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March 2012 Smoke Signals Issue 4


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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March 2012 Smoke Signals Issue 4

  1. 1. Smoke Signals March 2012 F al in F e Th r ou
  2. 2. Photo by Lexi Harmon Smoke Signals Volume 3 Issue 4 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 Phone: 724-941-6250
  3. 3. Meet the Staff Carly Beck, Features Editor John Galatic Print Editor-in-Chief Allie Schlafman Layout Editor Valerie Kotar Special Features Editor Katie Denning Managing Editor-in-Chief Christine Manganas Online Editor-in-Chief Katie Finn Life & Style Editor Amanda Moore News Editor Denée Renz Layout Editor Molly Doehring Print Editor-in-Chief Val Gobao Layout Editor-in -Chief Stephanie Hammell Marketing Editor Madison Mincone Sports Editor Liz Weimer Online Editor-in- Chief Julia Gauthier Entertainment Editor Smoke Signals Staff Camille Barnes Madison Creehan Elise Jozwiak Lydia McCall Lindsey McCay Andrea Salizzoni McKenzie Fritz Online Editor-in-Chief Grant Taylor Michelle Thomas Taylor Cox Shane Dazen Jesse Eby Jillian Eby Josh Glicksman Alexa Kennedy Bobby Lewis Laura Purkey Jenna Taimuty Benjamin Zalewski Mission Statement: Smoke Signals is produced six times a school year by Media II, III, and IV Journalism students. The staff adviser is Mrs. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor, or the Peters Township School District.
  4. 4. 4-5 PT Focus 6-7 Sports Track is Back 8-9 Opinion Gaining, Not Giving Up During Lent 10-11 Life and Style 12-13 Faculty Face-Off AP Images Jay Leprete Now Trending:Yoga 14-15 People Features Poetry Contest:Morgan Boyer 16-17 Reality TV 18-19 Entertainment 20-21 News Features New Frozen Yogurt: Moo Moo AP Images Evan Agostini Celebrity Obsession 22-23 Student Work Mixed Art Table of Contents Prom Fashion Show
  5. 5. 4 PT Focus PT Dominates PJAS Competition AlexaKennedy.StaffWriter The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science is a competition that took place on February 18, 2012 at California University of Pennsylvania. PJAS is an organization for all grades seven to twelve across the state of Pennsylvania. It promotes interest in science through research projects and investigations conducted by students. Eighteen first place winners out of the twenty-three contestants who entered the competition were PTHS students including Junior Maple Chen. “I started preparing a week in advance for this competition,” said Chen. She has participated in PJAS since seventh grade and has several fond memories of past competitions. “After my first presentation, the judges asked me ‘How will your experiment affect the banana industry?’ and I started to laugh. I thought that was so funny,” she recalled. “I continue doing PJAS because of all the great memories I have from being involved.” The goal of the competition is to create a project that answers a real world problem, similar to the TEAM+S competition. “It’s important to pick a topic you have real interest in, this way it is much more enjoyable,” stated Chen. Along with the seventeen first place winners, PTHS also had six second place winners and six recipients of the Perseverance Award. Allison Resnik, Grace Brandstetter, Maria Oldenburg and Sebastian Hymson all acquired perfect scores in the completion. Resnik and Brandstetter won the Exemplary Award in their divisions along with their other awards. Congratulations to all the first place winners: Allison Resnik Carolyn Grechen Cecelia Allison Jessica Johnson Cheng Wang Chris Heldman Christopher Malencia Elise King Grace Brandstetter Hannah Foster Jen Cashman Mandy Nerone Maple Chen Maria Oldenburg Matthew Stablein Raashmi Krishnasamy Samuel Batchelder Seabastian Hymson Special congratulations goes to senior Samuel Batchelder who earned a $2000 scholarship to a school of his choice courtesy of Disney. Additionally, Allison Resnik, Grace Brandstetter, and Sebastian Hymson all place exemplary in their respective divisions. Submitted photo Legally Blonde: Coming Soon To PT MadisonMincone.SportsEditor From Broadway to the PT stage, Legally Blonde is coming this spring, March 29th through the 30th. It will be starring sophomore Rachel Ferraco as Elle Woods, along with a superb supporting cast. The plot surrounds Woods, a bubbly blonde, who follows her love Warner to Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, she is treated like she will never succeed. In the end, she proves all of her friends and family wrong in the courtroom. Ferraco loves her role because of Woods’ personality. “There is not a single thing I dislike about this show or role. There is no greater feeling. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity,” said Ferraco. However, Vivian Kensington, Emmett Richmond, and Paulette Bonafante are played by talented actors and actresses who will show everyone what it means to be a star in a supporting role. One of these actresses, freshman Kylie Marshall, is in the role of Vivian Kensington. Vivian is a stuck up, cunning character who resorts to playing petty games with Elle because of their rivalry for Warner’s affection. Marshall’s favorite part of being Vivian is playing the bad guy. Playing the role of Emmett Richmond is junior Josh Reardon. Emmett is the nice guy. He shows Woods around Harvard, and he is the first to realize that there is more to her than meets the eye. “My favorite part about playing Emmett is probably playing an intelligent, wellliked character. Often you play these bizarre people (which is fun), but it’s nice to be ‘normal’ for once,” said Reardon. Junior Kelsey Kern will provide the comic relief by playing the role of Paulette Bonafante. Paulette works at the local salon and does Woods’ nails and hair. Kern loves her character, especially since it is the part that she wanted. “It is a lot of fun playing character roles because you get to be crazy and eccentric,” said Kern. The cast will spend countless hours learning lines, perfecting characters, and practicing their singing to put on a performance that they can be proud of. “I think it is going to be fantastic; everyone in the cast is incredibly talented and the rehearsals we’ve had so far really show that,” said Reardon. Photo by Madison Mincone Senior Cole Marks, Junior Josh Reardon, and Sophomore Rachel Ferraco goof around before they rehearse for their scenes.
  6. 6. March 2012 5 New Process Aims to Select Commencement Speaker JennaTaimuty.StaffWriter Graduation…the only word that is a solace to senior students at PTHS. It’s the day you look forward to and work towards your entire high school career. Have you ever dreamed that it might be you one day, up there behind the podium, speaking to your entire graduating class and their families? Well, now is your chance. First, to apply, seniors must be academically eligible. By having a GPA of 3.00 or higher and no disciplinary actions that resulted in either an in-school or out-of-school suspension may submit a speech for consideration. Next, seniors have to submit a written speech. The speech must cover topics that are of interest to the graduating class and the general audience of thee generations (grandparents, parents, and students). Also, the speech must be typed doublespaced, twelve point font, and approximately three to five minutes in length when orally presented. The speeches must be submitted to the High School Office by the end of school on Friday, April 13, 2012. The author’s name should NOT appear on the speech, but instead, the student should place his/her name, student ID number, homeroom, and telephone number on a separate piece of paper and attach it to the speech. Speeches that do not conform to these guidelines will not be considered. Speeches will go through an evaluation process and will remain anonymous while being reviewed. Each speech will be assigned a number. The Commencement Speech Selection Committee will read and rank each speech. Then, the authors of the top five speeches will be asked to give an oral presentation to the committee. This committee will choose the best speech to be presented at Commencement. The committee consists of a minimum of two high school administrators, two members of the High School English Department, a Speech teacher, at least three student leaders, and up to five additional teacher representatives. All students will be notified by Monday, May 14, 2012 via letter. If you have any questions about the commencement speech, please contact Mrs. Sitler in room A114 or at Masquerade Madness: Prom Fashion LindseyMcCay.StaffWriter The anticipation for the 2012 prom is already beginning to brew. All of the excitement was launched on Saturday February 25 with the prom fashion show. Prom is such an important day for so many juniors and seniors in the high school, it was a marvelous idea for the school to host a fashion show. It was a great help for girls and guys who are looking for what they should wear on this special night. A local dress shop in Pittsburgh got the chance to show off their beautiful gowns and tuxedos to potential buyers. The store featured was Carrie Ann’s Bridal Boutique in Canonsburg. They offered a wide array of different dress styles for girls. Then Tuxedo Junction located in South Hills Village gave an assortment of suits for guys. Fifty girls and twenty five guys worked the runway in their formal prom attire, all of which were juniors and seniors. The models and escorts loved getting all done up like it was prom night. Senora Degnan and Mr. Lawrence were the splendid hosts of the night, introducing each couple going down the run way. Each of the dresses paraded showing the top fashion trends for the 2012 prom. A few of these trends are flowing hem lines, dresses with a high to low hem line, and dresses with gems. Lace has also become very popular this year. Cut outs and ruffles are also a new trend popping up everywhere on this season’s dresses. Though the always classic mermaid style is still very popular. All of these trends were displayed during the prom fashion show. The show went off without a hitch. Everything ran smoothly and it all looked magnificent. All of the girls walked the runway with grace and poise. Then the boys in the fashion show put together a hilarious dance to “I’m Sexy and I Know It”. Everyone had a wonderful time. “It was great participating in the prom fashion show! The dress I was Photo by Allie Schalfman The models line up to show off their dresses from Carrie Ann Bridal Boutique. They were all excited when the night went well. wearing gave me a lot of ideas of what I want to do for prom,” stated senior Stephanie Miller. The prom fashion show gives a multitude of ideas of what people can do for their prom. Finding the perfect prom dress is essential for every girl going. After the fashion show, girls are left teeming with ideas of their immaculate prom dress. After seeing all of the great dresses during the fashion show every girl should be able to find their perfect dress. The perfect prom starts with the perfect dress. “The fashion show was great. As soon as I saw the one dress, I knew it was the one,” exclaimed Camilia Younes. “I know it’s the one I want to buy.” Being able to find the perfect prom dress is a challenge for all juniors and seniors. With the prom fashion show, it helps girls see all the fashionable dresses and makes it easier for them to find the exact dress they want.
