NAVFAC Conference Briefing


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NAVFAC Conference Briefing

  1. 1. Darrell R. Robertson Program ManagerI&E GeoReadiness, Geospatial Information and Services (GI&S) Asset Management Naval Facilities Engineering Command
  2. 2. Our Mission We strengthen Navy and Marine Corps combat readiness worldwide through facilities lifecycle support focused on the Fleet, Fighter, and Family. We deliver sustainable, adaptable facilities; expeditionary capabilities; and contingency response to the Navy Expeditionary Combat Enterprise, all other Warfare and Provider Enterprises, the Marine Corps, Unified Commanders, DoD Agencies. Our innovation, responsiveness, and agility enable a forward deployed, rotational, and surge capable Navy.2
  3. 3. Department of the Navy3
  4. 4. Navy Operating Forces4
  5. 5. Navy Shore Establishment5
  6. 6. NAVFAC Functional Alignment Vertical: 1. Leadership 2. Mission Accountability 3. Client Interface 4. Project Mgt/Execution 5. Execution MetricsHorizontal:1. Business Processes2. Resource Allocation3. Community Mgmt4. Program Mgmt5. Program Metrics6
  7. 7. Facilities Engineering Lifecycle Expeditionary Community/Gov’t ATFP Expeditionary ATFP Liaison Programs Programs Range Ashore Ashore AICUZ Planning Mgmt Planning ••Strategic Strategic ••Global Utilities Global Energy Contracting Real Estate ••Contingency Contingency Contracting ••Regional Regional NWCF ••BRAC BRAC Renewables Mgmt Disposal Disposal ••Demolition Demolition Construction Construction ••Excess Facilities Excess Facilities SRM ••Acquisition Process Acquisition Process ••Outleasing ••MILCON/BRACON MILCON Outleasing NAVFAC MILCON/BRACON Tech Liaison Contractors, Engrs Financial Management Recapitalization Recapitalization Facilities Sustainment Sustainment ••Restoration Restoration Contracting / ••Operate and Maintain Operate and Maintain Privatization ••Modernization Modernization ••Utilities & Energy Utilities & Energy ••Transportation Transportation Environmental Venture Acquisition Venture Acquisition Environmental PPV / /EUL / /Lease - -Construct Planning, Compliance, Planning, Compliance, PPV EUL Lease Construct Conservation & Conservation & Cleanup Cleanup7
  8. 8. NAVFAC Guiding Principles • Navy’s Core Values of HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT guide our actions every day. NAVFAC: Focuses on supporting the WARFIGHTER; Takes OWNERSHIP and is ACCOUNTABLE to our Supported Commands; Develops a SKILLED WORKFORCE, pursuing DIVERSITY as a strength; Operates SAFELY always; Embraces INNOVATION and PROCESS IMPROVEMENT. OUR PEOPLE: Operate with ENTHUSIASM and TEAMWORK; Are ACCOUNTABLE for their actions; Communicate OPENLY, HONESTLY, and with INTEGRITY; RESPECT everyone; GROW personally and professionally.8
  9. 9. Navy’s Shore Enterprise Demographics • 10 Regions with 77 Installations • 59,000 Buildings, 120 Airfields, and 209 Piers • 2.1 Million Acres of Land • 110,000 Plus Facilities Valued Greater Than $150 billion, with over 525 Million square feet of functional space • 570,000 Active Duty, Reserve and Civilian Navy Personnel, Contractors and Various Tenants Who Work and Live on Navy Installations.9
  10. 10. Navy Installation GI&S Program Description Commander Naval Installation Command’s geospatial information policy is designed to maximize the use of GIS technologies and geospatial information, allowing efficient and effective management of Navy’s shore infrastructure10
