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04 mar14

  1. 1. Smoke Signals March 2014/Vol. 5 Issue 4 That’ll Leave a Mark pg. 11 Faculty Face-Off: Winner Revealed
  2. 2. Josh Glicksman Editorial Team Leader Cassi Deluca Layout Editor-in-Chief Kristin Slomiany Layout Editor-in-Chief Shane Dazen Print Editor-in-Chief Jenna Taimuty Print Editor-in-Chief Jesse Eby Section Editor-Student Content Andrew Stroud Section Editor-Student Content Rebecca Perryman Web Editor-in-Chief Casey Kirwan Web Editor-in-Chief Andrea Salizzoni Web Editor-in-Chief Nicole Torchio Business Editor-in-Chief JC Brush Section Editor-Sports Kelsey Hunter Section Editor-Sports Elise Jozwiak Section Editor-Entertainment MeettheSeniorEditors Kassianna Politis- #connect Editor Natalie Rihmland- Business Editor-in-Chief Nicole Spindler- Business Editor-in-Chief Nicole Folino- Section Editor: Life and Style Maria Hoge- Section Editor: News Madi Start- Section Editor: PT Focus Vanessa Scoulos- Section Editor: Student Content Meet the Junior Editors Nicole Beichner Naomi Burke EmmaLee Ducoeur Bailey Fink Olivia Glod Alana Hiner Jill Kovac Maddy Lampert Emilou Landas Natalie Leven Kourtney Martin Valerie Mikec Deidra Moran Tori Piscatelli Joanna Pollock Karen Richtar Maddie Woodrow Brenna Woodside Staff
  3. 3. Sports: Entertainment: PT Focus: Life and Style: Student Work: Teacher: 67 4 18 11 8 22-23 24 Table of Contents Mission Statement Smoke Signals is produced six times a school year by the students of Media II, III, IV Journalism Staff at Peters Township High School. The staff adviser is Mrs. N. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opin- ion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its adviser, or the Peters Township School District. #Connect: 12-13 16-17 People Features: 14 Athletes of the Month Faculty Face-Off PT Lax The Wiz Subject to Change: That’ll Leave a Mark Spring Throwback Pics Blackhurst Says Yes to the Dress Proma Teaching 101: Mr. Kuhn Netflix vs. Hulu
  4. 4. Volume 5 Issue 2 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 724-941-6250 www.ptmedia.net Smoke Signals Layout by Kristin Slomiany
  5. 5. 04 Layout by Val Mikec PT Focus // March 2014PTHS POWER RANKINGS: Top 5 Reasons Your Bracket Will Bust Keep dreaming for the billion dollars from Warren Buffet, everybody. I promise you that this isn’t your year. Sorry ‘bout it. 5. You Forgot About That Scottie Reynolds Moment Sorry Pitt fans, this is aimed directly at you. How many years in a row have the Panthers choked and underperformed at the dance? Too many. It’s a yearly process: Pitt has a strong season and gets the fans hopes up before the tourney. The seemingly rational hope then leads to over commitment when filling out brackets. This leads to a disappointing loss too early in the Round of 32 for the Panthers, leaving Pitt fans with another year’s bracket down the tubes. The Panthers are almost as keen for heartbreaking losses as the Northwestern Wildcats (say hello to Tyler Ennis for me, Pitt fans). So before you all rush to place the Panthers way too far in the tournament, just picture Scottie Reynolds going coast-to-coast untouched for a game-winning lay-up back in 2009. 4. You Forgot About That Controversial Call in the Duke Game Like it or not, it’s bound to happen. I’m 64.78% sure (and hey, that’s a passing grade, right?) that it’ll come in a Duke match-up. Let’s be honest: the Blue Devils win controversial calls more often than not. With the Rodney Hood call going against them vs. Syracuse back in February, I highly doubt they will miss two calls in a row. Something about a 5’10”, 67-year-old coach with a ridiculously difficult last name to spell/pronounce must strike fear into NCAA Men’s Basketball referees. Even if it doesn’t come in the Duke game, somewhere along the line your bracket will be heavily affected by a ref. Let’s just hope for your sake that Tim Donaghy chose the same thirteen over four upset that you did. 3. You Forgot About That Favorite Falling Early It’s always safe to pick the favorites, right? Definitely not. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Norfolk State (a fifteen seed) beat Missouri (a two seed, and my national champion) back in 2012. That same year, another two-seeded Duke lost to another fifteen-seeded Lehigh. My advice, and keep in mind that I’m historically awful at these things, is to avoid influence from the “gurus.” I’m surprised Dick Vitale even knows how to form sentences anymore, let alone be an “expert picker.” If you want to follow the picks of Digger Phelps, just keep in mind that you’re listening to someone who has the first name of Digger. Make up your own mind. On a final note for favorites, just remember: the popular pick is incorrect more often than not. 2. You Forgot About That Underdog Pulling a “George Mason” Raise your hand if you had Wichita State in your final four last year. Raise your hand if you had Florida Gulf Coast in the sweet 16 last year. If you raised your hand either time, not only did you raise your hand while reading a magazine, making you look like an idiot, but you’re also a liar. Honestly, with the way the last two years of March Madness have played out, just spin a wheel. You can read all the magazines, watch all the videos, even fly to every school’s campus to get scouting reports on every player in the tourney—you will still be wrong. March Madness upsets are God’s way of saying, “you’re not me. Don’t try to be.” 1. You Forgot Buffalo Wild Wings Was Open If you haven’t heard already, Warren Buffet is offering ONE BILLION DOLLARS to anyone with a perfect bracket this year. That’s him telling the rest of us that’s he so confident no one will get it, he’s willing to offer generations of fortune for it. It’s also his way of telling us “I’m rich!!!!” Anyway, it’s absolutely impossible to record a perfect bracket in today’s world of March Madness, let alone even have a bracket that isn’t torn to shreds by the third round. You’re better off picking the better jerseys, better mascots, better team name, etc. than you are actually trying to base your picks off science. The craziness is inevitable. The craziness is upon us. Are you ready? Josh Glicksman|Editor-in-Chief Photos from AP Images
  6. 6. Singing and dancing and acting, oh my! The spring mu- sical, The Wiz, arrived. The story followed the main plotline of The Wizard of Oz, but with a twist and a very different style of music. Music teacher Mr. Cygrymus directed the production. The cast and crew worked harder than ever to bring the production together. Long evenings of rehearsals and hours of practice made the auditorium a second home for many of the stu- dents. Of course the many school cancellations didn’t help, forcing everyone to work twice as hard and twice as fast. It was exhaust- ing, but well worth it when performance night came around. The musical starred senior Rachael Ferraco as Dorothy Gale, sopho- more Cullen Browell as the Scarecrow, sophomore Charlie Meyers as the Tin Man, senior Hayden Bennett as the Lion, and senior Stephen Rothhaar as the Wiz. Everyone working on the play definitely became really close. “I’ve loved being a part of such a committed and talented cast, and being able to make special memories with them!” said Ferraco. “The best part about working on the musical was being able to work with the cast. I loved being a part of the #Fear- Casey Kirwan|Web Editor-in-Chief Wonderful Work on the Wiz someFoursome,” said Browell. This “Fearsome Foursome” referred to Dorothy, Lion, Tin Man, and the Scarecrow. Along with this great bonding experience, the cast also had a lot of fun. They all loved the music and dance numbers that were featured in the show. “‘Born on the Day Yesterday’ is my favorite song. It was my first solo in high school and working with the crew made it even better,” Browell stated. A scene called “The Funky Mon- key” was another very popular musical number among the cast members. “The ‘Funky Monkey’ scene is probably my favorite [scene] because it involves some of the more intense choreogra- phy and was a really fun scene to perform,” said Ferraco. The musical was a big success and everyone in the cast was very pleased with the final performances. Although tired and relieved of all the stress, the cast and crew will look back on all the long rehearsals as fond memories and will surely cherish them. As the end of the school year is approaching, juniors are becoming increasingly stressed by taking or preparing for required standardized tests that impact their futures. Students obviously want to be accepted into their dream college, but how exactly do they reach that ultimate goal? Standardized tests can influence college admission up to eighty percent at certain schools according to the Princeton Review. It is important to be familiar with the differences between the ACT and the SAT to know which one suits you better. There are quite a few differences between the two tests that could help students choose which one to take. First off, keep in mind that the ACTs are more of a content-based test while the SATs are more of a logic-based test. Furthermore, ACT questions seem to be more