  7. 7. 6 Sports Jeremy Lin: Overnight Sensation or NBA Star? Jeremy Lin had always dreamed about playing in the NBA. As a kid, he would watch Michael Jordan play and try to copy his moves on the hoop in his backyard. Lin was an excellent high school player and went on to play at Harvard University. After graduation, he was picked up and then cut by three NBA teams. Shortly after, Lin had thought it was time to put the basketball down and move on to the next phase of his life. However, one morning he received a call from the New York Knicks inviting him to join the team and the rest was history. After superstar Carmelo Anthony sustained an injury and could not play, the Knicks looked for someone to pick up the slack. Jeremy Lin As the 2012 spring track season rolls around, no longer will the eccentric yet inspiring Mr. Scott pace the infield of the track. He was an irreplaceable figure in the world of PT athletics. Yet, after the darkest time of night, the sun begins to rise. New head coach Justin Pinto has big plans for the team. With a slew of new assistants, Mr. Pinto is ready to accept the responsibility of coaching an incredibly competitive sport. “My hope is that each kid improves their results each time they compete Photo by Stephen Luzier Sophomore Mark Minjock warms up prior to a scrimmage. GrantTaylor.StaffWriter did just that. Lin broke out as a phenomenon after his performance against the New Jersey Nets. He recorded 25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, and 2 steals. Lin went head to head with all-star point guard Deron Williams and completely embarrassed him. In the Knick’s next game against the Jazz, Lin would make his first career NBA start. He would drop another 28 points along with 8 assists, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals. Lin hit a game winning 3 pointer at the buzzer to beat the raptors on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps even more impressive was his 38 point game against the league’s premier superstar, Kobe Bryant. However, this is not a just stroke of luck; Lin has been as consistent as any NBA veteran. In the month of February alone, Track he has averaged 21 points, 8 assists, and 4 rebounds. This is essentially unheard of for an undrafted free agent. Numerous critics believe that Lin is just an overnight sensation whose fifteen minutes will be up very soon. However, Lin is here to stay. He has a good number of starts under his belt now and has performed above average in all of them. Lin has gone up against some of the league’s most prominent stars and even outperformed them. Jeremy Lin’s work ethic and desire to be a great NBA player has rocketed him into stardom. Also, there is much to be said about his humility and perseverance after being picked up and then cut by a number of teams. Lin has the talent and support to be an NBA superstar is Back JohnGalatic.PrintEditor in a meet. Winning sections and qualifying as many kids as possible for WPIALS is also very important to myself and the team,” said Mr. Pinto. This year’s squad is ready to step up to the plate. Headlining the sprinting corps is senior John Bianco. Bianco reached WPIALS in the 100 meter dash last year, and hopes to make a repeat appearance this May. Also running sprints with Bianco are sophomores Pat Manak and Mark Minjcock. Manak is a transfer student from Seton La Salle High School. Look for these three, as well as several others, to shine in the 100 meter dash, the 200 meter dash, and the 4x100 meter relay. Senior Ed Findley and junior Craig Johnson return as the lone male hurdlers. Both are going to be crucial to the team’s success. Perhaps the most versatile athletes on the team are Tony Wagner and Tom Phillips, who specialize in middle distance. The two can run any race from the 200 to the mile successfully but will focus on the 400 meter dash, the 800 me- ter run, and the 4x400 meter relay. Wagner, who was only four places away from making states in the 400 at WPIALS last year, is hoping to once again score numerous points for Peters Township. “Tony and I want to see the team succeed, but we also want to post great times in the 400,” explained Phillips. The distance squad is highlighted by Jon Radolec, Cameron Maxwell, and John Galatic. Radolec’s goal is to reach WPIAL Finals again this year in the two mile. Maxwell and Galatic will concentrate on the mile, both sub-five minute runners. Those two hope to be a consistent one-two punch in the mile, an extremely competitive race this year. Watch for freshman Zach Jaap to build on his success in cross country. All distance runners are quite excited to run for new coach John Knabb. You may recognize the last name, as his daughter’s name is all over the walls of the gym, having won multiple WPIAL championships. his entire career, but only time can tell. AP Images Haraz N. Ghanbari The jumpers return some serious talent, with Christian Nossokoff and Mike Erenberg setting the bar high for the rest of the group. Pole vaulter Andrew Brannen is close to breaking the school record for his event. Taking the biggest hit in terms of lost talent is the throwing group, losing Doug Maronde, Justin Portz, and Ben Chiste, all seniors from last year. However, expect Joe Bianco, Steve Janusey, Dan Pletz, and Jonah Conroy, who went to nationals for shotput, to lead the way and can carry the team when necessary. Look for the boys’ team to turn some heads this year. Most of the best athletes from each event return from last year, and they all expect to improve this spring. As incentive to perform well, coach Pinto has offered the team a deal. “If anyone breaks a school record, they can cut my hair however they want.” So when Mr. Pinto is walking down the hall with a reverse Mohawk, just know that the boy’s track team is succeeding.