  11. 11. ASSET MANAGEMENT VISION NAVFAC Asset Management (AM) will lead the Navy to an “ownership culture” of the shore infrastructure life-cycle ensuring Navy facilities are integral to its mission. AM provides the full suite of strategic shore planning, asset utilization data management, intergovernmental planning, and real estate services, including public-private ventures, to our Supported Commands that enable successful completion of the Navy’s Total Force mission.11
  12. 12. Organizational Structure Asset Management BL ARE Real Estate Facility Intergovernmental Asset Utilization Branch Planning Branch Branch/ Branch Investment Branch •Acquisition •SIPs •Encroachment •iNFADS •Management & EP •Master Plans Planning •GI&S •EUL •ILS •AICUZ •SFPS •Disposals •Site Approvals •RAICUZ •Space Management •Appraisals •Special Plng •JLUS •DRRS / FCAP Review •Cadastral Studies •EUL Planning •Basic Facility Maps/Monuments/Survey •CP&L Requirements •Realty Assistant / OA •Asset Evaluations •RECO Mgmt •Footprint Reduction •RPO / RPAO Support •Project Documentation12
  13. 13. What are GeoReadiness Centers? • Navy GeoReadiness Centers (GRC) provide overall coordination and acquisition of Geospatial Information and Services within their Region. • GRCs are responsible for maintaining Regional Common Installation Picture (CIP) data layers which serve as foundational geospatial data for the Region. • GRCs are the single point of contact for all GI&S related issues in the Installation and Environment realm for the CNIC Region in which it is located. • GRCs insure that the geo-spatial data holdings of the Navy FECs/Regions meet quality control standards for accuracy, currency, and standards compliance.13
  14. 14. Navy Installation GeoReadiness Program Shore Management Infrastructure Group (SMIG) / SMIG Working Group CNIC IGI&S Policy, Requirements NAVFAC IGI&S and Resources Program Manager Manager LANT IGI&S APM / PAC IGI&S APM GeoReadiness IGI&S Corporate Integration Team (GRIT) Working Group (GCWG) Policy Recommendations Requirements Recommendations IGI&S Change GeoReadiness Centers Control Board (GCCB) (GRC) Program Enterprise Systems Coordination Execution and Coordination14 9/24/2009
  15. 15. Navy CNIC-NAVFAC I&E GI&S Organization CNIC GI&S Resources & NAVFAC HQ EXECUTIVE/PROGRAMMATIC Requirements Manager GI&S PM POLICY NAVFAC NAVFAC PROMULGATION & Pacific Atlantic ENFORCEMENT GI&S APM GI&S APM EXECUTION •NAVFAC Far East GRC •NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic GRC •NAVFAC Marianas GRC •NAVFAC Midwest GRC •NAVFAC Hawaii GRC •NAVFAC Washington GRC •NAVFAC Southeast GRC •NAVFAC EURAFSWA GRC •NAVFAC Northwest GRC •NAVFAC Southwest GRC APM: Assistant Program Manager GRC: GeoReadiness Center15
  16. 16. GeoReadiness Center Managers Locations CNIC HQ NAVFAC HQNorthwest Japan Midwest NDW Europe, Southwest Asia Singapore Mid-Atlantic Africa Southeast Korea Southwest Hawaii Guam NAVFAC Atlantic AOR NAVFAC Pacific AOR16
  17. 17. Navy Shore Installations N68742 CNR Northwest (4) N61040 CNR Midwest (3) N61463 CNR Mid-Atlantic (16) - N68436 Naval Base Kitsap -N00128 NAVSTA Great Lakes - N57095 NSA Norfolk N61075 CNR Korea (1) -N61018 NSA Crane - N32443 NSS Norfolk Naval Shipyard - N32778 CFA Chinhae - N00620 NAS Whidbey Island - N68967 NAVSTA Everett -N00639 Mid South - N62688 NAVSTA Norfolk - N32013 NAVMAG Indian Island - N60191 NAS Oceana - N69212 WPNSUPPFAC Yorktown N61076 CNR Japan (6) - N61414 NAB Little Creek - N61029 CFA Okinawa - N32414 NSA Mechanicsburg - N61028 CFA Yokosuka - N00158 NAS/JRB Willow Grove - N61030 CFA Sasebo - N31188 NSGA Sugar Grove - N61031 NAF Atsugi - N61032 NAF Misawa - N60087 NAS Brunswick - N61078 NSF Diego Garcia - N69213 NAVWPNSTA Earle ________________________ - N00129 SUBASE New London - N32446 NSY BOS Portsmouth N61077 Singapore AC (1) - N32411 NAVSTA Newport CNR NDW - N48558 NAVAIRENGSTA Lakehurst - N68317 NSU Saratoga SpringsN61128 CNR Marianas (Guam) (1)- N61755 NAVBASE Guam (CNF Marianas N00171 CNR NDW (5)SA) - N68469 NSA Washington - N61150 NSA North Potomac - N61151 NSA South Potomac - N0428A NAS Patuxent River - N61152 NSA Annapolis N09697 CNR Southeast (21) -- N00207 NAS Jacksonville -- N61007 NSA Orlando -- N60201 NAVSTA Mayport --- N00204 NAS Pensacola N00242 CNR Southwest (10) -- N42237 SUBASE Kings Bay -- N60508 NAS Whiting FieldN3049B CNR Europe Africa - N63406 NAVBASE Point Loma -- N69214 NAVWPNSTA Charleston -- N68891 NAVSTA InglesideSouthwest Asia (7) - N00245 NAVBASE San Diego -- N00213 NAS Key West -- N00216 NAS Corpus Christi- N62588 NSA NaplesHawaii (2) - N69232 NAVBASE Ventura County -- N62604 CBC Gulfport -- N60241 NAS Kingsville N61449 CNR -- N83447 NAS/JRB Fort Worth- N62995 NAS Sigonella - N60042 NAF El Centro -- N60514 NAVSTA Guantanamo Bay- N66691 NSA NAVSTABay - N62813 Souda Pearl Harbor - N63042 NAS Lemoore -- N61008 NSA Panama City -- N00206 NAS/JRB New Orleans - N0534A PMRF Barking Sands- N62863 NAVSTA Rota - N60495 NAS Fallon -- N61006 NSA Athens - N00205 NSA New Orleans- N49422 JMF St. Mawgans - N61065 NAVWEPSTA Seal Beach -- N00196 NAS Atlanta -- N40003 NA Puerto Rico- N63005 NSA Bahrain - N00246 NAVBASE Coronado -- N63043 NAS Meridian- N3379A NSA Camp Lemonier - N47609 NAWS China LakeDjibouti - N61014 NSA Monterey17
  18. 18. Regional Staff Distribution and Projected Growth (2009) MW 2 KTR 1 CIV 7 PROJ NDW 1 KTR NW 5 CIV EURAFSWA 4 KTR 10 PROJ 3 KTR 1 CIV 2 CIV 12 PROJ MA 8 PROJ FE, KOR 2 KTR 7 KTR 2 CIV 0 CIVHI 36 PROJ 10 PROJ0 KTR3 CIV4 PROJ SW 0 KTR SE 4 KTR MAR 7 CIV 7 CIV 0 KTR 18 PROJ 33 PROJ 2 CIV 5 PROJ Enterprise FTEs 30 Current CIV 23 Current KTR 143 Projected1
  19. 19. Geo-spatial Data Completeness (Critical Data Sets –2009) Est. % Complete EUR NW MW NDW MA FE, KOR SEHI SW SWA MAR Less than 50% 50-75% 75-100%2 Less than 50% 50-75% 75-100%
  20. 20. Mission Alignment GI&S HQ HQ Task Force to LANT PAC LANT PAC Today GI&S Fleet Future20
  21. 21. Regional Shore Installation Management System 3 (RSIMS 3) •Common backbone for map viewing & data sharing for Navy facility and installation information •Web based • Can be on everyone’s desk • Meets information assurance requirements •Visual information is more intuitive than databases •Multiple sources of information real time in one location •Multiple users sharing information •Much more than a facilities management application21
  22. 22. Drivers Toward a New Paradigm • Transformation of Navy IT – Application rationalization and portfolio management – Rigidity of NMCI contract – Cyber Asset Reduction and Security (CARS) • FY05 Defense Authorization Act directed the Navy to migrate or terminate legacy networks and applications • Defense Installations Spatial Data Infrastructure (DISDI) – Established as a part of BRAC 2005 – Retained as the defense installation component of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (Executive Order 12906). – Requires service-level management of geospatial assets • CNIC “GIS Governance Message” 041219Z SEP 04 – “… utilize GIS technology and geospatial information to efficiently and effectively manage the Navy’s shore infrastructure.” – “NAVFAC will serve as CNI’s technical and execution agent for GIS technology.”22