straightforward rather than the mind-twisting SAT questions that take time to think about and answer. The SAT allows omitting about two questions for every eight and the ability to still get a decent grade, while guessing an incorrect answer has a one-fourth point penalty attached to it. However, no question should be left blank on the ACT because there is no point penalty and absolutely no reason to not take an educated guess. Attention all science wizards: the ACT has a science section whereas the SAT does not. The ACTs also test more advanced mathematical concepts if you desire to pursue a major in the math and science field. Additionally, the ACT is more of a “big picture” exam. If someone is weak on one subject, there is still a good chance they could do well on the overall test and score high. On the other hand, if vocabulary is your strong attribute, then look into the SATs since this test emphasizes the importance of vocabulary a bit more. SATs are broken up into multiple sections of each subject, whereas in the ACTs, an individual subject is tackled all at once. Think to yourself, does jumping from subject to subject confuse you or keep you alert? So, the real question is which standardized test should you take? The best way to ensure acceptance is to score as high as possible, so choose the test that you believe you can score the best on. In the end, it all depends on numbers. If you are still unsure about which you should take, just take both. In fact, you have a better chance at getting into your dream school if you indeed do take both because you never know for sure which you will score higher on. After all, what can it hurt? Nicole Folino| PT Life&Style Editor Choosing Between the SAT and the ACT Photo by Ering Sullivan and Erin Fitzgerald Photo by Kayla Damazo
  7. 7. 06 Layout by Kristin Slomiany PTHS Sports // March 2014 Baseball has always played a vital role in senior Max Au- genstein’s life. He is looking to finish his high school career with a successful season. As the starting pitcher, he continues to be a promi- nent leader on the team. As their season kicks off, the team hopes to improve their performance from last year by making the most out of every practice. Augenstein has high expectations for this season and is already setting big goals. “A goal is to win our sec- tion and make a run in the playoffs,” said Augenstein. Not only is it Augen- stein’s goal, but it is also the team’s goal. The baseball team plans to pursue this goal by working as ef- ficiently as possible at every prac- tice and focusing on each little step in order to reach the big picture, Athletes of the Month: Max Augenstein which is the playoffs. After last year’s disappointing season, the boys are more motivated than ever to achieve the goal. Some have different ways of going about this than others. Some athletes have different pregame ritu- als, but Augenstein’s just happens to be a little different. “On days I’m going to pitch, I wear a certain pair of socks,” said Augenstein. Augenstein’s dedication and determination on the field is fu- eled by his commitment to his team- mates. “It’s a team sport as well as an individual sport. I’ve been playing each day with the same guys since I was a kid,” said Augenstein. Although Augenstein has played baseball for over twelve years, he does not plan to play in college. Augenstein will focus on his academ- ics at either Penn State University or Purdue University. Best of luck to the baseball team this season. Allison Hurley PT Lax Wanting it All in 2014 “I wish we would have played harder in the semis,” said senior Derek Bacchiochi. “Our defense could have been stronger.” Bac- chiochi is referencing the 2013 WPIAL semifinal game against Mt. Lebanon. This loss put a devastating halt to the Indian’s la- crosse season. “Last year was a disappointment in the semis, but we can only hope that we have the determination to go all the way this year,” said senior and potential captain Cody Sheetz. With the sting of last year’s loss fresh in their minds, se- nior lacrosse players are convinced that 2014 will have a different outcome. As winter comes to an end, the lacrosse team is pre- paring for the grueling upcoming season with one goal: earning their spot in the WPIAL Championship. The seniors plan to challenge the underclassmen to work hard in practice and maintain focus during the season so they can perform better as a team, increasing their chances of go- ing deeper in the playoffs. “Everyone on our team is pretty close. Since I’m a se- nior, I’ve been playing with some of these boys for years now,” said Bacchiochi. “I love reuniting with my team on the field and getting ourselves prepared for what the season will bring.” The team is hoping that their close bond off the field will translate to success on the field. “This season we hope to be an undefeated team,” said Sheetz. “Our biggest goal for the year is to beat Mt. Lebanon.” Although the lacrosse team has many goals for the season, they never let the meaning of the game slip away from them. “In the end, the only thing that matters is that we are hav- ing fun. The day a teammate becomes greedy and selfish is the day that they forget the meaning of the game,” said senior attackman Connor Pike. “We have very high hopes for what this season will bring. Make sure to come out and support PT Lax starting at the end of the month.” NicoleBeichner|StaffWriter NicoleTorchio|BusinessEditor-in-Chief BrennaWoodside|StaffWriter Hurley numer- ous unforget- table moments. Her favorite mo- ments include team bonding, practices, and bus rides home. “My favorite memory was when I wore a neck brace on the bus before our WIPIAL champion- ship game and tricked the coaches into thinking I broke my neck. Also, when “Boo Rad” (Olivia Glod) got taken out by the referee and former coach, Jerry Morrow,” stated Hurley. Since this is her last year, Hurley dreads parting with her team- mates. From warm ups to drills and practices to games, her teammates became extremely close and it will be hard to imagine not seeing them every day. “What I will miss most about high school lacrosse is obvi- ously my teammates and all our fond memories and inside jokes,” stated Hurley. Senior Allison Hurley has been playing lacrosse for the past six years and enjoys every moment of it. It has taught her to never give up, learn responsibility, and to hold per- severance. These lessons have pro- duced success on the lacrosse field ultimately leading her earning a spot as varsity captain. Hurley plans to continue playing lacrosse in college. She can- not even image her life without it. One of the benefits of playing a sport in college is that you get to auto- matically make friends and feel more comfortable in a new environment. “I enjoy lacrosse because I am able to see my teammates every day, as well as winning titles and ac- complishing goals.” stated Hurley. Last year the girl’s lacrosse team won in the WIPAL Champion- ship, which was an unforgettable mo- ment that show cased all of their hard work and dedication. Throughout the past six years, playing lacrosse has given All photos by Media Department
  8. 8. 07 Who’s in: The current top three teams in each division are going to hold up and make it into the playoffs. However, the wild card race could be the most interesting race heading down the stretch. The Phoenix Coyotes, Dallas Stars, and the Vancouver Ca- nucks are all in a tight race, but in the end, Dallas will most likely grab the final playoff spot. They simply have too many weapons to overlook. Tyler Seguin, who was acquired over the offseason, is an underrated player in the league and can bring playoff experience for the Stars. The Coyotes are simply not good enough and Vancouver is having a nightmare of a season. Expect the Stars to be in the NHL playoffs. Who’s out: Vancouver is a team who finished with the best record in the league back-to-back seasons just a couple of years ago. Under new head coach John Tortorella, the team has had to deal with a lot of drama on and off the ice. Besides the drama, the Ca- nucks don’t have that firepower offense that they used to. The Ca- nucks have suffered a seven game losing streak prior to the Olympic break. Expect the Canucks to miss the playoffs for the first time in seven years. Surprise Team: The Colorado Avalanche haven’t made the playoffs since 2008. This team used to be a dynasty and a real force in the NHL. In the off-season, the team hired new coach, Pat- rick Roy, and then shortly shocked the whole league, with a 13-2 record in October. For a while it seemed that this was Colorado’s year, but as the season progressed, the team has slowly fallen in the standings. They now comfortably hold the third place seeding in the central division. However, coming playoff time, watch this team make a run. They have the talent and the potential. Roy has made a team not only realize their talents and poten- tial, but has made a team believe in each other. They’re not going to win it all, but expect them to make it far in the playoffs. Stanley Cup Final Prediction: When it’s all said and done, the Anaheim Ducks will be making the Stanley Cup Final for the Western Conference. Under head coach Bruce Boudreau, the team has dominated the league this year and is showing no sign of slowing down. They have ex- perience and talent and come playoff time, no one will come close to bringing them down. NHL Playoff Predictions JesseEby&AndrewStoud|StudentContentEditors The NHL playoffs are unlike any other professional tournament. Two months of pure battle and determination, through pain and will for just one prize…The Stanley Cup. This April has the potential of a great playoff show. With the new playoff format the league put into play before the season, there will be more exciting and intense competition. The Pittsburgh Penguins have been dominating the Eastern Conference for the past six years and are looking for their fourth title. The Anaheim Ducks, under their new head coach have taken control of the Western Conference. Meanwhile, the Columbus Blue Jackets, a team that many spectators wouldn’t even give a chance, could possibly squeeze in a spot in the dance and make a run for it. Who knows?! Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s In: There are two powerhouses in the Eastern Con- ference. Anyone can predict that Pittsburgh and Boston will be a lock for the Stanley Cup playoffs. The other six spots in the race for the Cup are a different story. Teams are going to have to battle for every point in order to earn their spot. The Metropolitan Division, led by the Pittsburgh Penguins, is one of the most competitive divisions in the NHL with only eleven points separating an 8th place team from the 3rd place playoff team. The two other teams that are going to take the final two playoff spots are the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers. The Atlantic Division has a similar story to the Metropoli- tan. It’s a very tight division, with the exception of the plundering Buffalo Sabres. The Boston Bruins hold the top spot in the Atlantic, leaving two other spots in the top three. The teams to populate those spots are the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning, leaving the Carolina Hurricanes and the Montreal Canadiens with the wild card spots to complete the playoff picture. Who’s out: With a conference as deep and dynamic as the East, there are going to be some legitimate teams that won’t make the cut. Two of those teams are the Philidelphia Flyers and the Detroit Red Wings. The Flyers just haven’t been the intimidating, fast team they’ve showed they can be in the past. The Red Wings, despite their 22 year playoff appearance streak, do not have enough young talent in their lineup to compete with the offensive juggernauts in their division. Surprise Team: Every year there is one team that takes the league by surprise and starts to pick up their game when it matters in order to compete for the Cup. This year, that team will be the Carolina Hurricanes. They have all of the key ingredients of a win- ning team: talent, experience, and hunger. The Canes haven’t won a Stanley Cup in ten years and their captain Eric Staal, along with his other teammates, definitely want to put that streak to an end. Stanley Cup Prediction: There really isn’t a team that can compete offensively with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Their com- bination of size, speed, and skill is unlike any other team in the NHL. The help of the two best players in the world, Crosby and Malkin, doesn’t hurt either. Even if you do size up with their offense, you have to get through Marc-Andre Fleury, who has the most wins among goaltenders this season. The 2014 Penguins are a special team, a team that could turn into a dynasty if they do what they are capable of doing. Eastern Conference PredictionWestern Conference Prediction AP Images Nick Wass and Gene J. Puskar
  9. 9. PTHS #connect// March 2014 08 Jessie James Decker Builds An EmpireJenna Taimuty|Print Editor-In-Chief If you have not yet heard about Eric Decker, let me clue you in. He is the Mr.GQ of the NFL world and also the wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. The fact that he lost the Super Bowl means nothing. He is still a winner, as he gets to call Jes- sie James Decker his wife. James is creating her own successful empire one step at a time. She is becoming a huge inspiration to women of all ages all over the world through the internet, social media outlets, and television. James is a perfect example of a working woman. Aside from being nine months pregnant, she has man- aged to record an entire new country al- bum, attend all of her husband’s football games,completed interviews with Good Morning America and E! News, and pose for multiple photo shoots in various maga- zines. Along with that, the Deckers have a new reality show on E! News called “Eric and Jes- sie: Game On.” The show just wrapped up season one and season two is set to air in March. The show gives you insight on the couple’s crazy, entertaining life and gives fans a chance to see what they are really like. Aside from her real jobs, James manages to make her fans a number one priority (other than her man). James has a YouTube account in which she posts hair and makeup tutorials and funny videos that show how down-to-earth she really is. Believe it or not, James does all her own hair and makeup and is known for her signature eyebrows. Her channel gives her an opportunity to share all of her tips and tricks with her fans all over the world. This is creating an em- pire for James, whether people realize it or not. Social media plays another factor in James’ popularity. She constantly tweets whatever is on her mind, which makes her relatable to her fans. She replies to many fans as well, retweeting pictures they tweet her of their hair or makeup after they fol- lowed her tutorials. She also responds to fans that tweet about Eric or any aspect of her life. James Instagrams multiple photos a day with captions explaining what she is doing. James’ relationship with her fans, along with her drive and work ethic, will ensure that her empire will only con- tinue to grow. She is an open book with the world, which makes her marketable and likable to not only to current fans, but to the many more that will soon jump on the Jessie Bandwagon. Photo from AP Images #springthrowback
  10. 10. 09 PowerSchool Your Name, Grade Grades and Attendance Reality Check: Quarter 3 Edition KassiannaPolitis|#connect Editor As the third nine weeks is in full swing, spring is hopefully arriving (probably not, but one can dream). Students have become accustomed to the life of their respective grade levels. However, every grade faces unique challenges in the dreaded third nine weeks. Students and teachers concur that the third quarter is without a doubt the most difficult one of all.   Freshmeat! By now you are probably accustomed to the name-calling but don’t worry, it gets better. You are stuck in the bubble for four years so you might as well make the best of it. Freshmen, you probably heard this a million times before, but ninth grade is truly the time where students learn the ropes as they begin the new chapter of their lives. If high school ever overwhelms you, just remember that we’ve all been there; walked in the wrong classroom, traveled on the wrong side of the hall, carried the heavy water jug to practice, etc. When you look back on it, you will realize that freshman year wasn’t that bad. Just hold on for three more months and soon it will be your turn to tell the incoming freshmen that Biology is in room 410. Look out, everyone, because here comes another cycle of new drivers. As students look back on their sophomore year, one of the most memorable moments is passing their permit and/or licenses tests, getting one step closer to freedom. As you have experienced the first six months of being a sophomore, you probably are in some sort of denial but let’s face the facts, tenth graders are just kind of there. By the second year of high school, students know the ropes but still are not classified as a “cool” upperclassman yet. However, enjoy the last few months of actually having a social life because once junior year arrives you’ll be hitting the books.   Bring on the SATs, AP tests, college research, and prepare yourself for the most difficult year of all. The third nine weeks is extremely challenging for anyone, but for juniors, well if you haven’t already, you’ll find out soon enough. You’re finally an upperclassman but still not the top dogs of the school. You can finally drive but probably won’t get a parking pass. You hear all this talk about college, but still probably have no clue what you want to be or even major in. That’s junior year in a nut shell, good luck!   Senioritis is coming to town. It keeps you lazy and sleeping, it makes you distracted when you’re awake, it knows when you’re trying to work, so just give up for goodness sake! During the first two nine weeks, seniors still somewhat care about school as they stress about being accepted into college. However, by the third nine weeks senioritis is in full swing. Symptoms include laziness, an over-excessive wearing of sweatpants, a lack of studying, and repeated absences. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please contact your local teacher. Teachers may be of some help but the only true cure of this infamous disease is none other than graduation. 9(Freshman) 10(Sophomore) 11(Junior) 12(Senior) Grade Layout by EmmaLee Ducoeur