  8. 8. March 2012 Under Review: Will Bucs Break .500? 7 JoshGlicksman&ShaneDazen.StaffWriters SD: It has been the golden question for 19 seasons. The Pirates have experienced new levels of futility. However, with a bevy of young talent and a trailblazer in manager Clint Hurdle, 2012 will surely be the year the Bucs will turn it around. Led by all-star center fielder Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates will boast a youthful but battle-tested lineup that includes Neil Walker, Pedro Alvarez, and Garrett Jones. These three will be counted on to provide some pop in the middle of the order, and with several key signings of veteran talent the team will undoubtedly be more productive this spring. Plus, the starting rotation had a combined E.R.A. of 4.05 BEFORE the acquisitions of Erik Bedard and A.J. Burnett, two valuable arms acquired in the offseason. Couple that with a bullpen that is anchored by Joel Hanrahan, a closer who compiled 40 saves in 2011, and the rest is history. The Bucs will break .500. JG: You are correct; the Pirates have experienced “new levels of futility” for the past 19 seasons. However, you are incorrect in thinking that this is the year the Buccos turn it around. You say that the Pirates’ stars include Neil Walker, Pedro Alvarez, and Garrett Jones. Excuse me, who are they? Walker is a decent second-baseman, a career .280 hitter. Alvarez is the furthest thing from a star. His embarrassing .230 career batting average (just .191 last season) proves that. If that weren’t bad enough, he is only a mediocre fielder at best. Lastly, Jones’ power numbers are already dropping and his career average is just .254. Other than the lone talent, Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates hitting is worse than it has been in any of their other 19 consecutive losing seasons. In terms of the pitching, the Bucs will have to count on washed up has-beens. A.J. Burnett, a complete and utter head case, is supposed to be the “ace” for Pittsburgh. Yes, it is possible for him to succeed in the “Steel City,” but only when there is no pressure. If the team miraculously ends up in the postseason hunt, Burnett will quickly melt down and become the “salary dump” that the Yankees traded away. SD: I think you have misunderstood what I said. Alvarez was limited to 74 games last year due to injuries. Walker and Jones are not stars, but they DO have star potential. The Pirates are committed to producing a more youthful brand of baseball, and with McCutchen, Pedro, and Neil all being first round picks, they have stuck to Baseball Team their word. These players are years away from reaching the prime of their careers and they, with the exception of Alvarez, have already produced in the limited time since they have been called up. The Pirates may not have a bunch of big name players, but what they do have is a core of talent that will remain in Pittsburgh for years to come. Did I mention that McCutchen just agreed to sign a six year, 51.5 million dollar contract, so look for that talent to blossom in a Bucco uniform. Lastly, there has only been a small sampling of Alvarez, as well, so I do not think all the criticism about him should be merited. JG: Thank you for backing up my argument. The Pirates have some potential, however, that potential will not be reached this year. In a couple of years, the Bucs may be a real threat to cross the .500 mark, but not this year. You said that the Pirates have a core of players for years to come. It is a core of mediocre players that may have the occasional “career year.” James McDonald, Pedro Alvarez, and Neil Walker do not constitute the foundation that will bring home championships. Ultimately, the Pirates do not have the pitching, hitting, or fielding to win. If the goes for the TaylorCox.StaffWriter The Peters Township baseball team comes into the 2012 season as a contender for the WPIAL crown. Led by senior captains Andrew Erenberg, Zach Verner, Mike Bittel, and John Hlavinka, the Indians boast a formidable squad that is focused on developing their skills on and off the diamond. For the team, anything but a championship is a bust. “We’ve come close so many times,” said senior pitcher Mike Bittel. “It would awesome to go out on top my last year here.” To get there, pitching and defensive skills need to be improved. The fundamentals of the game were stressed early in offseason workouts, and the players bought into the coach’s game plan as they strived to better themselves before the season started. “We need to break the game down, and instead of focusing on the big things like hitting, there needs to be attention to making the little plays, the plays that should be routine,” said senior centerfielder Andrew Erenberg. Even though the team will field twelve seniors, youth Bucs had a solid foundation in one of the three categories, this may be a different story. For example, the Phillies’ hitting is decent, but their pitching is extraordinary. They will easily win the National League East. In addition, Pittsburgh has to overcome many difficult teams in the National League Central. The Cardinals, Brewers, and Reds are all contenders in the division. The Bucs have absolutely no chance of snapping the streak in 2012. AP Images Jeff Curry McCutchen recently agreed to a six year, 5.15 million dollar contract. He will be the key to the Pirates’ success this year. Ring still dominates the roster. Junior and sophomores who were offered the opportunity to make varsity will now mature on and off the field. The pitching rotation will feature four non-senior athletes: Chris Watschak, Billy McLuckie, Devin Ulam, and Max Augenstein. To be successful, the young core of talent need to harvest their skills. “I look forward to being a mentor for some of our younger players,” said senior shortstop Zach Verner. “We’re all in this together, so we have to become a family.” Stock Photo
  9. 9. 8 Candy Constriction ChristineManganas.OnlineEditor-in-Chief Chocolate is something that every kid begs for in the grocery store. It is a sweet treat that kids strive for every Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. For years, it has been the one treat that not only kids can depend on, but adults as well. Over the past few years, sweets have been a topic for discussion for the health of our children. The questions being asked are how far should parents and suppliers go in order to keep America healthy? Should there be a limit to the extremes parents take to protect their children’s health? How far is too far? Recently in Alabama, nine year old Savanna Hardin was forced to run for three hours by her grandmother, Joyce Garrard, because she lied about eating a bar of chocolate. After the torture had stopped,the little girl later died of dehydration and the grandmother now faces murder charges and could face the death penalty. In the attempt to keep her granddaughter healthy, she ended up achieving quite the opposite effect. Because Garrard worried so much about the health of her grandchild, she went to an unnecessary extreme to achieve her goal. Making her exercise as punishment with the restriction of water to hydrate her, I believe she is guilty of the charges against her and has set an example of how harsh adults have become to the children who will soon shape the future. With adults’ concern about the future generation’s health, the candy suppliers themselves are contributing by placing a limit on the number of calories a candy bar can hold. Michelle Obama has recently signed an agreement with Mars Candy maker to reduce the size of its chocolate bars. That means goodbye to the king size wonders and hello to just another afternoon snack that leaves you begging for more. Some question this decision and wonder why suppliers are going to such extremes. The candy companies say they are only answering the high concern of parents, who feel that their children are become overweight solely because of the size of a chocolate bar. Truly, reducing the size of the candy bar is not going to reduce the size of kids. Parents are blaming chocolate for the unhealthy habits of their children, and although that may contribute, it is shocking that parents want to cut it out from their lives. Kids should be kids; they have their whole lives to worry about what they should eat and how much they weigh. Although their health is important, the extremes parents take have become unacceptable and, if they continue, will destroy the childhood of their children. AP Images Etowah County Sheriffs Office Gaining, Not Giving Up During Lent RebeccaPerryman.StaffWriter Whether you are Christian or not, you have most likely heard the term “Lent” associated with a food or habit that your Christian friend is “giving up.” But what is Lent and why do Christians observe it? Lent is a forty day period of fasting in preparation for Easter. Christians sacrifice specific food and habits to recognize Jesus Christ’s forty day fast in the wilderness. Catholics, Orthodox Chris tians, Lutheran, Methodist and many other different Christian denominations observe Lent. Each congregation observes it in a different way whether it is sacrificing food or praying more often. For instance, Greek Orthodox Christians typically participate in a strict fast from meat and dairy products. “Since I’m Greek Orthodox, during Lent my family and I give up meat for forty days plus Holy Week, an extra seven days. It is difficult to see all my friends eat meat. On Easter, when I first get to eat it, it is such a great feeling, and the fasting is all worth it,” said freshman Kassiana Politis. Usually in Catholic churches, members fast from meat on Fridays and give up one food or habit that they especially love throughout Lent. To provide Catholics with a meal appropriate for nomeat-Fridays, Saint Benedict’s Catholic Church and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral host a fish fry. Additionally, grocery stores and restaurants have seafood specials during the Lenten period. However, Lent is not solely about giving up certain foods and habits. There is a deeper meaning behind the fast which makes the struggle worth it. Many Christians gain more than they give up. During Lent, they have the opportunity to develop a connection to God by sacrificing foods and habits they love. Christians approach Lent as a period of spiritual cleansing in order to be forgiven for their sins. Several Christian denominations attend confession at the beginning of Lent to purify themselves and have a “clean slate.” Taken seriously, Lent is a sacred journey of repentance and spiritual reflection. Giving up food or habits for Lent is viewed as a constant reminder of Jesus’ suffering before his Crucifixion. Before Christians reach for that one food they desire, they will be thinking about their spiritual health and the real reason why Lent is observed in the first place. AP Images Gene J. Puskar
