So You Want to Start an eBusiness, huh?


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This presentation gives some useful tips on starting-up your eBusiness.

It was delivered during the student entrepreneurship competition "ennovation 2012" (

You can watch on YouTube the delivery of this presentation at

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So You Want to Start an eBusiness, huh?

  1. 1. So ennovation 2012YouWanttoStartaneBusinesshuh?
  2. 2. @pgezerlis
  3. 3. Allow me to offer some advice?
  4. 4. Not another moronofferingadvice, I hadenough…
  5. 5. Hey guys, give him a break, Iasked him to do thispresentation (Prof. G. Doukidis)
  6. 6. #1Get a mentor who knows eBusiness(you will be surprised how many will happily guide you to the “force”)
  7. 7. Do abusinessplan basedon numbersin aspreadsheet #2
  8. 8. #3Decide on being “alone” or with other partners in your e-start-up(you will be surprised how much support a partner is at tough times)
  9. 9. Make clear theroles for everypartner &employee.(Write them down!)#4
  10. 10. #5Attend as many business plan, start-up, funding events as you can(not only to raise money, but to get experience and network)
  11. 11. Get as much free money as you can!(From business plan competition awards, government grants, etc)#6
  12. 12. CompanyCultureshould beat the topof yoursecretrecipe!(Write it down!)#7
  13. 13. #8Decide in which country you will create and register your eBusiness
  14. 14. #9Read books that inspire you(I highly suggest THIS book for prospect eTailers)
  15. 15. Hire the best people you can find(they are not always the most expensive) #10
  16. 16. For eBusiness, DO hire a Web Analytics person.(and listen to him) #11
  17. 17. #12CASH FLOW, dude – NEVER forget the importance of monthly checks(Hire a great accountant!)
  18. 18. #13The CEO must know eBusiness KPIs (like e-mail Open Rate, hellooo!)(I know many CEOs of eBusiness firms that don’t know their KPIs)
  19. 19. #14Stop finding excuses that it’s not in your control to fix problems(like “it’s the crisis”, “it’s the political system”, “I am unlucky” etc)
  20. 20. #15Your Social Media strategy & presence is so important(All aspects of your eBusiness must include a social media angle)
  21. 21. #16Maximize Press coverage, there are ways to do it for free!(Please read this
  22. 22. #17Be innovative in everything you do(even in the painting of your delivery trucks)
  23. 23. #18
  24. 24. #19Don’t launch at 100% (it’s too late), don’t launch at 50% (it’s tooearly), LAUNCH at 75% (you will get valuable feedback from clients!)
  25. 25. #20You will fail many times, it’s OK.(“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I cant acceptnot trying”. Michael Jordan.)
  26. 26. #21 It’s OK to dream #21
  27. 27. Υπομονή & Επιμονή#22
  28. 28. Watch this 4min video of a Greek eTailer starting-up(the fun, adventure, fights, problems, stress of a young team)
  29. 29. Feel free to contact me (presentation on (my blog on eBusiness)@pgezerlis