  11. 11. 10 Layout by Naomi Burke PTHS Life & Style // March 2014 Been Waiting for Forever: The Village Renovates As the winter weather breaks and spring shopping begins, malls and stores prepare for their grand sales. However, South Hills Village has other plans this spring; they will undergo a multimil- lion-dollar renovation as part of its owner’s plan to spruce up some of his shopping centers. They are definitely in need of a make-over, having been open since 1964 with very few updates. The 2014 mall renovation will consist of new interior/ex- terior features and amenities including: redesigned mall entrances, an updated dining area, additional vertical transportation, up- dated restrooms, flooring upgrades, glass railing features, energy- efficient lighting, and a modern color scheme.    Along with the renovation plans, South Hills Village will be announcing several retailer additions, expansions, and renovations.  All work per- formed during the renova- tion will be done in such a way as to minimize interfer- ence or inconvenience to the customer. Construction is scheduled to be completed by Novem- ber 2014. Some new retailers opening in 2014 include Forever 21, Soma, Color Me Mine, and Primadonna. Forever 21 is the popu- lar, trend-savvy store for the style-conscious. Soma is where beauty begins underneath with luxurious lingerie and personal, custom- ized service. Color Me Mine is where guests can select and paint a one-of-a-kind ceramic masterpiece and Primadonna is a unique boutique specializing in fabulous shoes and accessories.  Being the number one shopping center in Pittsburgh’s south suburbs, it is a necessity that South Hills Village adds stores like Forever 21. It is one of the top trending clothing stores in the world, but the closest store is in downtown Pittsburgh. People can only dream of having a four-story Forever 21 like there is in Chi- cago, San Francisco, and New York. Forever 21 is the authority on fashion and the go-to retailer for the latest trends, must-have styles and the hottest deals. It is definitely a place to shop when spring rolls in. The wait is almost over. By the end of 2014, the south sub- urbs of Pittsburgh will enjoy the updated South Hills Village mall. Why We Love J. LawBaileyFink|StaffWriter&AlanaHiner|StaffWriter One of the most talked about actresses, Jenni- fer Lawrence, starred in two hit movies in 2013. Lawrence has become a beloved actor, a fashion icon, and a burst of energy for her fans. She is pas- sionate about her work, sends a positive message about being independent, does not engage in negative behavior, and is the perfect idol for teens. Start- ing back in 2012, J e n n i f e r Lawrence made a name for herself by shocking Hunger Games fans with her ability to bring Katniss Everdeen to life. She continued to entertain in Silver Linings Playbook even winning an Oscar for her per- formance as Tiffany. If anyone doubted her ability to act in 2012, she proved them wrong in 2013 with hit movies “Catching Fire” and “American Hustle.” Lawrence attempts to send a positive message through her interviews and movies. She will not let fame change her person- ality and this is apparent in her actions and words. Her normal lifestyle and non-conforming actions just might be what is so special about this charming actress. Lawrence has publicly stated that she will not change her body image for movies. The producers of “The Hun- ger Games” asked her to lose weight for the role of Katniss, but she adamantly refused to do so. She vocalized the impor- tance of being herself and not letting the media influence her choices. Despite her fame, she is down to earth which allows young girls to relate to her. “J. Law encourages girls my age to be themselves and not care what others think. I al- ways hear positive things about her,” sophomore Lauren DiCel- lo states. It’s common for celebrities to take to Twitter with their ev- ery thought and opinion. Law- rence has steered clear from this negativity by staying off of Twitter and other social media. She does not fuel the public me- dia fire burning with negativity. In the midst of the Holly- wood chaos, L aw re n c e is a breath of fresh air to the entertain- ment world because she seems to live the most normal life possible. She lives a healthy lifestyle that is differ- ent from most actors by eating what she wants and work- ing out to stay fit. As a role model, Lawrence’s behavior encourages young girls to ac- cept their bodies and not pres- sure themselves to lose weight. Fans are hopeful that she will not conform to Hollywood’s standards and will continue to add her unique personality to movies in the future. All Photos from AP Images NicoleSpindler|Business Editor-in-Chief
  12. 12. Subject to Change: That’ll leave a mark…EliseJozwiak|EntertainmentEditor&AndiSalizzoni|OnlineEditor-in-Chief As time triumphs on, it’s necessary to acknowledge and appreciate the blemishes everlasting on the face of celebrity history by those who will be forever remembered for their, for lack of a better word, boo-boos. Ozzy Osbourne bites head off bat 1982 If you want to talk about weird dieting techniques, this one goes down in the books. Singer Ozzy Osbourne found himself gnawing on the head of a dead bat at his Des Moines, Iowa concert. As a crowd pleaser, Osbourne would occasionally throw pieces of raw meat at the crowd before the band would play, and they happen to throw some back at times. One courageous fan thought it necessary to toss a bat up stage as an offering to “the heavy metal rock god.” Now Osbourne, being the-off-the wall singer he is, took the bat and bit its head off thinking it was rubber. He was then rushed to the hospital and pumped full of anti-rabies injections. At least he got his serving of protein for the day.      Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction 2004 It is safe to say the Jackson family has quite a history with the press, and younger sister Janet did not do the best job of keeping her face off the news. Super Bowl XXXVIII’s halftime show goes down in history with Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal, but this major boo-boo is commonly referred to as “The Nipplegate Scandal of 2004.” During her halftime performance with Justin Timberlake, Janet went a little too hard in the paint and exposed a little too much “woman” for the audience’s virgin eyes. Maybe a leather corset isn’t the best outfit for moon walking and pop n’ lockin’. Don’t worry Janet; you’ll take this one to the grave.    OJ Simpson Scandal 2006 Alright, everyone; this one is a given. If you’re not aware of the biggest scandal in celebrity history, you might want to watch more TMZ… or maybe read more Cosmo. For those of you who are in need of one MAJOR cul- ture shock, the OJ Simpson ordeal sparked when professional football player and actor Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson was acquitted after being tried for the murders of ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and friend, Ronald Goldman. Sometime after Simpson’s initial trial, he was arrested on charges of robbery, and later started suspi- cion over possible drug trafficking. Long story short, I do not think they manufacture Band Aids big enough to cover up this tremendous celebrity boo-boo. Ryan Seacrest high fiving a blind man 2009 Yes, we all have one of “those days” every once in a while, but I guarantee after hearing about this, you’ll never feel as low as Ryan Seacrest. Mr. Seacrest is kind of like a Kardashian, although he has an actual claim to fame, being the host of everything. What could Seacrest have done to get so much negative attention? I suppose it was just a lapse in judgment when Seacrest attempted to high-five blind “American Idol” contestant, 23-year-old Scott MacIntyre. Seacrest managed to keep his cool and played it off like it was NBD, but trust me; this boo boo will need some healing time. Kanye West stealing Taylor Swift’s mic 2009 “Imma let you finish” Andi, but before we go any further, let’s just address how singer and songwriter Kanye West, aka “The God,” decided it would be best to voice his opinion to the world. During the 2009 Video Music Awards, rambunctious Kanye West let Taylor Swift know he was “really happy” for her but “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” If that isn’t a slap in the face, I don’t know what is. Taylor kept her sweet, girlish charm alive, laughed and went along with it. But let’s face it; it is hard to come back from a third degree burn on national television. Please apply cold water to the affected area. The Nelson Mandela Signer 2013 We’re all aware of the recent death of Nelson Mandela, the man responsible for revolutionizing South Africa and setting up the African National Congress. Although Mandela’s story is one to be carried on for centuries to come, the little “mess up” at his funeral is some- thing to remember as well. Thamsanqa Jantjie, the man responsible for performing the sign language at Mandela’s funeral, has been found to be, more or less, a complete fake. This solemn, reflective ceremony lost its touch by the major malfunction, thanks to Jantjie. Jantjie showed absolutely no knowledge of how to sign, when his hands made unrelated shapes and movements. It didn’t take long for people to realize this huge mishap had just fallen on one of the biggest global events in 2013. Olympic ring not opening 2014 Let us review this one, since our gullible minds continuously fall victim to the totally false stories of the media. True: The Olympic ring DID fail to open during the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. False: The man responsible for the ring mishap was found dead. I mean, the failure of the fifth ring to open was obvious to everyone; but didn’t it seem fishy when a man was supposedly found dead a day after the mishap? Curse you, Dinkleberg!...I mean media. All Photos from AP Images
