staff Writer The girls lacrosse team fights hard for every win they receive; they had an 8-3 regular season record and soared through the playoffs to claim the WPIAL Championship for the third year in a row. Through practice and determination, the girls became one of the most exciting dynasties to watch. The girls lacrosse team needed to be competitive to win the Championship. Since the ’05 season, the girls have been to every WPIAL Championship match, claiming the three most recent titles. “I haven’t thought about being a dynasty,” said senior Cassidy Schemm, before the game. “Now that I know, I’m going to try even harder to win.” However, being competitive isn’t all that is needed in the pursuit of the WPIAL Championship. 11 Sports Briefs PT Powerhouse During my last four years here at PTHS, sports have experienced a revival of sorts. There have been many team championships and individual accolades, all of which have contributed to the growing reputation of Peters Township sports. Although success tends to run together when it comes in quantity, there are still several moments that stick out in my mind. Smoke Signals help to improve their communication as a team. Through their hard work, competitive desire, and dedication, the girls lacrosse team was able to make their mark as one of PTHS’ greatest athletic dynasties. T nmi S w iem n i s n g “The final bus ride” - Ian Jackson, ‘09 Boys Lacrosse “Being physical with the opponent” Indoor Track - Jordan Toscano, ‘09 Girls Lacrosse Photography Club Carly Ellis takes a contested shot over her rival North Alleghney defender. Ellis was a great compliment to Jules Femiani this season. “Our win over Mt. Lebanon” - Mallory Thomas, ‘11
  12. 12. Best Wishes Media Seniors! Adrianna Carbonara Aimee Hvizdos Alex Phillips Alina Chapman Alyson Shratz Ashley Czajkowski Ashley Caputo Ben Roberson Brendan Murphy Bridget Stasenko Brittany Freado Casey Dunleavy Chelsea Slavin Chris Schuck Dana Hoelle Dara Lisanti David Brown Emily Boccardi Emily Correal Emily Labovitz Eric Zalewski Heidi Eltschlager Ian Jackson Jen Kim Jenna Simmons Jessie Smith Jim Rotella Jim Sams Julian Scheirer Kara Lewis
  13. 13. Kayla Henry Kelsey Hoskins Kristen Gioella Kristen Young Kristina Gaudy Lara Moore Lexy Quinn Lindsay Stack Liz Cronin Lynsey Terrel Matt Schilling Megan Graysay Michael Houser Michelle Munne Mike Ruane Molly Simoens Rachel Lazzaro Reina Fink Renée Wunderlich Sam Higgins Shelby Miller Stephanie Cotugno Taylor Miller Taylor Relich Will Cody Zack Malanos Media Memories... Zoo Trip cing Dan d Mrs. Bedner ffy an Du Taco Dip! y oto Da h Club P Preparing for the Gallery/Art Show Darkroom Processing ‘07 Dan Point Park Field Trips Makrinos and The Shelves Rolling Down PV Hill in an Office Chair Kevin Noone it he Mouse VisOggie Bitten T The Morning Announcements Art Show by a Turkey Having a Chill Place Smell o f New Ye arbooks to go to in School Shooting “Ask the Doctor” Live Excercise Video w/ Shelby and Aly
  14. 14. Where are YOU going to College? Last Name First College of Choice Last Name First College of Choice Last Name First College of Choice Alescio Carlie Edinboro Cichowicz Sarah Clarion Halo Kathrine Pitt Aprahamian Kevin Clarion Clark Jonathan Welding Hancherick Mitchell Clemson Ashe Brady U. of Dayton Cody Will Boston U. Hanlon Andrew Penn State Schreyers Balzuweit Bryan Penn State Brandywine Coggin Dan Undecided Hanna Tabitha Slippery Rock Barbati Alexa U. of Dayton Conley Justin WJ Hanna Tyler Robert Morris Barney Jake Point Park Conners Stacy CCAC Hannan Courtney U. of Kentucky Barret Mary Kent State Connors Dana Clarion Hareza Jack James Madison Batanian Kiel Pacific U. Conti Anthony Penn State Erie Hartbauer Kory Pitt Emily William and Mary Hartz Tyler IUP Beck Chris Notre Dame Correal Beel Chris U. of Arizona Cotugno Stephanie Pitt Hauck Nicole Pitt Bellan Hilary Pitt Counihan Brendan Undecided Hayes Brian Penn State Bellan Patricia U. of Dayton Croft Nathan CCAC Heaps Rebecca Duquesne Ben Hill Pittsburgh Technical Inst. Cronin Liz Towson