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Pistoia Alliance European Conference 2015 - Ruud Schoemaker / FrieslandCampina


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Slides from a presentation given at the Pistoia Alliance European Conference 2015, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Published in: Science
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Pistoia Alliance European Conference 2015 - Ruud Schoemaker / FrieslandCampina

  1. 1. Informatics fueling innovation at FrieslandCampina R&D Ruud Schoemaker, Pistoia Alliance, April 14th 2015
  2. 2. 1
  3. 3. 19,000 ambitious member farmers are the owners of FrieslandCampina
  4. 4. 5 Six farmers founded the first dairy co-operative Nine farmers take over a cheese factory in the Dutch Wieringerwaard Founding of CCF in Leeuwarden Friesche Vlag, Dutch Baby and Bonnet Rouge are registered for international markets Founding of Coberco in Zutphen Merger of Coberco, Friesland Dairy Foods, De Zuid-Oost-Hoek and Twee Provinciën Acquisition of Nutricia Dairy & Drinks Group Friesland Foods receives Royal designation on its 125th anniversary Founding of the first dairy co-operatives Founding of the De Meijerij Veghel / De Melkindustrie Veghel Campina brand introduced DMV Campina and Melkunie Holland introduced Founding Campina Melkunie Acquisition of Sudmilch (Heilbronn) International launch of formation of inter- national Campina brand and co-operative Acquisition of Alaska Milk Corporation Philippines Acquisition of Zijerveld en Veldhuyzen B.V. and G. den Hollander Holding B.V. Acquisition of IDB Belgium We have a long history
  5. 5. Every day we nourish millions of consumers around the world
  6. 6. With our brands Consumer Foodservice Ingredients Debic Hollandia Campina Professioneel Chocomel Fristi Milner Vifit Optimel Campina CoolBest Nutroma Taksi Frico Extran DubbelFrisss DOMO DMV Kievit Creamy Creation Nutrifeed DFE Pharma Campina NoyNoy Puddis Valess Landliebe Chocomel FrisianFlag CoolBest Rainbow Milli Peak Friso Friesche Vlag Vifit Fruttis Completa Napolact Alaska Mona Botergoud Dutch Lady Foremost DubbelFrisss Fristi Optimel Frico Milner Yazoo Appelsientje
  7. 7. Using milk as a healthy basis ● Milk is a natural source of nutrition and provides nutrients for a healthy lifestyle ● Milk contains essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, vitamins B2 and B12 and minerals such as calcium ● Milk is suited to contribute to the right balance in all types of diet
  8. 8. Key figures 2013 employees 21.18611.4 billion euro revenue 30 Facilities in countries 100 Export to over countries Millions of consumers member dairy farmers own the Company 19,244 Every day
  9. 9. In order to valorize milk The objective of a business with no member milk is to generate profit above our EBIT hurdle Profitability The objective of our member milk intense businesses is to valorise milk at positive EBIT margins Member milk usage
  10. 10. Ambition Foundation Growth categories Respond to needs Capabilities To create the most successful, professional and attractive dairy company for its member dairy farmers, employees, customers and consumers and for society by providing people around the world with essential nutrients from dairy products during every phase of their lives Dairy- based beverages Infant nutrition (B2B, B2C) Strongholds & geographic expansion Branded cheese Food- service in Europe Basic products Growth & development Daily nutrition Health & wellness Functionality Talent management Milk valorisation Innovation Business model & cost focus Chain advantages Sustainable dairy farming & business operations The way we Work & safety Goodness of dairy And a clear strategy: route2020
  11. 11. Innovation Centre Wageningen
  12. 12. Innovation at FrieslandCampina ● 320 R&D employees ● 450 workstations ● Pilot plant (2,500 m2) ● Laboratories and taste testing ● Experience center, innovation kitchen and bakery ● State-of-the-art and sustainable building: BREEAM certified
  13. 13. Data within FrieslandCampina
  14. 14. FrieslandCampina Data sources SAP (finance, factory, procurement, recipe management, “milk web” (farm, milk composition & quality), …) Microsoft Office and SharePoint ±1600 Corporate applications Bioinformatics infrastructure Knowledge management infrastructure R&D
  15. 15. Data within FrieslandCampina Data Size Data heterogeneity Summit (SAP) ONE R&D Portal (SharePoint) Bio-IT