  13. 13. Round of 64: Who would get the highest score on Flappy Bird? Round of 32: Who would be the ultimate Pokémon master? Sweet Sixteen: Who would win a street race? Elite Eight: Who would beat Morgan Freeman in an audition for a voice over? Final Four: Who would be the best backup dancer for Beyoncé? Powell Wilkinson Farrell Vavala Polard Canfield Sussman Burns Barefoot Deliere Mr. Pinto Palermo Cervenak Peterson Blackhurst Kuharcik Ansell Zippay Wilmus Mrs.Pinto Livingston Berger Bastos Ingham Gearhart Wolfe Veltri Barney Lane Walsh Kocan Ring LGI CAFETERIA Facu Face 201 CHAMP Fin Who w the best cro
  14. 14. Elite Eight: Who would beat Morgan Freeman in an audition for a voice over? Sweet Sixteen: Who would win a street race? Round of 32: Who would be the ultimate Pokémon master? Round of 64: Who would get the highest score on Flappy Bird? Final Four: Who would be the best backup dancer for Beyoncé? Antonelli Good Hickle Betschart Vollmer Brado Demascal Redilla Perotte Camody Seckar Clagett Lacey Gunther McKenna Corbin Mrs. Kuhn Kendrick Mr. Kuhn Wentzel Ripepi Guerra Lamb Hanley Cifelli-McDonald Miller Kazalas Keller Corsinelli Ludwig Hlebinsky Baker GYM LIBRARY ulty e-Off 14 PION nal: would be owd surfer?
  15. 15. After months of common apps and anxiously waiting by the mailbox for acceptance letters, most of the senior class can finally look forward to graduation in a relaxing manner rather than an indecisive panic of where they will further their education. However, as the worry begins to fade away for the class of 2014, stress levels are rising for the junior class, especially for student athletes considering playing sports at the collegiate level. Choosing a college for academics is difficult enough, but throwing sports into the mix makes it an even more challenging task. Deciding between a Division I, II, or III school is the first challenge. Aspects such as the size of a scholarship and distance from home are two huge factors for a student athlete to consider. While choosing a Division I or II University over a Division III school provides opportunities for an athletic – not academic- scholarship, a well-known name and divine athletic gear. It can also create a divide between excelling in sports and academics. “My main concern for playing a Division I sport is how much time I’m going to have to dedicate to soccer, especially in the preseason,” said senior and future University of Virginia soccer player Veronica Latsko. Every athlete dreams of playing for a Division I school, but realistically there are few who can truly handle the pressure. Many athletes that roster for a Division I team do not realize that preseason requires more time and commitment than a typical high school varsity team. Student athletes that have transferred, dropped scholarships, or quit the sport they played because of the tremendous time management issue. Student athletes found it too difficult juggling two-a- day practices and maintaining a GPA that meets their standards. However, for most athletes, overcoming brutal physical activity only creates more determination to tackle an academic obstacle. Those who are successful in Division I, or even Division II, sports possess qualities that lead to an extremely bright future. There is an alternative route for those who wish to continue their passion for whichever sport they may play. Division III schools are known for having a less demanding schedule while providing a structured and competitive organization. Division III also provides the opportunity to participate in a sport an athlete is not willing to give up after high school. “I knew I wanted to play Division III because I’m majoring in biochemistry as well as taking pre med courses,” said senior Rachel Windmueller. Windmueller will further her education at a Division III school so she is able to play lacrosse. “The stress and time commitment of playing Division I or Division II would have been too much in combination with my academics,” stated Windmueller. However, unlike Division I schools, preseason begins only a short period of time prior to official practices and games. In addition, Division III schools are unable to grant students athletic scholarships, although recruits are typically known for being provided with an academic scholarship and a spot on the roster. “Overall, the recruiting process is frightening, particularly if you choose the wrong school,” says Latsko. “But in the end, deciding to play a sport in college is an accomplishment I could not be more proud of.” 14 PTHS People Features// March 2014 National Collegiate Athlete Anxiety OliviaGlod|StaffWriter Layout by Jesse Eby Photos by Claire Relich and High School Athletic Dept.
  16. 16. Let’s face it: there isn’t enough time in the school day to schedule every class you’d like to take. Even if you do have room to spare, schedul- ing conflicts with other cours- es and classes that are already filled to maximum capacity could keep you from enroll- ing in your favorite electives. If you have been missing a creative outlet in the midst of all your challenging, required core classes, a solution has ar- rived in the form of a brand new after-school art club. Why didn’t art club exist before this year? It was not for lack of effort. For years, art and ceramics teachers Ms. McCutcheon, Ms. Kazalas, and Ms. DeGiovanni have been attempting to persuade administrators to organize two separate after-school clubs dedicated to art. However, their requests were denied and each proposal was met with resounding defeat. Frustrated students began to push for the club to materialize; Liz Hall, Kayla Lewis, Bryce Hancock, and Holly Hanna, who are now the officers of the art club, once again pitched the idea in a meeting with administrators and finally succeeded in gain- ing approval for the club. The recently founded art club is divided into two sections, 2D and 3D. How- ever, a small fee of $20 allows students to participate in both throughout the year. Both programs stress individual- ity and creativity. Sign up sheets are placed outside the art rooms about a week in ad- vance of the clubs’ meetings. This ensures that no meeting will be overcrowded. It also provides flexibility for students because there is no require- ment for how many meetings a member must attend. If you are too busy to be there one week, you can go the next. 2D meetings are typically held on Mondays. 3D meetings usually occur once a week, alternating between Tuesdays and Thurs- days, barring any scheduling conflicts for the advisers. To keep members updated on changes to the schedule, there is an Edmodo account for the club. The 2D art club, run by Ms. Kazalas, has a very re- laxed atmosphere. Monday club meetings usually stretch from 2:20 to 3:30. Students are free to sit where they like while they work on their current projects. Although group proj- ects are possible in the future, Ms. Kazalas has chosen to start with a project that gives the artists complete creative control. Club members are to locate a subject they would like to sketch and will continue on from there. They are free to paint or go in a different direc- tion with the sketch; use of the art supplies is included in the club fee. With aid from their adviser, students can take ad- vantage of the new club to cre- ate a masterpiece. Sketching not your style? Then 3D art club might be for you. Led by Ms. Mc- Cutcheon and Ms. DeGiovan- ni, meetings focus purely on ceramics and occur directly after school on either a Tues- day or Thursday. It doesn’t matter if you have never taken a ceramics class in your life or if you are a master at molding magnificent clay pieces. Stu- dents are given the freedom to work on whatever project their heart desires. The addition of an art club to after-school activ- ity options is beneficial for all students who have even the slightest interest in art. Hope- fully, the club will find success as more students gain knowl- edge about it. What are you waiting for? Release your in- ner artist and go create a won- derful work of art. Art Club Gives Students Creative Outlet KarenRichtar|StaffWriter Ms. Blackhurst Said Yes to a DressMadiStart|PTFocusEditor Students know Ms. Blackhurst, whether you have had her for class or because you have noticed her stellar style in the hallways. However, she won’t be Ms. Blackhurst for much longer. Chad, her fiancée, proposed this past year. “Chad proposed on my grandma’s birthday on October 23 to be exact. My grandma went completely blind in May of 2013 so he wanted it to be special for her too,” said Blackhurst.” He had 125 LED candles lighting up the path from his garage to his great room and already had the ring out on the table when I got there. It was very sweet and it was just the two of us – exactly how I would have wanted it. I was completely surprised.” Wedding planning always starts with the wedding dress. After shopping at Kleinfield for her dream wedding dress, Ms. Blackhurst opens up about her fairytale experience on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. Blackhurst only saw the show once before applying to be on it. This past January, she made a trip up to New York City to shop at Kleinfield and find her dream wedding dress.             “I was so excited to be at Kleinfeld. It’s 35,000 square feet of the most beautiful designer gowns in the world. Randy was our consultant, he actually pulled my dress,” said Blackhurst.             Everyone who has seen the show knows that Randy is the spirit of Kleinfield and if anyone is going to find you the perfect dress, it will be him. With all of the different dresses in various prices ranges, it was hard for Blackhurst to pick out her favorite dress. “I loved every dress that I tried on… I said yes to a dress,” said Ms. Blackhurst. The designer Pnina Tornai was at the store the day Ms. Blackhurst was buying her dress. Tornai’s dresses are high fashion and include some of the most gorgeous dresses in the store. Black- hurst, being the fashionista that she is, ended up buying a dress by Tornai. “I ended up choosing a Pnina Tornai gown. She was there from Israel to fit it for me.  I was in heaven,” said Blackhurst. Not only was her appointment where she found her dress filmed, but her alterations, and possibly even her wedding, will be filmed too.             “The wedding is going to be at Atlantis in the Bahamas. I have been there before and I loved it,” said Blackurst. Blackhurst’s wedding will con- sist of about 50 people and will take place this summer. A fun fact about Ms. Black- hurst’s fiancée is that he used to teach physics at PTHS with Mrs. Hlebinksy and Mrs. Kendrick. Blackhurst plans on having a premiere party with her family and friends to watch the episode. Ms. Black- hurst’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress that will air sometime this fall between September and November. Photo by Holly Hanna Photos below by Ms. Blackhurst
  17. 17. Avoiding the PRAMA We all know that prom can be a drama filled evening. Here are some handy tips on how to avoid the proma. Be sure to look this over when preparing for the big night. Register your dress- Yikes! Awkward! Is she wearing my dress?! Wearing the same item as someone at the same time and place is never good but on prom night this can be especially devastating. The entire night you will be wondering if people think you or her wore it better. Prevent this from happening by registering your dress. Sure, some people will still be able to buy the same dress at a different store but this will greatly lower the chances that people will be seeing double. Make appointments well in advance- Girls, always re- member, it’s never too early, but it can be too late. Hair and nail salons allow bookings months in advance; seize the opportunity. Don’t procrastinate until the week of because chances are you’ll be painting your own nails and curling your own lovely locks. Prom is a time for self-pampering and feeling good. Don’t create unnecessary stress during this busy time of year. If you are unsure of your at- tendance to the dance, keep in mind appointments can be canceled. Layout by Cassi DeLuca JillKovac|StaffWriter ToriPiscatelli|StaffWriter Don’t go with a stranger- Prom was not intended for high schoolers to go solo. Girls, you know whom you want to be asked by and guys you know who you want to ask. Girls, if you don’t get asked then don’t get upset about it because it was probably for the best. Unless you are in a relationship, most people will find out that their prom dates went with them just to go to prom. If the person you want to ask you does not do so, do not just say yes to any random person because odds are you will not have fun.  You will probably spend your whole night hiding in the bathroom because you are creeped out by your date.
  18. 18. Pack the essentials- Hair or wardrobe malfunctions are an easy fix when you are equipped with the proper sup- plies. Bobby pins and safety pins are a must have. Other handy supplies to bring include, but are not limited to, lip gloss, mini deodorant, perfume, oil absorbing sheets, and Band-Aids (for those night ruining blisters from those oh-so-cute shoes). Before you leave for a night of glamour and dancing be sure to check these items off your list of essentials. You won’t want to be caught without them. Buy your tickets early- Many of us learned this lesson last year when we found ourselves at a table with strangers. It is important to sign up early for table assignments if you want to sit with close friends. You don’t want to be awkwardly eating your salad in silence. Also, you don’t want to start off your night by arguing with your date about how they should’ve bought the tickets earlier. Be proactive and prevent all these possible issues by pur- chasing early. It is also a good idea to plan with your friends what table to sign up for. Pack a snack-Do you like cold meat? No? Well then I recommend not going to prom. You sit there and wait for your food and by the time you get it it’s a bit chilly. You sit there and wait, so if you are not going to eat before prom here’s a tip, pack little snacks before because you probably won’t like the food. If you aren’t patient while waiting for food then eating a snack is a good idea. It looks appetizing, but once you take your first bite won’t you want to eat anymore. 17
  19. 19. 18 Layout by Natalie Rihmland PTHS Entertainment // March 2014 There is an ongoing debate about which website is better between avid Netflix and Hulu Plus viewers. Although the price for both is the same ($7.99/month), their stats set them apart. Netflix started back in 1997 with hopes of providing on-demand shows and movies. It currently has over 38 million subscribers including international subscribers while Hulu only has about three million subscribers. Basic use of Hulu is free, but does not offer many features that Hulu Plus does, granting access to more content and streaming via Smart Phone, iPad, and TV. The biggest difference between these two websites is their TV shows. Hulu updates more often; they add episodes Netflix vs. Hulu Plus NatalieRihmland|BusinessEditor-In-Chief about a day after they air. This allowstheiruserstokeepupwith current shows. Netflix contains older seasons of popular shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother”. It also contains original shows created specifically for Netflix. These shows include Arrested Development, Orange is The New Black, and House of Cards. Hulu Plus also offers original shows, but are not as popular. Along with these shows, Netflix’s library includes around 100,000 movies and shows combined. Hulu only has around 1,650 shows and 2,500 movies. Hulu subscribers have noted the annoyance of advertisements on the website. This occurs because it is ad- supported in order to cover the cost of non-premium Hulu users. It runs shows as if they are broadcasted on satellite TV with commercials showing every few minutes. Ad banners are also a common occurrence. This can be very irritating to viewers who only use the website to catch up on their shows. Luckily for Netflix subscribers, it does not play any commercials. A convenient service offered by Netflix is their DVD and Blu-ray disc delivery by mail. This costs an additional $7.99 and an additional $2 per month for Blu-ray discs. Hulu does not offer this service. The bottom line is that if you are looking to catch up on a TV show that you missed last night and forgot to DVR it, Hulu Plus will be a beneficial website for you. Netflix is a service for access to a wide variety of movies and allows you to binge watch four seasons of the same show on a Friday night with a gallon of ice cream instead of socializing. Photo from AP Images Dumb Starbucks wasn’t such a dumb idea for creator and TV personality Nathan Fielder. Fielder opened Dumb Starbucks in Los Feliz, California using everything Starbucks has, just with the word “dumb” in front of it. Dumb Starbucks Not So Dumb MaddieWoodrow|StaffWriter Opening weekend was a success, with people lining up to get free drinks and to see what Dumb Starbucks was all about. However after only just one weekend, Dumb Starbucks was shut down due to not having the proper permits. Turns out, the business was a big stunt. Fielder created the shop to be a part of his Comedy Central show, “Nathan For You,” which is centered on Fielder giving false advice to small businesses. Fielder even had a second location for Dumb Starbucks planned in Brooklyn, New York. Dumb Starbucks created an initial buzz, mostly because it looked identical to Starbucks. Everything down to their drink sizes were the same as Starbucks. Although Starbucks was not happy about this, it was legal under copyright laws due to the parody clause. With the word “dumb” in front of all of their items, Fielder could claim that it was an art gallery and their drinks were the art. Despite the company being closed down after only a weekend of being open, it did its job; it got attention for Fielder’s show. Not only was this a good idea from a business standpoint, but also it marketed for “Nathan For You.” Photos from AP Images
