food industry food quality food and beverages #pmg food #food tech-knowledge food safety food processing engineering food processing industry pmg pasteurization food product dairy product hazard contamination food tech biological hazard chemical hazard storage milk shelf life preservation haccp physical hazard packaging material corrective action validation quality assurance good manufacturing practices dairy industry sorting grading quality fermentation standardization butter drying beverage sterelization dairy plant cheese who covid-19 storage condition metal detector physical contamination processing industry dehydration milk microbial allergen sanitization clean in place equipment audit food and beverage food and beveges #foodandbeverageindustry vitamin packing prevention chocolate carbon dioxide oxygen physical hazrad cooling homogenization cutting roasting layout buttermilk grinding vinegar processing vinegar washing and sanitization emulsification regulation seafood implementation animal feed churning containment new technology chemical preservatives microorganism freezing kefir composition of milk fat content organoleptic microbial growth ready to eat canning indirect heating technology air compressor verification documentation tree nuts whey coagulation prevention plan frozen storage humidity control control inspection sop quality product hvac system manufacturing risk assessment freeze drying raw milk reception dock milk reception fssai packaging electric field retort technology process improvement food recall cleaning procedure cip fabrication personal hygiene principles of gmp sterilization pest control compliance cleanliness design parameter dairy processing batch process vat pasteurizer foodtech enginne foodandbeverages #engineering lifestyle unhealthy eating nutrition and food sector international food day our action are our future sustain together growth nourish united nation food and agriculture organization world food day controlled moisture hygiene cleaning production facility environmental hygiene equipment selection designing manufacturing process mineral and vitamin supplement milk powder microbial contamination peanut paste peanut based product unicef malnutrition ready to use therapeutic food lost sale direct cost brand damage food withdrawal consumer level recall trade level recall risk labelling issue microbial issue recall food control unsweetened condense milk uht treatment rising film evaporator falling film evaporator multi effect evaporator moisture content evaporator solid not fat reception of milk milk processing evaporated milk processing condense milk heat traetmnet nut kernels shelling hulling precleaning of nuts unsaturated fat omega 3 fibre oil content curing seafood processing spoilage shellfish fishes boat to fork monounsatuarted fatty acids fda healthy option vegan precrystallization mixing melting of oil hydrogenation trans fat ingredient vegetable oil margarine processing equipment chemical fertilizers pesticides mycotoxins heavy metal natural toxins collection and storage milking microbial hazard farm hazard in milk effectiveness handler food safety supervisor cross contamination faithful customer efficiency boosting food waste training management complaint unhygenic shelf life extension desiccant scavengers on package valves barrier film gas flushing nobel gases nitrogen modified atmospheric packaging high pressure carbon dioxide processing diffusion solubility bactericidal effect htst carbon dioxide processing wine industry beverage industry water industry application cross flow micro filtration dead end flow retentate permeate membrane filter clarification membrane technology microfiltration viscosity water in oil mustard egg oil low fat high fat mayonnaise emulsifier butter melting decantation clarified butter ghee curd desi method direct cream creamery butter method continuous method prestratification ghee processing destoning peling raw material maturation preservative juice snack vegetable processing fruit fruit pulp processing unrefrigerated primary processing flavor pollen defects chemistry granulated honey hydroxy methyl furfural honey manufacturing honey processing purification bee culture bee harvesting honey comb honey non metalic metalic sugar based confectionary confectionary industry confectionary processing biological plant maintenance unloading dock sea food aquatic organism manufacturing practices dried milk powder milk ice cream cream raw milk dairy chocolate liquor dry cocoa solids cocoa powder molding tempering blending conching winnowing forastero cocoa criollo cocoa post harvesting cocoa beans cocoa modified atmospheric technology cap map benefits plastic tent scrubbers temperature control respiration rate controlled atmospheric storage meat curing natiral preservatives classification chemical preservative food preservative food additive stretch injection blow moulding stretch blow moulding thermoplastic material pvc extrusion blow moulding fungus spraying baking kneading proofing pasteries cakes cookies manufacturing industry biscuit unorganized sector bakery fruit & vegetable green technology crystallization of chocolate analytical operation enzyme inactivation leakage detection characteristic food engineering extraction defoaming filtration acoustic drying mechanical effort ultrasound dry processing wet processing harvesting of coffee anatomy of coffee coffee beans coffee plant coffee optimal shelf life polyethylene aluminum foil paper structure tetrapack physical barrier packaging solution effluent environment issues labour cost resources utility & water site location local geography selection criteria pathogen validate critical limit allergen control personal training gmp gap ghp pre- requisite meat product pathogen control management system visual reminder quick replacement extra label ease of acess placement label material accuracy color marking american national standards product pipline pipeline marking dipole rotation ionic polarization magnetic field electromagnetic waves microwave thermal treatment microwave heating product characteristic sensitivity metal detection system screening maintenance human factor stainless steel non ferrous ferrous iron metal contamination industrial production cultured butter milk shrikand metabolic process lactic acid fermentation apple juice bottling aging cooling and filling pressing washing sweating harvesting ethanol sugar yeast dry cider alcoholic beverage apple vinegar cider egg yolk egg white separation egg breaking off