Induction 24.1.12 bapp


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Paula's slideshow on the 24th January 2012

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Induction 24.1.12 bapp

  1. 1. BA Hons Professional Practice (Arts) Middlesex University Induction 24 January 2012 Paula Nottingham, Avni Shah, Alan Durrant, Rosemary McGuinness
  2. 2. Agenda10am Welcome and Introduction to Middlesex University Room 218 (10am -11am)11am Library Visit: Introduction to IT Literacy and Library facilities - Library Reception Trent Park (with Adam Edwards and Rosie Sinden-Evans)12 - 12:30 Lunch - Student Union12:30 -1pm Informal questions and enrolment issues Room M209 (12:30pm – 3pm) also Avni Shah & Gifty Ohemeng M2191pm Expectations of BAPP(Arts) Programme1 - 2pm Communication/writing exercises2 - 2:30pm Introduction to the 1st Module (Alan Durrant)2:30-3pm Discussion of tasks and sample blogs3pm End of Session
  3. 3. We have a home campus but this is self managed learning so a lothappens at a distance. Everyone will have an academic adviser to help. An estimate of the time it will take during the 12 week semesters is approximately 6 hours per week. Schedule this into your own diary. We work with social media, digital media and paper copies. Deadlines for drafts and final work are important.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Some administrative points for BAPP (Arts)1. Keep in contact and update your advisers and Avni Shah theWBL administrator with your correct contact details.2. Students cards should be processed for this module so that youwill have them when you need them.3. We need to choose one new student representatives for BAPP(Arts) this year. Liam Conman is our current volunteer. Please workwith him and other peers to help us improve the programme.4. BAPP (Arts) feedback forms are at the end of the Modules youtake. The form will most likely be on Survey Monkey. We valuefeedback and have used your feedback in our planning of the newcurriculum for BAPP (Arts).
  6. 6. Assessment is clearly Our assessment isoutlined in the linked universityProgramme Handbook guidelines: Module Handbooks. uk/aboutus/StrategyAssessment this term /regulations/gradecris due to be submitted iteriaguide.aspx14th May 2012.
  7. 7. The Readers are there tosupport your learning andto challenge you. They arenot there as just ‘content’to learn… but are there toget you thinking aboutyour professional practice.This is a Level 6 Honourslevel programme so theexpectations are thatyour work will be of highstandard and yourlearning will be self-managed. Dedicatedsupport is available fromyour adviser, the BAPP(Arts) team, and theuniversity staff.
  8. 8. Web-blogs
  9. 9. Web-blogs
  10. 10. Web-blogs
  11. 11. A visualversionexplainingthepreparationneeded fortheprogrammeusing tocharactersfrom an oldmovie… Available from: design by Bemis Balkind
Poster artwork by Charles Moll
  12. 12. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1976.
  13. 13. Become familiar (be there) Set up your study (prepare)
  14. 14. Work on Coursework (do things) Handbook and Academic AdvisorOrganise & search Understand & maintain (web presence) (public and private)Synchronise & collaborate Explore others as useful resources (with peers) (networks)
  15. 15. Academic Advisor feedback Portfolio as Assessment (evidence of learning)
  16. 16. Become familiar The Process of Study (be there) Set up your study (prepare) Work on Coursework (do things) Handbook and Academic AdvisorOrganise & search Synchronise & collaborate Understand & maintain (web presence) (with peers) (public and private) Explore others as useful resources (networks) Portfolio as Assessment 750 words summarising activity activity activity etc. Academic Advisor feedback, Exam boards
  17. 17. Illustrations by Patience Nottingham
  18. 18. Questions and Answers Discussion