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. Scope of project Summit In scope • Sales & distribution, finance • Production and Detailed Scheduling, Warehouse management, Plant maintenance, Quality management • Procurement (including SmartBuy for non-product related procurement) • Demand planning, supply network planning (Sales & Operations Planning on opco level) • Sales & Operations Planning on Enterprise level • Business Warehouse (including standard reporting and queries) • Current Opco scope / user group Out of scope
  18. 18. Knowledge management within FC R&D
  19. 19. To empower the R&D community to use knowledge efficiently and effectively From 56 to way of working
  20. 20. global R&D organisation needs knowledge sharing environment
  21. 21. It’s not only a new system A new way to share information and to stimulate collaboration within R&D
  22. 22. “By sharing you will be more effective”
  23. 23. Sharing profile information
  24. 24. Openness vs Confidentiality Knowledge sharing within R&D before and after ONE Simply not shared Tip of iceberg visible Shared knowledge Confidential Secret
  25. 25. R&D knowledge sharing environment to capture and reuse our information and documents
  26. 26. The heart of knowledge management Knowledge Data Your experiments built into our data collection The place where measurements, observations and analyses from e.g. lab, pilot plant, factory and simulation experiments are collected Your part in our collaboration The place where all project/collaboration documents are stored Your publication brought to our attention The library where all (end) reports are collected Your gateway to our collective dairy knowledge The place where scattered knowledge is integrated, summarized, completed with new findings and made accessible to the FC R&D community Overarching knowledge Experimental results
  27. 27. Translated to End-user features 28
  28. 28. Termstore Termstore entries are linked to the dairy ontology ● Components, Products & Processes ● Clustering allows for suggested content and expertise finding 5298 Experimental reports 366dairyprocessingtemrs Original Doc Hit 1 Hit 2 Hit 3 Hit 4 X020712NIZOvisit.txt FFAO00.002inpreparation.txt PSSB00.038.txt BBBT00.017.txt CopyofWWLE00.002.tx t AAAA00.002inpreparation.txt TEST01.001inpreparation.txt SSSS00.001inpreparation .txt CCYZ00.029inprepara tion.txt AAAA00.003inpreparati on.txt AAAA00.003inpreparation.txt SSSS00.001inpreparation.txt TEST01.001inpreparation. txt AAAA00.002inprepara tion.txt BSPO00.001inpreparati on.txt ASEN01.0611.003.txt BSD.0511.003inpreparation.t xt FFBB00.001inpreparation. txt FAP.0310.004.txt PSSB00.004.txt ASEN03.002.txt PPAA00.001inpreparation.txt LNA.0512.016inpreparati on.txt CST2.0512.012.txt DDAT01.003.txt ASEN03.003inpreparation.txt CFRR03.006inpreparation.txt CCGI00.031inpreparation .txt CMS.0312.001.txt CFDC00.012inpreparati on.txt ASEN03.004inpreparation.txt COPE00.005inpreparation.txt CCEN00.035.txt COPE00.003inprepara tion.txt COPE00.007inpreparati on.txt ASEN03.0607.001inpreparation .txt DDAZ00.020inpreparation.tx t DDPB00.005.txt DDPB00.009.txt DDPB00.016.txt ASEN04.002inpreparation.txt FAH.0310.001inpreparation.t xt CVIT00.001inpreparation. txt CSIM00.044inprepara tion.txt CPEE05.048inpreparati on.txt
  29. 29. interfaces directly with FC’s bio-IT infrastructure: ODIN
  30. 30. The bioinformatics infrastructure: ODIN as central hub
  31. 31. 32 External partners FrieslandCampina Worldwide 1.500.000 reseachers are active in for our company relevant research domains Bridging Filter company-relevant information
  32. 32. All (milk) ingredients are captured and described in detail in our bioinformatics computer infrastructure
  33. 33. ODIN gives access to nutritional information…
  34. 34. …vitamin B12 in more detail
  35. 35. …biochemical pathways
  36. 36. …and much more …information about bacteria used for fermentation
  37. 37. Connecting data to the business Example: Leap2 – Commercial application of Bioinformatics
  38. 38. Infant nutrition development
  39. 39. bioinformatics
  40. 40. Development of a low ß-lactoglobulin IFT product faster and better Bioinformatics assisted, fast development
  41. 41. Conclusion Validate Visualise Connect
  42. 42. 44
  43. 43. Acknowledgements Dr. Hilmar Ilgenfritz Dr. Sascha Losko Dr. Klaus Heumann Jan Geurts Urszula Kudla Rolf Bos Ellen van Leusen Christel Timmer Thijs Guldemond Andre Groeneveld Wynand Alkema Marleen Hijlkema Peter Navarro Martin Wijsman