  20. 20. 19 My App Store Addiction AndreaSalizzoni|OnlineEditor-In-Chief The App Store for the iPhone is otherwise known as the destination for all of your procrastination inevitabilities. From the simplistic yet forever frustrating game of Flappy Birds, to the personalized radio app of Pandora, the App Store opens up a door to which the victimized may never find a way out. The perpetual question that remains is, what are the apps to avoid your impending addiction, and if already sucked in to this mindless world, how do you get out of it? The one and only Flappy Bird will ultimately lead to a world dominated by frustration and anger management problems. What most people look past is the simple concept, but if you don’t know the strategy of the game, then you might as well throw your phone or tablet at the wall to avoid the irritation and twenty minutes of your precious time. For those who are ready to waste the $300 spent on their device by introducing it to the wall, try to sit back and realize that it’s just a game. Consider yourself lucky if you never downloaded it in the first place. Another contribution to the epidemic of the App Store addiction is a slightly less “I’m going to throw you at the wall kind of game, Candy Crush, requires you to make three-in-a-row with various candies while also trying to clear the jelly. Although this game is less frustrating, it still makes you question your place in society, since you can’t even match three candies up. Let’s just face it; there is no way to rid the pending addiction that remains to be Candy Crush. Steeringawayfromgames,thelifestyleorientedappsofWanelo and Pinterest can be a girls worst nightmare. The first controversy that stands is do you say it Wa-nel-oh or Wah-knee-low; the world may never know. You’re just about as accurate as the owl from the “How many licks of the lollipop?” dilemma. Getting into these apps are pretty much the same thing as saying, “Though I have no free time and should be doing my homework, I am going to spend the rest of my night looking at clothes, shoes, and people that have better abs than me, keeping in mind it won’t benefit my life at all anyway.” To avoid that feeling of defeat when your bird hits the pipe, you can’t make three-in-a-row, and you start reevaluating your life choices, just occupy your time with something that will make you maybe a little bit more productive; listening to music on Pandora. Some may find that this app may be the most beneficial to those who are about as good at keeping time as Justin Bieber is at making people like him. There are several versions of the free music station app, such as iHeartRadio, Spotify, and many others. All of these provide the opportunity to let you listen to your favorite music at any time of the day, since you’re too lazy to go buy songs on itunes. Bottom line, these apps are probably your best chance at coping with your addiction, and will save you a few hundred bucks when you avoid throwing your phone at the wall. Overall, here is the best solution to getting a handle on your App Store Addiction...Put your phone down. March can be a boring month for all of us. The weather is still cold, summer is still far off in the distance, and everyone seems to be stuck in a rut. Here are some ideas to spice up your month of March. For more than 140 years, Pittsburgh’s St Patrick’s Day Parade has marched up and down the streets of the city. Starting on Liberty Avenue and ending at Common Wealth Place, this parade is a must see. A variety of local marching bands, floats, and Irish dancers are sure to bring the luck of the Irish. Following the St. Patty’s day theme, you need to drink at least one Shamrock shake this month. You will either love or hate it. Join the masses and sample McDonalds’ minty creation. Don’t forget about school. The end of March wraps up third quarter. Keep those grades up, and don’t lose motivation. Try to keep your mind active by doing fun activities. Sign up for a painting class, play Sudoku, walk the dog, etc. At this point in the year, anything helps. Come support your school and buy tickets to this year’s musical: The Wiz. This show is a funky remix of The Wizard of Oz. It runs from March 6 through 8. Both evening shows start at 7pm while the Sunday matinees start at 2 pm. The cast and musicians have been working hard since December. March Must List VanessaScoulos|StudentContentEditor
  21. 21. PTHS Outside the Bubble // March 2014 Spring CleansingRebeccaPerryman|WebsiteEditor-in-ChiefKelseyHunter|SectionEditor Every year it gets tougher to get in shape for summer after a long winter of hibernation. The struggle of sluggishness usually be- gins with holiday feasting and carries out throughout the brutal, seemingly endless winter months. Before you know it, you’ve gained ten pounds and your jeans are too tight. Achieving optimal health is something we’ve probably all strived to accomplish at least once in our life- in fact, we’ve probably spent more time just thinking about it than actually doing anything about it. There are multiple factors that contribute to this unhealthy trap. Stress, dehydration, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep are very common obstacles that can force us into a downward spiral. According to Psychology Today, the average high school student today has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950s, proving that us “kids” are under copious amounts of pressure.  Between choosing colleges or classes for next year and keeping your grades up, stress is inevitable.  The challenging part is learning how to cope with anxiety and developing ways to maintain healthy levels of stress.  Instead of freaking out about everything you have to do, stay organized and use a planner.  If you do so, you are more likely to get it done on time. If a written planner isn’t doing the job, try setting alerts on your phone. We’re all addicted to our phones anyway, so why not use it for a notification system? When completing school work, take breaks. Give yourself a five minute break every half-hour and you will feel less burnt out while still getting everything done.  When trying to reduce stress, always keep in mind the importance of sleep. It is a proven fact that if you study for a only a few hours before sleeping for six hours, you will do better on an exam than if you stay up all night to study.  Chances are, you will get distracted, start stress-eating and end up crashing towards the end of the night. Stress management and exercise go hand-in-hand.  Exercising releases endorphins which are hormones released in the brain that relieve pain and bring a sense of well-being to the body.  Working out is clinically proven to reduce the risks of depression and weight gain due to stress. Additionally, with exercise generally comes an improved physique, ultimately leading to improved self- esteem. Sometimes we just don’t know what style of exercise to partake in. There are so many op- tions: running, biking, swimming, lifting weights, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and the list goes on. The simple solution is to experiment and see which activities give you the best results. Cardio activities are great for increasing your lung capacity, reducing stress and losing pesky body fat. Lifting tones your body by tightening and building muscle. Also, each extra pound of muscle you gain burns 30-50 extra calories a day. Pair high intensity cardio workouts with weight training routines to get the best of both worlds.  Be sure to stretch before and after doing any type of exercise.  Your muscles will thank you later. It’s an understatement to say that drinking fluids is important. Our bodies are approximately 60% percent water. To figure out exactly how many ounces of water you should drink per day, divide your weight in half. If you are exercising, make sure to hydrate more frequently for muscle recovery and replenishment of lost fluid due to sweat.  Drinking enough water will flush toxins out of your body, and surprisingly, appropriate hydration will cure most headaches as well.  