  23. 23. NAVFAC’s GIS Re-alignment • Set up a governance structure to facilitate the use and management of GIS technology and data assets – GeoReadiness Program Manager (GIS PM) – Executive Steering Group – GeoReadiness Integration team – GIS Architecture Team – Corporate GIS Team – GI&S Resource Centers, GRC Team – Business Line / Product Line Teams • Consolidate GIS support and coordination for CNIC Regions within ten GRCs. • Centralize GIS applications, infrastructure, and system support at NITC in Port Hueneme, CA23
  24. 24. Hosted Business Applications • Regional Shore Installation Management System (RSIMS) – M&A: Centrally hosted geospatial data repository & desktop tools –GeoReadiness Catalog (GR Catalog): Metadata catalog of NAVFAC geospatial data – RSIMS3: GIS-based decision support tool that connects geospatial data (maps) to tabular data to enable visual reporting and analysis. • Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS) – EVBL-sponsored; separately accredited – For managing and facilitating the use of IR data – In Production, full rollout slated FY07 • Explosive Safety Siting (ESS) – Version 6 (in progress) to be hosted in NITC M&A – BDBL-sponsored; v6 to be accredited as a part of RSIMS24
  25. 25. Current Tools and Capabilities RSIMS = primary viewing and data mining tool M&A = data maintenance and advanced analysis tools M&A Environment RSIMS Maintenance & Analysis Regional Shore Infrastructure Management System Access: Citrix, NITC Access: NAVFAC Portal Capabilities: •Data Editing, Capabilities: •Advanced Analysis •Basic mapping •Red-Line - and export Req uired •Data Mining ffort •Floor Plan Viewing a nd E me, e, Ti rienc Expe GIS25
  26. 26. NAVFAC Enterprise GIS Architecture NITC GIS Hosting Environment Publishing Search, Retrieval, Spatially-Enabled Business Applications Reporting, GeoSpatial Data (GR Catalog, RSIMS3, NIRIS) Spatial Enabling Replication Maintenance & Analysis Maintenance, Master GIS Data Set & Analytical Tools Analysis, QA/QC (ArcGIS, etc.) Stewardship & GeoReadiness Centers Oversight Creation, Business Line Geospatial Data Generators Acquisition & Use26
  27. 27. Interface with Other Systems and Programs Systems Systems •CUBIC/CIRCUITS Programs •iNFADS •SPM •Utilities and Energy Mgt. •NERMS •Installation Restoration •EIMS •Natural Resources •NIRIS •Cultural Resources •ESS •AT/FP •TTTAP •Public Safety •FCAP Tool •Workspace Management •FRES Other (non-Navy) Programs •FCAP •RPIR •USMC GeoFidelis Program •USAF IGI&S Program •USA IGI&S •USCG •OSD DISDI27
  28. 28. RSIMS 3 Strategic Planning Tool Applications28
  29. 29. Summarizing Utility Data Across a Region29
  30. 30. RSIMS 3 Master Planning Support FITNESS CENTER (GYM) – P-218 NAS Whidbey Island $31.9 Million FY2011 Key Points 1. Proposal: New construction for a start of the art fitness Center at NAS Whidbey Island. 2. Problem: Existing facility is in poor condition and does not meet code. 3. Note: Project has been identified as part of a Navy-wide initiative that will modernize exercise facilities to improve quality of life. Above: Lemoore Fitness Center Similar to proposed NASWI project Project Constructs an 84,000 sf Fitness Center with sports courts, exercise rooms, indoor running track, locker rooms, etc. Requirement Adequate facilities to meet the physical fitness, training, and recreation needs of the 8,000 military personnel and 2,500 civilian personnel assigned to NAS Whidbey Island, along with