Creating sales through Modern Trade Channles


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Drivers and Challenges of Modern Retail Channels

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Creating sales through Modern Trade Channles

  1. 1. Grasim Industries
  2. 2. Company profile Vision: To be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus on each business. Mission: To deliver superior value to our customers, shareholders, employees and society at large. Values: – Integrity – Commitment – Passion – Seamlessness – Speed Grasim Industries
  3. 3.  US $29.2 billion Corporation. Is in the league of Fortune 500 Companies. Work force of 130,000 employees. "The Best Employer in India and among the top 20 in Asia" The Group operates in 25 countries No.1 in viscose staple fibre. The fourth largest producer of insulators. The fourth largest producer of carbon black. The 11th largest cement producer globally, the seventh largest in Asia and the second largest in India Among the top five mobile telephony companies. A premier branded garments player. Among the top three supermarket chains in the retail business. Grasim Industries
  4. 4. Grasim Incorporated on 25 August 1947, exactly 10 days after India achieved independence. Originally a textile manufacturer, Grasim has successfully diversified into VSF, cement and chemicals. Grasim has following divisions – VSF – CEMENT – TEXTILE – CHEMICALS Grasim Industries
  5. 5. Product Review KARA: Kara in Greek means pure, pristine, innocent and unblemished beauty and is an outcome of the in-house research and development at the Aditya Birla Centre for Science and Technology, Taloja, Maharashtra near Mumbai. Kara range include refreshing, moisturizing, toning, cleansing, sunscreen and makeup removal wipes. Grasim Industries
  6. 6.  Puretta: Puretta meaning pure and diminutive is made from Birla Cellulose, a 100% natural and biodegradable fiber, it soothes the babies tender skin with its soft and nature-friendly properties. Puretta portfolio include Skin nourishing, cleaning and germ shield wipes. Prim: “SMART, MODERN, HYGIENE, CONVINIENT” PRIM Home Care Wipes ensures that your home remains clean and germ free. It comes in two variants Multi purpose and Kitchen wipes Grasim Industries
  7. 7. Market analysis The global wet wipes market for personal care reached an estimated $6 billion We Indian still spend only 0.0001 % of our disposable income on disposable products. The skin care market is valued at $180 million in India Total wipe market of India accounts for Rs 30 crore annual growth of 7%. Market dominate by organized sector Grasim Industries
  8. 8. Grasim Industries
  9. 9. DRIVERS Increase in disposable income. Birth rate Climate Increasing working women population Introduction of innovative products and reduction in prices. Grasim Industries
  10. 10. CHALLENGES Category is nascent with very low awareness of the product. To create awareness about the usefulness of the product among the target group Cultural aspect Threat from cheaper substitute like private label of Vishal and Big Bazaar Stiff competition from cheap imports Grasim Industries
  11. 11. Work done Sahara Mall Big Bazaar Worked as a promoter Done customer survey through questionnaire Outlet review Received a PO of worth Rs 3000. Modern trade South Delhi Supervision of following stores: – Big Bazaar Vasant Kunj – Dabur New U Vasant Kunj – Dabur New U Saket – Food Bazaar Saket – Vishal Mathura Road – Vishal Mega Mart Mahipalpur Grasim Industries
  12. 12. Supervision done under following points Placement Visiblity and facing Shelf space Stock availability Condition of stock FIFO Hygiene Guiding the promoter Getting the PO`s. Got PO`s of worth Rs 4000 and Rs 11000 from Food Bazaar Saket. Sending additional PIR Follow up on Stock delivery Customer survey Competitive analysis Grasim Industries
  13. 13. Religare Wellness Saket Delivery of Terms of Trade document Delivery of TDS certificate Got a cheque of pending amount Got a PO of worth Rs 17,000 Follow up on debit note of May and June Store branding. Grasim Industries
  14. 14. Area covered Sahara Mall Gurgoan Mahipalpur South Delhi Vasant Kunj South Delhi Saket South Delhi Mathura Road Sarita Vihar South Delhi Grasim Industries
  15. 15. Questionnaire Have you ever heard about skin care wipes? Have you ever heard about KARA? Which other brand have you heard of? Have you ever purchased a Skin care wipe product? Which brand you have bought? Reason behind the purchase. Thick the appropriate option. – Price – Quality of product – Variants – Brand value – Trail Grasim Industries
  16. 16. Have you ever heard about skin care wipes? Grasim Industries
  17. 17. Have you ever heard about KARA? Grasim Industries
  18. 18. Which other brand have you heard of? Grasim Industries
  19. 19. Have you ever purchased a Skin care wipe product? Grasim Industries
  20. 20. Which brand you have bought? Grasim Industries
  21. 21. Reason behind the purchase.KARA Grasim Industries
  22. 22. Etiquette Grasim Industries
  23. 23. Skin & Body Grasim Industries
  24. 24. Dove wet wipes Grasim Industries
  25. 25. Learnings Importance of shelf space Placement Visibility and facing Importance of FIFO Availability of stock In-house promotions Brand awareness Importance of promoter Grasim Industries
  26. 26.  Offers and discounts Refreshing mint and cucumber are the highest selling products Competitive analysis PO and back office operations MBQ TOT Grasim Industries
  27. 27. Recommendations Create awareness about the concept then the product Convey the message that it is a product from aditya birla group Communicate effectively that Kara is a complete skin range brand and not just any other refreshing wipes. Our variants are our competitive strength. Dedicate a whole website for the product. OOH advertising should be given more emhasis. Moving van can be a good option. In-house promotion Signage Grasim Industries
  28. 28.  Placing the promoter Placement of products Availability of stocks Periodic review of stores Special discounts and offers once stock gets old. Packaging Pricing New distribution channels Kara should be given more importance Grasim Industries
  29. 29. Grasim Industries