Over 80% percent of headaches are from not drinking enough water. Water is also imperative for weight loss as our bodies often confuse hunger for thirst. To avoid this classic mix-up, drink a full glass of water fifteen minutes before and after a meal. Exercise alone is not enough to shred the winter weight gain. In fact, it should be the icing on the cake. Changing what you put into your body is truly what will change how you look and feel. Googling different diet plans can be a long and arduous process as many studies conflict. Some studies say to eat three large meals, some say to eat six small meals, some say to eat a huge breakfast and gradually decrease your food intake throughout the day. We won’t know the true answer. Everybody’s metabolism and lifestyle is different. But one thing stays constant: weight loss ultimately results from a calorie deficit. Do what works best for you to achieve that calorie deficit, whether its eating several small meals throughout the day or eating the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simple swaps to cut calories can include a bag of all natural apple chips instead of a bag of greasy potato chips, high-protein, low-fat granola instead of sugary cereal, high-protein, low-calorie eggs instead of a carb-heavy bagel, and low-fat chocolate milk instead of that high-calorie chocolate bar you’ve been craving. Baby steps are key to dieting. Don’t jump to unrealistic goals, and ladies, don’t go on those crazy I-just-want-to-fit-in-my-prom- dress diets. Obtaining overall health is a long, gradual process. It’s a total lifestyle change. Start somewhere this spring. You only get one body and ultimately it’s up to you whether to build it up or tear it down. Photos by AP Images 20 Layout by Maddie Lampert
  22. 22. The 2013 Guinness Book World Records features over 4,000 impressive accomplishments. Out of the 4,000, there is nothing in regards to the classic game of checkers, unti now. 540 fanatics gathered in Reno, Nevada, to attempt to set the record for the highest number of people playing the game simultane- ously. The founder of Oddka, Witt Oddoski, held a wacky inventions competition in London on February 6. Among the 300 inventions entered, the $16,000 prize went to 19-year-old Sam Hunter Baxter. Baxter’s winning idea was a wearable top hat that has the capability of automatically brushing your teeth when ordered to do so. Apparently Baxter came up with this bizarre idea one day when he failed to multitask while brushing his teeth. Other noteworthy items entered in the contest were heels that have a storage compartment for keys in and an um- brella that is able to pop up to form a toilet cubicle. Dogs. We love them, but let’s face it, they don’t always behave as we would like, especially when they chew up our im- portant possessions. Luce, a four-year-old Border Collie, had been the perfect, lovable dog, up until the weekend that she chewed her way through her owner’s $130,000 Aston Martin motorcar, specifically the ex- terior part by the front tire. Surpris- ingly, the owner was able to laugh it off, even though the damage from Luce’s snack has been calculated to be approximately $5,000. Nearly 58 years ago, scientist Dean Bumpus was busy releasing hundreds of thousands of glass bottles into the Atlan- tic Ocean as a part of his study of surface and bottom currents. Over the past couple of years, approximately ten percent of the 300,000 bottles have been found. The most recent one was dis- covered in the beginning of February this year by biologist War- ren Joyce who was studying grey seals off Nova Scotia about 300 miles from where the experiment started. Joyce recognized it because of the note inside that said, “Break this bottle,” and con- tacted the company. All Photos from AP Images 21 MariaHoge|NewsEditor Athletes have the responsibility of controlling their emo- tions on and off the floor. College and professional athletes are role models to children all over the world and must understand that they are idolized. Setting a good example establishes a positive rep- utation. Fans are great for sports; they provide energy and excite- ment while giving athletes that extra motivation to perform at the highest level. A fan also has the responsibility of acting appropri- ately and not crossing the line with athletes verbally or physically. Back on February 8, Texas Tech defeated Oklahoma State 65-61, but the upset was erased by the actions of Oklahoma State sophomore guard Marcus Smart. With six seconds left, Smart fouled an opposing player and flew into the stands after it appeared an older gentleman said something to Smart. The guard stood up and retaliated by shoving the fan; his teammates proceeded to pull him back to prevent anything else from escalating. After the game, Smart went on to say that the day wasn’t one of his proudest moments. He went on to say that he lost his composure and left his team hanging. He apologized to his team and promised that it wouldn’t happen again. The next day The All-American NBA draft prospect was suspended for the following three games. The fan pushed by Smart said he did not make a racial comment but did go on to admit to calling Smart “a piece of crap.” College basketball has some of the most intense moments in sports. Student athletes always have to deal with crazed student sections and trash talking by opposing teams’ fans. Having pas- sionate fans and students at the game is great for college sports, but there is a fine line between trying to get in an athlete’s head and making a comment that is personal and disrespectful. It is safe to say that the Texas Tech fan did not say anything overboard. Smart overreacted and his actions were unacceptable. There should never be physical altercations between an athlete and a fan. Athletes need to hold their emotions in check and block out opposing teams’ fans because at the end of the day it is a distraction keeping them from performing at their full potential. Smart was wrong for what he did and received a fair pun- ishment for his actions. This incident could hurt Smart’s NBA stock down the road. He was easily a top five pick for the 2014 NBA draft, but general managers do not want a hot head with an anger issue. Smart’s skill level is undeniable, but he must keep his emotions in check as all athletes need to do when dealing with fans. Crossing the Line: Athlete and Fan JCBrush|SportsEditor
  23. 23. Brian Hanlon, 12 Morgan Weimer, 11 Katy Gaudlip, 11 Alexius Mysza, 12 March of the Artist F rom gorgeous photos to incredible clay pieces to eye-catching paintings, there is no denying the talent displayed here. Enjoy these innovative works that were produced for various media, art, and ceramics classes. “I love having the freedom to go out and take pictures. In all your projects you have to be creative in many different ways. You are never being told what to do. You are being independent,” said junior Morgan Weimer.
  24. 24. Garrett Murray, 11 Maria Carbonara, 12 Sam Abraham, 11 Hannah Foster, 12 Holly Hanna, 12 Cassi DeLuca, 12
  25. 25. Lesson One: Staying Fit I follow the diet that is in the book Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. In a nutshell, it involves getting back to a way of life that’s more in touch with our genetic heritage. You eliminate all carbohydrates and pro- cessed foods, and in turn you strengthen the body and spirit. I personally chose to follow the diet so I could live a healthy lifestyle and have more energy throughout the day. Lesson Two: Stellar Style I’d say “it’s just me.” I’ve always liked colors and I have always enjoyed having a little fun with it. I also never worry about what others think so I wear what I feel. My style and outfits have evolved over time; I would say that I’m probably a mixture of Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers. Lesson Three: Making the Most of Every Day I enjoy getting to the high school at around 7:10 and teaching AP Psychology and Leadership throughout the day. After school, I teach private golf lessons in my indoor golf learning center. On the weekends, I enjoy skiing and visiting my parents and siblings. When school is out, I spend my time teaching, playing golf, and jet skiing with my family. One thing people wouldn’t expect from me is that I enjoy woodworking. Lesson Four: On the Course Golf has played a key role in my life. While I was in high school and college, I played a lot of baseball, but then I found golf. Since some pretty severe injuries ended my baseball dreams, golf was there for me. I gained much more focus and discipline, and some great mentors who have taught me valuable lessons. I really enjoy helping others improve their game and use golf to be a success in their life. Without golf in my life, I would never be where I am today. Lesson Five: Words of Wisdom I’d have to say that I am truly a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I’d also have to say that I’m more than what I seem to be on the outside. I’m an ex- tremely competitive person who’s a diehard Pitt fan. I have a lot more inner and mental toughness than most people who judge me by my Polo shirt or fancy colored pants would ever know. Something most people would find interesting is that I have never consumed alcohol or used any type of drug. One last thing, I would have to say that I am a very loyal friend who would help the people that I care about in any possible way. Kourtney Martin|Staff Writer Layout by Natalie Leven MR. KUHN MR. KUHN Teacher 101Teacher 101