Henry Kayla Robert Morris Benbourenane Amine Pitt Cservak Reid U. of Cincinnati Herder Mike CCAC Bianco Ben Penn State Czajkowski Ashley WJ Higgins Ryan U of. Oregon Bigley Jenna WJ Daerr Eddie Seton Hill Higgins Samantha Westminster College Blank Elizabeth Undecided Destefano DJ Ohio U. Hoelle Dana Coastal Carolina Blasko Brandon Pitt Devine Danielle Carnegie Mellon Hoskins Kelsey Kent State Boccardi Emily Denison Deyarmin Candace WVU Houser Michael Penn State Josh Cal U. Huber Brad Duquesne Cal U. Bolton Patrick ITT Diesing Bonus Jason Rosedale Tech Dignazio John Duquesne Hughes Andy Bossong Rebbecca Kent State Donofrio Jim Cal U. Hull Annemarie Duquesne Kaitlin Louisville Hull Stephanie Coastal Carolina Bozic Stephanie Penn State Dorman Braden Hunter CCAC Dray Kelsey IUP Hunter Kevin Work Brandsma Joseph CCAC Dubois Michael Art Inst. of Pittsburgh Hutchins Timothy CCAC Brandstetter Christian Bucknell Duda Erica CCAC Hvizdos Aimee George Mason Brian Kriston Pitt Johnstown Dunleavy Casey Clarion Ignatius Jamison Eastman School of Music Brickner Kellie Duquesne Edmunds Dave Ohio U. Iuni Mike Penn Comerical Broglie Julia U. of Delaware Eltschlager Heidi Penn State Jackson Ian Robert Morris Brown David Penn State Enscoe Rachel IUP Jasper James Cal U. Irving Tecnologico de Saltillo JC Bardzil Columbia College Chicago Brown Kathleen Penn State Altoona Escobedo Brusco Jeff Penn State Erie Esterhuizen Kristelle Penn State Jones Karissa Cal U. Bryan Bernadette Case Western Reserve Estes Abby CCAC Joyce Meghan Penn State Altoona Bryan Stephanie Pitt Fawcett Collin Miami of Ohio Kamphaus Lexi IUP Burg Kevin Purdue Feeney Jack Work Kaushik Charanya WJ Burgman Griffin Lindenwood Fincham Alex IUP Kennedy Mackenzie Duquesne Burket Travis IUP Fink Reina Pitt Kerner Lexxie IUP Burns Rebecca Point Park Flanigan Kelly Pitt Kerr Tyler Slippery Rock Bush Kayleigh High Point Frank Jordan Cal U. Kim Jennifer OSU Cain Chris Penn State Altoona Freado Brittany Word of Life Bible Inst. Kimberly Mackay Purdue Caliguiri Drew Clarion Frings Alex Work Kinavey Matt WVU Andrew Apprenticeship Knell Alex Arcadia Campano Chris CCAC Gannuzii Campbell Bill Maryland Gardner Alexis James Madison Koepka Ryan Case Western Reserve Caputo Ashley Kent State Gaudy Kristina Slippery Rock Kohne Jody Edinboro Andrew U. of Arizona Kotar Ryan Robert Morris Carbonara Adrianna Robert Morris Gavlick Carone Nick Clemson Gillece Lindsay Undecided Kozlowski Mike Pitt Carper Casey Pitt Gioella Kristen Ohio U. Kradel Sarah Ohio Northern Casaday Ryan Hampden - Sydney College Glovier Megan Penn State Krivacek Blaine Penn State Erie Castillo Danielle James Madison Golden Nick Slippery Rock Krivacek Quintin Penn State Erie Cavanagh Jace IUP Graysay Magan Slippery Rock Kronket Caitlyn Penn State Ceccarelli Nick Pitt Grech Sarah Pitt Labovitz Emily Full Sail Celko Meredith Penn State Altoona Grimm Jason WVU Laipple Alanna Cal U. Emily Pitt Laubach Kerriann Washington and Lee Chapman Alina Messiah College Grisnik Chen Ming Stony Brook Groll Wesley WVU Lazzaro Rachel Cal U. Chiste Samantha Penn State Grosse Brian Cal U. Lewis Kara Kent State Fashion Inst. of Technology Hajzus Aly OSU Lisanti Dara WVU Ciancarelli Aimee Breakdown of Majors English - 1% Law/Political Science - 2% Other - 3% Psychology - 3% Technology - 4% Arts - 4% Communications - 6% Science - 8% Education - 10% Engineering - 11% Business - 14% Medicine - 17% Undecided - 17%
  15. 15. Last Name First College of Choice Last Name First College of Choice Last Name First Locher Geoff U. of Pennsylvania Pahountis Nick Pitt Shoup John Kickin it Oldskool Lovell Curry Edinboro Palacios Ricky Texas AM Sigert Ashley Undecided Lugar Ross Clarion Partyka Cody Marshal Simmons Jenna Shippensburg Lutz Samantha Penn State Altoona Patterson Scott Penn State Simmons Paula Kent State Lynam Katie Grove City Paul Andrew Penn State Simoens Molly U. of Kentucky Machin Jimmy Pitt Peterson Ben Bowling Green State Slavin Chelsea Penn State Madalena Andy Wake Forest Petrozza Lisbeth IUP Small Victoria