  10. 10. March 2012 9 act When you think of the grievous. Fighting When Sports Cross the Line this mostagainst teamwork is sports, you usually think of with an opponent already fun competition, teamwork, and, above all, sportsmanship. As a student athlete myself, I see sports as an oasis from the real world, a place to break away from yourself, make new friends, and reach goals that you never thought you could actually accomplish. However, when competition is taken to an entirely new and unhealthy level, this sanctuary changes to a nightmare; it loses the enjoyment, the teamwork, and the sportsmanship. Sadly, this unhealthy change is becoming too common. Sports are drastically spinning out of control. We, as a school, recently experienced this when one of our students, junior Gabe Pritz, was punched in the side of the head during a playoff game on February 18. Pritz was assaulted by Woodland Hills senior Shakim Alonzo, who had lost his composure, elbowed another athlete, and ejected from the game. Although Alonzo was obviously upset because his team was losing in the fourth quarter, he claims that he became infuriated because PT athletes were using racial slurs. Whether his claims are true or not, the fact that the game got that out of hand illustrates that sports have diverged too far off the path that they were intended. Both racially degrading another human being and fighting to the point that an athlete KatieDenning.ManagingEditor-in-Chief was laid out on the court are definitely not a part of healthy competition, teamwork, or sportsmanship. Nevertheless, I’m sure some people would say that this one event does not mean that sports have gone too far, that this was just a freak moment where the heat of competition took one player tumbling over the edge. However, you wouldn’t accept being punched in the side of the head while walking down the street, would you? Of course not; it would be assault. Therefore, this one event does prove that sports have crossed the line, and it is most definitely not the only example. During a championship game for girls’ soccer in Rhode Island, two teams got into an all out brawl that the fans in the stands soon joined in on. There was even shoving, punching, and hair pulling; basically, everything a catty girl fight needs ( But, the worst part about the fight was that it began because one team was upset they were losing by five goals. I get it, in soccer that’s a pretty devastating loss, but it never justifies a fight, especially not an all out brawl. Yet, for some reason, athletes seem to think that when they are losing they have the right to lose their composure and their sportsmanship. This should never be the case. Another example of sports crossing the line was when a basketball coach at Division II Holy Family University shoved his own athlete to the ground, consequently injuring him, and then kicked him for good measure ( For some ridiculous reason, the coach continues to act like an overgrown, immature, ten year old bully by claiming he was justified because he was trying to toughen up his team after a hard loss. However, no coach has the right to touch any player in a violent manner. Motivation is one thing, injuring and possibly ruining an athlete’s athletic career is (no pun intended)in an entirely different ballpark. Finally, a Mississippi State basketball player punched his own teammate ( For me, takes sports too far, but fighting with your own teammate is just plain wrong. Your teammate is supposed to be your family, someone to work with towards a common goal. However, no longer are athletes playing for the love of the game, but they are playing to be the best player on the team. Furthermore, it’s this disgusting competition between teammates that not only derails a team’s season, but also creates a whole new generation of Terrell Owenslike drama queens. All of these examples show that competition has caused sports to go too far. Drama not only between teams but also between teammates and coaches undermines the essence of sports, and more importantly sportsmanship. Without this sportsmanship and teamwork, sports have crossed the line. AP Images Paul R. Benoit The Knicks and Celtics broke into a fight during an NBA game in 1984. Obviously, fights have been a part of sports for years, but they seem to be becoming scarily more common. PT Awareness Kicks Off with Tolerance Assembly JennaTaimuty.StaffWriter “&$%^#*” When you walk the halls of PTHS, you may not think twice about the racial slurs and derogatory terms you hear students jokingly fling at each other. Well, some students and administrators have and are taking action to stop these nonchalant acts of belittling others. Mr. Lesnett, along with a panel of seniors, presented an assembly to the freshman and sophomore classes on March 14. The assembly included a video made by the Media Department, as well as a panel discussion. It encouraged students to be aware that they are either part of the problem or part of the solution; there is no in between. Allowing bullying or discrimination to happen is just as harmful as taking part in it. Since discrimination is a problem that every school faces, Mr. Lesnett feels a better way to solve this problem is by taking a proactive approach. Students need to have empathy towards what others feel when they receive comments of a discriminatory nature. L e s n e t t hopes that the presentation will springboard into an initiative to encourage tolerance and empathy. Understanding someone prior to judging them is something that everyone should keep in mind. “I think that people need to think more about what they say and do and how that affects others, just taking a sec- ond to say hello to someone could make their day,” said Valerie Gobao, a senior panelist. However, Mr. Lesnett believes that a positive culture change is possible. “Sure, people make occasional mistakes, but we have a student population that I wouldn’t trade for the world,” stated Lesnett. Just remember, whenever someone is being bullied or discriminated against, take a step toward maturity and help them out. Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Photo by Allie Schlafman
  11. 11. 10 Life & Style Candidate Couture As the Republican National Convention draws ever nearer, the American public is becoming more fed up with the 2012 candidates. There truly is no way to judge who is the best candidate --or at least best of the worst-- for the job. That’s why I propose that the republican candidate should be chosen by his fashion sense. While ‘stylish republican’ may seem like an oxymoron, if one of this group actually wins the presidency and drives the country into a deep pit of doom and despair, they may as well look good doing it. Rick Santorum is a very busy man. From questioning our current President’s McKenzieFritz.Online Editor-In-Chief religious beliefs to campaigning to take away basic human rights, Santorum is always on the go. He barely has time to picket Planned Parenthood, nonetheless worry about his fashion sense. That’s where the Santorum sweater vest comes in. Rick Santorum doesn’t have time for sleeves; for God’s sake he’s on a moral crusade! By dressing like a knock-off Mr. Rogers, Santorum can relate to all Americans. Rick Santorum wants you to be his neighbor— unless you’re a non-Christian or gay, of course. In fact, if you donate $100 or more to the Santorum campaign, you can get your very own Rick Santorum sweater vest. According to Santorum’s website, his sweater vest AP Images Chris O’Meara At a recent Republican debate Romney said, “No sweater vest today Rick? Your style is evolving.” Santorum replied, “Oh Mitt, you know I don’t believe in evolution.” is, “perfect for demonstrating solidarity with true conservatives.” Ron Paul loves small government. However, there is one thing that’s tinier than Paul’s ideal government: his fashion sense. Paul is prone to ‘rocking’ novelty ties and suits that haven’t seen the light of day since 1976. Then again, if I were as old or paranoid about an impending nuclear war with China and/or Iran as Ron Paul, I suppose I wouldn’t be too worried with my style, either. Newt Gingrich’s current wife, Callista, looks like a Barbie Doll—that is if Barbie had Botox. As they say, third time’s the charm and one would think that Newt had hit the fashion jackpot with his third wife. Unfortunately for the people of America, Gingrich’s styles (and morals) are just as repulsive as ever. However, it’s not all Callista’s fault. It must be rather difficult finding attractive suits for a man who is the human incarnation of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Hopefully, Callista can get Gingrich’s style on track soon. After all, she probably only has a few more years before Gingrich divorces Now Trending: Yoga her for his newest intern. Mitt Romney is certainly the most suave out of the Republican candidates. My mother fondly refers to him as, “Mormon man candy.” Though Romney’s style team tries awfully hard to dress him like an ‘average Joe’, it’s obvious that his perfectly tailored suits are not ‘Made in America’. Though Romney doesn’t hold a flame to President Obama’s style, he does have one secret weapon… his hair. Romney’s hair looks like it waltzed off the Just for Men box. It’s a salt and pepper, perfectly coifed dream. Not even Fabio could compete with the lusciousness. Though Romney’s foreign policy may not be White House ready, his follicles certainly are. The public can’t rely on them as politicians or possible presidents; however, the Republican candidates are consistent in their lack of style. Through the thick (Newt) and thin (Ron Paul’s comb over), these contenders can always be counted on to make the ‘worst dressed’ list. The only thing more laughable than the Republican candidates’ fashions is the fact that they’re serious contenders for the presidency. CarlyBeck.LifeandStyleEditor With the end of the school year closing in, stress is starting to pile up. Spring sports kick into full force, homework seems overwhelming, and AP Exams are in the near future. There is no better time than now to give yoga a try. With nearly 11 million people enjoying the benefits, it can hardly be called a trend, yoga is a phenomenon. AP Images Jay Leprete The benefits for anyone hopping on the yoga train seem never ending. Not only is it a calming ritual, it is physically vigorous. Most westernized classes focus on