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eMail Marketing for ecommerce


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eMail marketing is one of the most succesful method for driving on-line, but also off-line sales. This presentation educates on the 7 important phases of an e-mail marketing campaign and offers some indicative tips on optimization.

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eMail Marketing for ecommerce

  1. 1. eBusiness Consultant@pgezerlis
  2. 2. Let’s see some global e-mail statistics first…
  3. 3. 3.3 billione-mail accountsin 2012 Source: The Radicati Group [Link]
  4. 4. 145 billione-mails sentper day Source: The Radicati Group [Link]
  5. 5. 34%e-mail users access oftheir e-mail thoughtheir mobiledevice(this is a huge opportunity, BTW) Source: The Radicati Group [Link]
  6. 6. So, everyb Agenda ody reads & sends emails
  7. 7. eMailis extremely Branding Hard-Sellimportant ineCommerce. E-mail  Website MarketingeMail drives Social Media Search CPCsales, Mobile App eCommerceperiod.
  8. 8. Why e-mail marketing With a successful e-mail Marketing Strategy operated internally you can:• Drive traffic & sales at your physical stores• Drive traffic & sales at your e-shop• Kill bad stock• Respond quickly to competitor’s campaigns• Educate your customers & keep them loyal• Show your expertise to the world
  9. 9. Why e-mail marketing Let’s talk about important 7 phases of ane-mail campaign, and then let’s add some date to see how sales are driven
  10. 10. Business Case •Total e-mails in Database. Recruiting & re- Database activating members is very important here. Deliverability •Total e-mails arrived to members inboxOpen Rate (OR) •Total e-mails openedCLICK THROUGH •How many members will click in a link in the RATE (CTR) newsletter (from those who opened) •How many members from those who clicked will CONVERSION convert to a purchase •The average spending by members who converted AV. BASKET to a purchase •Frequency of mailing, quiet period, targeting, re-CONTACT RULES activation mechanics, etc. REVENUES :-) •Revenues from e-mail marketing
  11. 11. Business Case 100.000 • DATABASE: Total e-mails in Database. Recruiting & re-activating members is very important here. 95%: 95.000 • DELIVERABILITY: Total e-mails arrived to members inbox 30%: 28.500 • OPEN RATE (OR): Total e-mails opened 12%: 3.420 • CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR): How many members from those who opened will click 2,5%: 86 • CONVERSION : How many members from those who clicked will convert to a purchase €50: €4.250 • AV. BASKET: What’s the average spending by members who converted to a purchase 50 weeks • CONTACT RULES: Frequency of mailing, quit period, targeting, etc. € 213.750 • REVENUES: Revenues from e-mail marketingNote: These numbers are considered acceptable in a an average eCommerce Newsletter
  12. 12. There’s an art & science behind e-mail marketing optimization – but it’s fun & easy
  13. 13. Pan’s inboxPan’s inbox 
  14. 14. Example of optimizationOptimize Open Rate of e-mails (through A/B testing in Subject Line) (or, by including tips for your target audience) Using a piece of paper about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch wrap head of screwdriver and slip it in to the slot on the screw. Will work best when slot is deepest. May have to bend paper once to tighten the slot. This also works for nut drivers.
  15. 15. Source: KISSMetrics [Link]Best weekday time to send mails Optimize Contact Rules
  16. 16. Source: KISSMetrics [Link]Best weekday time to send mails Optimize Contact Rules
  17. 17. Υπομονή & Επιμονή OK, e-mail marketing creates sales… but what about the Economy Crisis?
  18. 18. Thank God, eCommerce is crisis proof Source: Forrester Research
  19. 19. The e-mail marketing platformE-mail marketing Platforms
  20. 20. eBusiness Consultant