line process in line process foam formation albumine shell membrane structure of egg egg processing distribution cryogenic cooling system eutectic system multi compartment air delivery system alteration unit legislation handling and storage energy consumption refrigeration transportation releasing elimination segregation conformance non conformance designing parameter flow rate self cleaning basket filter duplex filter simplex filter mesh size non metallic contamination metalic contamination strainer import and export fsms sustain shine set in order sort house keeping peat control handling good quality cost effective process industrial fortification commercial fortification biofortification home fortification nutrients enrichment nutraceutical food fortification oral allergy syndrome allergic symptom immunoglobin immune response emzymatic immune mediated mechanism food allergy non immune mediated mechanism toxic intolerance hypersensitive food allergen roller drum drying mixed flow counter current flow co current flow dryer separator drying chamber cyclone separator static fluid bed filter bag spray dryer concentration evaporation whole milk powder skim milk powder dryer dried milk powder x ray system detection equipment drawer magnet sifter magnet traps physical hazard management devices controlling sources intrinsic extraneous foreign bodies designing of drain system equipment design designing of feed industry compund feed feed ingredient premixes feed additive codex alimentarius commission design of factory manufacturing plant salting milk globule crystallization ageing ripening sour cream commercial butter saltless saturated fat protein fat sustainable packaging edible coating active packaging intelligent packaging information convenience protection brand communication tray cup bootle advance technology efficient nutritional value continuous jet printer bider jetting model process syringe printing platform printing head extruder 3d printing air curtain cleaning equipment disposable aproan beard net over sleeves shoes cover hand dryer gloves hair net proper handling food quality accessories food borne disease recording dat a issuance legible enduring complete accute consistent manufcature document management system sqf brc gfsi halal risk management strategies quality management system document good documentation practices nutrition sensory bio preservatives acidity low temperature water activity multi target preservation stress reaction metabolic exhaustion hurdle technology temperature barrier hurdle cryogenic vegetable direct contact cold air plate freezing ultra quick freezing thermal process dynamic individual quick freezing blanching influence on dairy field strength orientation electrical conductivity high temperature processing electrical resistant heating thermal processing technique milk product ohmic heating freezing point acidity test alcohol test lactometer clot on boiling odour smell taste texture rapid platform test test platform test department of defence polyester aluminium foil nylon polypropylene retort pouch carton retort can heat resistant convenience food packaging industry ss316l ss304 rotary spray ball static spray ball tanks silo process vessle return pump nozzle lye wash acid wash efficient cleaning spray ball isomerization lactose millard reaction denaturation whey protein aseptic processing direct heating uht ultra heat treatment codex alimentarius national milk day indian dairy association national dairy development board verghese kurien united nation food & agriculture organization world milk day root blower screw compressor reciprocating radial axial multistage dymamic positive displacement electric air compressor cylinder wall piston suction filter dehumidification membrane dryer deliquescent dryer refrigerated dryer desiccant dryer types of dryer air dryer allergic food consumer information eggs peanuts allergen management risk management salting of cheese starter culture cheese production cheese manufacturing coagulated product external sources internal sources correction capa root cause analysis effective check preventive action break the chain indirect transmission impact on food industry direct transmission symptoms transmission sars-co-v-2 risk control food defense good warehousing practices refrigerated storage dry storgae near field radar xray detectors detection technology high risk medium risk low risk foreign material gasket certification selection parameter of gasket gasket library leak proof seal gasket management prerequisite program haccp principle critical element food contamination food hazard positive pressurization air flow air handling unit air conditioning hygienic design filtered air ahu electrical accessories piping pest entry laypot htgienic design material movement man movement low hygienic zone high hygienic zone medium hygienic zone hygienic zoning continuous process lyophilization bulk milk collection logo best before date net content labelling hygienic zone pem pathogenic environment monitoring ionic strength high voltage pulse generator pulsed electric field pef continuous retort batch retort rfid radio frequency identification emergency planning supply chain process traceability supplier traceability client traceability traceability sanitizing rinse final rinse intermediate rinse caustic wash pre rinse iso safe product high hygienic product pharmaceutical cleanroom food soil improvement construction of equipment non food contact surface food contact surface design external building premises & surrounding hygenic food industry external plant design sector revenue gdp opportunities in food segment export market industry production and process control food plant food manufacturing facility construction and design flow diversion device record controller holding tube plate heat exchanger timing pump regeneration high temperature short time pest infestation rodent infestation hygienic food facility integrated pest management sustainability pest management physical separation employee facility hvac internal lighting drain floors ceilings internal walls internal building design qualified personal suitable facility quality management principle hygienic engineering steam compressed air environment air utility jacket vessel low temperature long time non-thermal process high pressure homogenization non-thermal high pressure processing pascalization jobless growth demand innovation sustainable economic activity jobs job creation
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