holding different poses and increasing strength and balance. In addition, breathing exercises and some form of meditation are usually incorporated; this aids in stress relief and relaxation. The yoga poses vary from downward and upward facing dog, in which the body is supported with the arms, to tree pose, which is done by balancing on one leg. Muscle tone will inevitably be a by-product of holding these poses. Furthermore, being able to sustain the position while taking long breaths in and out helps with balance as well as lung capacity. Another added benefit of yoga is the increased flexibility that your muscles will attain. The routine stretching reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles, which will then reduce stiffness. Finally, overall posture will improve after regular yoga classes. In the past few years, this stress-relieving hobby has gained a lot of attention and popularity. It is no longer only associated with trendy young women trying to fit in a work out. Throughout the world, different types have been created to fit all different needs. One recent trend has been sports teams taking classes as a group. From toddler yoga, to holy yoga, to yoga/pilates combinations, there is something for everyone. Looking to follow the trend? There are a couple of options right in Peters Township. The Pilates Body, located on Valleybrook Road, is a yoga studio that offers a variety of classes. In addition, the PT Rec Center has weekly classes for people of all ages. Every class and studio will present a slightly different experience, making it possible to find one right for you. AP Images Jay Leprete
  12. 12. Color Your Way Into Spring March 2012 11 LydiaMcCall.StaffWriter With the seasons rapidly changing it is hard to know what to wear. As unpredictable as our weather has been, so has this season’s spring style. The trends expand from romantic lady like dresses to wild patterns and bright colors. The first big trend that is evolving is colored pants. Spring runways were sporting more color than a crowd at a Lady Gaga concert. Bright, deep colors of red, pink and royal blue have now traveled from a bold shirt to even bolder pants. Super daring prints are also a huge trend for this spring. There are prints, and then there are PRINTS. Capital letters are the only way to introduce this year’s vibrant colors that sashayed down the spring 2012 runway. There seems to be a pattern to fit the likes of everyone- oversized florals, Aztec prints, mirror like geometric shapes, futuristic prints and, of course, the never dying animal print. As the more daring trends step in, familiar faces seem to be making an even bigger appearance. While the styles get more courageous, the classic romantic style is making a comeback. Pale off the shoulder dresses have been the latest design for the hopeless romantic in everyone. Lace and pretty florals have been more popular than ever. The pick for this season’s numero uno shade was tangerine tango. Orange was seen all over the runways. If tangerine isn’t your citric choice, there are plenty of shades that can be substituted, such as, peach or a yellow based orange. If wild hues are not your thing, worry not –pastels are in. Spring’s sweet sorbet shades and pastel tones have a low key, lady like vibe. Colorful camo is another big trend that you can add on your long, confusing list of “what to wear.” Camo seems to be heavy duty for spring but thanks to soft, feminine like tints, the usually husky pattern becomes chic. Scarves first appeared in the spring of 2010 but this year it’s all about size. Big wrap around scarves turn any boring outfit to an instant win. Blocking is the new planking. Block coloring is taking two contrasting colors like, yellow and blue and wearing them together. Placing bold contrasting colors together is an immediate statement piece. As far as nail polish goes, the paler the better. Just as pastels are making an impact on clothing, they also are on nails. With all these trends in mind, it’s important to pick the best one for you. Not all trends will look good on everyone. However this spring there are millions of options to choose from. Make this season fashionable! AP Images Jason DeCrowMatt Sayles KatieFinn.CarlyBeck. Life&StyleEditors As spring quickly approaches, try these four items to rid the winter blues. They are sure to bring with a fun, healthy start to your hair and skin. If you need new makeup but do not want to splurge on a name brand, consider trying E.l.f. E.l.f. is a non-commercial company that sells quality, inexpensive makeup. Eyeliner costs from one dollar to three dollars and a complete palette of 144 shadows can be purchased for only fifteen dollars. Visit your local Kmart or go to and check it out for yourself. If the cold winter weather has dried out your skin, try adding Purpose Face Wash to your daily routine. Purpose is a gentle cleanser that removes makeup and cleans skin without drying it out. This wash has a light, natural scent and will not clog your pores. It leaves skin feeling soft, clean and healthy. It can be purchased at most local drug and grocery stores for prices around seven dollars. To get the “just left the beach” look, try a sea salt hair product. Many salons, like Geno Levi’s, sell this product, as well as drug for varying prices. Some brands are closer to twenty dollars and others range at about ten. It will add thickness and volume while giving hair the tousled, wind-blown beachy look without even stepping foot onto the sand. Using a diffuser to blow dry your hair will further improve this look. sham- Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship poo is perfect for girls with long locks. It fortifies dry hair, while strengthening it against breakage and split ends. Unlike some shampoos that claim to restore hair, Long Term Relationship actually smells great too. Also consider purchasing the Long Term Relationship conditioner. Your hair is sure to look and smell beautiful as well as feel healthy. This product is available at grocery stores and drug stores.
  13. 13. Round of 64: Who would survive a Japanese game show? Wilkinson Kowalcyk Degnan Lesnett Round of 32: Who is the better freestyle rapper? Bockstoce Perrotte Frick Hickle Guerra Kazalas Veltri Walsh Wildcard & World Language Caponi Cunningham Maize Wawrzeniak Bastos Elite Eight: Who could dance a better Irish jig? Miller Meyers Dodson-Rosenberg Farrell Prinsen Sweet Sixteen: Who would win a pie eating contest? Wilkinson Barney Lemmon Lane Kuhn Burns Sprowls Facu Face 20 Fin Who wo the cag Cham Rose Sudol Fox Final Four: Who would survive Dec. 21,2012? Electives
  14. 14. ulty e-Off 012 nal: ould win ge fight? Final Four: Who would survive Dec. 21,2012? Elite Eight: Who could dance a better Irish jig? Sweet Sixteen: Who would win a pie eating contest? Round of 32: Who is the better freestyle rapper? Round of 64: Who would survive a Japanese game show? Creany Mannion English & Social Studies Kocan Blackhurst Kuharcik Livingston Hamilton Vollmer mpion Stefan Lawrence Beckjord Polard Daerr Ingham Stevenson Redilla Wentzel Demascal Cifelli-MacDonald Pinto Math & Science Canfield Peterson Ripepi Compeggie Kendrick Whalen Lacey Antonelli Sussman Zippay Gearhart Cervanek
  15. 15. 14 People Features Lauren Thomas Leads By Example CamilleBarnes.StaffWriter hurt,” said Lauren. Although she did not get the chance to dance with the team, Lauren’s hard work definitely paid off. Lauren was a fantastic role model for her younger teammates. She demonstrated great sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and work ethic for anyone to look up to. Even the older girls admired her dedication to the team. “Even though it was a lot of hard work, I still got more practice and got better by practicing with both teams,” said Lauren. As a Captain of the JV team, Lauren displayed leadership throughout the whole year and especially at Nationals. Because she had been dancing with the Varsity team the whole year, she knew what it took to do well. She saw firsthand the Fencing Team Foils Their Way to PIFA Championship CamilleBarnes.StaffWriter The Peters Township Boys Fencing Team has competed at multiple events throughout the year. Foil season included five weekly competitions against other high schools. “The boys have been working really hard every week so it’s nice to see that it all paid off,” said Senior Elise Bigley. The team will be competing in two more competitions at the end of March, hopefully to bring home more victories. The boys brought home first place in the PIFA 2012 Championship on February 23rd. On February 29th the Field Director of Congressman Tim Murphy, Nate Nevala, presented the team with a Congressional Certificate to congratulate them on their PIFA Championship. Good work boys! Photos by Elise Jozwiak amount of dedication, hard work, and drive there had to be. Lauren took what she learned during Varsity practices and used that to help her JV team. “I really enjoyed being a leader on JV because I saw how Varsity was and I was able to bring that enthusiasm to JV,” said Lauren. Her new knowledge and experience helped to motivate her teammates went a long way as JV earned a national second place title in thier Division. Although she did not dance with the Varsity team to earn their national third place title in the Varsity Division, she still helped them throughout the year. To be an alternate for the Peters Township Dance Team is not an easy task. Balancing all of the practices, dances, and school work was difficult for Lauren, but it was also worth the extra effort. “I’m glad I got to do the competitions with Varsity that I did and also that both teams did extremely well throughout the year and at nationals, both coming in top three,” said Lauren. Junior Lauren Thomas stands proudly with the teams well-earned second place trophy. “The team works so well together and we all chipped in to accomplish this,” said Lauren. Tori Lewis places 2nd at WPIALs BobbyLewis.StaffWriter Freshman Tori Lewis represented Peters Township High School as an “independent” in the WPIAL Gymnastics championship and took home the silver medal in the all around event. The all around event consist of the total of the gymnast’s score, from all four events, floor, beam, bars, and vault. “I was so nervous since this was a big event. Each year I look forward to this meet because the bus ride is so much fun with my team,” said Tori. She has trained at numerous gyms and has practiced hard to get where she is today. Tori’s goal for next year is to place first in every event. Although Tori didn’t move on to the state competition, her strong showing as only a freshman is very encouraging. Gymnastics is a sport invlving performance of dances, flexibility, agility, coordina- tion, and balance. It typically involves the women's events of uneven bars, balance beams, floor exercises, and the vault. Participants can usually starts as children as young as two years old. Tori have been to several camps and gyms over the years the get to where she is today. Currently, she trains at Premiere located at the Baldwin High School. Submitted Photo Junior Lauren Thomas participated in the Universal Dance Association (UDA) National Dance Team Championship (NDTC) in Disney World this past February. As we learned in last month’s issue, Lauren had the opportunity to possibly dance with the Varsity Dance Team on the NDTC stage. After a whole year of juggling long, grueling practices with both Junior Varsity and Varsity, did the hard work pay off? Unfortunately, Lauren did not get the chance to dance throughout all stages of competition with the girls. It was fortunate, however, that no one was injured for her to have the opportunity. “It would’ve been great to dance with Varsity, but I definitely don’t want anyone to get