the 2,800 retirees in the Oak Harbor area. Current Situation The existing NAS Whidbey Island Fitness Center is a 59,000 sf facility that was initially constructed as an aircraft hangar in 1942. The building fails to meet building code for fire safety because: the egress system is deficient; the building does not provide the required separation of occupancies; and it lacks a fire suppression system. Additionally, the electrical wiring is 64 years old and is a fire hazard. The building fails to meet seismic codes and has an HVAC system that is inadequate and in some areas completely absent.30
  31. 31. RSIMS 3 Space Management Support31
  32. 32. Rendering Space Features onto Floor Plans32
  33. 33. Successes and Accomplishments GI&S Program: •Implemented role-based security access in RSIMS 3 •Developed multiple map projects for multiple user types •Centralized GI&S data storage & established a centralized data set •Consolidated centralized system development at NITC for economy •Reduce software licensing costs through central management •Increased communication with big Navy (including USMC) and NGA •Using GI&S tools to meet OSD Real Property Inventory Requirements •Initiated SDSFIE 3.0 pilot projects Space Management: •Deployed Space Editor in Arc GIS 9.3 Environment Jan 09 •Made Significant improvements in the DWG loader Apr 09 •Initiated data collection and monitoring at 3 FEC’s May 09 •Partnered with NASA SM team for data analysis pilot Aug 09 •Establish Data Maintenance Tiger Team at NDW Sep 0933
  34. 34. Way Ahead •Update GI&S Strategic Plan and Program Management Plan •Complete the GI&S Data Quality Assurance Plan/Rating System •Update the GI&S System Requirement Document to include system enhancements •Make data easily consumable by leadership to assess facility operational readiness and support informed decisions •Make GI&S readily available to EVERY Planner, Realty Specialist, Environmental Engineer, Natural Resources Specialist, Cultural Resources Specialist, Utilities & Energy Managers, Facility Managers, and Emergency Responders •Promote GI&S outreach, literacy and training •Partner with other services for joint basing and sharing best practices, including SDSFIE 3.0 migration •Partner with OPNAV N84 to coordinate GI&S across “Big Navy”34
  35. 35. Summary •The Navy’s GeoReadiness program provides a central repository and distribution system for geo-spatial data •The Navy’s IGI&S program provides a POWERFUL TOOL for executing installation management, analysis, and decision functions (not only facilities management) •COMMON INFORMATION BACKBONE offering multiple “data views” of shared information resources •WEB BASED making it accessible to all35
  36. 36. Access Shore Knowledge (ASK) Imagine being able to ASK any question relating to Naval shore installations and immediately receive an accurate answer displayed graphically and based on the latest and best information available. Also imagine being able to update that information in real-time as you discover and validate it. ASK is a decision support concept that provides a way to access and update disparate information in authoritative databases and to answer a user’s query and graphically display the answer.36
  37. 37. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Questions Darrell R. Robertson, GI&S Program Manager NAVFAC HQ, AM4, Bldg 33, Rm 1196 1322 Patterson Av, SE, Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C. 20374-5065 Phone: 202-685-9416 / DSN: 312-325-9416 Email: Darrell.R.Robertson@navy.mil37