Edinboro Majcher Nolan Cal U. Pfeifer Zack Pitt Johnstown Smith Alex Waynesburg Malanos Zack Pitt Pfrimmer Adam Pitt Smith Laney U. of Kentucky Maldonado Victor UNITEC Phillips Alex IUP Sossi Alexandra WJ Malencia Michael Pitt Pieretti Paige James Madison Staaf Julie CCAC Marks Alexa Westminster College Pletz Sam Kenyon College Stack Lindsay Nursing Prog. Marlett Melanie Clarion Policz Jessica Edinboro Stanchak Ellie Grove City Martinez Corey Tiffin Ponte Hugo Carnegie Mellon Stasenko Bridget Ohio U. Martino JR Robert Morris Provident Nicole Duquesne Stephan Paul U. at Buffalo Massarri Ron Cal U. Pustay Dan Penn State Sullivan Patrick U. of Dayton Mathews Ryan Penn State Quinn Alexandra Columbia College Chicago Sypula Gina Penn State Mauer Lindsay U. of South Carolina Quinn Keith Duquesne Tennis Tony CCAC Maydak Laura Pitt Rackley Eric Clemson Terrell Lynsey OSU McCormack Jessica IUP Radke Stephen Undecided Thomas Kahlil Clarion McCracken Julie Geneva College Rauch Spencer Edinboro Thomas Rachael Empire Beauty Acad. McDade Sarah IUP Ray Kevin Pitt Thompson Andrew U. of Dayton McGraw Carrie IUP Ray Lauren Penn State Tomayko Bryan Undecided McLaughlen Julie Empire Beauty Academy Redding Derek Pitt Bradford Toohey Sean Pitt Greensburgh McNamara Conor WVU Relich Taylor Penn State Toscano Jordan Marine Corps. McNamara Margret Princeton ReoNason Brittany Pitt School of Nursing Toth Charla Cal U. Medvid Carl Clarion Rezk Andrew Pitt Greensburgh Trever Oliver Undecided Mele Paige Edinboro Riesmeyer Kait Grove City Trotnick Amy Pitt Messerly Matt WVU Rigatti Dave Penn State Tupta Stephanie Penn State Erie Metz Anthony Penn State Ritter Samantha Mercyhurst Ubinger Abbey WVU Meyers Adam Gannon U. Roberson Ben Duquesne Valentas Ed CCAC Milavec Megan U. of Pennsylvania Robles Maria Penn State Vanistendael Eric Penn State Miller Brittany Penn State Erie Ross Jonathan Loyola College in Maryland Vignetti Mario Cal U. Miller Erin Clemson Rotella Jim Penn State Visnic Alina Art Inst. of Pittsburgh Miller Maddie Xavier Rovito Celeste UVA Walker Maggie Pitt Miller Shelby U. of Utah Ruanz Michael Pitt Ward Michelle Unity College in Maine Miller Steve Penn State Sabo Alex Duquesne Warzinski Julia Waynesburg Miller Taylor Penn State Erie Sam Corey Penn State Altoona Weimer Greg Virginia Tech Mitchel Julie Thiel Sams Jim Penn State Altoona Weiss Laura CCAC Modery Stephanie WVU Santo Jake Ohio U. Weyrick Hannah Duquesne Mojta Vincent Penn State Santomo Raymond IUP Wickerham Chase Full Sail Molinaro Justin IUP Schafer Ryan Penn State Erie Wickline Steven Cal U. Momeyer Sam Cal U. Schemm Cassidy Slippery Rock Wilcox Nick Bethany College Moore Lara Abroad/Grove City Schilling Matt Cal U. Willard Zachary Ohio U. Moore Lindsay The Art Inst. of Pittsburgh Schmeltzer Amanda Mercyhurst Williams Allee WVU Moran Mindy Penn State Schmid-Broome Wes Wittenberg Williams Drew Notre Dame Mortland Marcus U. of Dayton Schratz Alyson St. Vincent College Wilson Brooke Purdue Mueller Nikki Seton Hill Schuck Chris Penn State Erie Winter Paul CCAC Mullet Colin U. of S. Carolina Aiken Schultz Brian NC State Woltz Matthew WVU Munne Michelle Duquesne Schultz Lindsey Kent State Wunderlich Renée U. of Illinois Murphy Brendan Santa Clara Schwartz Samantha Sweet Briar College Wylie Amanda Penn State Narey Billy Undecided See Elliza Miami of Ohio Young Jay Pitt Nickolson Jared Capital Seimmons Jenna Shippensburg Young Kristin Brigham Young Nobers Leah Slippery Rock Sheetz Tyler Ohio Western Zalewski Eric Cal U. Nowe Jacob WJ Shettima Brahim Pitt Zrimsik Abby Pitt O’Malley Tim Cal U. Shields Thomas Full Sail Class of 2009 College Stats 217 students are staying in PA 103 are going out of state 10 are still undecided 4 are going straight to work or have an appreticeship 1 is going into the Marine Corps The top college picks are: Penn State University (48) University of Pittsburgh (34) California University (18) CCAC (14) IUP (14) Duquesne/Point Park (12) West Virginia University (11) College of Choice
  16. 16. Best Wishes Class of 2009