  16. 16. March 2011 Swimmers Succeed at States (and WPIALs) 15 JoshGlicksman.StaffWriter At the PIAA State Swimming Championships at Bucknell University, Andrew Rich finished 4th place in the 100 fly and Saoirse Palu-Benson finished 10th in the 500 free. Kyle Higgins broke the PTHS record in the 500 free (4:37.17), finishing 10th place in the competition. Christopher Buzard, Kyle Higgins, Dan Pletz, and Andrew Rich finished 9th in the 400 free relay, breaking the PTHS record with a time of 3:08.97. In addition, congratulations to all of the swimmers who participated in the WPIAL Championships. Andrew Rich took first place in the 100 fly, setting a new WPIAL record. The boys medley relay team- consisting of Dan Pletz, Chris Buzard, Kyle Higgins and Andrew Rich- also broke a WPIAL record in their event. For the girls, team Saoirse Palu-Benson and Gavi Krohner qualified at the WPIAL and will moved on to the state championships. Also, Cam Winterhalter and Ian O’Brien participated in the PIAA State Swimming Championships at Bucknell University. Photo by Mr. Rich Broken Glass Leads To Success AmandaMoore.NewsEditor Junior Morgan Boyer won a silver medal in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Award contest, beating out 55 other students from three counties. Boyer’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources. She typically writes about the themes of philosophy, history, and religion. “My poem, Shards, was inspired by a vision of broken sea glass falling. I captured the feeling of the mirror never being able to fit together the same way it had,” said Boyer. A lot of Boyer’s poetry was inspired by living with her father while he was suffering from cancer. Shards was written “Candle-flame” Candle-flame dances in the moonless summer night The slowly dimming skyline losing its last touches of light The sounds of the highway racing in the lands so near yet so far The beat of pulses of light from fireflies, The shepherds of nature’s summer blanket Once green blades of lush grass now pitch dark The hound roaring to his wolverine ancestors And the kitchen light still on as the baseball game plays while father’s asleep Candle-flame dances in the moonless night As the winds of ancient flow like crashing waves through the branches and vines of a nearby hillside The chill of sir Night freezes the tips of my calloused toes As I stare at the dancing candle light that only I know Photo by Sarah Zimmermann while her father was in the hospital receiving treatment for his cancer. Shortly after this poem was submitted to the contest, her father lost his ten year fight with the disease. Boyer constantly tries to improve herself. “I take a class with the fantastic Sandy Umboch at Washington Arts,” explained Boyer. “The class has three people in it and the teacher helps review any poetry you write - even the poems outside of class. Sandy gives the class journals and we go to Crazy Mocha to make the time even more enjoyable.” Boyer has not gone on to compete further, but the silver medal is a fantastic accomplishment in itself. As a junior, Boyer is already looking for colleges with creative writing programs. Currently, her top choice is Carlow. She plans to continue writing poetry and aspires to become an even more successful writer. ‘‘Shards’’ I am the crimson flow of broken charcoal, Lying on the tiles of denim, Spirals of blackened shavings, Lying carelessly among the broken pieces of dreams That dreamt of being a masterpiece. Though now we lie silent, For we are the flames of the somber, winter mist that is born, From a single, brave word, spoken in the frigid cold, And dies come nightfall, as we are dying, As our dreams of being artwork slowly fade into the silence, A treasured spring that shall never come Photo by Jake Wilhelm
  17. 17. It is nearly impossible these days to flip through the channels on TV without coming across several reality shows. Who doesn’t want a sneak peek into others’ lives every once in a while? As time goes on, it appears the more ridiculous the show the bigger the ratings. Here, test your knowledge with our reality quiz and get an inside look on the current phenomenon: Dance Moms. Reality T.V: How Much Do You Know? McKenzieFritz.OnlineEditor-in-Chief 2. Which stunt has NOT been performed on Fear Factor? A. Bobbing for objects in a vat containing 50 gallons of cow blood B. Walking in a naked fashion show in which the contestants had to walk for at least three minutes in front of 100 people , while photographers took photos C. Dangling from a helicopter while unscrewing grenades off a moving Army truck D. None of the above E. All of the above 3. How many Bachelor couples (not counting Ben and Courtney—I hate them) are still together today? A. One B. Four C. None D. Who cares, there are kids starving in Africa. 4. What is the name of the Survivor contestant who lied that his grandma died, in order to gain sympathy from the other contestants? A. Jonny Fairplay B. Johny Appleseed C. Johnny Cash D. Joe Maize E. Johnny Depp F. Jonny Lang 7. Which reality talk show host’s catchphrase is, “You are not the father!”? A. Maury B. Jerry Springer C. Dr. Drew D. Tyra Banks 5. Which reality family has more children, the Duggars, the Gosselins, or the Kardashians? A. The Duggar family B. The Gosselin family C. The Kardashian family 8. What is the average weight loss of a Biggest Loser contestant per week? A. 10 pounds B. 4 pounds C. 20 pounds D. 6 BigMacs 6. Who is the most successful (based off record sales) star from American Idol? A. Kelly Clarkson B. Carrie Underwood C. Clay Aiken D. Jordin Sparks E. Chris Daughtry AP Images Nam Y Huh, Dima Gavrysh and Keith Svakocic 9. Is Snooki actually Italian? A. Si (that means ‘yes’ in Italian, people) B. No, she’s Chilean C. Maybe D. Yes, if Italian means ‘inebriated’ 10. Which gift has Oprah not given to her audience? A. A cardboard cutout of herself B. A wide-screen LDC TV C. A VW Beetle D. A trip to Australia E. J.Lo Velour Sweatsuit Answers: (1,C) (2,D) (3,A) (4,A) (5,A) (6,B) (7,A) (8,A) (9, B) (10, A) 1. Which is not an actual Real Housewives series? A. Atlanta B. Beverly Hills C. Disney D. New Jersey E. New York F. Orange County
  18. 18. Dance Moms Backstage: A close-up of Payton AndreaSalizzoni.StaffWriter Through the the stage lights and glitter that gleams off their costumes, the girls of Dance Moms have become well known for their amazing dancing abilities. The dancers of the Abby Lee Dance Studio, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, include Maddie, Chloe, Brooke, Paige, Nia, Kendall, and Payton. Through their dancing on the show they give viewers a picture of what competitive dancing is all about… mostly. However, one of the dancers, Payton, opened up about her experience on the show and what the show is really like compared to how it is portrayed on television. “The show is about 50% real,” Payton said. “The producers put us all in situations that might not actually happen in real life. Even though the situations/ arguments we are put into might not be real, the reactions and feelings are real. When the moms fight with each other and Abby it is because they are expressing their feelings…if they didn’t show their true feelings, the show wouldn’t be interesting.” On a recent episode of Dance Moms, Payton made a comment after a competition; which she didn’t intend to hurt her friends, but it caused a huge fight between her mom and Abby. All of a sudden, Payton appeared at a Candy Apples group audition. Cathy offered her a spot right away, but Payton denied. It shocked many viewers. Although fans would have dreaded one of Abby’s own going to their arch enemy, it was still confusing to many as to why she did not accept the offer from the Candy Apples. “I chose not to go to Candy Apples because I would miss my friends too much and I wouldn’t be as good of a dancer. Cathy’s girls’ aren’t that good at dancing,” Payton said. Given the title, Dance Moms, the show would not be the same without the moms’ shoe throwing and kissing up to Abby. “Even though the moms fight with each other, I love each and every one of them, including Jill. Melissa is like my second mom; Kelly and Christi are so funny. Holly is very nice and respectful, and Jill wants the best for everybody. My life wouldn’t be the same without all of them,’’ said Payton. Although the parents are nicer than they appear, viewers frequently question whether Abby is really that mean. “Abby came up with this show. Dance moms would not be as successful without Abby,” stated Payton. “If she was not mean there wouldn’t be a show. Believe it or not, Abby is nice when she is off camera. She is a great dance teacher and she can make anyone a star.” Due to the popularity of the show, fans find it hard to believe that Payton is a regular high school freshman. However, her life did change once she starred on the show. “Since the show has started, I have not really been treated differently at school,” said Payton. “However, whenever I am at dance competitions I am treated like a famous person. I get asked for my autograph and my picture all the time. Also, I have had many friend requests, followers, and direct messages on Facebook and Twitter…it’s a bit over whelming, but I love all of my fans!” Fame also comes with a negative price tag and Payton has experienced that side of it as well. “Through the show I have gained many fans and many haters. Even though people say rude things about me, it doesn’t bother me. My favorite saying is, ‘my haters are my motivators.’ It fits me perfectly.” For those induviduals who are striving to meet their highest potential as dancers, many wonder how to get their “big break” in dancing and performing. Payton has some advice for them. “Never let someone tell you that you are too tall, short, fat, or skinny. You are perfect just the way you are. If the person doesn’t like the way you are, don’t change yourself to be liked. Always follow your dreams, and never give up on what you believe in,” she said. Photos submitted by Payton
  19. 19. 18 Entertainent The Entertainment Must List LauraPurkey.StaffWriter The second edition of the Entertainment Must List brings you the best of the best in bands, restaurants, TV, and more. Here are some pop culture greats I am currently obsessing over. If you’ve never heard of these things, they definitely deserve a minute (or more) of your time! 1. Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming by M83 M83, the electronic rock band (named after a galaxy) fronted by Anthony Gonzalez, shines in their double album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. The album features 22 songs all using the reverb effect. Gonzalez sings softly over loud instrumentals. This band has become extremely popular at colleges with the song “Midnight City,” but other tracks “Wait” and “My Tears are Becoming a Sea” should not be overlooked. 2. Yesterday’s News This great little boutique is found in the South Side. Yesterday’s News is an authentic, vintage clothing and accessory store. Each piece includes a tag with its original date. Some even range back to the early 1900’s. Even if you don’t bring money, it’s fun to look around. 3. Marcus Mumford If you’re not obsessed with Mumford & Sons yet, come out of the cave you’ve been living in (pun intended). Marcus Mumford, the frontman, is not only a beautiful singer, he’s also adorable, and he delivers in every song. His soulful crones in their recent single “Home” are mesmorizing. He even rocks in their innovative music videos—especially “Winter Winds.” 4. Maybachs These are officially the coolest cars you’ve ever seen. They’re even better to drool over than a porsche. They’re ridiculously expensive, having features like a 21-speaker sound system, seat massagers, and night vision. The brand will be discontinued in 2013, so ogle while you can. 5. Drive This movie was very overlooked during the 2011 award season. Ryan Gosling deserved an Oscar nod for his performance--and not just because he’s Ryan Gosling. Even with his few words through the excessive violence, he still pulled off a chilling calm in his character. 6. Il Pizzaiolo This Italian restaurant in Mt. Lebanon has hands down the best pizza you’ve ever tasted. The chefs make Neapolitan (traditional European) pizza using mozzarella cheese and wood-brick ovens. Additionally, the outside seating is perfect for springtime. 7. Happy Endings This ABC show’s second season is absolutely hilarious. The show, almost a modern version of Friends, follows six pals living in Chicago. The group has almost nothing in common, but clicks together superbly well. Also, the show is usually timed with recent holidays and events, making it relatable. Characters Penny and Brad are especially entertaining. Photo AP Images Legalized Stalkers: Do they feed our Celebrity Obsession? EliseJozwiak.StaffWriter Lights! Camera! Drama! In the 21st century, we can easily be in touch with the latest celebrity gossip 24/7 using the latest technology. Could this be the reason why we are so consumed with other people’s lives even those who we don’t personally know? Or could it be the fact that the media portrays them in such a desirable manner? We are constantly receiving updates on who shaved their head, who was caught with an engagement ring on their finger, and whose baby is on board. There are nine teachers pregnant at the High School and you don’t see us walking around snapping pictures of them and asking for interviews. It all leads back to the media, their drama, and our constant addiction to it. With the latest smart phone technology, the public can basically stalk their favorite celebrity. You can learn everything from where your celebrity was last seen and what he or she was wearing, or their favorite places to dine. People know more about celebrities than they do about close friends or family. No one else is to blame for digging up this so called “enticing” information other than the paparazzi. The media displays these normal people in ways so attractive and transfixing that you can’t help but get pulled in to the juicy gossip. These gods and goddesses are usually displayed as pure perfection. They can sing, dance, and always look phenomenal. We look to these people as practically untouchable, and some look to them as role models. It is clear that the media separates them and us into two very different classes: realistic and flawless. Even in grade school, everyone wanted to know everything about everyone. Now growing up, we’ve moved out of petty school drama, and moved on to the world of celebrity drama. This is the main factor of why we are so addicted to ce- lebrities. These people do outrageous stunts that we would not or could not do even in our wildest dreams. It is almost as if we live through these crazy tales. We find it fascinating that a life could be filled with so many exciting and extravagant stories. Gossip could easily be classified as a drug. People Magazine, number two, along with Star, number five, are amongst some of the most popular magazines in the US according to We love getting the next issue in the mail, and now we can just have the next issue sent directly to our phones. The glamorous, drama filled, twisted lives of celebrities is what continues to fuel the fire. Some people can’t even go a day without getting the latest word. It is a must have and we are sitting here gasping in disbelief at some stories that might even be over played by the paparazzi. We cannot seem to get past the fact that they are exactly like us. We think of them as a totally different species--just something to gawk at. Without the media, would we be able to walk past celebrities on a street and causally say “hi” to them without finding our face on the cover of a magazine the next day? We have to get past the fact that as different as they seem, it’s nothing but lights, cameras, and drama that sets them apart from us. AP Images Evan Agostini Shown above is the famous Kim Kardashian who has made her name known by many in the past few years
  20. 20. Spring Break Book Reviews KatieFinn.Life&StyleEditor Before I Go To Sleep Imagine having to relearn your life every day and forgetting every moment of your existence once you fell asleep. Christine lives this nightmare every day. When she wakes up she remembers herself as twenty years younger and in college. Her husband has to fill her into what he calls her “life” each and every day. Against her husband’s wishes, Christine starts secretively seeing a doctor in the hopes of regaining some of her memory. With the help of her doctor and her growing subconscious memories, Christine begins to piece her life together for herself, but slowly begins to realize her life may not have been as it seemed. hood friend for the popular boys and fashion obsessed, fake girls. One night, after years of Q loving Margo from a distance, she shows up at his window in the middle of the night insisting they go on an adventure. They trash their enemies houses, ruin their reputations, and to finish the night off, they break into SeaWorld. Q feels like a brand new person and thinks they can finally be friends again, but the next morning Margo is gone. Margo has run away before and left her family clues as to where she is going, but this time she leaves the hints for Q. Q is determined to find his life-long friend and crush before the clues run out and he is too late. March 2012 19 Amanda McCay’s iPod Playlist 1. Mac Miller-Party on Fifth Ave 2. Adele-Set Fire to the Rain 3. Kelly Clarkson- Stronger 4. Drake - The Motto 5. Coldplay- Paradise Paper Towns Ten year old Margo and Q were best friends and partners in crime. However, as they grew up, Margo was pulled into the rush of popularity and easily left behind her child- Photo by Katie Finn Pinning the Direction of Social Networks Social Networking sites have evolved over the years. It all started with MySpace in the early 2000’s and like the ever-popular Facebook and Twitter, many more have been created since. Additionally, new social networking sites are always being created. Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are currently sweeping the nation. With the lack of activity on MySpace and the waning interest in Facebook, it will be interesting to see which social networking site will become the next sleeper and which fresh site will come out on top. Instagram is a free JesseEby.StaffWriter photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, then share it on a variety of social networking services. It has accumulated over a million users in the span of a year. Instagram is currently only for users with an iPhone, but an Android version will be available at a date yet to be determined. This will do nothing but increase the amount of users. Sophomore Jake Augustine, a new member of the Instagram community, had this to say about the site. “I love Instagram because it is a good way to see what your friends are do- ing and where they are,” stated Augustine. Tumblr is a microblogging site that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog called a tumbleblog. Tumblr is an older site, developed in 2007, but has gained much popularity in the last few years, receiving thirteen billion views a month. Also, gaining 25,000 new users daily, it is growing at an incredibly fast rate. Another image-based site is Pinterest. This service allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. This past summer, Time Magazine named Pinterest one of the best “50 Best Websites of 2011.” All of these social networking sites offer a great amount of features and involvement, but only one will be on top. The others will inevitably sink to the bottom. AP Images
  21. 21. 20 News Improved iPad Factory Working Conditions AmandaMoore.NewsEditor Ethical business is always a touchy subject. There is a fine line between making money and doing the right thing. Many people thought the Apple factory in China (Foxconn) was abusing workers when a reporter publicized the story of a poor 13 year old girl who worked 13-15 hour days. On top of that, in three months, nine workers took their own lives and 18 have taken their lives in the past few years. In addition, there were explosions from the factory caused by the high level of aluminum dust. The blasts injured 77 people and killed four. People protested all over the world for an “ethical” iPad that would be made using fair labor. It did not help Apple’s case that the company did not allow anyone to see the inner workings of the factory. However, the factory has recently opened up its doors to reporters in order to show the world how business is conducted there. A Nightline reporter investigated and found that the workers were not as miserable as the news made them out to be despite several sad stories of abused workers. One woman, Zhou Xiao Ying, works tirelessly and once a month she takes a 2 hour bus ride to visit her children and parents. What the world fails to realize in this economy is that they feel lucky to have a job. Many times, giant masses of people wait outside the factory, just praying to be able to go in to support their loved ones. The starting salary is about $ .25 an hour, which is above minimum wage. The thousands of people wishing for a job think that is very good. What was learned from AP Images Kin Cheung this insight into the workings of Foxconn? Although the working conditions are not ideal, they do help support the unemployed China , which is a great number of people. They are working towards improving their ways and Apple has promised increased ethics. AP Images Kin Cheung Technology Grant Changes The Future of PT StephanieHammell.MarketingEditor This is the first year Granting Educators Opportunities, or GEO grants, have been awarded within the Peters Township School District. Three teachers from the district were awarded this honor by the Peters Township Education Foundation (PTEF). The foundation grants funds to support technology projects in classrooms. This organization awarded a total of $7,000 to support classroom projects at the high school, middle school, and elementary school. Librarian, Ms. Myers, was awarded the grant for her global literature project. “Applicants were not given a specific amount of money for the grant; instead, applicants were asked to request specific technology tools or materials that they need to complete educational projects and lessons in the classroom,” stated Myers. The library project will use iPads to connect students to classrooms in other countries, where they will be able to participate in group discussion as they read the novel Siddhartha. Both current and future students will be benefit greatly from this technology. “The grant of ten iPads will greatly assist students to learn how to use new technologies and work together with their peers in their own classroom as well as classrooms abroad. Each class will interact as they read and discuss a common text, and the iPads will be the means by which they connect and collaborate,” said Myers. The technology will not only be available in the library, but can be accessed in the classrooms as well. “Because iPads are so versatile, they will be used in all classrooms across the disciplines, so that students in many types of classrooms completing a variety of different lessons will be able to benefit from the technology,” remarked Myers. The iPads tools and applications will forever change the way that library projects are structured, now that classes will be able to work on numerous different collaborative projects. “For instance, freshman classes will complete scavenger hunts to learn about the library using an iPad. English classes will be able to research using the iPads, as there are many apps which are literature-focused and assist with the writing process. Social studies classes will be able to use the iPads to create movies to illustrate instances in history or to explain topics from current events,” stated Myers. Since the technology is so user-friendly and familiar, it will benefit students in the future. “Students will be able to manipulate various types of technology, from PCs to Apple products, and employers will appreciate this diverse knowledge,” explained Myers. The applications and features on the iPad will also help students will develop critical thinking skills and learn how to problem solve. “With technology things are always changing, but students who are familiar with technology and not afraid to try new things with technology will be successful,” Myers remarked. Photos by Shane Dazen & Alexa Kennedy
  22. 22. Frozen Yogurt Trend Expands in PT StephanieHammell.MarketingEditor The self-serve frozen yogurt trend is continuing to gain popularity in the PT area. The first frozen yogurt place to open was Swirlie Wirlie’s, which is located in the plaza as Panera. This frozen yogurt place has eight different flavors and a wide range of toppings. However, Swirlie Whirlie’s will not maintain its monopoly on frozen yogurt. This March, residents will have another business to purchase their low calorie, low fat frozen treats. Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt will open in mid-March, just in time for spring. Moo Moo will be similar to Sincerely Yogurt with self-serve yogurt machines and various toppings for a delicious and healthy treat. This frozen yogurt shop will be located next to the Starbucks by the Dairy Bar. Moo Moo will feature flavors such as Acai Berry, Almond, Banana Pudding, Birthday Cake, Blueberry, Cheesecake, Guava, Green Apple, Lychee, Grape, Mango, French Vanilla, Kiwi, Cookies and Cream, Coffee, Melon, Mint Chocolate, Coconut, Chocolate Macaroon, Green Tea, Latte and more. With such interesting flavors this yogurt place will set itself apart from other local shops. The store is hiring now. Call 724-949-0438 and for more information and more frozen yogurt visit mymoomooyogurt. com. March 2012 21 What in the World? ValerieGobao.LayoutEditor-in-Chief In the ultimate instance of real-life-turned-horrormovie madness, 95 year old Li Xiufeng spooked her small rural Chinese village by rising out of her coffin after being “dead” for six days. No, it wasn’t the full moon, nor was it the zombie apocalypse; due to a head injury sustained two weeks before, Xiufeng entered such a deep coma that it seemed like she wasn’t breathing. So when her neighbor found her totally unresponsive one morning, he naturally assumed she had passed away. Thankfully for her, the village’s tradition dictates that the coffin be placed in the home for a few days to allow mourners to visit the body. And in another stroke of luck, the coffin was not yet nailed shut, allowing for her to easily escape death again: frail Chinese grandmother, 1, Grim Reaper, 0. Photo by Stephanie Hammell From School Tragedy School Safety to ValerieKotar.FeaturesEditor Chardon, Ohio is 2 hours and 36 minutes away from Peters Township. That makes the shooting that occurred there on February 28, 2012 the closest yet. After the shooting, student T.J. Lane admitted to bringing a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol to Chardon High School and firing shots at four students in the cafeteria. Three victims, Russell King, Demetrius Hewlin, and Daniel Parmertor, died from the attack and others were wounded. It has been reported that Lane chose his victims at random and no motive is clear. Chardon students who knew T. J. Lane said he was quieter than most, but generally a good kid with no prior record of trouble. F r o m Columbine to Virginia Tech, the frequency of horrific school shootings in the United States has increased in recent years. With this shooting so close to home, it is a stark reminder that tragedies can occur anywhere, even in the bubble of PTHS. To address this potential problem, Superintendent Dr. Zetty recently met with the entire faculty to open a discussion on the topic of school safety. Additionally, she met with a team of high school teachers and administrators to discuss practical ways to make the high school a safer place. AP Images Mark Duncan And the number one mom award goes to…Sarah Burge, for giving her eight-year-old daughter the totally appropriate birthday gift of €8,000 in plastic surgery vouchers! According to Burge, she is “empowering…her [daughter] to take charge of the way she wants to look.” With a face and body worth €250,000, this mom is no stranger to spending the big bucks; her daughter’s birthday proceedings will also include a professional, Lady Gagathemed photo shoot, a diamond encrusted dress and shoes, and a party with a hundred guests including her own personal professional singer and the world’s largest rabbit. Talk about a party; this takes the child spoiling absurdity of Toddlers and Tiaras to fabulous new heights. What happens in your yard stays in your yard, right? Well, not anymore; with the watchful cameras of Google Streetview surveying the world, embarrassing candid images are now available for the whole internet to see. However, one middle aged French citizen, whose name remains anonymous, does not appreciate this new, Big-Brother-like technological intrusion. After being caught urinating in his front yard by one such camera, this man is suing Google for about $13,000 in damages. Though his face was blurred out of the picture, neighbors easily recognized him, making him “the laughingstock of his village.” He should have thought of that before he left the comfort of his own bathroom.
  23. 23. Mixed Art These student pieces from the wide variety of PT electives show the skills of artists and woodworkers alike. From painting murals to creating chairs, students exhibit their remarkable expertise by creating unique and beautiful pieces. Here are just a few examples of the talent found in the elective classes. Carla Buzzato, 11 John Provident, 12 Denée Renz, 12 Kyle Higgens, 11 Layout Design by Denée Renz Lindsey Delcotto, 12 Rachel Rex, 10 Austin Ansell, 9
  24. 24. Kailyn Schmidt, 11 Mike Ranalli, 12 Ben Hoskins, 12 Alexa Ansel, 12 EmmaLee Ducoeur, 10 Joey Sala, 11 Chloe Smith, 11 Ben Hoskins, 12
  25. 25. At the end of the rainbow, there is______. “Happiness” “Leprechauns” Jessica Dowd “The Emerald City” Emily Smith Teachers Nathaniel Tost “Lax” McKenzie Fitzgerald “A Gold Medal” “Oz” “Pot of Gold” “Pi” Mrs.Vollmer “The end of school year and the promise of summer” Mr.Cervanek “The Sky” Kassianna Politis “Care Bears” “Little People” Morgan McPherson Alex Dagnal Seniors Mrs.Kocan “It Never Ends” “The City of Oz” Christian Nossokoff Morgan Wyatt Juniors Sarah Luzier Christian Petrozza Emily McKenzie “Money” “Hope” “Fun Times” Mr.Pinto RJ Pfeuffer Sophomores “Pot of gold” Jeremy Troup “Gold” Trent McPherson Laurel Carpenter John McGovern “Gold” Frederick Smith “The Sky” Mrs.Baker “Clouds” Kevin Hutchins Gwen Caven Freshmen “Gold” “Gold” “Gold”